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2016-07-21 04:17:48 by RealFaction

"Look at Dat Shit!" - @MindChamber

Listen to the new song I made about his crazy experience driving in a hurricane and laughing about it.  The dude has balls, major kudos.  Also made some pixel art of him.

Original Video:


New Series/New Music/Contests

2016-07-18 19:50:38 by RealFaction

I'm working on a new series, and I've got new music out!  Also, news about contests such as the Art-Inspired Music Contest, my Remix Contest in August, and the current updated status of the NGADM.

J.K.T.V. is Back! (and Backstory of JKTV)

Before I go into a bit of a backstory, here's the trailer (the final title has been decided by Sean and I to be J.K.T.V. XD):

Here's a backstory if you are curious of my childhood and seeing old footage of me, otherwise, move along to the next topic.

J.K.T.V. History

In my older Real Faction days, I used to post stuff about JKTV here and there, my old show.  This series is going to continue where the Not JKTV Movie Trailer left off (  In 2012, we were going to finish the whole series with the movie, but everyone got busy.  J.K. is my nickname, and J.K.T.V. started when I was 13 years of age (2005).  I have some of the original episodes uploaded online, showing me from 11 years ago, such as this one:

Yes, I was pretty awkward.  The show used to be kinda boring and I just filmed stuff like home videos, with occassional sketch comedy.  Part reality, part scripted.  But the earlier episodes where mostly just me filming what my friends and I were doing, whatever it was.  To see how it's evolved, here's a 15 minute video (if you have the patience or want to skip around, mostly shows me and the guys from 2009-2012 my late highschool years basically (not sure if 2012 though):

Earliest age you'll see me there is like...16 or 17 I think? 

J.K.T.V. turned into more of a story sometimes, specifically the last season, "Not J.K.T.V." and the cancelled movie (I'm using the footage for the new series I haven't used yet).  The story?  Besides the real life stuff, the plot I wrote revolved around my evil "clone" twin that I created, "Kyle"; a "cooler" version of me, who always wore sunglasses and had an Australian accent, because the story is, when I created him, I sold him for money to Australian scientists.  Kylr originated in 2006, I think, when I was like...14?  Maybe when I was 13.  You'll see him in the 15 minute video and the movie trailer up there.

I wrote Kyle as the "villain", who started off as my "little brother" not yet revealed as a clone of me.  But, when I wouldn't let him make videos with me, he wanted to get me back somehow, make his own show called KJTV, Kyle Jenkins (his full name) Television.  I roleplayed as him in real life, because I thought it would be funny to hang out with my friends as a character.  They not only played along, they loved it and thought it was hilarious, treating "Kyle" like a popular prince, to be funny.  It was fun.  So I was a roleplayer, still am sometimes.

I eventually created Jack Serious as a new character who I want to replace Kyle with in this series at one point very  soon:

Essentially, Jack is my newest live action character from 2012, and is J.K.T.V. related.  He's basically a parody of PSA's from the 80's and 90's, as well as vintage action heroes.  He's over-the-top and a bit too...serious.  What I want to do with this series is include the takedown of Kyle and KJTV, spoof news reports, and write more sketch comedy in general, improve on the franchise.  It will include SOME animation in some parts too.  This series will include new characters/friends too, I hope. 

The series is 11 years old now, and been on hiatus for 4 years.  I didn't think it would come back until I got in touch with Sean recently (an original cast member) and we wanted to bring it back.  I'm psyched.  I'll keep you posted about it.

New Music

I just uploaded a theme for a client, go check out Hope's Horizon, and Over that I made with my sister's band Pennyworth.  My next song will be from my next RF record, and samples a voicemail of my worried dad...teehee. 

Hope's Horizon:

I also made a remix of a funny video MindChamber is in:


Firstly, the Art-Inspired Music Contest ends THIS SUNDAY!  So, be sure to finish your submissions and finish them then!  I might excuse a day later, we'll see.  PLEASE read the rules before you submit, I've had a handful of people not read them...sigh. 

Secondly, you might have heard the NGADM is no more, but if you look in the "No More NGADM" thread, and Audio Forum more, you'll see Step has officially appointed me as the new lead director/organizer of the contest, which is a MAJOR honor to me!  Thank you all so much, I didn't think I had this much respect in the community, so I'm shocked!  I'm really happy to hold it next year, so it WON'T be this year, sadly.  Gives us time to retool.  

I'll keep you posted, soon I'm going to make a couple schedule changes, but I want to put them to a community vote first.  I want this contest to be less stressful, less pressure, but just as challenging, and works with most people's schedules.

That's all for now!

BIG Announcements/Remix Contest/Videos

2016-07-10 01:04:41 by RealFaction

BIG Announcement

Well, I decided that I am going to keep posting free stuff, just not make it downloadable.  But, anything I upload can be bought for download for $1 on my BandCamp page.  I want to keep making content for you guys.  Thank you for all of your support!  Especially, @TomFulp


I am still shocked about this....but I'm the new leader of the Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch (NGADM) Tournament...holy crap.  @Step has given me this major honor to run it.  Sadly, it won't be this year, but it WILL be next year in April!  :)

Visit the official nomination thread to share your voice on who would be good helpers/judges:

I Made a Song with My Sister's Band

My step-sister, Kaci, and her boyfriend, Hunter, are Pennyworth, a band I made a song with that I just released.  It's here on Newgrounds and on YouTube.  Check it out.  There's gonna be a remix contest here soon, more details below.



If you want to see behind the scenes footage of us, here ya go:

Remix Contest:

Next month, in the middle of the month of August, shortly after the winners are announced for the Art-Inspired Music Contest (a week after the deadline hopefully), I will be hosting a remix contest, releasing stems/elements of that song I just showed you I made with Pennyworth.  The "Over" Remix Contest.  I haven't had a remix contest since 2012, so this will be interesting.  It will also mean the world to Kaci and Hunter.  I love those guys. 

2 more weeks till the deadline for the Art-Inspired Music Contest.  You ready? 

P.S.: I have a girlfriend now...and it's the person who has been my best friend for 4 years...>////> *jumps up and down excitedly with a girlish scream*.  And....I made a new version of my user icon (originally drawn by the long gone @SplendidDevil) so I added something and zoomed in on it a little.  It fits my current style more, whatcha think?


I'm Not Okay/Commissions (Updated)

2016-06-29 20:58:22 by RealFaction

Below at the bottom is a video, but if you want a short version, here it is.

UPDATE: I'm going back to commissions for now, so if you want a song, check out my website for prices.  Or pledge to my patreon if you want as low as a dollar or $5:

My Site:

Follow-up Video:

This is more of a rant, because I will not lie, I'm depressed.  For years, my life has been a struggle with finding jobs and getting money, all because the people in this town will not hire someone like me who has Asbergers Syndrome and Anxiety Disorder.  I feel discriminated and rejected.  They are the reason I'm not getting anywhere.

But, part of it is me....most jobs I've struggled to function normally doing normal things anyone else can do that I can't even do right.  It's majorly embarassing.  But I had like 2 or 3 managers in my entire life who actually worked with me and my mental disorders, and I did pretty damn good until managers changed.  This city has never given me a chance outside of that.  For 3 1/2 years I have lived alone with the financial support of my parents.

I've seriously considered going on Disability.  I don't know what to do anymore, but all of this is making me feel so powerless when I try so hard.  And i guess a lot of people can't contribute to my Patreon so....I'm screwed.  Me and my parents are financially struggling and guess what?  $1000 car repair.  Guess what?  Can't ever see anyone or do fun things, have to be in this miserable house alone all the time.

I'm sorry if this post offends you because it's negative, not everything is peachy.  This is what I face every day and have for years.  My music isn't getting me by really, I've tried applying everywhere too.  This town has great resources, but assholes live here and people who won't hire someone like me.  I'm trapped here.  I am miserable, that is the truth.  So you may not see much from me for a while until something changes.

With that said, I'll still be judging the AIM contest and working on a few secret projects as I have.  But on my facebook, youtube, etc., I won't be very active.  There won't be anything extra anymore.  I don't have the energy anymore.  As long as I live in this town, I'm not going to get anywhere, so I'm going to see if I can move in with someone somewhere else where I actually have a chance for a change.  I'm sick of this place anyway.  Catcha all soon...


Patreon, Itunes, Underground Collective, My Sister

2016-06-25 21:03:26 by RealFaction

Patreon/Financial Situation

Hey guys, I want to pump out more music and stuff, but I've had to invest time where I can help my financial situation right now.  Help me reach my goals on Patreon, and I will be able to devote more time to making and uploading more music more often!


New Record On Itunes

My record is now on Itunes under my side project Piercing Lazer!  Go pick it up now:

(keep checking Google Play and Amazon Music, it should be there soon)

The Underground Collective (Free Album)

@ForgottenDawn and I came up with the idea to start something.  Both of us and a lot of other Newgrounds artists made a compilation album, songs made just for this album, and its FREE!  Go check it out:


If you haven't entered the Art-Inspired Music contest, go check it out!  BE SURE to read ALL of the rules:

Song Covers

I have some covers planned, an animated music video is on the way, but I won't be singing that cover, but I did make the instrumental part of it.  More details on that later on.  I'm also working on a Deftones cover, and I want to do more covers in general. 

Music with My Sister

In a couple of weeks, I'm visiting my family in Tennesee for July 4th, and I am bringing my step-sister back with her boyfriend, who are in a band together.  We will be writing some music together, she's a great singer.  She will be staying with me for a week.  If you all have any questions for her, shoot away!  Her name is Kaci, and she's 17.

That's all for now, talk soon!



New Record - Voice Acting - Music Stuff

2016-06-11 15:25:09 by RealFaction

First before I talk about what I'm doing, check out the new amazing voice actress that just joined NG!  Please welcome @Nikki-Chi and check her work out here:  she's looking for work, check her latest demo reels! :)  She's really good!

Okay, now onto business.  Old news and new news. 

Secondly, I'll keep pumping out content more frequently if I can reach my goal on Patreon, but until then, I have to invest more time into things that make me money due to being forced because of my financial situation, but if I can make money off of this, I can give more time to music.  Details in this video:

Piercing Lazer Record

Go check out my new Piercing Lazer EP "The Other Side", on Bandcamp for only $5, and coming soon to Itunes, Google Play, and Amazon, this month!  I want to record lyrics for the record in either July or August and come out with a music video with one of the singles.  The lyrical version will have another nice surprise or two I won't announce yet. 

Pick it up here:

Would mean a lot if you picked it up, I'm struggling financially along with my parents right now.  That's one reason I'm not releasing a whole lot of free music right now.  I can't afford to very much, just really need the money, but I try to keep the prices cheap for you guys.  Sorry guys.  It's my goal to release one or two songs from each record though. 

Voice Acting

I'm trying to get back in shape again to come back to voice acting.  The next things you'll see from me in that department will be a DBZ Character Impressions/Sonic The Hedgehog Character Impressions audio sketch.  After that, a reel of the many impressions I can do.  I'm auditioning for this DBZ fan animation and want to look for more work.  This is the next thing I'm going to do.

Real Faction EP

On a random note, I finally have another Real Faction release coming later this year.  It's different from my other records, and I think it'll make you dance.  This EP will be released on my 10th anniversary of making music on Newgrounds.  More news will come in August. 

Other Stuff with Music

- I'm also working on a soundtrack for an indie game coming out with a demo this December.  More news will follow later this year. 

- For the past couple of years, I've also done work for this group of people who have been trying to get their animated series on tv, and are getting closer, I've been one of the music producers making the soundtrack.  Not much to say on it for now really. 

- One of my songs will be featured in a Screw Attack video in the very soon future.  I'm pretty excited about that.  I can't give much detail on that until it comes I'll post it when it does. 

- I'm also making a song for one of @Kel-chan 's upcoming animations which is a parody/cover of another song, which will be sung by @11linda .   

- I'm making background music for the motion comic version of the "Fisheye Placebo" manga, being brought to life with audio by @WAConline so making music for him and his team. 

- I'm going back to music school twice a week.   School overall has been helping me mix stuff better since last year. 

A.I.M. Contest

If you haven't already, check out the Art-Inspired Music contest I hold every year!  If you're a musician you should enter the contest, if you're a listener then you should see the awesome entries submitted so far!  Every year, I'm wowed by the impressive songs submitted to the contest, definitely worth checking out!

There's a couple other things I'm working on but it's too early to mention as they'll be later in the year, and this post is already filled with lots of stuff.  Thank you guys for your awesome support!  That's all for now, ciao. 

Piercing Lazer EP Released....?

2016-05-31 07:01:11 by RealFaction

The short version is, the instrumental version of the Piercing Lazer record "The Other Side EP" is now on Bandcamp, and is coming to Itunes and other stores online in the next month Below is a video of why it's instrumental, plans for a version with me singing on the songs, and why it took so long to make this record. 

Get it on Bandcamp, and check the video below:

Also as an apology, here's one more freebie from the record I just uploaded:

Artwork by @SeafoamPanda , kudos to her for the awesome cover art.  Thanks for all the support guys, the video below tells you what happens next for future plans regarding this record, the future of Piercing Lazer, and a Real Faction EP release later this year.  





Piercing Lazer EP Release (Good/Bad News)

2016-05-30 14:50:21 by RealFaction

About the Piercing Lazer EP Record Hold-Up (Updated)

UPDATE:  Thank you guys so much!!! I can't believe it....In ONE day!!  One day...not even a whole day but a matter of 8 hours, you guys helped me raise enough money to send the record off for distribution!  Needless to say, I'm shocked and the wonderful nice things you guys have said about me and the fact you support me this much, goes beyond anything I could ever imagine.  Thank you so much! 

More info here:

So, what happens now?

Due to Paypal's waiting time of 3-5 business days for my payment to come to my bank account, hopefully I'll get the money Thursday or Friday.  At that point, I will be sending off the record for release on Itunes, Google Play, and other stores!  For those who donated (and can STILL donate if you wish to), you will get the record early, as soon as I see that you donated.  So all who donated gets the record TONIGHT! :)

Also, I'm going to upload one of the instrumental tracks for FREE here on Newgrounds soon.  Just trying to decide which one.  Thank you guys so much!  If you want a version with vocals, there's info on that below too.  Update you guys soon!

PS: The record is on Bandcamp now so until it's on Itunes and everywhere else, you can get it here:


Instrumental?  Vocals?

Another thing about the record, most people seem to be requesting it to be instrumental....I'm guessing they don't like my singing or just prefer not to have vocals on it.  Given that, I'm also going through a physical condition but exercise is helping, it's been hard to record vocals.   So what I'm thinking is, the $50 could go to an instrumental version of the album first on Itunes, and if that sells well, I will eventually be able to afford to also upload a version with vocals to Itunes. 

A version with vocals would be a while, maybe a month or so.  We'l see how the instrumental version sells.

Progess Meter

$54 out of $50 raised!!!

Confessions (My Life in Louisville Vs. Newgrounds)

2016-05-25 20:19:37 by RealFaction

Edit: Thank you guys for your support, you're so awesome.  Also while I was out, I had a thought about dealing with lonliness and anxiety to get me out of the house.  What if you could "be the adventure"?  I'm experimenting with this idea and may film it.  Not sure how I'm going to do this yet, but should be interesting. 

Also I made a video to follow up this post:

I'm about to make a post that is hard for me to write, but I know I should probably write it.  Before you read this you should know, I'm a human being and if you decide to want nothing to do with me because of this post, that's your choice, but I'm asking you to please not push me away as a friend and understand, and if you care, then thank you.  This is a very sensitive topic for me.

Why am I telling you this?  Because I want you all to know the impact you're all making on my life, helping me fight it, how you all make me feel special, and why Newgrounds is more of a home to me than my own place here in Louisville, KY.  I realize I'm exposing myself to people who could use this against me, but that's their problem, not mine.  I'm just telling you now, it takes a bold person to admit their problems, so I have no shame here.


My Life in Louisville Vs. My Life on Newgrounds

My Life in Louisville


So...confession time.  Most of my life, I have been fighting depression, and anxiety disorder.  On top of that, I was born with Asbergers Syndrome.  So, for all of you who use the word "Autistic" as a replacement for the word "retarded", as some use it online without thought, you're referring to me.  Mentally those 3 things affect me in ways I don't like.

Every day, especially as of late, has been a struggle for me.  Sometimes I have emotional episodes, as I'm very sensitive, and also have abandonment issues.  I'm pretty weird, and sometimes over-the-top.  The truth is, i'm jealous of a lot of my friends who are happily married and have successful jobs that make them money, and they see their friends.  My life consists of being 24, hardly seeing anyone because most people avoid me and most people are busy, not being able to hold a job well due to these mental problems, and it's hard to find a job. 

To sum that all up, I've been miserable with my life here in Louisville.  I miss people so much, and I am quite lonely.  I also need money, I'm currently under my parents' support which I'm thankful for, if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be alive now even in this struggle, and I wouldn't have gone to Pico Day, I wouldn't have the money.  I'm not happy here, and most people here are fake and seem to either ignore me, block me, or are rude in general.  The people here are terrible mostly, some nice people though. 

I'm very insecure about these things, and are very hard to live with, but eventually I started covering it up in front of most people, because whenever I talked to people about it, they either wanted nothing to do with me, thought I was annoying, etc.  As of late, now it's come to the point where places like Facebook and in reality where I live, most people just ignore me even though I'm nice to them.

I've been trying to fight myself from withdrawing from everyone all together.  I would feel I'm just bothering everyone and I hate that I keep messing up when I try trusting myself and my judgement, because sometimes I really do mess up, I've seen a lot of failure in my life.  This place feels like a prison more than a home.  There's nothing for me here but family, and a few friends I guess, I don't know anymore.  A lot of the time now I hate myself and am very hard on myself, feeling like I just bother a lot of people.

My Life on Newgrounds

For a little over half of my life, I've been coming to Newgrounds nearly every day.  For years now it has been every day.  This place is where I come to get away from my life.  The truth is, a lot of my life is here on Newgrounds now.  Over the years, it gradually became so more and more.  This place became like a home to me because of that.  Here, I've met people I haven't really been able to meet in my city, I've met amazing people.  It's a place I don't have to be afraid to be myself and can express myself about fully....which is also why I'm telling you all this.

There have been times like as of late where I just feel like not even being nice to people anymore, but then I remember the people of Newgrounds, and Pico Day.  Pico Day was one of those rare moments where I got to interact with people, and some I was friends with, and a fan of many whom I met.  I felt on top of the world that day, hell I even won a game of Cards Against Humanity against like 7 or 8 other players, I was shocked.  I felt so accepted that day. You guys always make me feel that way. 

So really this is also a thank you letter to Newgrounds for always being there for me.  Thank you @Tomfulp and many others.  Your constant support really helps me, as right now I'm facing a hard time.  I don't know where I would be without this place, because honestly, my life in reality is not a good one right now.  It's lonely, and it's not pleasant.  I miss the old days where I could go outside with my friends, but everyone moved on.  I wish I could move from Louisville and have an adventure almost every day.  But I don't have a job, and am broke. 

I'll be surprised if anyone reads this far, but in short, I've done stupid things, I find it hard to trust my judgement and trust in myself a lot of the time, but your support really helps.  Sometimes I wish Newgrounds was a city, or I could live in a city with people like that.  I love you guys so much.  Though I won't be posting free music anymore for most of the time I'm here, I'm still doing contests like the AIM contest going on right  now, and will do anything to help you guys out and interact and such, I love newgrounds.  I'll do podcasts and hopefully more voice work and writing for stuff.

In short, Newgrounds helped me with my depression and anxiety though it's still hard to face, as in this world I live in (Louisville), I am constantly rejected, ignored, and no opportunities for me here, but on NG, thats a different story.  I feel a bit better now that I let this out, I hope it inspires you in some weird way, I dunno.  See you guys later, and I'm definitely coming back next year for Pico Day.

Peace <3

Animators, Need a Writer/Voice Actor/Musician?

2016-05-17 19:10:51 by RealFaction

Hey guys!  So since I'm not uploading music to NG anymore, and slowing down with my personal music, I'm making more time to collab.  I wanna work with you guys!  I love writing more than anything, and I'd like to do more voice acting and I can do music work for animation too. 

PS: The A.I.M. Contest has started, here's a link to it:

Here's some inside details on my latest podcast episode:

I can do many different kinds of music so just PM me about what you need, and what kind of voice you need.  If you want me to write something, I'd love to write for animation!  Contact me here or at if you want. 

Here's a Character Demo reel of some of the many voices I can do, but not all of them are here, feel free to ask me if I can do a certain voice and I'll tell you if I can or not.