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Before I get into this, would you help me find people for this?  I need voice actors, and to use some music from musicians with permission.  Tag them in the comments, perhaps?  Also, my Newgrounds holiday, Pixel Day is coming up January 21st!  If you want to make something for Pixel Day, read here for more details:

Audio Drama?

If I were to share my stories I've been working on passionately for years, if I were to do audio dramas for them, would any voice actors be willing to lend their voices to the characters, and musicians potentially willing to provide music you've already made?  I would be making some of the music for some of the stories, but making all of it would be too time-consuming.  I'd ask some musicians for songs they've made, basically.  Anything that fits.

It would be a chapter-by-chapter thing, potentially every 2 to 4 weeks.  Different chapters are narrarated by the main focus character of that chapter, and they have lines in the story.  It's kind of like Noir narraration but, not Noir. I figure this is easier work.  Who would help?  I want to see how Chapter 1 goes first if I decide to do this. 


The story itself deals deeply with emotions and character backgrounds, but the plot is basically set in the year 2086, and due to the falling economy and outrageous riots (note I started writing this almost 7 years ago before recent riots), the government decides to hire a research team to make a drug called Iris, to replace anti-depressants, issued by the FDA, to stop the riots, by giving this lucid-dreaming drug to people.  It can let them see their fantasies, their imagination with ease. 

But, little did they know they would be facing their fears, getting to know who they truly are, and waking up to a world on the verge of an apocolypse.  (Not zombies).  It's basically a character-driven series, I worked hard on the characters.  It takes you through their memories, their dreams, and will help you understand them, as well as take you on a mystical journey through a dying world.   There is magic and other stuff eventually, no spoilers.

Voice Actors/Characters

To give an idea of a couple people I had in mind, @Piper, @Nikki-Chi, and @Gianni would be great for this.  If you can reccomend any other voice actors/musicians and tag them in the comments, that would be swell.  I'll check them out.  I expect high quality work.  I'll tell you what kind of voices I need.  I encourage all of you to try out for multiple roles, because I'm interested to see your takes on them.  :)

Males (First 4 Chapters):

Billy Cloud: 19 years of age, long black hair, caucasian, kinda skinny, likes to dress Goth (he wears a black trenchcoat and black gloves, leather pants, etc) and act like a smartass.  He's a bit cocky sometimes, but deep down, he is sensitive and an intelligent mind, with racing thoughts.  Preferably something like Spike Valentine from Cowboy Bebop, but a bit higher to match the teenage years, and not quite as relaxed, something a bit different.  I'm open for suggestions on this voice, experiment!

He would be nararrating all of Chapters 1 and 2 (and a couple others later in the series) as he is a main character. 

Young Billy: This is Billy at 13 years old.  Shorter hair, and not so dark of an appearance.  All I would need here for this part of the story, is a higher voice, something younger.  Sound like a 13-year old boy, same personality, just younger.  If no one provides something like what I'm looking for, I might do this one, not sure.

Billy's Dad:  Small role for Chapter 2, but Billy's dad is a fun guy.  He's the "let's go outside and play catch" type of dad, who also went fishing sometimes.  He has a fun expressive voice.  Something that shows a grown man's voice, but also full of energy. 

Jeremiah:  It's a small role, but decent amount of lines, a little more than the moms and dads.  This man can be easily compared to Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, and should have a hefty voice as such, or similar.  Something that sounds masculine, deep, maybe even heroic.  There's a reason for it, once you see the chapter.  I won't give away much, other than he is from the early 1900's, and should talk like a heroic gentleman.  Not time-travel.  You'll see.  Research on the accent will help.

Ethan: This role has the least amount of lines.  Ethan is Billy's roommate.  He's a drug addict and well, not much is revealed about his personality other than he's Billy's close friend.  He's the "hey dude" type, a stoner.  So...stoner-type of voice?  I'm open to different types of voices here, but he's around Billy's age, so keep that in mind.

Females (First 4 Chapters):

Krystal Valentine:  18 years old, long red hair, caucasian, average build (she's thin-ish but looks healthy), likes to dress preppy, sort of.  She likes wearing hoodies like from Aeropostle or Hollister (not companies in the book, just saying), tank tops, skinny jeans, t-shirts with long sleeves, tennis shoes. 

She's a sucker for reading, she loves playing piano, she hates being "pretty" because she draws what she calls "the wrong attention", she wants a sweet guy to see her heart.  She's closed herself off from love from being hurt too many times, and she's scared.  She has anxiety about it.  She works as a Librarian.  The ideal voice for this is potentially sort of deep, (but not too deep), but something either elegant, soft and sweet,  a soothing "mother's voice".  But, I'm open for different types of voices for her.

She would be narrarating Chapters 3 and 4 (and a couple others later in the series) as she is a main character.

Young Krystal:  Krystal at 12-years old.  Something higher in pitch, same personality.  This Krystal is more fragile, and shy, so that will tell you what kind of voice I'm looking for.  Depending, the same voice actress could potentially do Noel, if able to do something slightly deeper than this. 

Krystal's Mother:  Essentially, this one is simple.  I didn't write much about her, other than Krystal got her love for playing piano from her mother.  Mostly, this small role is for an emotional part of the story where the mother is crying, I won't say why,'s harsh.  I need someone who has a good motherly tone of a grown woman, and can give a convincing crying voice. 

Billy's Mother: This is also a small role, but similar to Krystal's mother.  Billy's mother is a fun mom, she is energetic, has spunk, kind of a tomboy.  She says things like "good morning, sleepyhead".  Things a loving mom would say.  So, that should describe what kind of voice I'm looking for, for this one. 

Abigail: Small role, but says more lines than the moms and dads.  She is a woman from the early 1900's (yes, same part of the book as Jeremiah), and is a victim of abuse, and worse.  Bonus points if you can give me a voice for this woman who sounds "proper" as they spoke in the early 1900's.  I'm open for different pitches for her voice though. Research on the accent will help.


People like @ForgottenDawn and @PeterSatera and @Animattronic , their music would be perfect to use, certain songs.  I'm looking for cinematic music, piano music, maybe even soft jazz, or hiphop jazz in some parts.  Feel free to reccomend whatever, as long as they're experienced.

As for art, I would plan on commissioning an art cover with all the characters, for the whole series.  This one's a Sci-Fi/Drama/Adventure/Psychological Thriller/Fantasy series.  It's called Venturescape.  The series after this would be shorter, but more action and sci-fi, and the third series, VERY Sci-Fi/Futuristic and fun with good characters.

Closing Statement

I want to see how the first 4 Chapters of this series do, which follows mostly 2 main characters to start off the story, but there are more characters later on, more main characters to be introduced.  I won't spoil anything.  I plan on adding sound effects, and music, things to really bring this series to life.  Who's with me?  Anyone want this?

Here's an example i did, yeah i don't like the voice acting i did, it's a later chapter, but doesn't spoil anything really.  It just gives an idea.  I did the music and mixing too.

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