Favorite Audio

Piano Sonatina (LIVE) Classical Song
Devil In The Mirror ft. Megurine Luka Heavy Metal Song
Lovely Kitten - Experiences [Exclusive Bonus Track] House Song
Nikki-Chi's Demo Reel 2017 Voice Demo Voice
Saturnz Barz Instrumental Remake V2 Experimental Song
Can You See the Clouds Divide New Wave Loop
Lindsey Stirling - The Arena (Lovely Kitten Remix) Dubstep Song
Lovely Kitten - Evil Crunch Dubstep Song
NGADM2017- Random Loud Loop Industrial Loop
Mio/Homura (澪/炎) EXTEND Ver. World Song
Draining Endorphins - Overflow Ska Song
Thicc Chords Dance Song
Minty Bite Vol. 2 - Elixir Solo Instrument Song
Minty Bite Vol. 2 - Elements Solo Instrument Song
Minty Bite Vol. 2 - Blind Truth Solo Instrument Song
Minty Bite Vol. 2 - Higher Ground Blues Song
Minty Bite Vol. 2 - Stargazer Solo Instrument Song
AIM - In That Moment Cinematic Song
AIM - Reconciliation Cinematic Song
AIM - End It All Industrial Song
AIM - Chris, the Boat and the Tormented Sea Solo Instrument Song
AIM - Moments Dance Song
The City At Night - AIM Techno Song
drowning (AIM) Synthwave Song
AIM - Fallen Angels Cinematic Song
AIM - A Dance on Infinity Jazz Song
AIM - Storm Guardian Cinematic Song
AIM - Violence Experimental Song
AIM - Light Enduring Classical Loop
AIM - Not You Again... Video Game Song
Bouncing Squad Video Game Song
Whispers of Remembrance Ambient Song
[AIM] Graves Ambient Song
Penderecki's Dream Experimental Song
AIM - Love In Essence Experimental Song
AIM - Reunion Ambient Song
AIM -Lazy Panda Cinematic Song
AIM - BattleStorm Heavy Metal Song
Hybrid! Techno Song
AIM - Enchanted Forest Cinematic Song
AIM - 400 Years Synthwave Song
AIM - NINE Dubstep Song
AIM - Drowing Ambient Song
Character Voice Actor Demo Reel Voice Demo Voice
AIM - The Lonely Hermit Cinematic Song
AIM - 23069601337 Drum N Bass Song
AIM - Meditation Jazz Song
AIM - Gravitational Attraction House Song
AIM - Breathe Miscellaneous Song
AIM - Morgiana Dance World Song
AIM - Enslaved To The Pain Industrial Song
AIM - WANT Ambient Song
AIM - Nostalgic Recollection Classical Song
AIM - Crash and Fade Techno Song
The Dark Desolater Dubstep Song
Intruder Video Game Song
AIM - Rothgar Solo Instrument Song
Faith and Heaven Video Game Song
AIM - A long way through winter Cinematic Song
AIM - New Dynasty World Song
AIM - Faith in Freedom Cinematic Song
Continuation of Life Cinematic Loop
Lunacy Heavy Metal Song
Animation Demo 2017 Voice Demo Voice
Lovely Kitten - Athena Dubstep Song
EDM364's NGAPMD #13 EXPLICIT Discussion Podcast
Return of the Snow Queen ~P~ Trance Loop
Alien {Trailer} Cinematic Song
Selbstzweck Drum N Bass Song
Final Sketch - Supernova Light Drum N Bass Song
DnBdemostuff Drum N Bass Song
The Shyning - Battle theme Video Game Song
I'm Evil feat. Virginia Slimm Video Game Song
Black Mirror Reflection Video Game Song
-Chiptune-:_Duck Tales -The Moon (Remake)_ Chipstep Loop
-Chiptune-:_Abandoned_ Chipstep Loop
In Plain View -full album- Synthwave Song
My happy world - Keypat Reborn Video Game Loop
Cumbia Maligna Video Game Loop
Chip In Your Step Video Game Song
One Last Run (Pixel Day) Drum N Bass Song
Boss Master Bit Video Game Song
Sprite Strife Chipstep Song
Electric Crickets Chipstep Song
Pixel Day Dance Song
The Tyrant King Video Game Song
Anytown, RPG Video Game Loop
Chewing Gum Video Game Loop
Broken Memories Video Game Song
Evilgrapez - Rainbow Resort Chipstep Song
Adaran's level loop Video Game Loop
Creo - Epilogue Chipstep Song
The Theme Heavy Metal Song
Crystal Tokyo Drum N Bass Song
Lovely Kitten - When You're Gone House Song
Snore Loop (got new speakers) Miscellaneous Loop
Africa (Singalong) Indie Song
Retro's Voice Acting Adventures (Demo Reel 2016) Voice Demo Voice
raindrops Ambient Song
It's Raining Men Remix - The Living Tombstone ft. Eilemonty Dance Song