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Need Voice Actors for Series

2017-04-10 18:54:54 by RealFaction

Time for the next casting call for my audio drama series, Venturescape Season 1!  I've casted many talented folks here from newgrounds, as well as from Funimation, voice actors in Freedom Planet, and I may be getting another well-known voice actress here soon!

The series is currently in production, but if I get these parts filled soon enough, I want to provide a teaser trailer in the near future.  My goal is to release the series later this year.  So what parts do I need?  Let's see!

Venturescape Episodes 3-9 Casting

Female Main Roles Needed

Noel Rae: 16 years of age, should sound shy, but sweet.  Is from Orlando, Florida in the story, she will have an American accent.  She loves to write stories, and has goes through a lot of trauma, hence why she is shy and scared.  She's one of the main characters and appears throughout the series,

Female Side Roles Needed

Female News Reporter: Sounds professional like a female news anchor would.  Should sound anywhere from mid 20's to older in range, I'm open with this.

Ashley (Role Taken): A 17-year old highschool student/bully that picks on Noel eventually.  It's not entirely obvious at first, Noel thinks she's trying to be a friend so it's kind of hidden at first, but shows a little.  She has a rude, stuck-up demenor, spoiled brat type who thinks she owns the place and thinks she's better than everyone.  I'm open for interpretation, but good material to study is Regina George from that Mean Girls movie in terms of attitude. 

Krista Jean: 30-years old, spunky, a tomboy, got some edge to her personality.  She's a little wacky and a thrill-seeker, she's the type that would love to go skydiving.  As far as her voice, I want her to sound distinct, something maybe with a little rasp or gravel in her voice like she smoked a lot.  I'm open for interpretation of this role though.  She almost is a main character with how many lines she has in the series.  (Think of Revy from Black Lagoon type of voice if possible)


Male Main Roles Needed

Jacob Leach:  22 years old, Rose's older brother.  They moved to America from Brighton, England, so he has an English accent.  I'm open for interpretation with this role.  I may do the role, but I'd like to see if I can find someone good for him.  He's one of the main characters of the series. 

Male Side Roles Needed (one could be played by a female though)

Police Officer:  A male that sounds like he's at least in his 30's, I'm open for interpretation with this role. 

Ryan:  A male in his mid 30's (sound-wise) who is caring and responsible.  Think of how your highschool teacher would act like.  He helps one of the main characters in a major way. 

Daniel:  A little 8-year old boy (who could be played by a male or female) who feels insecure about himself, and doesn't like people too much, until Rose warms up to him.

Playground Bully (name isn't said): The boy who picks on Daniel from time to time, around 10-years old.  I might play this role if I can't find anyone for him.   

PA System Voice/Roots Research Lab Employee: During a big event (no spoilers here), a voice over the PA system announces stuff.  No specific voice required here, I'm open for any interpretation, so long as it sounds good.  It involves minor shouting (not like at the top of your lungs shouting, but more like raised volume in voice).


If anyone currently on the team would like to try out for these roles or spread the word to anyone you know who you think would do the roles justice, feel free to link them here!  Thanks!  @Atheatricalsongbird @Ceevro @Saminat @Markafoi @SailorSilverStar

From Sourpuss to Sweeeet Music

2017-04-01 03:54:49 by RealFaction

I want to make a positive fun post telling you guys what I'm pumping out here soon, though I stand by my points in the last post, I hope I didn't come off as mean or hateful, just have to put my foot down on certain issues.

So, what have I been up to?

Health Update

This will give you an idea of how things will roll along with everything, because it all depends how much better I get.  Well, I've been on a stronger acid reflux medication, but also it's caused by Anxiety Disorder, which I've been fighting for 6 years.  I've been meditating more, taking some herbs (no, not marijeeewahna, stuff like rosemary on my food), just stressing less about my health.

With that said, unfortunately I'm STILL having some burning pain since it's still acting up, but it's slowly getting better.  I haven't been sleeping too well because of it though, but I'm managing.  Still better than I was.  I've been working on stuff so at last I'm good enough to do that again.

Music on the Way

I released a new song called "Breathe" as you can see in my latest audio submissions.  I also recorded myself singing it, check it.


I'm also working on more Kid Project beats and lyrics, that's been sorta underwraps.  I DO have the album cover though which I painted myself in Sai.  Still some while to go, but this year I want to release the first record, later in the year.

So what's next?  Well, VERY SOON, like we're talking THIS MONTH POSSIBLY SOON (yey), Piercing Lazer is coming out with a NEW track, that isn't traditional Piercing Lazer, but will give you a taste of the album coming next year, as I've also for a while been in the works on a new Piercing Lazer record.  That will be the next song you'll see from me, possibly. 

There's other stuff, but gotta wait a bit longer before I can really talk about that "stuff".  But it's big :x

The Future of my "Talking Real" Podcast Series

I'm sort of at an impass as to where to take my podcast series.  I haven't had much to talk about.  I was considering following up to my last episode, because people replied to a comment I made on a Zelda BOTW walkthrough video, amazing theories that make sense that I wanted to share, plus a friend of mine being a guest on the show who's a HUGE Zelda fan and knows a LOT on the lore to give what I'd call "professional insight".

Besides that, I might talk about my theory as to what Halo 6 will be about, and if 343 will botch it as bad as they did with Halo 4 and 5.  Other than that, I'm not sure where to take my series, but I'd certainly love to have guests on in the future for season 3, talking about a topic of their choosing, shootin' the shit, ya know.

Finally, the Rock Has....oh, uh, I mean....Finally, Venturescape!

I'm near close to getting enough content to release a teaser trailer of Venturescape, my upcoming audio drama which I've been writing for 7 years (originally as a book, more revision than length, but still a good length).  My goal is to introduce the first 4 episodes every week for a month, and if people want more, I'm going to set up an IndieGoGo page for it, or whatever is best for funding, to help it along. 

The artwork for it is nearly complete, which is being done by the wonderfully talented @Lampabot, check out his awesome work!  He works hard, and has a Patreon, you should go support him! 

I have voice actors from Freedom Planet and Funimation involved in the project, whom I'm a big fan of, so it's really exciting to have them on board!  But yeah, teaser trailer SHOULD be out within a month or so, we'll see how smoothly things go.  Good things take time, and I've been polishing this baby with original music from me and others, sound effects, and directing these amazing voice actors who do the roles great justice.

This is the closest thing to my heart besides music, and I'm really attached to writing and these characters, and this story.  I really hope it does well.  I'll also be voicing a few small roles.

Well, that's all for now (says the one who typed a lot of friggin' stuff on this post).  See you all soon!  Let me know what you think about my ideas for my podcast series, or if you have any suggestions!

About these Autism Jokes

2017-03-29 19:33:04 by RealFaction

Updated note:  It's not my intention to hurt anyone with this, but a disclaimer to the modern "norm", and the damage it can cause to others, and potentially causing you to lose friends.  I'm glad this is well-recieved so far, but I prepared for the worst.  It's just something to take in consideration, I want to spread love to the world, sorry if this comes off as harsh, just has to be said.  I love you guys.

Even though I posted something yesterday on my medical condition, I'm using my front page post today.  Why?  Because I'm really getting sick of these Autism jokes.  It's not funny, and I happen to have Autism.  Lately, I've been seeing people online do that "autistic screeching" bullshit.  Yeah, it's a bit offensive, and no, I'm not going to get over it.  It makes me sad.  We never asked to live with this mental handicap, we never asked to be undermined.  It's the same as being racist, in the sense you're doing what you're doing.

Before you think I'm out of line here, hear me out, and think about what you've done.  This is a perspective of the people you're insulting.  Surprise, I ACTUALLY have Autism.

Am I insecure about having Asbergers Syndrome, a form of Autism?  A bit.  It's not something I enjoy living with, but it makes me wonder if it's because of that which I'm able to be creative the way I am.  Part of me resents it, part of me doesn't, because technically it does make me who I am today, but it's a constant struggle.  It's a pain in the ass.  So for the future, do what you want, but just know you're disrespecting people like me when you insult us like that. 

I see people say on YouTube all the time in comments, "stop being so autistic".  I'm sorry, but fuck that.  That's not okay, and it's people like JonTron and LeafyIsHere who teach people that it's okay to be an asshole, as long as some people think it's funny, and that "butthurt" people should "get over it".  They use their fame for hate, and justify it by saying "free speech is a right".  It is a thing, but so is bullying people.  I'm waking you all up.

Want to see your good friends leave?  Keep it up. I'm sure people will try to attack me after making this post saying i'm "wrong" or trolls coming out to get me.  I'm aware of what I'm inviting.  Also, "triggered" is distasteful and childish.  Grow up.  I'm sick of these fads, these fucked up trends in current society, if you can call it that anymore.   We aren't any less human or capable than ANY of you.

Sorry to be a bummer, but fuck all of this.  I'm going to use this front page post to send a good message for once and say, think about what you say, before you say it, because once you lose the people you have, all because you thought something insulting was funny, it'll be too late. 

People like me who deal with Autism having to put up with this shit like a doormat is unacceptable.  We shouldn't control what people say, no, but I'm sick of people carelessly talking about a serious mental issue like it's some shit to joke about.  THAT'S the point.  I'm making a stand, and I'm going to be one of the rolemodels who puts a foot down on this issue, it's sad that it's even an issue at all.  So, I've said my peace, call me "triggered", call me "Autistic", do what you want, just be aware of what you're doing.  I'm not coddling, I'm being a voice for people like me.

Just something to think about.  I'm not staying quiet anymore.  If putting myself in the line of fire for insults and trolls is what it takes to stop all this by taking a stand, so be it, if it makes you feel better about your life by putting someone down.  Believe it or not, this is so widespread, it's ruining our reputation, making it hard for us to find jobs 90% of the time, and people wanting NOTHING to do with us when they find out we have Autism.  Please stop spreading this misinformation to ruin our reputation. 

Update on Medical Condition

2017-03-28 03:04:32 by RealFaction

UPDATE: I just released a new song I started on months ago, but didn't come back to until now.  Check it out:  I'm going to write and record lyrics to it hopefully this week.  It'll be a gentle song to sing for my lungs.  It's dedicated to a friend who painted me a mini-canvas that says "Breathe", so that's the name of the song, something I need to learn how to do, to improve my condition, to relax.

I was going to go to the hospital earlier, but I went to the doctor in the afternoon after my specialist talked with him.  For now, we're trying a very strong acid reflux medicine after 4 medicines did not help me.  Yes, you heard me, 4.  Apparently I have bad acid reflux, not sure of the cause.  I'm getting my gallbladder checked next week at the hospital via ultrasound.

For now, that's all I have to update you all with.  I have been losing sleep, I can't go to work unless this medicine works, and even with insurance, it's over $100....shit.  It's killing my parents, this is getting out of control.  So for now, I've been at home.  Hopefully, tonight I'll get some good sleep, then I can see how the meds do tomorrow, hoping nothing goes wrong this time. 

In the meantime, I'm still judging/reviewing the Art-Inspired Music Contest submissions, and we've gotten some amazing entries so far.  You should go check them out here:

I've also been talking to friends to keep me calm, and my girlfriend, who I've decided to go public about.  Her name is Alyx, she is awesome.  Been together almost 3 weeks now. 

So...Anime.  Let's Talk About It.

I've also been a shut-in watching anime, so I reccomend watching that dragon maid anime, look it up, I forget the long ass name it is.  It's kinda adorable to watch, and though it's kinda simplistic and more slice-of-life than supernatural though it mixes the two, it's not bad. 

Also, Highschool of the Dead.

Yeah yeah I know what you're thinking "ooh titties!  It's an ecchi anime so it's gotta suck!".  Listen, I was shocked at how good this series actually is, and like Ghost Stories, actually rewrote some lines for the american adaptation, throwing in some funny jokes about Sarah Palin (just one, don't worry), and other stuff.  It even references Shaun of the Dead as an easter egg.  I won't spoil that, but it's pretty fricken cool, and funny, when you see the reference.

If you're a fan of zombie movies, anime, love good writing, and great voice acting, watch the english dub of Highschool of the Dead.  It's loaded with fan service, but whether you like that or not, the writing, action, acting, animation, all of it as a whole, I'm in love with this series, it's really good.  The character development is the best part, which is something I appreciate a lot when I watch something or when I write.

I was shocked at the depth of the characters, how realistic this gets compared to most anime, and how great the acting is, it gets really sad and emotional, but it's deep stuff man.  It's been a while since I've enjoyed an anime series this much as far as checking something new out (in the sense I haven't seen it yet).  It's a realistic approach (minus the boob physics and laws of gravity in general) to how a zombie apocolypse would be handled between friends, but it's more than just that.  Go watch it.

So yeah, Anime Corner is done now, I'm going to go to bed, and see how things go tomorrow.  RF, out.

My Health is Getting Worse

2017-03-24 21:43:10 by RealFaction

UPDATE:  Well, because the system has failed me, and no specialist will see me soon enough, and because my condition has gotten so bad I could barely sleep last night and not work today, I'm going to a hospital.  As you remember, I went to one in November, but they just gave me a temporary fix and sent me on my merry way.  I'm going to make SURE they don't do that again, I want to be CURED.  I'll make them keep me overnight and give me an endoscopy whatever it takes.  I'll try and bring my laptop.

My health condition is getting worse, acid reflux burning my stomach badly even though i've been eating the same and nothing to upset my stomach and i've done what my doc told me to do.  My friend thinks it's my gallbladder or a hiatal hernia...not sure.  But im losing sleep over it and i feel sick some of the time, it's hard to eat and sleep.  And specialists are telling me i have to wait until may or june...I don't have that long. 

I'm calling every day to see if i can move the appointment up.  But sadly this means no music for a while more (even though I made a metal track but I can't release it quite yet, but next month it might get released, it's for something special I can't announce yet), no podcast episodes (I gag frequently off and on from it and can't talk very well), etc.  BUT, I can still do the AIM contest, maybe not replying as frequently, but I can still do it.  But that's all I can do for now. 

For 6 years I've had doctors give me dead ends, no real answers as to why I am this way.  Acid Reflux to the extreme since November, breathing issues that isn't asthma, chest tightness, Anxiety Disorder, Depression (now cured), food sensitivity (i literally can't eat anything outside of 10 or less foods because my tongue flares up and my stomach because of whatever this is), I can't eat a lot of carbs or sugars or my body will freak out (but not Diabetic, i got tested), and I know it's triggered worse by gluten, that's the worst, my guess it's gluten-related but I cut that out of my diet 6 years ago.

Before 6 years ago, I did not have all these issues and I know they're all linked to whatever this is, and it's getting worse.  :( I'm scared, I don't want to go to another hospital.  If anyone can tell me what this is, instead of me wasting more money for 6 MORE years getting no clear answers from anyone, please let me know.....I feel sick.  It's nothing I ate, I've been eating the same unfortunately....I just want to be cured already, it's ruining my life.  I want to keep my job and live a normal life....

I can't tell you how much it's hurting me physically and emotionally, because of how stressful and upsetting this is, I've been fighting this bullshit for too long, too young to have these problems.  Anyway.....stay tuned for a song next month and updates in the soon future...I hope.  No podcast for a while.  Sorry guys.

Art-Inspired Music Contest 2017!

2017-03-19 04:53:45 by RealFaction

Well, it's finally happening guys.  A.I.M. Contest 2017.  I hate to say I don't have an artist currently for this year's poster or prizes yet, but I want to get one.  Any volunteers?  I need more prizes.  Part of this was because I was organizing NGADM, so prizes so far area little on the slim side, but I want there to be more soon if anyone is kind enough to donate, hopefully!

PS:  New podcast episode, check it out here:

Good luck, here's a half-assed announcement video and the contest thread link if you want to enter:

Also, 9 years ago I made the Necromancer theme, and I have a message to all the ones who say "you're a one-hit wonder, your 15 minutes of fame are up" on YouTube.



Need Commissions, Help My Friends, A.I.M. Contest

2017-03-10 23:12:54 by RealFaction

Need Commissions

I need commissions because my job is cutting everyone's hours back due to a dumb decision by corporate, not caring about how we need the hours to make enough money pay our bills, so if you wanna commission me, check out and go to the Commission page, I updated the site in a couple places.

New email to contact me is for commissions, fan mail, fan art, etc.

Art-Inspired Music Contest

The contest is happening soon, March 19th, a week from Sunday!  That's when it starts, so don't start making any music until then.  I'll update the official post (linked at the front page date) with the forum topic on that day.  The official judges are me, @Bosa, @Hikari, and @EDM364.  I'm excited!  For more info, click the link (highlighted text) at the front pages date which will take you to the post. 

Help a Friend or Two?

@Kiwi-KittyMagic and @Phyrnna are struggling financially right now, help them?  Kiwi needs a new laptop to start drawing again and she's going to be drawing one of my new album covers.  Phyrnna's mom has been in the hospital (and I believe got out ok if I'm not mistaken) but the hospital bills are really whaling on them, and need help.

Donate to Kiwi:

Donate to Phyrrna:

Alien: Covenant (New Talking Real Episode)

In my latest episode of my podcast series Talking Real, I discuss my thoughts and theories on the newest trailer of the next movie in the Alien franchise.  Check it:






Hey guys, I'm looking for programmers for NG: Zero Hour (if you remember it), and music producers for my rap project, Kid Project.  The record would be free, no money would be made, but would be cool to collab, I rap, but not a lot of people know that.   If you're interested in either, comment below, or contact me!

Game Trailer:

Game Demo:

Also, check out my latest podcast talking about me having to poop in a hat (medical condition updates) and 7 Days to Die, and check out my Old Man Joker voice acting clip, for all ye Batman fans.  That's all for now, Venturescape Episode 1 is in production!  Yay!

Old Man Joker:

New podcast episode:

A.I.M., NGADM, Resident Evil 7 (Talking Real)

2017-02-11 06:00:30 by RealFaction

Art-Inspired Music Contest 2017 (A.I.M.)

Contest Forum Thread:

What is it?:  It's a contest for musicians to help improve their skills with solid advice from experienced musicians as well as to have fun with this creative endeavor, searching for artwork in the Art Portal, whatever inspires you for an awesome song!  You then link to the artwork and your song, but take your time!  This contest goes on for almost 2 months, so you have plenty of time! 

Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch 2017

Countdown Clock:

Same goes for the Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch Auditions thread!  Auditions for NGADM starts May 28th, so you can submit a new or old song you made starting then on the thread until June 25th whenever it gets posted, which will be here.  Last year there was no NGADM, but this year, we have restarted this epic tournament, be prepared!

What is it?: NG's most challenging audio competition to test the might of the musicians!  A tournament that tests the musicians that make it past the audition round to battle against each other to the finish!  This is indeed NG's hardest competition in the music department, alongside A.I.M. of course.

Talking Real: Resident Evil 7

Told you guys I would be talking about Resident Evil 7 in my next podcast episode, well, here it is!  I give my thoughts on my impression of the game and theories on what may be next for the RE series. Enjoy:

Frieza's Wish (I'm Babadi)

Go check out the first part of @MysticSkillz DBZ fan animation, I voice Babadi! :D

Looking For Game Programmer for NG: Zero Hour

Title speaks all.  I'm looking for a programmer to finish this awesome game that we started.  We have a lot of sprites already, but I want to establish a programmer first before I start looking for artists again (maybe calling some old ones back) who will help finish this game.  Check out the demo, and if you think you have the skills, show me your games, post a comment! (Note: Game works best on Google Chrome, doesn't play on some browsers)


NGADM/AIM Schedules (Need Feedback) + Podcast

2017-02-05 14:24:38 by RealFaction

Hey there!  Before I get into the A.I.M. (Art-Inspired Music) Contest, and NGADM (Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch) updates regarding if you guys are okay with the proposed schedules for this year, go check out my new podcast episode of Talking Real, taking a NEW turn this time, talking about the Geometry Dash situation, and in future episodes, about other things besides my own life like Nintendo and nerd culture.

Check it Out Here (I'm now posting these to YouTube as well for the first time):

NGADM/AIM Contest Schedules/Need Help

I've been organizing both contests this year, and it's a BIG responsibility (especially since I'm working a lot with my new job), so I need a Co-Director (basically a second leader when I'm gone at work) for the NGADM.  If you know someone responsible, experienced, organized, and can take on the role of second leader, write in the comments who you think would do well. 

@TaintedLogic has a proposed schedule for the NGADM as we've been talking about it (here:, IF YOU COMPETE THIS YEAR, let us know if this schedule works for you, we're trying to make most contestants happy with it, so give us feedback? :)

TaintedLogic: (all dates are mm/dd/yy)
("J" denotes judging phase)

Auditions: 5/28/17 - 6/25/17

Auditions (J): 6/26/17 - 7/2/17
(We might even want to let judges start judging earlier than the 26th if there are enough submissions. We'll have to plan ahead of time for this by mandating that no one can change their audition piece after a certain date.)

Round 1: 7/3/17 - 7/16/17

Round 1 (J): 7/17/17 - 7/23/17

Round 2: 7/24/17 - 8/6/17

Round 2 (J): 8/7/17 - 8/11/17

Round 3: 8/12/17 - 8/25/17

Round 3 (J): 8/26/17 - 8/29/17

Round 4: 8/30/17 - 9/12/17

Round 4 (J): 9/13/17 - 9/15/17

Round 5: 9/16/17 - 9/29/17

Round 5 (J): 9/30/17 - 10/2/17

Art-Inspired Music Contest Schedule (still need judges and working on prizes, going to start a thread on that in a week)

March 19th - May 7th (both are Sundays)

Do these schedules work?  That way, AIM could still be almost 2 months.  If we can finalize the schedule for NGADM soon, AIM can be organized soon, as I want it in March (that is pretty soon, but gives enough time for hype and preperation). Let us know!  And, let us know who'd make a good second leader.

Health Condition + Music + Personal Life

Well....apparently we figured out what's been wrong with me for 6 years, FINALLY.  I had it as a kid, called Leaky Gut Syndrome (what a mature scientific name...yes it's real).  It has been draining me and having multiple symptoms of malnourishment all these years, I'm going to a specialist Friday to get meds for this, hoping my life can be what it was when I could run freely, do lots of things freely, and not get easily tired.

This is why I've been taking a break from music, and my current job has me working 8 1/2 hour shifts 5 days a week...holy moly.  Rarely any of my friends hear from me because even on my off days I just want to relax, not much energy.  Hopefully meds can clear this all up.  I plan on eventually working on Kid Project, Piercing Lazer, and other stuff more.

In the meantime, I'm going to do my podcast series Talking Real weekly, expanding to topics I'm a fan of other than just myself, and making the episodes longer.  :)  Well that's about it, let me know what you guys think about the stuff I mentioned earlier, next podcast will be after Friday to give updates from the specialist, hopefully, and some Resident Evil 7 thoughts and theories since I've followed every game since the beginning.  Later guys, off to work for me.