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Plans from now to 2014 and beyond + AIM Contest

2013-10-16 15:47:41 by RealFaction

Art Inspired Music Contest 2014

Well it's been a rough patch in my life but getting better, I need to save up a little money before we can execute this, but in early 2014 is when the next AIM contest will be. I may ask for NG store credit instead but unsure. Let's shoot for possibly March if not before, for now.

The next time around both Musicians and Artists will be in teams of two, first the artists will draw something then the musicians will make something inspired by it. There will be a group of new judges, one for musicians, one for artists. If all else fails though it will revert to be like the last contest. What do you think? By the way, this time around, COLLABS WILL BE ALLOWED! :)

New Album

Well I've released new music from my upcoming album in 2014, a sequel to my "exoticland" album I made a couple years/albums ago. I'm returning to the sound and adding new elements as well. It will be trance based mixed in with some techno and 8-bit elements.

Slowing Down (eventually)

I am working on music for a few things for other people but I think when all that's done I may not do game soundtracks or make music for payment anymore. It's been kind've draining and I feel I want to go in another direction. I may do a game soundtrack every once in a while but I decided after my album in 2014 I'm going to take a break making music for a while.

2014/New Look/Live Shows

In the meantime, I'll be saving up for a laptop, a custom paintball helmet, gloves, and equipment for live shows because I want to eventually play live shows next year, and that will be what I focus on.

The Dish Out (Youtube Show) Season 3

Me and the guys are bringing The Dish Out back but in a deluded form. We're simplifying our focus to just music and cosplay until we grow. So this Friday, I'm filming my friends' band's live show and interviewing them for the show on youtube. I'll update you guys more on that in the future.

Welp not much else is new, my asthma is getting better at least :) check out my new tracks! On a final note, almost 900 followers? Thanks guys :)

Keep the Rhythm! (instrumental):



To Castle Crasher Fans / Writer's Block Over!

2013-09-30 19:08:05 by RealFaction

My writer's block is over and I'm getting business also so life is good! However, I could use more business, so if you know anyone who would like to hire me to make them a song for a game, animation, youtube theme song, just to listen to, or whatever, then send them my way! :)

Check out the new song I did, it's a rock cover (sorta) of Back-From-Purgatory's "Rain"

Castle Crasher Necromancer Theme Fans

There are a lot of fans of the Necromancer Theme song (I made the song) that haven't bothered to listen to what I have to say on my channel in the video and comments, they've asked me to do a lot and I've done all these requests hoping I could please them and asking them to check out my other stuff....but nope, they haven't.

So, I decided to make a video hoping I don't make them feel attacked, just saying, "I've done everything you asked, but I'm not doing anything else until you actually act like a fan and check out my other stuff".

Some people will say I'm an asshole, but it's really not asking much at all, it's a decent request since I've worked hard for the fans but I want to do what I want to with my music, I'm sure if they checked out my other stuff they would like it, right? If they're really my fans, they'll be loyal enough to check out at least a few of my other songs.

Some may ask, "Why do you bitch so much about this?" Well, I was the underdog of the Castle Crashers musicians. Everyone else was already well known, and the people are really not looking at my other music. So you can imagine my frustration when someone asks me to make a 10 hour version of the song. No, I didn't do it, that's one of the few requests I actually didn't do because, it's ridiculous.

Writer's Block?

2013-09-26 16:49:09 by RealFaction

I will not lie, lately i've had "writer's block" with my music and I've felt discouraged because sometimes i just feel some of the music i end up putting out is failure sometimes due to bad mixing i cant improve on. I've tried. I've been frustrated with myself on failure of improvement ever since the NGADM, that was a disaster (mixing issues). I haven't really felt inspired except this one song i've been working on, been having trouble with client work but trying.

I don't know if i can write another comedy song, I can't come up with material. I've promised my youtube subscribers a comedy song since they requested it but gah, wheres the inspiration? When I put forth hard work and effort, unless I'm paid for it, it doesn't do me much good. Lately there have been too many failures, so I've been scared to put my heart in something again. I don't feel good enough. But I'm really trying. I do feel passionate about it and love what I do but lately I've felt so blank and discouraged. Not sure where to go from here.


The Madness of Newgrounds Forums (Revised)

2013-09-22 07:10:19 by RealFaction

I love Madness Day, and I love Madness, and Krinkels is my buddy, but I will not participate this year, for I've had lack of confidence in my music writing skills lately, and shall only write when I feel inspired and have the passion to, not to compete, as I know I am not good enough to as proven (even though i was shocked I got into the NGADM).

Originally this post was more or less a result of my rage against the people in the forums who make newgrounds a less enjoyable place, but then I saw some supportive comments that restored my faith in this community. I want to thank you all. So I rewrote this post to make this more helpful without appearing angry.

Basically, the reason people like me hate posting in the forums, is because of the people in the forums "shitposting" and trolling and acting like you gave them a death threat or something when you didn't, just to be funny? I don't see why people have to make a community less enjoyable to make you want to stay away from forums.

Sure some say "wah wah whine some more" but theres a difference between whining, and making a post to say, "Hey, why can't we be a better community?" or, "Why do people want to make newgrounds a less enjoyable place to talk to people we can barely talk to?"

EDIT: Well....I've seen a lot of supportive comments that have restored my faith in the people in this community. Perhaps I should just not be in the forums, but still take part in this community. I revised this post to be more constructive than destructive. Also was recently offered a voice acting role so we'll see how that goes. I would like to apologize as I could've made these points in a better way but that's what happens when you push someone I guess. I still believe in what i said about the forums being better but I don't care to meddle around in there anymore. Anyways, thanks guys.

New Album/New EP/News

2013-09-07 20:22:35 by RealFaction

New Album

So my new album is finally out, and you can download the 15 track album for only $5! Would mean a lot, I REALLY want to get this out there so spread the word! Click the link below!

O-Tone did an AMAZING job with the artwork you can find here:

Clocks EP

Also JUST released a pop EP (Clocks EP) with Zoozbuh. Check it out here buy it if you want:


Well, I guess I've been a little down lately. I WAS invited to an album called Harmony of Heroes...but to my uttermost disappointment, was not good enough to compose for it...I guess. It's always mixing which is my problem, I guess it's made me a bit upset since I've tried my hardest and it's not good enough on some cases such as why I lost in Round 1 of NGADM even though I worked hard. I was really looking forward to it but I guess I'll still be looking forward to hearing the songs on there.

I was also working on a comic in the works but...well I guess that's been put on hold for a while. Things have been slow and not as well as I'd like them to be, such as recovering from my asthma and lots of pollen flying everywhere. Could be worse, but could be a lot better too :/. Anyways, enough of my bitching.

PS: My sweet new logo was made by Animattronic, woo!

New Album/New EP/News


2013-08-26 05:21:38 by RealFaction

So my new album is finally out, and got a website in the works thanks to a friend, plus a new logo on the way! Download the 15 track album for only $5! Would mean a lot, I REALLY want to get this out there so spread the word! Click the link below!

O-Tone did an AMAZING job with the artwork you can find here:

Psst, if you like my facebook and leave a comment there if you buy the album, you'll get a FREE track from my NEXT album Volume 2 not expected until early 2014!


Want custom music? Also NEW ALBUM soon!

2013-08-18 11:49:40 by RealFaction

I'm your guy. I'm offering my musician services for your games, videos, or music just to listen to! My only restriction is I don't do music for explicit adult content (pornography). I do a LOT of genres so shoot me a message and we'll talk prices, I really could use the support and business right now.

Also, updates on my new album coming in ONE WEEK!, new music, etc, it's another Faction Report below! Click the link! :D

Here's the new single, "Dark City" featuring my friend Zach Holsclaw on the screams and my singing.

Here's the album trailer:

Aaand I recently interviewed Back From Purgatory, check it out!

NGADM/Faction Report Updates

2013-08-02 23:34:44 by RealFaction

NGADM Submission

So almost 2 weeks ago I made it into the Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch, I was SHOCKED! I'll be even more shocked if I make it to Round 2, but here is my Round 1 submission below! The Cry of Eden!


It was really hard to make but I managed, I honestly think it's the best song I've ever made, partially because of how much time and effort I put into it compared to my past work, and I'm really happy with how it came out! :) A lot of inspiration came from Dream Theater (one of my favorite bands) and Back-From-Purgatory (one of my favorite newgrounds artists).

Faction Report

As usual, every two weeks, here is my latest news on music I've been working on, new videos, and oh, I made a couple tutorial videos on how to make the Necromancer Theme from Castle Crashers. A lot of people forget I'm the one who made that song. I want to move people away from that and bring them into my new music because quite frankly, I'm tired of living in the past but people just don't seem to care...oh well. Here's all the updates in an organized fashion.

Subscribe to my channel if you want more!

The Faction Report (7/18/2013)

2013-07-18 22:50:46 by RealFaction

So I started doing this thing called "The Faction Report" because I now have 2,000 subscribers on youtube and need to dedicate more time to editing for my fans, and figured this is a more effective way to update and interact with them.

Art-Inspired Music Contest Playlist

I'm uploading the songs from the A.I.M. contest that landed on the contest album, uploading them DAILY so check this playlist on a daily basis for new songs: doLaiLNIv3UwdgeU6Acrdsa

PS: I can't believe I'm in the 1st Round of the NGADM X___X such an honor! Good luck everyone :D

I Have a Secret...

2013-07-12 21:22:02 by RealFaction

You can save up to 15% on car insurance by switching to....what? Anyways! Recently I organized the A.I.M. (Art-Inspired Music) contest which had a HUGE amount of support by a LOT of people, it's great! It was a lot of fun. Here are the results to that contest, as well as a video. Thanks to Luwano for the awesome artwork!

A.I.M. Contest Results:


Let me tell ya, was a LOT of hard work but well worth it! Thank you Tom Fulp for frontpaging this event and supporting it, I want to do it again later this year, not sure when but stay tuned!

Help me get more music business?

I'll make music for you for cheap whether it's for a game, for listening to, whatever! Just shoot me a message and we'll negotiate prices, I need the money and I love making music for people.


Shout out to my pal Evil-Dog for giving me some insanely sick drumkit samples to use for my future music, you rock broseph! Also shoutout to Back-From-Purgatory for putting up with my nonsense and overall being supportive with this contest and hard working. Same could be said with HalcyonicFalconX who also judged the competition and worked hard and pulled through in the crisis during the competition, you work hard girl!

Other than that, working on my new album to be released next month, and made a remix of Dr. Mario that I uploaded so stay tuned! Love you guys.

- Real Faction