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2 Days until Venturescape Trailer

2017-07-27 08:57:37 by RealFaction

2 days until the Venturescape trailer drops. Here's another character teaser featuring @TommyNom as Jacob Leach, and artwork by @holikrep

You can listen to the others in this playlist, as more will pop up:

@TrinaTan @LadyArsenic @SailorSilverStar @MysticSkillz @MakeStuff @Ai-Say @ATheatricalSongbird @TommyNom @Markafoi @Ceevro @lampabot @holikrep @metropiano @azhthar @phonometrologist @johnfn @Saminat

3 Days until Venturescape Trailer.

2017-07-26 18:13:30 by RealFaction

3 Days until I drop the final trailer to my new series. Here's the next teaser video, featuring Aika Intong (Ai-Say) as Noel Rae!   Artwork by @Lampabot



@TrinaTan @LadyArsenic @SailorSilverStar @MysticSkillz @MakeStuff @Ai-Say @ATheatricalSongbird @TommyNom @Markafoi @Ceevro @lampabot @holikrep @metropiano @azhthar @phonometrologist @johnfn @Saminat

4 days - Venturescape.

2017-07-25 17:27:13 by RealFaction

I'm posting a teaser video of my characters every day so check back! 4 more days until the trailer to my series :D @SailorSilverStar as Krystal Valentine.  Art by @Lampabot


5 Days (Venturescape Trailer)

2017-07-24 10:21:53 by RealFaction

You've been waiting for my story series I've been hard at work at for years, and this adaptation of it since December, welll...... @Saminat did a good job voicing Billy here.  You all are getting a trailer in 5 days.  Thanks to @lampabot for the beautiful artwork! <3



Need Voice Actors and Animator (Paid Job)

2017-07-20 23:57:08 by RealFaction

Casting Call

Hey there!  I have big stuff coming next week, but in the meantime, I want to help my friend who I'm doing voice work for in a series by letting you all know her company is holding auditions!  Any and all voice actors wanted!  If you're interested in more details, I posted in the forums:

Need Animator (Paying Job)

That same friend also wants to pay an animator for a 20-second YouTube channel intro that is basic, an it's over a song I made for them.  For more details, check this forum post:

What I'm Releasing Next Week

Besides that, next week I'm releasing the remastered debut album of my side project Piercing Lazer for the 10-year anniversary!  All the tracks are remastered that I originally made in 2007 when I was 15, and I've been posting commissions here to newgrounds so more new music on the way, keep an eye out!  Also, my Venturescape audio play series is releasing a trailer next week, it's coming soon! :D See you next week!




BIG THINGS On the Way!

2017-07-06 19:39:20 by RealFaction

I have a LOT of content on the way this month and beyond!  Music, an audio drama series with a lot of NG voice actors that I'm writing, stuff with Piercing Lazer too!  Oh, and I'm bald.  I have a video below explaining that further.

Commissions Sale (25% Off)

Currently, I have a sale going on my website so you can commission me for custom copyright-free music for 25% off!  It's my Independance Day Sale going from July 4th to July 8th, so grab a commission soon!  Thank you to all of you who have been spreading the word and commissioned me, I've been getting a lot more lately! :) It's helping me financially.  Go to to purchase! :)

Piercing Lazer's 10-Year Anniversary

In 2007, my friend Dustin and I formed Piercing Lazer, an Industrial Electronic Rock project, back then it was very experimental, I'll admit I've strayed from the roots a bit since and gone more the second album's direction.  I may dive back into the experimental stuff eventually.  Well, as cringy as it is, I've remastered the debut album, and am releasing it soon in honor of this occassion.  All 18 tracks, FREE on my bandcamp in the near future, a free album.

(PS: Soon I'll be recording vocals for "The Other Side (Deluxe Edition" with new songs!)

Overall, I have a lot more time and I quit my job, I'm a lot happier.  I want my life to be my music business, so spreading my website around has helped, thank you all, I need more though!  Keep 'em comin'!  You'll be seeing a lot more music from me now that I have a life again.  :)



My Personal Life Problems

2017-06-19 00:31:06 by RealFaction

I'm usually not one to vent about my personal life most of the time anymore, but....I need help.  I don't know what to do anymore.  I'm just like, fuck it, you know?  While my online life might seem glamourous, my real life isn't all that it's cracked up to be.  How?  Well....

Fuck Louisville, Kentucky, USA (and customer service)

As some of you know, I constantly struggle financially, and if it wasn't for my parents, I'd be in deep shit.  I'm 25, and I still am having a hard time finding jobs I can actually do.  I've messed up so many jobs, and I'm just sick of putting up with the bullshit kissing people's asses who are nothing but vile to me, attack me, and try to get me fired even if I did nothing wrong.  Yes, I work in customer service, the living hell.

The problem with Louisville, Kentucky, the place I've hated as well as most people here, is that I apply to jobs, they never give me enough hours, and the supervisors/managers are NEVER good, never decent.  ALWAYS treat their employees like shit from my experience.  That, and I keep messing up everything, always me getting bitched at like I'm dumb.  I've experienced this for many years, and today I finally had a mental breakdown.

Yes, I am miserable.  I am finally happy with myself as a person, but living in this city has only dragged me down, there are selfish, rude, entitled, stuck-up, angry, reckless driving, assholes here.  I want to get the hell out.  But I can't, because I'm trapped here because no one will give me enough hours, and I'm forced to work jobs I'm not good at and hate.

I can't take it's tearing me apart mentally, dealing with these people.  I'm sick of being around negative people, it's bullshit.  I want a positive life, and being here is preventing me from doing that.  I don't know what to do anymore, where I fit in, what to do.  I've had this problem off and on, but today takes the cake.  Worst day I've had in a long time....

Most of you won't read all of this, I'm just like whatever anymore, but this is how I feel.  I need help.  I'm stuck, at a dead end.  I'm glad my music business is doing well though, it definitely does help, thank you guys.  I just want to quit this job at the grocery store fuel station but I have nowhere else to go.  I hate the people here, and my friends got married and left me behind. Some friends, right?  They hang with other people now.  Fuck them for that, honestly.

I am very much a heart person, lately I've been taking better care of myself, and I'm tired of putting up with bullshit I don't have to.  I can't stand these people anymore, I don't want to be around these miserable childish immature assholes who don't know how to be managers and be decent, drive on the road, and treat people in general.  I've had it.  They've made me nothing but miserable.  I want a positive life, not this bullshit I deal with on a daily basis.

It's a toxic environment, it's hurting me emotionally, and physically.  Mentally in general.  I screamed and cussed and broke down crying, and I'm not afraid to admit it.  I want friends to hang out with, I've lived alone for 4 years, my job IS my people interaction, rarely seeing anyone else.  Last night I had a dream of talking with people about anime at some guy's house who was also a musician....that's the kind of life I want.  Not this bullshit. 

I've thought about doing stand-up comedy, but I have stage fright.  I don't know what to do at this point.  I just want a job with a decent manager, that pays well, and gets me enough hours.  I want a life.  With that said....I'm broken down right now.  I'm happy with myself, but miserable with this life.  It's unhealthy.  I want to be healthy.

So....if anyone has any ideas on something else I can do, or how I can get the hell out of Louisville, KY, please....let me know....thanks....

Troisnyx / 25% Off Commissions Sale

2017-06-05 18:45:38 by RealFaction

Send Love to Troisnyx

I know I just made a post, but I today I have my front page post privelages (wish I could post there more than every 2 weeks), and I wanted to use that to ask you to please be there for @Troisnyx .   She is feeling crushed emotionally, doubting her skill in drawing, but I personally LOVE her artwork!  Great art isn't about placing in a contest, but admiring your craft and sharing your gift, your love, your heart with the world!

She feels she hasn't made any real progress, and doesn't want to draw anymore.  She makes beautiful art and is a talented inspirational human being to me, a great friend, so pretty PLEASE send her messages of encouragement and love, because I would hate to see her give up on her art.  She has a lot of love from the audio community and TO the audio community, a lot of love to give. 

She's been working on a beautiful loving project; an NG front page skin depicting some of the familiar faces in the Audio Portal.

Send her some love for her artistic talent, and in general:

Check out her Kingdom Hearts fan art:

25% Off Commissions Summer Sale

I already posted about this, so I'll link you to the last post, but if you want custom music from me, right now is a great time, because from June 2nd - June 16th, my prices are 25% off, so you can save a quarter of the price for a couple of weeks.  I recently released a new song called "Ominous", so if you want quality music like that (I make different genres of music too), check out my last post:


Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch

Also, go audition for the Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch I help organize and setup this year, I sadly couldnt remain the captain of this flagship of a project, so I had to pass the torch.  Had to take care of some things in my life.  Go check it out here, they're all doing a wonderful job running it:

Put out a new song, so before I talk about how I need commissions right now and the discount summer sale i'm holding, go check it out.  It's a commission I made for a client, so if you're interested in getting a commission from me, it's a good time to!  And, this song will give you an idea of the quality of my work, but I can make many genres!

New Song:

Need Commissions (25% Discount Summer Sale!)

So I've never done a sale for my business before, boy do I feel like a dummy, I should do them more often.  My prices for a song commission are down by 25% from June 2nd to June 16th!  Grab it while you can!  :)  If you want a custom song by me, and want more info, go to .



(my job cut my hours again and my supervisors have been terrible to everyone, so people like me are leaving but i'm looking for a new job first)

NEW COMEDY SERIES: Billy Joe & Company

So, sometimes i play 7 Days to Die on a server with friends, it's a lot of fun.  Been doing it for some months now, but we end up having laughs every time, so I figured it would be fun to record our funny convos.  Only there's a twist, my voice acting is involved, playing a character I made up named BIlly Joe, improvising in-character (with some scripted scenes but mostly not) but they are themselves.  Enjoy, I'll be making more episodes.

PS: I shaved my head, I'm bald and loving it. 

A.I.M. Album / Updates

2017-05-22 02:50:59 by RealFaction

Hey there, the Art-Inspired Music Contest album is out now for FREE download, showcasing all the winners, as well as an album I was a part of as a tribute to @SnowTeddy (famously known as dem0lecule) called "m0lecular" to also donate to charity to help a friend out.  It would mean so much if you could donate even $1 to the cause!  If you want to pay by paypal, donate your amount to the album m0lecule when you download it on BandCamp.  If you're okay with credit card, GoFundMe. 

PS:  If you don't want to download the AIM album on bandcamp, here's a playlist to all the winners:

Art-Inspired Music Contest Vol. 4 Album (FREE):

m0lecular Charity Album:

Charity Page:




Updates With Me

So, I decided to put myself first for once and get my priorities straight, take some time to do what's needed, and cut out anything that isn't as important, because I was overwhelming myself with things.  I barely see my friends, I don't game anymore hardly, I haven't even done much with music hardly at all lately.  Something's gotta change.

So, I decided to pass the Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch to @ChronoNomad, he'll do a good job with it.  It's way too much for me to even judge it or compete in it right now.  So, I'm taking a little break.  I'm also going to start doing commissions again, as I have a couple already I need to work on as soon as I'm not sick anymore, as this past week has been rough, and I have been sick and haven't slept well, it's really bad.  Also, pollens been really bad this year so allergies suck. 

Also, I'll be focusing more on Venturescape, my audio play project involving a lot of voice actors.  I've been in production for a while.  My goal is to get more commissions to get more money since I don't have as many hours at work now, I have a few days off a week.  I'll have more time for that, friends, gaming, and commissions.  That's all I'll focus on, and getting my health better.  I'm going to try anxiety meds, kinda nervous.

Basically, I'm used to stressing myself out with waayyy too much, so I'm pulling back to focus on the stuff I really need to, and ocassionally working on my own personal music, which I haven't done in a while.  I'm taking a break from that for a bit until my health gets better from this winding down process, to fix my health issues.  Then, I'll be back to working on more of my own music this year.  Also, taking more time to meditate, and enjoy stuff in general like movies, tv shows, and games as I mentioned, just normal stuff, and with friends.  I need that.

Well that's about it,  gonna be like this for a while.  However, in a month or so, I plan on releasing a teaser trailer for Venturescape with the theme song I made for it.  It's my first Chillstep song.  Been thinking about doing more Chillstep in the future, something I love to listen to, and that I thought I'd take a crack at. 

P.S.: I'll probably record a podcast soon this week about all of this.  Not sure when I'll return to my nerdy topic format, but for now it'll be back to personal topics.  Laters!