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It is my deepest regret to announce that due to circumstances out of my control, Newgrounds: Zero Hour (the game i was working on with a team) is cancelled. :( I'm deeply upset about this, and overall im just tired of a lot of things in my may not hear from me until Pixel Day.  I'm deeply hurt about this, and other things going on in my life right now. 

I wish there was something I could do about it, but I'll just say it's someone's fault that ruined everyone's months of hard work.  Right now, I hate myself, I don't know what I'm doing, and I'm giving up on doing any future endeavors outside of music.  I had a dream to make games....dream is gone now.  I'm just bitching really.  I'm just upset about the whole shabang.  I'm embarassed and I need time alone. 

If you read this far, just know this: Pixel Day is STILL happening, just won't have that game i was working on, so the demo is as far as it goes...unfortunately.  Also, I've been busy with work and school, and working on the Piercing Lazer EP (for those who know the necromancer theme from Castle Crashers).  I am going through a rough time right now...I apologize.  I may submit a preview soon, but I am uncertain.  It's my goal to get the EP done by February. 

So...I'm going to curl up in a hole now....later.

Need Artists/Pixel Day/Piercing Lazer?

2015-11-13 14:59:16 by RealFaction

November 14th is my birthday.  Happy birthday to me, today.

Piercing Lazer is...back?

This is basically my next official release.  I'll be working on it so you may not see any more music from me until then.  Remember in Castle Crashers during the Necromancer boss fight, that song that plays that I made?  That song was made under my side project Piercing Lazer in 2008, and I want to make more stuff like that, but not because it sells, but because I think that's one of my best sounds musically, and my favorite, and I want to go back to my roots. 

This was a side project that started in 2007 and spawned two albums.  So I'm happy to announce I'm working on a 4 song EP that will either be released in December or January, but I've been working on it for months, off and on, amongst other things.  Having a job and going to school and working on a game is a lot to juggle!  You heard a demo of one of the tracks "Risen From The Deep" ( , a remake of a song from the first album in 2007.

Need Pixel Artists for Game

We still need pixel artists for Newgrounds Zero Hour, a game I've been working on for Pixel Day with a team.  We're trying to get this done by Pixel Day in January.  We're happy to welcome aboard the legendary @ScepterDPinoy on the team as of recent as he showed interest!  If you want to help out, contact me or comment below!

Game Demo:

Pixel Day

Pixel Day is a holiday idea I shared with Tom, and this new NG holiday is coming up on January 23rd, 2016!  What will you submit?  Pixel Day is a holiday for anything 8-bit/16-bit throwing back to the retro days of gaming!  Pixel Art, Pixel Chiptune music, Pixel Animations, Pixel games especially!  You can potentially win cash prizes, and it's going to be a lot of fun.

To learn more on how to enter, go to the official page:

That's all folks, I also have this nifty video talking about it all:


Pixel Day/Need Artists/Halloween

2015-10-28 16:06:32 by RealFaction

Happy Halloween!

Before I get into Pixel Day, check out my new Halloween track I made for the Spooktacular and for Soul Jump's Halloween special:

For 2 years I've secretly been making music here and there for "Soul Jump" which could potentially be a tv show in the near future. This song is also for their Halloween live special on Viber. Download Viber and search for "Soul Jump", then stay tuned for updates on the time of the live chat!

Viber page:

Pixel Day

Pixel Day is a holiday idea I shared with Tom, and this new NG holiday is coming up on January 23rd, 2016!  What will you submit?  Pixel Day is a holiday for anything 8-bit/16-bit throwing back to the retro days of gaming!  Pixel Art, Pixel Chiptune music, Pixel Animations, Pixel games especially!  You can potentially win cash prizes, and it's going to be a lot of fun.

To learn more on how to enter, go to the official page:

Need Pixel Artists for Game

As many of you already know, Newgrounds Zero Hour (on the frontpage of the games section currently) is a game I've been working on with a great team of people, but we need more artists.  We're trying to get this done by Pixel Day.  We are looking for good pixel artists who know how to have fun, and have the time to spare.  We care about gaming and honesty, the players especially!  Thank you for all the feedback on the demo, it's helped us make the game even better! 

Game Demo:

If you want to help out, whether it be backgrounds, sprites, objects, anything, contact me on here or leave a comment!  I have more music on the way, but lately my health hasn't been the best and work, work, work...and school, and work....but I'm recovering and things will calm down in November (around my birthday). PEACE!

Game Demo/New NG Holiday

2015-10-14 13:22:03 by RealFaction

Hey guys!  Remember the NIM ContestI decided to turn that concept into a game to celebrate NG's 20th Anniversary and to announce a NEW holiday called Pixel Day!  We need pixel artists, so if you're interested to help us, check it out and message us!  More info on Pixel Day below the link.  Read the game's description, it's important.


Promo Art:

GAME UPDATE (10/19/15):   The bosses are harder now!  Some said Hanzou was too easy, and the game was a "breeze" on Normal mode.  Not anymore!  The controls have been updated to mouse and keyboard to give more aim/movement freedom, check out the new version!


What is Pixel Day? 

It's a new holiday idea I pitched to Tom Fulp celebrating 8-bit/16-bit games!  You can start working on your pixel projects and submit them on January 23rd, 2016 (official date). 

New Pixel Artist

Finally, check out my friend DemonQueen402, I brought her to NG told her to post her awesome art.  Check her stuff out!

Happy gaming!


What Is Pixel Day?/Future Music

2015-09-18 18:54:42 by RealFaction

Pixel Day

What is this Pixel Day?  You will find out next month when a demo of the game I've been working on with a team will be released here on NG.  Here's another teaser screenshot of game footage.  I'll talk about my upcoming music below.


Future Music

I know lately I've been a bit less active (though I released that Tetris cover with Phyrnna 2 weeks ago), but I have a LOT of unfinished songs I'm trying to iron out.  I've been going to school for music production so my mixing is REALLY improving, so you'll see a huge difference with future upcoming music.  I'll tell you a little about them as they're grouped into categories (to make it easier).

Hazardous EP:
This is my "10 Year Anniversary" release, as it's been almost 10 years since I started making digital music!  It's going to be a 5 track release and I'm going back to my roots!  The first genres of I started making were Big Beat, and Breakbeat.  I started out with heavy influence from Celldweller, The Prodigy, The Crystal Method, Fatboy Slim, Propellerheads, Paul Oakenfold, etc.  I LOVED that stuff, and still do.  It'll be 10 years in March, so hopefully it'll be done around then.  I'm making a remix of an old famous song from Newgrounds for the EP, you'll see that soon.

Piercing Lazer EP:
Yes.  Piercing Lazer (the project responsible for Simple Sight the Castle Crashers Necromancer boss theme) is coming back.  I kinda missed the synth rock/metal sound I had heavily infulenced by Celldweller and Mindless Self Indulgence, and I have a few unfinished songs in the works, one of them being a remake I posted on here a while back called "Risen From the Deep" I made in 2007 originally.  I expect to be done with this sometime in the somewhat near future.  I can't say whether it'll be this year or next, but shooting for December (hopefully).

Secret Tribute Metal/Rock Album:
This is another one close to my heart, special to me.  It's a tribute to a musician on Newgrounds who has inspired me greatly.  It's a secret for now but it's also something I've been working on juggling between all these different projects.  It's to be released in early 2016. 

Well that's all people!  Since not many people buy my albums I'm going to shorten them to EPs and I may not release as often as I'm slowing down, but as often as I release music monthly, I'm shocked.  No worries though, I'll still be releasing stuff every month or 2 weeks, hopefully. 

Cover w/Phyrnna, Game In Progress

2015-09-05 20:36:35 by RealFaction

I've been working on 2 games, but one of them is really the focus for now.  I also made a Tetris cover with @Phyrnna! :)  Also, stay tuned for an upcoming sketch comedy/mock podcast series.


Here's a sneak preview for now, buuut I'm not going to spoil anything...yet.  I censored the main character, who you'll see in time.  I have a great team with me.  Can you guess what this might be based on?


Tetris Cover with Phyrnna

This is something Phyrnna have been playing around with for a little while, finally got to uploading it. Story goes, I was watching one of Phyrnna's live streams on, and she had an interesting Tetris layout in FL Studio, so I decided to make her a "prank song" to play over her live stream to match it.  Surprisingly, not only did she love it, but she played around with it live, and this is the result of our collaborative effort. Enjoy!

Also uploaded it here on NG.  (


Happy Clock Day!

2015-08-15 20:31:17 by RealFaction

Happy Clock Day!  For the 12 years I've been here, I haven't really submitted anything for Clock Day, ever, but I've been a fan for years of the Clock Crew movies.  I decided to not only make a song for Clock Day, but to do something different!  This is my first NSFW comedy song.  I wanted to throw people off, and the reactions I've been getting really make me happy.  I want to make more comedy songs.  Anywho, check out the recording session too!  I make goofy faces.




Need Pixel Artist/New Music

2015-08-08 18:51:14 by RealFaction

Want to be a part of my next song?  Wondering what new music I'm gonna pump out next?  All in my newest video.  Scroll down for info on why I need a pixel artist.   Shoutout to @Phyrnna !



Need 16-bit Pixel Artist For Game

TwinBlazar (author of Project Dimentia: and I have teamed up with StrawberryClock to make a 16-bit sidescroller game!  If you want an idea of what the game is about and what it's like, check out the image below!  We need more artists, so if you want to contribute, contact me for more details! Thanks!



Contest Winners, Need Artist and Programmer for Games

2015-07-20 19:29:24 by RealFaction

NIM Contest Winners

The results of the contest are finally here!  See who won the Newgrounds Inspired Music Contest and check out the music.  If you make games, you seriously need to use some of these amazing songs.  The contest album is a free 44 track album, too. 

Check it out:

Need Artist and Programmer for Games

I have 2 games in development, one hasn't started yet.  The first, is based on the intro of the tribute video I did with many awesome newgrounders.  It's basically a game based around that plot, a 16-bit beat em' up (like Castle Crashers style, but think Super Nintendo/Sega Genesis days).  I need an artist who can draw 16-bit backgrounds, and characters, and everything else for it.  If interested, contact me, shoot me a message.  @Coolboyman is involved as the programmer, I'm psyched.

The other game is 3D and will run on Unity 5, so I need a Unity programmer.  If you're a good Unity programmer, message me.  Below are pictures.  It's a Puzzle/FPS game like Half-Life and Portal, only more.  I have a team of people already, it's been in development for months, but we need a programmer.  Here's some snapshots.  That's all for now, love you guys!


What's New, Pussycat? WOAAH, WOOA...sorry.

2015-07-17 16:14:54 by RealFaction

Besides the soon to be revealed results of the Newgrounds Inspired Music Contest, I haven't had much to post about (yet), but I figured I would give you guys a preview of a song I'm working on for an upcoming album due later this year (I know I already have an album releasing next month, electronic though.  This one is..METALLL with MORE SYNTHS, I'm returning to my 2007 Piercing Lazer "necromancer theme/simple sight from Castle Crashers" synth metal sound). 

Without further adeu, here is a song from a tribute album in honor of an artist.  It's something new I'm doing, experimenting with new styles, and I think I'm getting better with mixing.

Check it out:

PS: I got accepted into a college for Audio Engineering (basically mixing/music/sound stuff).  I start August 3rd.  I'm psyched.