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Killswitch Engage Cover/New Website Post

2015-03-02 21:22:22 by RealFaction

I posted some news on my website regarding a Killswitch Engage cover me and RobSoundtrack are doing together.  Also, news on my album releasing online in stores this month!  Also, I updated the contest details on the NIM contest post.  Also, 3 new things coming this week including the second episode of my podcast series featuring a guest, and a NEW song! 

Click here for details:

Click here for the contest post:

New voice demo:

Also, anyone else miss seeing Back From Purgatory on here? I do...

Need custom music?

2015-02-21 14:42:30 by RealFaction

Hey guys, I just improved a couple things on my website (including making it mobile-friendly!), and I need more music commissions!  If you need music for anything like your youtube channel, videos, games, etc., then feel free to check my prices on the site!  If you know anyone, bring them here to hire me:

Really need the business guys, tough times again.  Winter weather causing me to financially struggle again.  It would mean so much if you shared this link around, I appreciate the support from my awesome fans!  That's why I've come as far as I have.  :)

PS: Check out my new podcast series, Factioncast.  I uploaded the first small 5 min. episode here regarding updates on my albums and the contest.  You can also find it on my youtube channel:
Really need more business!

Check out this new song I made for a client, I make LOTS of different genres!


Newgrounds Anniversary Music Contest (N.I.M.)

2015-02-03 15:32:06 by RealFaction

Some of you have been waiting for the announcement of when the next Art Inspired Music contest is.  Firstly, I must thank everyone for the support and love in past contests, you all are amazing.  I have news.  The next annual contest, will start May 3rd, and deadline for submissions will be in mid July.  A video will be posted before then.

However, it is NOT the A.I.M. contest happening this year.  We are going with the Newgrounds 20th Anniversary theme this year, so it shall be officially called: Newgrounds Inspired Music Contest (N.I.M.).  However, you CAN be still inspired by artwork.  The main theme of this contest is going to NG's roots.  Tom always said the layout felt like a game in a sense, game themed.  This contest will be like making a game soundtrack, for our second home, Newgrounds.


Real Faction (me)

These guys are NG veterans, legends!  I'm honored to have them on, I've been watching their stuff for many many years.  There is a F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) section below which explains how the contest works to answer some questions! 


F.A.Q. (and overall answers on how the contest works)

Q: "Since this year, the contest is not focused on inspiration from artwork, what is this year's theme?"

A: The themes are both everything Newgrounds related and game music.  Songs should be inspired by everything Newgrounds (it could be the site's layout, or anything submitted to newgrounds like artwork, animations, songs, or even a newgrounds character, as long as it's under the Mature M rating, anything newgrounds), so it leaves a lot of freedom, but most importantly, it should be also focused on sounding like music from a game as if you were designing game music.

Q: "What is new about this year's contest besides the fact it is not Art Inspired Music (A.I.M.) this year?"

A: We are accepting submissions in categories this year, so if you submit your song(s) to the contest, you would list which category your song would be. You will have categories to enter in:

- Stage (Level) Music: This category is for songs that make you sound like your moving through a level.  You would make up a name for your song like it's a name of a level in a game, such as "Far Off Valley" or "Industrial City". 

- Boss Music: This category is for songs that make you feel like you're fighting a big enemy like a boss in a game, who is trying to kill you!  This one is fun.  You can either make up a song title with your own creative name for a boss, or you can make themes for us, the judges!  You can make up any title really if you want, not every boss theme has their own name in it. 

- Bonus Round Music: This category is for songs that are more wacky and fun, make you feel like you're playing a minigame stage in a game, back when games had those. 

- Game Over Music: This category is for music that could sound either seriously depressing, somewhat wacky, or  could even be something like Sega Rally Racing's famous "Game Over Yeaaahhh!" screen.  As long as it has the feel of a game over song, it's good.  This actually has to be very short, ranging from 10 seconds, to 1 minute. 

- Good/Bad Ending Music: This category is for songs that indicate you have won a game, or beaten the game with a horrible ending. Some games have multiple endings, a good one, and a bad one. If a good ending, it has to make you feel good and accomplished, something joyous.  If a bad ending, it doesn't have to crush your soul with tear jerking music (*cough* Donkey Kong 64) like some game over screens, but it CAN if you want it to! 

- Menu Music: This category is for music that sounds like you're in a menu screen of a game.  This could range from something jazzy, something atmospheric as you're thinking about life, something dark, it could be anything!  Use your gamer knowledge to see what appeals to you!

- Title Music: This category is for music that sounds like you're at the title screen of the game before you press the Start button.  This could be anything.  It's similar to menu music, but a thing on it's own.  Use your gamer judgement!

Q: "Are their similar rules this year such as the content rating staying T (Teen) and below?"

A: Yes, a lot of the rules from the Art Inspired Music Contest are in this contest as they mostly follow NG's rules and our own.  Keep it T rated on your submissions, and you CAN be inspired by anything on the site, but if you want to display what inspired you, it has to be T rated or below.

Q: "How many submissions will win this year?"

A: This year we will be be accepting more winners.  30 to 40 songs this year will end up on the contest album! 
However, only the top 3 will win the top prizes

Q: "How many songs can I submit to the contest?

A: You are allowed to enter 3 songs in this contest.

Q: "Are there any styles of music you will not accept?"

A: Any style of music is fine, but no remixes.
  No copyrighted samples from other songs, don't want you to get in trouble. HOWEVER this year there's a twist!  We ARE allowing covers of old Newgrounds songs this year!  Being the 20th anniversary, people want to remake old popular newgrounds songs. 

If you decide to submit 3 songs, only one of them can be a cover.  Also, vocals are allowed too so if you want to sing or work with a singer, feel free!  Also, no explicit lyrics if you add lyrics.  Side note: This contest would generate more music for Newgrounds games, so your stuff could get more recognition! :)

Q: "Are collabs allowed?  Can I work with someone?"

A: Yep!  As said before, you can work with singers and others!  There's really no limit to how many people you can work with (whether it be producers or singers or whoever), just BE SURE to credit them properly in Newgrounds' "Project System" so you can add them as co-authors to your project.  If you don't know how, just ask around.

Q: "Can I work on a song before the contest starts and submit it to the contest?"

A:  No.  We want it to be like a race, you start when the contest starts,
and there is over 2 months of time to make your song(s).  This way, it's fair to everyone, and their skills.  Good luck.

Also....the judges will be the "bosses", so let that influence your boss themes for us >:D can you win? There will be a "plot" to this "game" as well.

Contest starts May 3rd, and deadline for submissions is July 12th!  In the meantime, I'm releasing my new album in March.  I'll share more details soon!  Until then, get ready for 3 months from now! I'd like to thank Tom Fulp for front-paging the past contests, and the community for making this a great thing to look forward to every year.  Stay tuned, I'll update this page when I figure out the judges! Peace!


Struggling Financially (Help!)

2015-01-12 20:59:36 by RealFaction

I really need help guys, I'm struggling financially even though I'm working two jobs.  If you know anyone who needs a song made for them or if you want to buy one of my albums for $5, that would help a lot. 

All on my website:

To be honest, I'd love to find a job as a radio DJ, I think I have the experience except i'd have to learn a couple things about it.  Any ideas how I can achieve this? I'm thinking of setting up an online radio show, what would you like to hear as far as music goes?  No worries, I have new stuff on the way, and I'm thankful for the support all of you have given me, and my business is growing, but I need more clients to make music for if I'm to survive, so please help me if you can.  I realize this is not going to last forever, it's a dark period, and it will get better, but I need your help to make it better.  Here's a video.



Late Christmas Post

2014-12-25 22:29:39 by RealFaction

Merry Christmas and 2015.  I made a video/song regarding my future updates, but if you can't understand what I'm saying, you can go to my website to see what's in store for you guys from me in 2015!

Original Version:

Instrumental Version:



Need Unity Game Programmer

2014-12-06 01:54:20 by RealFaction

Hey guys, as some of you already know, I'm making a game for Steam release.  My developer team needs a programmer who is skilled in Unity (who has fun with it and isn't a chore for them), and I know a lot of you are great at that :).

Currently, I have a great team of 7 people who are all excited and supportive of this game.

I'm the Lead Writer, Lead Director, Producer, and I do some 3D Character Concepts, I'm designing some sounds for the game, and I'm doing one song or two.

Two Concept Artists.

A Character Modeler.

A Background/Object Modeler.

Another Object Modeler.

My Co-Director who is animating the characters via motion capture and giving great direction, bringing ideas to the game as well.

Also, we might have our main musician.  We are Access Granted (developer team name), and we're making an original Puzzle Sci-Fi FPS game like none other (seriously, no recycled generic ideas like some FPS games), but we're very secretive as you can imagine.

We are looking to make a free demo, and release it (on Steam and Newgrounds) with a funding campaign (maybe IndieGoGo) with stretch goals for extras like Co-Op play. 

We are all passionate, and seek someone passionate at programming.  If you're interested in helping us, message us with examples of your work.  We need someone for a fully fleshed game, but the demo would be to start for a few or so months, then we wait as we hope to get funded. 

Visit our website:

The "One Hit Wonder" Dilemma

2014-12-05 10:15:06 by RealFaction

Fellow friends and fans, I ask for your advice.  I won't be long with this, but as a lot of you know, I've had a problem since...well...2008.  It's both a blessing, and a curse.  Of course, I'm talking about....the Castle Crashers Necromancer Theme that I made back then, known as my song, "Simple Sight".  I apologize for being in a sour mood, but this...has hurt me for years.

For many years, I've improved, and worked harder, and I'm glad people like that song I made that's in the game, but I've told people to check out my other stuff, and some of them say, it's STILL my best song?  Those crappy synthetic guitars?  That bad drum kit?  The horrible mixing?  Really?  I was only 16 when I made that with only 2 years of music producing experience. 

It's great to be a part of game history, but my other music is just...better than that song, and that's how I feel.  But, why can't almost half a million people on youtube see that?  I read a comment on my youtube channel today that made me sad....

" really seems like you just want people to forget about this (necromancer theme) and listen to your other stuff. And I understand why, you made this like 6-8 years ago or something, right? But dude, I gotta say. Out of all the songs of yours that I've listened to, this is still probably my favorite....and I think that's the case for a lot of other people as well...So c'mon dude, show this sum moar luv x)" - Anonymous (omitted)

My reply was basically, that I showed them love by making a REMIX ALBUM some time ago, and apparently, that's not enough.  I'm done dragging this weight, and don't want to be seen as a "one hit wonder" because I KNOW I have more potential than that and HAVE improved.  

For years, it's like I've been living with a fat glutton who just can't get enough of it and always wants more but I just can't seem to please them.  Or, like a woman you love and she uses you for one thing she loves but doesn't love you.  Or being someone's slave, a master that only wants you to give them piggybacks all the time.  Yeah, it hurts.

I don't want to be subjected to that, and make it to where no matter how much music I make, I might as well not, because all the attention goes to that anyway.  It wouldn't upset me so much if it was a better quality song in my recent years that reflects more of my hard work, something better that I'm proud of, you know?

What do I do guys? I've tried everything, but seems my voice is just not going to be heard.   I want some of my other songs to be things I'm known for to show I've done better, to get better opportunities, and now, it's haunted me for years, and still will...

BIG Surprise/Need Programmer

2014-11-27 13:46:32 by RealFaction

Happy Thanksgiving.  I started a game developer team named Access Granted.  We are going to work on our first game as soon as we get a programmer/modder for a demo being a Half Life 2 mod. 

More details at our website:

And here at the original post:

So what's the big surprise?

I made a final version of the Necromancer Theme I originally made that's in Castle Crashers, for my upcoming album The Box Vol. 2: Regeneration releasing sometime next month.  I'm still finishing vocals on some tracks, then they need mastering, and boom, done.  Gonna work on vocals today.  It's a thank you to my fans, but I sometimes wish more people heard more of my music besides this one song.  Enjoy it, it's the last version I'm ever making.  Just wanted to attract more people to my other music.

Here it is on SoundCloud:

PS: I'm delaying posting it on here and YouTube because I want to use that to promote the album when it comes out, so expect it next month, but still didn't want to hold out on you guys, so here it is. 

Half Life 2 Mod Demo Needs People

2014-11-08 15:28:19 by RealFaction

If you are a 3D Modeler, or a 3D Programmer, and are interested in making a game for Steam, this is for you. 


NOTE: This will be updated with more answers to anymore questions I may have, as I've added more to this, and updated some information. 

11/18 UPDATE: We decided for the demo it will be a mod in Source, but the full game will be made using the Unity engine.  We have figured out how to go about it with the mechanic, and now all we need for the demo is a Half-Life 2 modder/programmer. 

I never expected to post on the front page about something like this, but I have a strong feeling about it.  I have an idea for a 3d game to make for Steam/PC, that hasn't been done yet to my knowledge.  I want to be the director and musician of this project. 

Question for 3D Animator/RiggerAre there any good animators out there who can animate transforming fluid in a sense?  It would kind of be like working with water, only thicker.  Basically need someone who can animate objects.

Question for Programmers: Are there any good programmers out there for 3D games here who would be interested who have made Half Life 2 mods before?  We need one.

That's all I can reveal about the project itself unless one contacts me and is under agreement of not using/sharing the idea outside of the conversation.  It won't be a sandbox game, nor will it be open-world, but will have some of those elements, like Everquest: Landmark, but it won't be like that game and not near as advanced or confusing in the programming, because it won't be in the same game genre.  It will be like some games where you have a set range of exploration like when you explore buildings like Portal or Mirror's Edge, or Half-Life.

To whom it may concern, here are some answers to predicted questions some may ask me:

Q: "Why all of a sudden an interest in game development?"

A:  I have been a gamer most of my life, I've been wanting to make a game since I was 16 years old (now 23) and I am an experienced story-writer.  I am not the average consumer whom have been lost in a lot of "easy to please" games like some generic FPS games.  I've always wanted to make a game, but never had an idea for a 3D game until now.

Q: "You're not experienced in this field, why should I bother?"

A: I'm not going in alone, as my co-director/motion capture model, Kel-chan has good experience in game making to help us make this game all it can be. I have had experience in making a couple games with teams in the past, one that came to life, but the programming unfortunately was no good, and one game that never came to life because an artist left that was hard to replace.  This was 2D gaming.  I know some of the elements to game development through study, but I do want to bring someone else on board to co-direct the project who has more experience. 

Q:  "If I'm interested, what's the next step or three?"

A:  You message me, and I write a typed contract to send to you on here, you type your name and that agrees to the terms of a NDA (non-disclosure agreement, means you can't say anything to anyone about some details I tell you regarding the project).  You MUST have past work to show what you're capable of, and if you have enough experience for my criteria, we start work. 

For this demo, it's a Half Life 2 mod, so it wouldn't be a pain-staking "I gotta stay up all night like Game Jams" thing.  We all have lives.  Have fun with this project, I don't want this to be a "chore" for anyone, but a fun experience that can be profitable later on for all of us, and your work could get exposure on Steam.  That could lead to other opportunities!  

First, we would release a demo  of the game of one small level, demonstrating physics, polished graphics, and the idea of the game itself.  We would make a video to go along with it.  It would be a video for a Kickstarter or IndieGoGo campaign depending on which is better.  We wouldn't cheat people like most campaigns do, but I could pull some strings to help it get more exposure.  From there, if we get funded, we continue the game. 

Q: "What engine will you be using?"

Considering it's a mod of Half Life 2 (just for the game's demo only), Source engine.  For the full game, Unity.


Q: "Is there a story?"

A: Oh yeah.  It's in the early stages for now, but I want it to be gameplay driven, plot driven, and character driven, kind've like the Halo and Half-Life franchises.  The gameplay will be the main highlight, but I do want some character depth, which I would write for and pick out voice actors when the time comes for it.

I really feel passionate about this, so if you're up for it, send me a message on here or contact me at via email.  I'm going to be asking some experienced veterans in these fields on how to execute this properly.  Cheers.

Slipknot Tribute/New Album

2014-11-04 23:29:01 by RealFaction

My new album is coming out December 2nd, and below is a new song from the album that doubles as a tribute to Slipknot's sound as they've influenced me a lot since I started making music back in '06, and also deals with the topic of being angry at someone who used to be in my life who lied to me.   Also, check out my music video for the new single about anti-abuse, "Into the Sun".

I also uploaded the song here to NG:

Slipknot tribute song: "Newborn"

Into the Sun single.