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New Music Video/Single on Itunes

2014-10-07 13:38:31 by RealFaction

My new single "Into the Sun" is now on Itunes for 99 cents, and the music video is now on YouTube!  PLEASE spread this around it would  mean a lot, it's a message about anti-abuse.  I want to change the lives of abuse victims with this, and so far, I have for a few people :) and thank you, I really need the support.

Get it on Itunes:

Here's the music video:  (and below)

Also check out my new website:


New Website/Itunes Single

2014-10-01 23:09:10 by RealFaction

New Website

I have a new website for my music and my studio business, any studio related news will be there, but I'll still post my music updates here too.  My business won't officially open for another month at least, it'll be online and local, but check out the different sections of the site, it'll explain the future like providing fan merch and all that good stuff.


Itunes Single

For a long time, I haven't put my music on Itunes because it wasn't cheap.  However, my wonderful YouTube partnership company Puron Digital is putting my upcoming single on Itunes coming out next Tuesday (the 7th) with my MUSIC VIDEO :D I'm excited!  Stay tuned for that.

Special shoutout to SkyeWint for helping me mix and master the album.  That's all for now, stay tuned for my post next week!

Madness Day Cartoon Music/Music Video

2014-09-22 13:36:40 by RealFaction

Happy Madness Day!

Go check out Hizu's Animation I did music for:

Go follow Hizu to stay updated with his work:

Here are the songs I made for it:

Scene 1:

Scene 2:

Scene 3 (rejected):

Elevator Music:

Youtube Playlist with the animation and all the songs:

Music Video (for my single "Into the Sun")

A couple days ago was Day 1 of my music video shoot for my upcoming single, "Into the Sun", from my upcoming album, "The Box Volume 2: Regeneration".  It was a lot of fun, and I thank the 5 people in my crew who were very helpful with the whole thing.  The video should be coming out in a week or so, I co-directed it and am editing it.  The album should be coming out sometime next month.

Want to see some teaser photos from the set and the album cover?





Music Video (coming soon)

2014-09-20 19:38:37 by RealFaction

Today was Day 1 of the music video shoot for my single, "Into the Sun" coming soon to Bandcamp, then the album coming to Itunes in a few weeks or so.  Day 2 of shooting is tomorrow (Sunday) wrapping up shots for a final scene for the end of the video.  We got to film in a cool looking tunnel, in a house that's owned by someone my friend knows but it's basically abandoned and worn down, and tomorrow we'll be filming in a large field. :) it was lots of fun filming today!

The music video will be online in a week or two and I will be posting behind the scenes footage before then, and releasing a teaser to hype the video release.

Here's a little teaser of my friend (who's a great actress) playing the part of Farrah, the girl on the album covers of The Box Volume 1 and the upcoming album, The Box Volume 2.


Recording in the Studio & Album Updates

2014-09-06 14:03:44 by RealFaction

Hey guys, I have my own studio now!  It's called Flareheart Studio, and I'm going to make it my own business after I finish my album in the next month.  I've been recording vocals and finishing instrumentals, and in TWO WEEKS, I'm filming a MUSIC VIDEO!  

Here's the youtube channel:  be sure to subscribe!  I will also post videos of artists I record (if they want me to) so it's not just about my music on that channel.

Album Updates

Below is my latest studio video. If you want to know specific information on where I am with my album, and see the released album tracklist, check my last news post here:

Below is a video of me recording in the studio (after all the silly stuff). Family Inc. isn't the single anymore by the way. Subscribe to my channel also if you wish:


Album Progress/Track List

2014-09-05 00:24:17 by RealFaction

Wondering where I am on my new album? I have the entire track list of all the songs i'm going to write and finish for my new upcoming album "The Box Vol. 2: Regeneration" (in no particular order).

1. Blackened Sea: I have the instrumental done just gotta record the lyrics i wrote, record vocals for it.

2.  Black Feathers: Pretty much done, but i might rerecord some vocals for it.

3. Into the Sun: I decided thie is going to be the single.  I just posted a fragment, what I've got written so far.  A VERY rough mix.  I have to finish the instrumental then write lyrics, then vocals come in.  Hopefully, September 20th, I'm getting my pals together to shoot the music video for it.


4. By Your Side:  Done. This is an old one I released online in 2012 that i made.  It got scrapped from the previous "The Box" album, and is going into this one.

5. Craft of the Gentle Hand: This song...will be a freakin' nightmare to sing and I don't know about it, but the instrumental is done.  I'm having second thoughts about recording vocals for it, it's kind've chaotic.  

6.  Synthetic: Instrumental is done, but need to write lyrics and sing it.

7.  Under the Skin: An instrumental I'm still working on.

8.  Arcs of the Spectrum: Pretty much an instrumental so it's done.

9.  Family Inc.: I've got vocals halfway recorded, gonna do more over the weekend maybe to record the rest. 

10. Homeless: Still has to be mixed but almost done with the instrumental then recording vocals for it.

11. Monolith: Monolith is something...special.  A guest guitar player recorded the riffs I originally did on my program and we wrote it together but mainly he just redid it with his guitar and it sounds amazing.  Unfortunately, he can't finish it, but I'm hoping he will send me elements separately so I can.

12. Unsung: I'm still working on the instrumental for this song.

13.  All is Good in My World: It's done, and was for my dad's birthday.  It's a song about him.

14.  Enter Madness: This is a song i made for an animation to enter in Newgrounds' upcoming Madness Day Contest, and might make it extended for the album.  You'll see it on Newgrounds before the album drops.

15.  F(l)ake:  You can call it "Flake", or "Fake".  This technically has two titles.  I'm not sure if this one will make the album or not, I want to write it, but not sure if I will yet.

Originally, I was planning to release the album in the middle of this month (September), but I realized that's WAY too soon, and I have work to do.  I'll be lucky if it's done by the end of the month, which is certainly possible, but no promises.  But my guess is, it'll be done by October sometime.  I am putting my all into it until I'm happy with it.  Stay tuned.



New Studio/Music Video/New NG Musician

2014-08-22 16:20:23 by RealFaction

Flareheart Studio

My new studio is finally finished and I'm going to be finishing my upcoming metal/rock album coming next month with a MUSIC VIDEO! 

PS: If you're playing a game or drawing or something, I created a 52 minute mix of my EDM stuff :)

More details here:


Music Video

I have my actors and my cameraman, I bought some supplies for the music video a couple days ago, and i am going to go in the studio to make the final mix of the single "Family Inc." and record the vocals :) I am co-directing the video and I wrote the ideas and stuff, and I'll be editing the video as well.  Should be out sometime next month with the new album!

New Newgrounds Musician

Go welcome my musician friend IvyPoison.  I like her first song, she's a longtime friend of mine.  We also did a collab song called "Wandering".  Follow her at

Last but not least, you'll be hearing some podcasts and music mixes to listen to in the background every now and then from me.  Enjoy!

New Studio/Future Stuff

2014-08-19 03:30:13 by RealFaction

My new studio is called Flareheart Studio.  Everything you need to know about my future music related stuff and the studio is all in the video.





New NG Member/Transmission #4

2014-08-15 23:15:44 by RealFaction

New Transmission.  Go welcome my musician friend IvyPoison, get her scouted.  I like her first song, she's a longtime friend of mine.  Check her out:

Last post about updates and music and such:


Need Artist and Programmer/Studio Updates

2014-08-11 13:12:36 by RealFaction

Scroll down to see the artist/programmer game stuff at the bottom, this stuff is just my new studio/music updates.


Studio/New Album

Believe it or not, the studio is ALMOST DONE!  It's about a week or two away from being finished.  One week, if I'm lucky.  Foam goes in Tuesday this week, carpet shortly after, and then need to buy the studio monitors (speakers) and get a lamp and desk and so such in there and set up the laptop, then I'm good. 

I'm going to be teasing videos of it REAL soon.  In the meantime, I have almost 9 songs done for the album.  Most of them are instrumentals right now but some need to be mixed in the studio and have vocals recorded for them.  In the meantime, I have some surprise guests appearing on the album.  Hint: Most of them are well known NG musicians who happen to be phenomenal guitar players. 

I'm honored to have them on this album writing some material with them.  I remember the days where I was just a fan rather than a friend and just saw their music but to talk to them and have them say my music is's just an honor!  Much love to you bros!  You know who you are :)


Music (outside the upcoming album)

First off, lately I've been releasing "transmissions" if you haven't seen them yet.  I'm being completely quiet as to what they are, but if you've been paying attention, you'll know what they are. 

Check those out:

More to come, but I'll be releasing stuff inbetween those.  For example, the video of the song Jdawg00100 made that I sang over and wrote lyrics for...


Also can be found on newgrounds:


For almost two years (or maybe it's been one, I lost count), Saminat and I have been writing and working on a game that got discontinued many months ago due to one of our artists dipping on us.  The programmer left shortly after.  We need a programmer that can work with Flixel engine really well (unless our previous programmer chooses to return which could also happen) and an 8-bit pixel artist that has worked with flash before and has experience.  You would be working on a game that has a lot of it's work done, but mainly needs a few more backgrounds, and some sprites drawn as well as a couple other things. 

This game has the potential to get big, Tom Fulp has shown much interest in this game.  There's a lot to be offered here.  You'll get the chance to be making a tribute game to a famous 80's horror/sci-fi movie, but at the same time, it has some funny moments.  It's partially inspired by The Room Tribute, so think kind've like that. 

If interested, send me a message.  That's all for now, may post again in a week or less.