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Writing Stories/Audio Dramas/Pixel Day

2016-12-07 16:40:41 by RealFaction

Before I get into this, would you help me find people for this?  I need voice actors, and to use some music from musicians with permission.  Tag them in the comments, perhaps?  Also, my Newgrounds holiday, Pixel Day is coming up January 21st!  If you want to make something for Pixel Day, read here for more details:

Audio Drama?

If I were to share my stories I've been working on passionately for years, if I were to do audio dramas for them, would any voice actors be willing to lend their voices to the characters, and musicians potentially willing to provide music you've already made?  I would be making some of the music for some of the stories, but making all of it would be too time-consuming.  I'd ask some musicians for songs they've made, basically.  Anything that fits.

It would be a chapter-by-chapter thing, potentially every 2 to 4 weeks.  Different chapters are narrarated by the main focus character of that chapter, and they have lines in the story.  It's kind of like Noir narraration but, not Noir. I figure this is easier work.  Who would help?  I want to see how Chapter 1 goes first if I decide to do this. 


The story itself deals deeply with emotions and character backgrounds, but the plot is basically set in the year 2086, and due to the falling economy and outrageous riots (note I started writing this almost 7 years ago before recent riots), the government decides to hire a research team to make a drug called Iris, to replace anti-depressants, issued by the FDA, to stop the riots, by giving this lucid-dreaming drug to people.  It can let them see their fantasies, their imagination with ease. 

But, little did they know they would be facing their fears, getting to know who they truly are, and waking up to a world on the verge of an apocolypse.  (Not zombies).  It's basically a character-driven series, I worked hard on the characters.  It takes you through their memories, their dreams, and will help you understand them, as well as take you on a mystical journey through a dying world.   There is magic and other stuff eventually, no spoilers.

Voice Actors/Characters

To give an idea of a couple people I had in mind, @Piper, @Nikki-Chi, and @Gianni would be great for this.  If you can reccomend any other voice actors/musicians and tag them in the comments, that would be swell.  I'll check them out.  I expect high quality work.  I'll tell you what kind of voices I need.  I encourage all of you to try out for multiple roles, because I'm interested to see your takes on them.  :)

Males (First 4 Chapters):

Billy Cloud: 19 years of age, long black hair, caucasian, kinda skinny, likes to dress Goth (he wears a black trenchcoat and black gloves, leather pants, etc) and act like a smartass.  He's a bit cocky sometimes, but deep down, he is sensitive and an intelligent mind, with racing thoughts.  Preferably something like Spike Valentine from Cowboy Bebop, but a bit higher to match the teenage years, and not quite as relaxed, something a bit different.  I'm open for suggestions on this voice, experiment!

He would be nararrating all of Chapters 1 and 2 (and a couple others later in the series) as he is a main character. 

Young Billy: This is Billy at 13 years old.  Shorter hair, and not so dark of an appearance.  All I would need here for this part of the story, is a higher voice, something younger.  Sound like a 13-year old boy, same personality, just younger.  If no one provides something like what I'm looking for, I might do this one, not sure.

Billy's Dad:  Small role for Chapter 2, but Billy's dad is a fun guy.  He's the "let's go outside and play catch" type of dad, who also went fishing sometimes.  He has a fun expressive voice.  Something that shows a grown man's voice, but also full of energy. 

Jeremiah:  It's a small role, but decent amount of lines, a little more than the moms and dads.  This man can be easily compared to Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, and should have a hefty voice as such, or similar.  Something that sounds masculine, deep, maybe even heroic.  There's a reason for it, once you see the chapter.  I won't give away much, other than he is from the early 1900's, and should talk like a heroic gentleman.  Not time-travel.  You'll see.  Research on the accent will help.

Ethan: This role has the least amount of lines.  Ethan is Billy's roommate.  He's a drug addict and well, not much is revealed about his personality other than he's Billy's close friend.  He's the "hey dude" type, a stoner.  So...stoner-type of voice?  I'm open to different types of voices here, but he's around Billy's age, so keep that in mind.

Females (First 4 Chapters):

Krystal Valentine:  18 years old, long red hair, caucasian, average build (she's thin-ish but looks healthy), likes to dress preppy, sort of.  She likes wearing hoodies like from Aeropostle or Hollister (not companies in the book, just saying), tank tops, skinny jeans, t-shirts with long sleeves, tennis shoes. 

She's a sucker for reading, she loves playing piano, she hates being "pretty" because she draws what she calls "the wrong attention", she wants a sweet guy to see her heart.  She's closed herself off from love from being hurt too many times, and she's scared.  She has anxiety about it.  She works as a Librarian.  The ideal voice for this is potentially sort of deep, (but not too deep), but something either elegant, soft and sweet,  a soothing "mother's voice".  But, I'm open for different types of voices for her.

She would be narrarating Chapters 3 and 4 (and a couple others later in the series) as she is a main character.

Young Krystal:  Krystal at 12-years old.  Something higher in pitch, same personality.  This Krystal is more fragile, and shy, so that will tell you what kind of voice I'm looking for.  Depending, the same voice actress could potentially do Noel, if able to do something slightly deeper than this. 

Krystal's Mother:  Essentially, this one is simple.  I didn't write much about her, other than Krystal got her love for playing piano from her mother.  Mostly, this small role is for an emotional part of the story where the mother is crying, I won't say why,'s harsh.  I need someone who has a good motherly tone of a grown woman, and can give a convincing crying voice. 

Billy's Mother: This is also a small role, but similar to Krystal's mother.  Billy's mother is a fun mom, she is energetic, has spunk, kind of a tomboy.  She says things like "good morning, sleepyhead".  Things a loving mom would say.  So, that should describe what kind of voice I'm looking for, for this one. 

Abigail: Small role, but says more lines than the moms and dads.  She is a woman from the early 1900's (yes, same part of the book as Jeremiah), and is a victim of abuse, and worse.  Bonus points if you can give me a voice for this woman who sounds "proper" as they spoke in the early 1900's.  I'm open for different pitches for her voice though. Research on the accent will help.


People like @ForgottenDawn and @PeterSatera and @Animattronic , their music would be perfect to use, certain songs.  I'm looking for cinematic music, piano music, maybe even soft jazz, or hiphop jazz in some parts.  Feel free to reccomend whatever, as long as they're experienced.

As for art, I would plan on commissioning an art cover with all the characters, for the whole series.  This one's a Sci-Fi/Drama/Adventure/Psychological Thriller/Fantasy series.  It's called Venturescape.  The series after this would be shorter, but more action and sci-fi, and the third series, VERY Sci-Fi/Futuristic and fun with good characters.

Closing Statement

I want to see how the first 4 Chapters of this series do, which follows mostly 2 main characters to start off the story, but there are more characters later on, more main characters to be introduced.  I won't spoil anything.  I plan on adding sound effects, and music, things to really bring this series to life.  Who's with me?  Anyone want this?

Here's an example i did, yeah i don't like the voice acting i did, it's a later chapter, but doesn't spoil anything really.  It just gives an idea.  I did the music and mixing too.

Help Me!! + NG Zero Hour + I'm Babidi

2016-12-01 21:03:00 by RealFaction

This post is going to be about LinkedIn and how I'm struggling finding a new job, seeing who can help me find work on there as I'm not doing well financially at the moment, as well as my recent voice-acting gig, and promoting a friend's music, and talking about my work life.  Also, my Beating Depression podcast series.

Before I go into all that though....

NG Zero Hour + Game Ideas

For the longest time, I have wanted to finish Newgrounds: Zero Hour (it's a game), and still have some of the assets that are already made for some of the stages.  Would anyone be willing to be a programmer for it and also would any pixel artists be interested in helping out with it (including the ones that previously worked on it)?  I've been wanting to
finish this game.  The artists who have done work for it, worked hard, I don't want their work to go to waste. 

Here's the demo if you haven't seen it:

I've had an idea for a 3D game for some time now, but no idea hows the best way to go about it, seems harder to reach.  I've been passionate about writing stories and ideas for games.  If anyone has advice for me how to join on a team for that or execute it well, let me know.  I suck at programming and modeling, but I'm good at writing and music.

Voice Acting

@MysticSkillz is doing a big animated movie collab for his fan-animated project, Frieza's Wish.  I submitted my lines, because I'm playing the role of the evil wizard who brought Buu back into the world to cause chaos.  That's right, I'm playing Babidi!  My take on his voice is a bit different, it's darker, yet somewhat similar, but different.  I hope you all like it!  You can expect a teaser trailer soonish, whenever he posts it I'll link it here.  I'll be in the trailer.


LinkedIn + Work Life

I recently worked on my LinkedIn profile and have decided to be more open with it.  I've been desperate to find a new job, because I'm not making the money I need, and my job isn't safe.  I have to rely on tips as a pizza delivery driver.  My car is also old, and I can't wear my car out anymore, I can't afford a new one.  Would you help me out by connecting with my LinkedIn profile and endorsing me?  Help me find some work?  It's been hard for me lately, I have been struggling for years.

Here's my LinkedIn profile to connect with:

Beating Depression

Every week, I'm recording and uploading a new episode in the "Beating Depression" podcast series, helping people learn more about how to beat Depression, lots that isn't known.  I'll link the next entry here when it's done soon, I have the script done.  I share my personal experiences too.

Animattronic/The Last Navigator

Check out my buddy @Animattronic at and his side project The Last Navigator at .  I love his music and his 3D work.  He's made some of the music videos for Circle of Dust, Celldweller, and Scandroid.  He and I are currently working on a song under my Kid Project side project.



That's all for now!  Help me guys...

Pico's School Soundtrack + More

2016-11-23 17:49:35 by RealFaction

Recently, @TomFulp asked me to replace the copyrighted music in Pico's School he could sadly no longer use, by making a new soundtrack for it.  I was shocked, and I'm honored, because I know how iconic that game is and how it made Newgrounds what it is today.  If it wasn't for that game and the other controversial fun games Tom made, NG wouldn't have gotten it's popularity at the time. 

To think, in 2003 I was just a user, 2006 an unknown musician, and 10 years later, this happens!  It's just so surreal man, but I'm really happy!  He commissioned me to do it, paid more than I thought he would, which is generous of him.  If you wanna commission me for some work, check out my prices:

Check out the "Behind the Scenes" video:

Play Pico's School:

Also I released the second entry in my "Beating Depression" series to help anyone with Depression:


I want to take this time to promote this awesome artist, he and his band are amazing.  Joe Gregory.  I noticed the music video for his first single, "Cave Birds", has not even 900 views at this time, but his music is so different.  I love it.  Go show him some support, watch the video:

Follow the band on Twitter:

Before I get into the new music project "Kid Project" news (at the bottom), let's talk about what I posted this week, and will post in the soon future.

2 New Piercing Lazer Songs

I posted 2 new Piercing Lazer songs to Newgrounds and YouTube, from the upcoming deluxe edition of "The Other Side", which will be expanded into a full album with vocals on every track.  Those songs are instrumental versions of "The Secret", and "Deadbeat".  If you're curious about their background stories, it's in the descriptions of the songs.  Check them out.

The Secret:


I also have another song on the way that isn't done yet, called "Galaxy".  That'll probably be finished soon, then I'll post it.  It's taking longer than I thought to finish the deluxe edition.  It will be sometime in 2017.  I've been behind on a lot of work I'm getting done this week such as commissions and lines for Babadi in MysticSkill's new DBZ fan animation project "Frieza's Wish".  That, and I'm working on Kid Project, which I'll discuss in a minute.

"Beating Depression" Video Series

Every week, I will be filming a video for my "Beating Depression" video series.  I beat a lifelong battle of Depression, and I've learned a lot of things most people don't know, stuff I learned from wise friends.  Every week I'll tackle a different topic in hopes to educate more people to help them beat their Depression. 

I can't guarentee it'll work, but I have a lot of faith in it.  Here's the playlist on youtube to keep you updated on the series:

I'm filming video #2 later today, and posting it tomorrow. 

Kid Project

I'm going to give you a little more detail on exactly what this is, but not tell you everything.  This is a new experimental hip-hop music project I've been working on the past month.  It's not like any you hear nowadays (thank god honestly, but there are a few I like), I'm making some of the beats, as well as collabing with producers.  I thought to myself, "I've been sticking with artist names I made when I was 14 and 15 years old, I need to start something new".  So I did.

So why the rapper name Kid Project?  Well, it describes me and this project very well.  I always saw myself as this cartoon character (and my real name being John Guy, or Johnny K. Guy as I like to say my name, sounds like a character name), since I have a wacky personality and I'm still a kid at heart.  That, and originally Kid was going to be K.I.D., standing for "Killing Inner Demons", since this project is about spreading positive messages of love and how to fight those inner demons. 

I want to impact people's lives through this music, help them beat depression, hate, any negative thing in their lives to find peace with themselves and the world.  I'm in the works of making an EP debut, which will come before the Piercing Lazer Deluxe Edition album.  So, secretly I've been working on songs for this project.  I won't say who I'm collabing with yet though, or reveal the flashy outfit (yes, there's a signature outfit since it's a "character" sort of), that's a surprise. 

You can expect the debut of Kid Project sometime in early 2017 (hopefully), so nothing will be released for a while.  I do however want to film a music video for one of the songs this year if I can, to release a single in the near future.  Still got ways to go, but the record will probably be a 5 or 6 track EP.  Rarely do I do full albums anymore, no one ever really gets them anymore, and it's a lot of work.  I figure less money for the people, a handful of songs, and quicker releases, but still taking my time on them. 

Mystery Plan

I have a really big plan for my life besides that, and I can't say it yet, but if it works out, you'll end up hearing about it.  Let's just say I might be going off to somewhere, that may get me out there and change my life.  If it works out, anyhow.  I really hope it does.  I want to get famous someday and impact the world and financially help my friends (and be financially steady enough to leave my job).  Catcha later guys, got more on the way soon!

A Hospital Makes a Sluggish Man

2016-11-11 03:25:17 by RealFaction

This is kinda a "vent" post, I usually don't post these, but this kinda tells you why I haven't been so active, and why I've been behind on commissions, the works.  Life, has not been kind to me lately.  There's a TL;DR section below to sum it up, don't worry, I know not everyone wants to read a long-ass post like this.  Anyway, here we go...


The Hospital Visit

So...Monday I went to the hospital for a troublesome case of GERD.  Acid reflux can suck that bad sometimes, folks.  Caused Esophigitus (some minor damage to the throat which caused regurgitating spit from the back of my throat so I had to spit a LOT or swallow it, or wake up choking on it, but ultimately couldn't sleep).  So I ended up sleeping 2 hours in a 36 hour period feeling exausted, went to ER.

How It's Affecting My Music/Commissions/Work

Ultimately, this fucked me.  Why?  Because I've been slacking on commissions, I have had to take DAYS off my job because i needed rest and recovery, because Tuesday I tried going back and my symptoms only got worse from not taking it easy, then more stress from one boss yelling at me for saying I'm sick even though I showed them the hospital papers (sometimes I hate my job and how crazy they can be to the workers, I'm NOT going to a hospital over a job, I'm sorry, that's inhumane, and not making my parents pay another hospital bill). 

Me Vs. The Condo Association

Then I find out my condo association president (sorta like my landlord I guess) told me the wrong instructions on how to make a payment a different way to the association (cash by envelope in a mailbox in a certain building here) for my monthly fee, so I get a letter from an attourney.  Someone is an idiot around here, and I don't blame him, but rather someone who's probably stealing my money, because they didnt get it.  Oh, not to mention, they said they didn't take cash when the guy said they did.  What kind of morons don't accept cash?  Jesus.  Oh, AND they're charging me extra when it's NOT my fault. 

I Hate My Job

So this has been one hell of a week, a nightmare really.  I'm slowly recovering, but assuming I don't have insomnia tonight since I'm having trouble going to sleep at 3 AM, things are getting better.  I wish I didn't have to work at a pizza delivery job, no...I wish I could make it big or make money in a way that isn't making me risk my life on the road with reckless drivers risking my life multiple times a week, and my bosses ultimately making me hurt my physical health because of my condition I TOLD them about.  Sure, hospital, nice solution, really people. 

I'm pretty sure everyone hates me for my embarassing physical problems as I'm not as cut out for this job as others, but I could be delusional. 

"So Real, why not find a new Job?" 

Because, this is the 3RD time coming back to this forsaken place, failing to find another job I don't suck at after MONTHS of trying with hundreds of applications, because this city hates me I guess.  I don't know.   I either don't find a job, or I end up finding a job that's even worse that I can't do right.  I've considered going on Disability, I don't even care at this point...alright I sort of care, I feel discouraged.  I need a miracle, dudes. 

Beating Depression Video Series

So I've been trampled on and knocked around this week to say the least, and I've had enough.  However, I DID post the first video in my "Beating Depression" series...  I plan on uploading once a week, hopefully.  I have it all planned out in an outline and some scripts I've written.  It shares my experiences with my once lifelong battle with Depression, and how I beat it, stuff a lot of people don't know. 

Extra Shit/Podcast

Besides that, may continue my "Plot Twister" podcast series, check it out, I uploaded it here.  I don't know really, it was an experiment for fun.  But I have a lot of catching up to do on my music, I should've been done with my commissions WEEKS ago.  Not to mention I have to get voice acting done for @MysticSkillz ...I hope in the next week this clears up.  My life seriously needs a break from all this health bullshit.  I'm done.  I just want to live a normal life, stress-free, where I don't have to worry about medical problems, and all this nonsense.  Not to mention, I'm low on money right now, so missing all that work hurts me.  But, tomorrow's payday...woo.

On a random note, I'd like to thank @Piper for being sweet and helping me through this miserable week.  She is honestly the best, and gives inspirational advice that brightens my days sometimes.  I have much love and respect for this awesome friend 'o' mine <3.  Seriously, she rocks. 


- Going to the hospital sucks, because GERD (bad acid reflux) sucks, which causes spit regurgitation and choking on spit constantly forming in the back of your throat sucks, not being able to sleep some nights because of it sucks, but it's getting better. 

- Stuff about the association of my condo complex (where I live) told me wrong payment information so they screwed me and are charging me extra on my monthly fee, for something thats NOT my fault.

- I hate my job because my bosses expect me to work until I'm hospitalized (literally some nights), because they've done it, and don't give a shit, and I'm overworked with my condition.  And risking my life on super busy roads with reckless drivers risking my life without giving a shit sucks.  And I think everyone there hates me but I could be delusional.  I'm insecure and embarassed about my issues.

- I've been behind on commissions and music and other work because of all this. 

- I've been working on a "Beating Depression" video series I'm uploading videos for once a week, and a new podcast series "Plot Twister" I may/may not continue.

- It's apparent that I'm failing to manage my own damn life when I'm trying my hardest. 1000x so done right now.  I need a miracle to save me from this life I wish to change. 


Sorry to be so negative guys.  I'm kinda down.  Not depressed, just upset, stressed, need rest, want to get things done.  Ya know?  Catcha soon. 

A Message to Artists (who worked for me)

2016-11-05 22:11:01 by RealFaction

Before I say this, I want to say, I do not hate/dislike any of you.  I don't want anyone to feel hated or anxious or hurt or anything negative.  No one will be named here either.  I love you guys, and appreciate your work.  With that said, I am however a bit disappointed and hurt a little, but all is forgiven.  For those who were honest with me and communicated with me, thank you.

Over the years, I've had artists that have started on projects for me, but then "disappeared".  They tell me they get busy with school and stuff and I'm a reasonable guy, that's fine, occassionally I check in on them.  But, then they ignore me completely and aren't honest with me.  Yes, I have a problem with this. 

Sometimes, it may be the case that they're afraid to disappoint me, and have anxiety about telling me they can't/won't do it, but I'd like to throw something out there:  I like honesty more than anything else.  If you can't do something, tell me so I don't waste my time wondering where you all are.  Please?  :(

With that said, I respect you all as artists, as individuals, but it does hurt me that people do this to me.  This is why my comic book series "Venturescape" may never see the light of day and for the time being, is cancelled, as it was supposed to have a kickstarter this year or soon.  But I gave up, because people left me in the dark and walked out on me.  I wanted to get my stories out there, because I'm passionate about writing even more so than music, but I gave up.  It was a project I was passionate about.

I will say though there are a few artists that have been honest with me and have told me if they aren't sure if they can continue.  I respect that.  I just want honest communication, and I will respectfully understand.  If I did anything wrong, tell me.  If you can't continue, just tell me.  But I have honestly been discouraged to work on big projects like this because this keeps happening to me.  I wanted my stories to impact people.

Maybe I'll do an audio version of my stories with voice acting, that seems more do-able honestly, like audio dramas.  I was hoping to make money of them, but eh I don't care anymore.  I just want my stories to impact people with the messages, and the adventure, the ideas behind them.  Whether or not I was the problem, I'll never know unless someone tells me. 

I still hope to someday get my stories out there.  To be honest, my true dream is to be a screenwriter for film, but given how much money schools are and out of state, that may never come true for me.  I've wanted to do that since I was a kid.  That's what I'm most passionate about above music.  For now, I'll be working on my podcast series "Plot Twister" as an outlet, and making more music, until I figure out a way to get my stories out there.  Later guys, had to get this off my chest after years of dealing with this.

So I stayed up late to make a Halloween track, since I spent yet another Halloween alone because of being forced to work the holidays.  It was inspired by @Xenogenocide, @Bad-Man-Incorporated, Mastodon, Evanescence, Dream Theater, and Disturbed.  Anywho, here's "Hollow Eve".

Original Version:

Instrumental Version:

Check out my last post I posted recently about the NG users who inspired my music.  Happy Halloween.

Last post:




10th Anni. Music Facts (Part 2 LONG OVERDUE)

2016-10-31 03:35:34 by RealFaction

Well Happy Halloween chumps, I gotta work today...yippee skippy.  Otherwise I would've made a Halloween track, but my free time has been rest, cleaning, and commission work.  This post is looong overdue.  Earlier this month I made a post for my 10th anniversary on newgrounds and of making music in general, basically about the newgrounds users, musicians and non-musicians alike, that have inspired my music and me in general.

Check out Part 1 here:

Before I continue, check out @ScepterDPinoy 's awesome Halloween Undertale-parody poster, he drew me and many others.  It's awesome.

The users mentioned in this post are:

@Bafana / @ManuForti

Bafana a.k.a. "Manu Forti" (my music trading buddy)

So before Bafana (I remember when he was Bafana Mac) was in Trackers and all these other projects of his, like waaaaayyyy back in the day, I'm talking like 2011 (2010 maybe even?), we started talking somehow, though I honestly freakin' forget how.  I liked his music a lot, and he's made remixes that ended up on a couple of my albums that were gnarly good.  His music to an extent did inspire be back in the day, but more recent.

Back in like 2011 or so, we made a track that we still have to finish called "Live or Die", and was a bangin Trance track, still one of my favorites from him, and I sung over it.  But, it wasn't officially released like...anywhere.  I still have to sing over that someday in hopes we can release it.  I want to collab with @Trackers sometime too.  But as Manu Forti, he showed me a preview of a track that really inspired the backbone of my track "Legacy" ( which was also inspired by other users as you'll see.

I loved the way he was transitioning into basically his own style, it stuck out to me.  The dude always makes some bangin tunes, and it's cool to see him in this new trio (Trackers).  I love what i've heard of their music so far (i've heard more than you, neener neener, but the album is going to be amazing, I've heard nearly all of it in progress). 

So yeah, we trade our demos and completed works all the time.  Awesome guy.

Sam Green

Mr. Green, Mr. Green....did it with the knife in the library.  Clue...joke...ha...ok ANYWAY!  This guy is awesome, I'm a fan of his animations.  How did he inspire me?  Wellll, he put me up for making him a theme, inspired by his toons of course!  He's funny, wacky, and generous.  He still uses the theme I made him to this day, The Sam Jam (  I rarely make dubstep, but it incorporates one of my signature sounds, my chiptune infused dance music.  He loves that stuff, as do I.  His personality and toons inspired this melodical madness.


ForgottenDawn / Dem0lecule / PeterSatera

All wonderful gents, but why in the same category?  They make cinematic music, and have inspired my works in the past.  But i'll talk about them seperately too.  All of them inspired tracks such as A War Begins (, which was actually my first attempt at Cinematic music, sorta. 

These guys have entered my A.I.M. (Art-Inspired Music) contests in the past, all are so very talented.  F.D., what I love about him, is that he loves to experiment with different sounds, and his music makes you feel like you're sucked into an adventurous world or hundreds.  I love his ambient experiments the most.  His music really sticks out to me and overall has inspired me, also inspired Legacy, a track i mentioned up there earlier. 

Lots can be said about his work.  He's a nice guy, and The Underground Collective ( was an effort he and  I came up with, which inspired me to go back to my roots sort of.  It was basically an album compilation, music made specifically for that album to represent Newgrounds music and celebrate it.  It's free!  My song?  The Second Flight ( which took me back to my Liquid Drum 'n' Bass roots, the very first type of music I started making 10 years ago starting out.  That song was based on the second song I ever made, kinda a remake / rework but also original, revisiting my style inspired by The Prodigy, Celldweller, and N64 video game music. 

F.D. is going to keep this project going for Volume 2 I believe, so yay!


Dem0lecule has had a few surprising unexpected name changes over the years, this guy is also real interesting.  He experiments with society with his accounts, or at least used to, seeing and studying people's reactions, as well as collecting information about Newgrounds (sorta) about how what works and what doesn't on the site.  I was surprised that he was Tacticat, and Anarkat, i had no idea that was him, and i think maybe one other name. 

He's made some interesting music that is loud, like you had a cup of coffee mixed with sugar and darkness and a sleep aid to whisk you away to somewhere interesting...I guess?  I can't say he inspired a specific track besides the first one I mentioned, but he has had somewhat of an influence on my music, and he intrigues me.  Not to mention how generous he's been in donating stuff for my contests sometimes, and in the future as well.  This guy loves to give like I do.  He's been fighting a life-threatening thing, and well...we're going to miss you buddy.  You are a good soul.  <3


Peter Satera / Jacob Cadmus

I can't say he's inspired a specific track other than the first one, but he has also had an influence over my cinematic tracks that I've made over the years.  I have to say though....I gotta give credit to @JacobCadmus as well, because theres this song they did for one of my AIM contests that I will never forget.  It stuck out with such heart-wrenching emotions, it's so beautiful.  I treasure this song to this day, and still inspires me.  Someday I honestly want to use this in one of my stories, if anything ever goes anywhere with my writing. 

I heard it in 2014, still can't forget.."Our Legend Falls" (  Peter and Jacob should both really be in the film industry or something thereof making music for stuff.  I believe they are the next Hans Zimmer, a composer who's work I absolutely love.  Their music paints a picture, tells a story, immerses you inside of a landscape.  It's incredible.  Legendary.  I'll say I've interacted with Peter more, the "wacky raccoon" (inside joke) we all know and love, who's quite the awesome gent. 


I love this guy.  In the past he's played my music on the show he runs with his friend "We Came From the Basement" though I think it had a different name back then but I can't remember, I'm tired and it's almost 3 AM writing this...haha.  Anyway!  Go check it out, I love movies, and they're funny dudes, go listen to their show.

I love this dude.  His music I've been a fan of for yeeaaars, and I love the way he sings.  He's inspired some of my metal songs and some of my singing, such as this song I made with J-dawg, "The Other Side of Pain" ( which I wrote lyrics for and sang on, same deal with stuff RobSoundtrack and I collabed on (I did singing and lyrics) for "Holding High" (

I loved showing him my stuff, he's supported my music over the years and his stuff is awesome.  Some of his stuff has reminded me of Alice in Chains, one of my favorite bands.  One song he partially inspired was "Waver" (, originally was to be finished but one of my rare songs that never got done.  He also inspired my recent Halloween track, Hollow Eve (  He also did some voiceover talking about his take on Newgrounds with it's history and user on my "NG 10th Anniversary Tribute" video (  It's worth a watch, what he says is inspirational, honestly.

He's given so much to newgrounds and is an awesome veteran who's been around a long time.  I love how he's using the radio show to get some newgrounds users out there, its awesome.  In the past he played a couple of my songs in 2011.  This guy is a good friend to all and is inspirational in many ways, and encouraging.

Highly reccomend, would bang.  I'm kidding.  But I do reccomend him though for your health.


See, what I love about this dude, is that he works on games, AND makes kickass music.  That, plus he is a punk rock legend on here.  I've been a fan of his years before I got to talk to him.  And there's a big reason why he's on this list.  He gave me insanely good drum kit samples, which I STILL use today, and won't lose them for the world.  I cherish this gift, and has made my music so much better.  I've just learned to mix them better than I used to. 

He inspired me to do a drum test inspired by his music, a cover of Dr. Mario's "Fever" ( which I mistakenly called the theme, but it was based more off of the Super Smash Bros. Melee rendition of the song.  I took a lot of inspiration from his music for that song, and some of my faster paced rock songs.  I wish I could make games.  I still want to finish Newgrounds: Zero Hour someday ( soooo bad...:( but it seems distant.

He makes some really awesome games.  He's a down to earth dude, and am glad to see him successful in what he does.  Over the years he's come a long way with his music and games.  Another great veteran.  This guy is part of the reason why my music doesn't suck anymore.  Haha.

Xenogenocide / RobSoundtrack / DarKsidE555 / PirateCrab / Metaljonus

Another bundled up group.  These guys are some of my absolute favorite metal/rock artists, and have been for many years, even back in the early days of NG before I even uploaded music (I think).  DarKsidE555, was one of the first artists I ever listened to on NG as far as I can remember.  His music rocks, and I remember Bad-Man talking about how he was inspired by him as well.  I have no words, check out his music.

All of these guys inspired some of my heavy metal tunes, and overall are artists I love to listen to.  Xenogenocide is probably my favorite metal artist in general, his riffs are insane.  He inspired me for my Halloween track Hollow Eve ( because of his sick riffs.  RobSoundtrack I love for his solos and riff work as well, we've collabed as I mentioned earlier, and I'd love to see more of his work.  He does some awesome stuff. 

PirateCrab, though I can't say much about him, his music is also rockin', and he makes some badass heavy tunes.  I love his stuff.  Though, MetalJonus has a special place on this list.  Out of all of them, I used to listen to a lot of his music the most back in the day.  I remember his Sonic the Hedgehog 2 remix, and that was the first time I heard a cover like that of a video game song that was a completely different style.  I was amazed.  He is the artist that inspired me to start making video game covers, like Sonic covers, Zelda covers, Kirby covers, etc.  He is insane at solos and riffs.  Seriously. 

Jdawg00100 a.k.a. "J-Dawg"

Though it's been a while, this guy is fun to work with, and I like his different styles of music.  We collabed for a song on one of my past albums (The song being Capacity: and he did sick guitar work, go check out his songs, he's got heavy stuff.  He's also one of my favorite metal artists on NG.  We also did "The Other Side of Pain" together which I mentioned earlier.  I'd love to sing for another one of his songs sometime.  His songs have an interesting beautiful mix of melodic vibes and heavy riffs.  It's beautiful.


I used to talk to this lady a lot more, been doing that lately though.  This is my buddy right here.  Probably one of the users I talk to the most, honestly.  She's awesome.  She's an animator for the main part, but her guitar playing?  Amazing.  I love hearing her pick up an acoustic guitar (very rare) and slapping around with it.  I decided to remake one of her songs as it inspired me so ( and I'm currently making a song for her next upcoming animated series I can't reveal quite yet, but it's coming sometime in the near future. 

Her guitar work and the awesome music she's into that she shares with me, inspires me.  I love talking music with her.  And I love her animations.  She's more talented than she thinks.  She's easy to talk to like about the most random stuff, I feel like if I had another podcast series that was more consistant, she'd be my podcast buddy.



So this is a bit small, but this guy is amazing at making different styles of music, and one time he inspired me to make an 80's sci-fi cinematic/synth-wavy type of song ( also inspired by Stranger Things, a show I HIGHLY recommend watching.  I love this dude's music, it sticks out and it's interesting.  Also, that bee haunts me in my dreams because I can't forget it.  It's one of the more memorable icons on the site. 


Last, but certainly not least, my buddy Animattronic! We go way back like....I want to say freakin 2007 or 2008.  Like, he contacted me on Myspace and liked my remixes I submitted for Celldweller's remix contests.  Funny enough, Animattronic made the artwork for his remix contests.  I was stunned, and shocked.  His artwork and 3d work is awesome, he actually makes music videos for Celldweller sometimes.  Not to mention, Animattronic makes amazing music, though he's not active here anymore. is where you'll see his latest stuff.

His work has inspired some of my cinematic songs too.  He's also one of my music trading buddies from time to time.  I love hearing what he works on.  I'm not gonna lie though, I wish I was good enough to do work for Celldweller like he does.  I mean cmon, I have a painting on canvas of the dude in my living room where I'm sitting right at this moment.  My idol, man.  But yeah, Animattronic is a good friend of mine, cool dude. 

Well that's the end of this epic 2-part series that most people probably won't read all of (I don't blame you holy crap it's long).  I've been really busy with commissions I can't post and I'm working on my experimental Kid Project hiphop project, and working on this song for that animation.  In the meantime, Happy Halloween, and my birthday is in 2 weeks.  Woo.  I'll post video footage of that, for sure.  I turn 25.  I don't feel 5 years from 30, I really don't.  Anyway, catcha later guys.  I gotta snooze.

So basically i talk about my new hiphop project Kid Project, and other stuff in my newest podcast.  Check it out:

Help My Friend/What I'm Up To

2016-10-13 12:45:30 by RealFaction

Hey guys, so a good friend of mine needs help.  She's doing cheap emergency commissions right now because she needs a new phone since her old one broke, and she currently doesn't have a job.  Gotta feel safe when you go out, right?  She's really good, check her out?  The post is here if you want her to make you some neat artwork:

Go follow her too:

In Other News

As some of you know, from my last post, my grandmother recently died.  I'm holding up better than I was, but I do miss her.  I've been juggling a few commissions and my job, so I've been pretty busy as of late.  My goal is to post a new song within the next month, hopefully.  I recently found peace and happiness, so I'm making a video series on beating Depression. 

Finally, I have been working on this 2-part post series in honor of my 10th Anniversary, talking about Newgrounds users who have inspired my music over the years in ways big and small.  I'm working on part 2 soon, but part 1 can be found here:

That's all for now.  Long term, I plan on releasing  a new single too, and eventually recording vocals for the Piercing Lazer deluxe album version of  "The Other Side", adding 3 new songs too.  Been working on those instrumentals.  In the meantime, go check out my newest single music video ( and my new album (

Peace and love be with you, friends.  <3