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New Single/Music Video September 21st

2016-09-16 14:47:28 by RealFaction

Teaser Trailer:

Who's ready for the music video for my upcoming single, "Obliterate" from my new album?  It's coming next Wednesday.  You get to see it earlier if you pledge $5 to my Patreon:

To quote one of my misguided family members....I'M "not educated enough" on politics because I'm not voting? I "don't know enough"? I'm more than capable of seeing past the lies your "heroes" spit out every time they open their mouth, running for President, or the "throne" as they see it. I'm not a hypocrite, I don't vote for people I'm not for. This country is going to get "Obliterated", and my next single is a fight against the corruption. Who will join the fight on September 21st? Get ready, it's coming.

PS: Follow my instagram yo!  You'll get previews and advice and stuff:


Check out this behind the scenes video I made of the music video my brother and I have been working on for my next upcoming isngle, "Obliterate" from my next album releasing September 21st:

Looking for free music for your mystery/sci-fi/horror games?  I recently released a FREE soundtrack I made in 2013-2014 for a game that has been recently cancelled.  @VOEC made a couple of the tunes with me and told me what she wanted, it's ambient and experimental, sets a good atmosphere I think.  I think it would be good for games, just be sure to give us credit if you end up using any of the songs.  I'll be uploading them to NG in the near future when I get other things out of the way.


I've also been working 6 days a week at my current job, it's awesome.  Good money.  And, I've been working on JKTV XD Episode 1, so stay tuned for that, new show im working on. 

Game Music/Sound FX + Motion Comic Music

2016-08-29 22:44:16 by RealFaction

For the next month i have lots of new content on the way before my new album comes out.  Part of that is the soundtrack I made (from 2013-2014) for a now cancelled game called Fischer.  It looked like it had a lot of potential, shame really.  It was being developed by @VOEC who i'd love to work with again sometime, and worked on the soundtrack with me on a couple tracks, and gave me the ideas of what she wanted for it.  I also designed sound effects for it, you can use them and the music for anything you want as long as credit is given. 

So yeah, I get to upload this old stuff from the vault I couldn't release till now.  It was my first attempt at Ambient music.  I'll probably upload it to NG in a week or two, but It'll overshadow the songs i just released here in the past week, and I have another track on the way, so i'll give a little breathing room before then.  However, you can download it for FREE for the time being here:

Motion Comic Music

I also made the song for the latest video of Fisheye Placebo's motion comic adaptation being made by @WAConline 's team VisualRaid.  Go check it out, and I uploaded the song here too:

Fisheye Placebo:

That's all for now, Friday I'm going to release a new video giving a preview of my latest music video for my upcoming single, "Obliterate".  Stay tuned!


"I am the lone soul, learning to walk, to venture without limits, an empty shell, swallowed inside a thief, carried by the wind in the depths."


Motion Comic Music

2016-08-28 13:39:30 by RealFaction

Made the music for the latest episode of the Fisheye Placebo Motion Manga series, and I'm releasing the song i made for it soon.  You can hear it here in the episode, so check it out:

Thanks to @WAConline for asking me to do this.  If you want to check out the post i just posted 2 days ago regarding my latest news about my album and a free song, here it is:

New Album Track + Behind The Scenes

2016-08-26 09:58:05 by RealFaction

Hey guys!  So I released the intro track from my new album coming September 21st (10th anniversary on Newgrounds and releasing music), inspired by Stranger Things's soundtrack and a song @Seprix made for the AIM Contest, so I hope you enjoy it! 

For only $5 or more a month on my Patreon, I just released another video a week early before public access!  It's a sneak preview of the music video shoot, a behind the scenes look, and I talk about my journey reflecting on the past 10 years of my career!  I mention @TomFulp 's impact on my career and how it flung me forward as well, that was early in my career. 


Expect a 10th Anniversary post every week for the next month up till the album's release!  Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll have the music video done for the single!

Here's the song:




About my new album's release date and a free track from it.....if you want to find out things like that a week early, donate to my Patreon to get early access to my stuff before the public eye sees it!  Your support really helps me.  Over the past 10 years, I've had a lot of amazing support on Newgrounds and other places, you'll see more awesome 10th anniversary videos/posts from me this and next month. 

If you feel like waiting a week for a free track from my new album, wait it out.  But if you're feeling curious...Patreon, my man (or woman)!  I'm going to release a behind the scenes video soon from my music video shoot, but only released publicly a week after i upload it.  Patreon donaters get early access to all my content! 


Here's my Patreon:


Early Access To My Music/Favorite Artists

2016-08-10 02:15:17 by RealFaction

So I thought while you all are waiting for the behind the scenes video of the music video shoot and regarding me talking about my new album, I thought I'd share some of my favorite artists (NG and non-NG) and talk about my Patreon real quick.

Early Access to My Content

For $5 (or more), you'll get early access to content before I ever post it anywhere!  Like music, videos, etc.  I just released an exclusive set of photos from the music video shoot only on Patreon.  I was kinda bummed when my supporters wenyt from $30 to $11 in a matter of days, some were declined payments for some odd reason, others might be fake, not sure.  So I thought I'd step up my game!

My Patreon:

Besides that, I'm trying to get my old job back.  If I don't, to make money I'll be livestreaming games and maybe my music production process. 

Favorite Artists

In celebration of my 10 years of making music (and soon to be 10 years on Newgrounds on this account next month), I'm going to list some of my major influences and favorite artists in general from Newgrounds, and those who aren't on NG. 

Newgrounds Artists

Back in the day, up till now (the past 10 years), artists like @Bad-Man-Incorporated have really inspired me.  I remember way back in the day, listening to a lot of metal in the Audio Portal, as well as @MetalJonus, @ParagonX9, @Helix6, @F-777, @kr1z , @b0unc3, @Father-Of-Death, @Back-From-Purgatory, @Fierra (Formerly known as DJ Brixx), @Phyrnna, @MaestroRage, @Ockeroid, @RobSoundtrack, @Hikari, @Animattronic, @Xenogenocide, @Bafana, @ForgottenDawn, mainly these awesome talented artists have inspired my music throughout the ages, and I thank them all for that.  Theey are some of my favorite musicians here.

In general though, some of my other favorite artists that I love (besides the ones i already listed above which definitely add to this list) to support and follow are @Sabtastic, @Piper, @SeafoamPanda, @MindChamber, @JohnnyUtah, @TomFulp, @Oney, @DeathInk, @SamGreen, @Kel-chan, @MrSmash64, @Nikki-Chi, @Flashgitz, @ClockCrew, @StrawberryClock, @coolboyman, @BlackSen, and @Egoraptor back when he was active on here.  That's just some of them, but that's all I can think of for now. 

Non-Newgrounds Artists

This list in it's entirety would be huge...buuut, I'm going to cut to my main influences for Real Faction and Piercing Lazer.

For Piercing Lazer, my influences ever since 2007 have always been 30 Seconds to Mars (first two albums), Mindless Self Indulgence, Celldweller, Rush, and Slipknot.  But there's many more now, like Deftones, Linkin Park (old stuff), P.O.D., The Birthday Massacre, Korn, Katatonia, Breaking Benjamin, etc.

For Real Faction...I do a lot of experimental stuff, LOTS of different genres,'s pretty broad, I love many styles of music.  But, I'll try to keep the list short and not tell all of my influences.  Celldweller is a big one, inspired me to start.  Really, all the influences above for my metal and rock stuff, but for my other styles....The Prodigy is a big one, one of my early influences, shows in my new album too, Parliament, George Clinton's stuff in general, Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Knife Party, Pendulum, video game music like from Bomberman 64 and Bomberman Hero, Guns 'n' Roses, Boys Noize, Girl Talk, Dark New Day, TM Revolution (awesome J-Techno Rock), Hans Zimmer (movie composer guy), John Williams (Star Wars music composer), Armin Van Buuren, and more I can't think of.

Whew...long post eh?  My new single and new album will be released in the near future, hopefully in the next month!  But if you want it earlier, maybe donate to my Patreon? :) Love you guys, thank you for all these awesome years on Newgrounds, and many more to come! <3

A.I.M. Winners/Radio Show

2016-07-31 17:44:40 by RealFaction

I have announced the winners of the A.I.M. Contest:

You can also get the full album for FREE here with the winners:

Also, @Hanorotu is holding his "Artist of the Month" contest on his online radio show "The Weekly Rapture", shoot him a message for more details, but send him a song of yours to enter the contest, he needs more entries! :)

It's a lot of work but the contest is done, I posted a new podcast entry on my current situation and music updates, so go check that out:

Not much else to say, but be on the look out for my upcoming remix contest!  See ya guys!

Interviewed on Radio (New Album Details)

2016-07-25 18:22:41 by RealFaction

Full Interview:

Today I was on @hanorotu 's radio show, "The Weekly Rapture.  I announced new details about my album and talked about stuff and previewed my new single coming this week.  If you missed out, here's a few highlights!

Wanna see the album cover I made for it? (with my logo from @Animattronic)
The album should be dropping sometime next month, hopefully.


Something Hazardous is coming....

2016-07-25 14:44:44 by RealFaction

Pretty much what the title said.  Expect a big announcement this week, with something special.