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My Book - Music - Women's Clothes for Sale

2016-03-04 14:10:53 by RealFaction

I'm gonna talk about some stories I wrote like a book I've been writing for 6 years, my upcoming music, and if you want to get nice clothes for a lady or are a lady and want some nice clothes, I got a friend selling some stuff on Ebay who needs to get rid of stuff so thought I'd help her out by posting this.  More will be added in that link soon.

Link to NICE clothes (more coming soon in her list here):

My Book/Stories

So I basically wrote some stories I've wanted to get drawn somehow, and I've off and on been writing a book for 6 years.  To see these stories and a link to my book you can read online, read this post:

New Music (Piercing Lazer) in April/Announcement

While it's no secret I've been working on the Piercing Lazer record due in April, finishing it up soon, with a music video for the single...but there's more I have to say.  This year will be my 10 year anniversary of making music (anniversary album dropping later this year), starting my career here on NG.  But, at this time, I don't know what direction my Real Faction music will go in. 

I guess I'm basically saying this: If the next Piercing Lazer record or two does well (they're going to be cheap to buy), I'll be doing more Piercing Lazer stuff for you guys, but most of it won't be free, or uploaded here most of the time. I might be putting out less free music this year, but I'm going to be working on a animated series soon with people that will help you guys.  I'm bringing The Dish Out to Newgrounds.

I still love making music, but I really need money also, as I don't have a job right now, but I AM however working for this guy making a game soundtrack, but I need more money too, it's not as much as I need, but it is nice to have.  It doesn't mean I'll stop, just won't be near as often where I'll have new free stuff.  I'm becoming more active in the forums and changing directions with what I do here in a sense.  You'll still see music from me though, no worries! 

PS: Art-Inspired Music Contest (A.I.M.) is going to be sometime in late May, gotta iron out the details with Tom Fulp more.  Also, I'm GOING TO PICO DAY THIS YEAR OMG IM GONNA SEE PEOPLE!

Any Animators/Artists Want a Writer?

2016-03-01 07:24:26 by RealFaction

This is a bit of a longshot, but here it goes!  I'm a writer, and I love writing.  For years, I've had a few ideas that really have stuck with me for comics or animations.  I'm looking for a good artist/animator who would be interested in making these into a comic/manga or animating these for fun if you choose to.  If you want to take any of these on, comment below or message me!  Soon I'm probably going to have some of my characters drawn.  More than anything I love making characters, and interesting stories.

Story #1: Pac-Man Prequel/Dark Re-Imagination (Pac-Man: The Lost Chapters)

This is an idea I've had for many many years.  I originally wrote issues of this on paper, then years later, some concept art (not the best) for part of a first issue.  This basically puts Pac-Man as a mutant mechanical monster bad guy, and the ghosts are magic warriors.  It used to be really bloody and gory, but toned it down a bit. 

This would have more depth of a story inside a spirit world, set before Pac-Man and the ghosts ended up in the blue maze, eventually telling how they got there.  It includes elements from the original game too, with a deep story.  This would be an Adventure/Action/Supernatural series. 

Story #2: Untitled Supernatural Anime/Manga Series

Yes, anime.  Because.  I have a lot of original characters throughout anything I've written, but this series especially has a couple characters of mine I really am attached to, as well as the story.  It starts with a guy who delivers a pizza on halloween to this abandoned house with a creepy girl in it who talks into a tape recorder and plays it back.  Eventually she tags along and he finds a weapon in the forest the house is in. 

He finds out he obtained the ability to see what humans are actually demons.  The demons on Earth are actually demon clans that got banished from Hell for treason.  His dad's girlfriend is actually a demon he eventually fights.  He finds a map of where there's "markers", and he has to destroy them before they can activate, to save the world.  That's all the details I can give for now, there's more than that.

Story #3: Series Based On My Unreleased Book (Iris of Rose)

Most of the book can be found here (but it's not done yet):

Six years ago I started writing a book I've almost had finished, though I've been really nervous about publishing it.  I'm confident in the characters, just not self-publishing, and don't know how to go about it all.  I hand-wrote the first 100 pages, but eventually I typed it all up and continued the story.  It's a Psychological/Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Mystery story that is about a future drug that causes lucid dreaming. 

This is VERY character driven, and the plot revolves around their dreams, and the side effects of the drug causing people to kill people in their sleep, and turn albino, if they stay in too long, they're trapped in their minds in their nightmares.  Even that description doesn't do the story justice, but the best way to describe it, is that it's emotional, vivid, gives the characters depth and good background, and even dabbles in the supernatural a little bit as one character gains some psychic abilities (nothing powerful).  In the real world, the drug is causing chaos in almost half the nation, mass murder riots.  This is a journey to understand one's self, the world, and finding the cause of this epidemic crisis to contain an outbreak (not zombies of course).

I'm hoping at least some people will read this and show some interest, but I'm looking for someone good who wants to do this for fun, it's going to be hard though.  But perhaps when I update with images of the characters, it'll give you a better idea of the tones these stories set.  Thanks!

You asked your questions in one of my last posts, and here's your answers! :)
My Ask Real Faction video is finally up! Some of my answers include my friends.


The Problem NG is Facing

2016-02-22 18:58:29 by RealFaction

Intro/Reader's Discretion

This post is a bit different than my other posts, to simply address a problem within NG's community in a civil way.  I have seen this many times over the years.  But, before I get into this, be advised, this is NOT meant to attack anyone, or make anyone feel offended, but this is a serious problem that is AFFECTING Newgrounds' success on the outside in the professional world, and is affecting traffic.  I want to see NG improve, a lot of us do.

I'm someone who cares a lot about Newgrounds, and all of you people in the community, which is why I'm typing this, because I know we CAN do better, and I want to say something helpful, insightful. :)  I won't make this too long, otherwise most people won't read it.  So, with that said, here we go...I'm going to go over the problem, the result, and the answer.  @TomFulp, this is a good read for you and everyone, this is not an angry post, but an insightful one.

The Problem(s)

I've been around here visiting NG for almost 13 years, and this community is a great one, but there are some parts of it that...aren't so great.  For years, I've seen users start "flame wars" (basically act rude, sometimes trolling, get out of control) when they could simply reply without acting in such a way. 

Now, you can't expect everyone to act civil of course, but there's a reason for this.  The problem is, there are conversations that get out of hand, simply because people want to be toxic, which poisons NG's community, like this thread:

That's old news, always has happened on NG, but it's been worse in recent years.  In this case, the "problem" is the result of 3 things. 

1. The original poster clearly had no idea about how NG works, they thought we would have open arms to such an offer.  They had the impression NG's userbase was friendly (which for the most part is, but some "bad apples" came along here).  The problem is, the price was too low, and in a way did feel insulting, but...

2. Musicians felt so compelled to attack the original poster, with hateful comments, simply because they felt "entitled" and insulted.  We're scaring people off, guys.  People were overcome with rage simply because of what seemed to be a greedy "laughable" offer.  The truth is, this was all they could offer, and as a studio, they probably should have saved more money for this.  They do not know what they are doing.  BUT, this could have been handled CIVILY!  

3. In recent years, the mod activity has become less and less, and as much as I like some of the mods, there has been less control over the forum threads. 

The Result

Unfortunately, because of this, Newgrounds has decreased in traffic in past years.  People wanted to stop going to the forums, and I've heard things from multiple people both professional and non-professional, saying how "crazy and unprofessional" newgrounds is.  NG is professional, yet not at the same time, but the main reason they say that, is because of the "toxic" users not being banned, and acting like they have.  Some mods have gotten a bad rep, but the truth is, it's just not in control like it used to be. 

I have a quote from a musician friend here who originally posted music on NG, but LEFT for reasons like this, and is in the professional music world now, who said not to use his name, and he said this:

"When i first started dealing with labels they actually told me to delete my account because it reflects badly on me as a professional."

Isn't that sad? :( The truth is, this is how some professionals in the creative industries see newgrounds, and don't even bother to recruit people from NG, and is also why a lot of people don't visit NG in general.  Newgrounds is a wonderful place, but guys, we can't act like this anymore, and we need more banning to happen, as much as I hate to say it.  NG shouldn't be filled with hate and drama.  It isn't entirely, but in some cases, it is.

The Answer

A friend suggested this: What if we had a Business Forum on the BBS? That would let studios have their own section, a section for professionals, and it would be highly watched since it won't have as much activity.  Whatcha think?

We need to step up the mod game, and BAN users like this.  That way, they will know not to do this again, and we can prevent more drama in the forums, like it used to be.  From what I hear, most banning has stopped.  This is not ok.  Back in the day, NG's mods kept more forums under control. 

The forums aren't entirely a mess, but there's still cleaning up to do. 

Final Thoughts

I've been trying to do what I can for the community, because I love Newgrounds, and want to help you guys out, give you guys fun contests every year like A.I.M. and giving you that Pixel Day holiday, because I knew you guys would love it.  Something to fight against the negativity, and to promote fun and love in general.  I want to spread love to this community as I have.  I LOVE you guys!  :) So this is my attempt to reach out to you all now, and though I'll never be a mod because I have too much going on, I'll keep helping the community the ways I know how.

I also would like to see the Audio Portal shape up to what it used to be with a new format, because at it's current state, it's not organized enough.  I talked to Tom about a Tier system to organize it more possibly, and some people I've spoken with say it could make the AP better.  I hope this happens, it would be awesome and make the AP more fun.  I care about you guys, and the Audio community is GREAT in a lot of ways, but we've got to solve these problems. 

Let's make more studios and people in general feel welcome to Newgrounds, instead of feeling scared to come here.  If we manage to do this, this would help NG in MANY ways.  Financially, and the community would get more users, and more of us could see success from more studios coming here to search for talent!  Wouldn't that be great? :)

This post was inspired by recent events, as well as past, and @Tacticat (formerly dem0lecule)'s recent post which is an interesting read, I reccomend everyone reads it. 

Love you guys, stay gold.  ~ RF

Ask RF Video!/Commissions

2016-02-12 15:38:47 by RealFaction

Ask Me Questions For a Video!

I'm doing an "Ask RF/Piercing Lazer" video for all you fans, so ask me questions here, and I'll answer them on video!  Been a while since I've done this.  Ask about my Real Faction music or Piercing Lazer music or something totally random!  Comment with you questions below! :D


I dropped out of school to make more time for things, and well....I lost my if you want me to make you a song, check my prices over at and see what works for you!  Be sure to read all the guidelines, so you can help me help you.  Yep, I'm doing commissions again!  BUT, there's a twist!  Read below about Commission Slots! :)

Commission Slots

Basically, how this works, is if you pay me for a song, one of the "Open" slots in the list below will then into a "Closed" slot, securing your spot in the list once you pay me to make you a song.  I'm currently still finishing 3 songs from the last list but as soon as I'm done with those, I'll get to this list. Also keep in mind, it may take me some time to get to you, as I will not be working on all these songs at once. 

Thank you for the support guys!  Maybe someone should ask me about the upcoming Piercing Lazer record... :x

1. Taken
2. Taken
3. Taken
4. Taken
5. Open



Want Me to Make You Music? :D

2016-01-27 15:15:29 by RealFaction

Hey guys!  I'm in a temporary situation financially, normally I don't have time to do commissions anymore, but my job has cut everyone's hours, so I can't afford to go to school currently.  So...more free time!  You guys have always been there for me when I need you, and I always love pumping out content for you guys. 

I will take on 5 commissions for the next month (or so, depending on how long the jobs take based on difficulty), below is a list on open slots until they're closed.  You can grab a slot by hiring me to make you some good ol music!  Head on over to my website at and carefully read everything, it's a guide and lists my prices.

Let me know what's affordable for you on the list and message me on here!  Thanks!  If I'm still in this situation after this, I'll open up more slots later on after the jobs are done.

Commission Slots

1. Taken
2. Taken
3. Taken
4. Taken
5. Taken

2/08/16 UPDATE: Thanks for filling slots 1-5 guys!  It means a lot!  It really helps.  I have dropped out of school because i need more time in my life and more money, and you guys are supporting my cause.  Thank you so much!  Soon I will add more slots after I have finished these commissioned songs!  Stay tuned!

PS: I'm doing an "Ask Real Faction/Piercing Lazer" video to answer any fan questions of either of my music projects, so if you have questions, leave a comment and I'll answer them in my next video!

Also, with 1,337 fans, I have finally reached leet status.



Hey guys!  I'll be judging your entries for the next week, I already love what I've seen and reviewed so far!  Look forward to seeing more!  Happy Pixel Day!  I actually submitted stuff to share too!  Don't forget to tag your submissions with pixelday to be in the collection and contest!

In 2012 to 2013 I worked on a game with @DeathInk, @Saminat, and @Schulles, but sadly it got cancelled.  HOWEVER!  I uploaded a video showing some of what did get finished, as well as the full soundtrack to NG with a playlist, and BandCamp!

Watch the video:

Here's the playlist:


On a sidenote, it makes me sad that I've been involved with now 3 game projects that have been cancelled and I wish I could get a game done with a team.  It's a bummer, man.  I want to find a way to finish Zero Hour.  Hopefully in the future.  Good luck guys!  Thanks to @Carrion for the awesome NG skin!

Pixel Day/FREE Chiptune Soundtrack?!?

2016-01-21 05:56:35 by RealFaction

Below is info on a FREE soundtrack to a game that was never finished in 2013.  If you want to know info on how to submit to Pixel Day, check my last post here:

Throughout this week, in celebration of Pixel Day, I'm releasing the soundtrack I made for a game that was unfortunately not finished.  In 2012, to later 2013, I made a chiptune (8-bit) original soundtrack for a fan game tribute of the 1980's film, "The Thing" that I worked on with some friends.  Yeah, that Kurt Russel sci-fi cult classic. 

I worked on it with @DeathInk, @Saminat, and @Schulles, until it got halted. I'm uploading all 7 tracks from Thursday to Sunday (Pixel Day).  Below is the link to a playlist of each song I've uploaded so far.  Check daily up till Sunday to hear all of the songs! 


PS: I think the best 8-bit/chiptune song I made was "Blood 'n' Blades.
Check that out:

Good luck on Pixel Day everyone!  Can't wait to see and judge your entries! :)

Submitting to Pixel Day? (2 weeks away!)

2016-01-09 04:49:06 by RealFaction

It's 2016, and my new holiday idea for Newgrounds, Pixel Day, is happening January 23rd!  That's 2 weeks from today, on a Saturday!  For those of you who still don't know what Pixel Day is, basically, if you love video games that are from the 80's and 90's, that have 2D 8-bit/16-bit/32-bit graphics (NES/SNES days), then wabam!  You get the idea!  If you share a love for retro games like I do, then this is the holiday for you pixel lovers!

With every holiday, there is a contest!  The top 3 winners in each category will win PRIZE MONEY!   Whether it's an animation, chiptune music, pixel artwork, or best of all, a pixel game, then you have until the deadline, January 23rd to submit it, but feel free to submit on that day also!  Make sure to put the tag "pixelday" in your submission, to participate!  You can submit later in the same week if you run late, but you will miss out on the contest, but still added to the collection!

@TomFulp and I are the judges, but I'd love to get @DeathInk in on the judge action if he chooses not to submit something awesome to the contest.  I would love to see something from him too though.  Love ya, buddy!

Below is news about Newgrounds: Zero Hour, and more. 

Unreleased Game Soundtrack

In 2012 (i think it was or around that?) I was working on a game with my buddies @Deathink and @Saminat, and we never got to finishing it, but it was turning out to be a great tribute game to John Carpenter's "The Thing" , that Kurt Russel film in the 1980's that we couldn't get out of our heads.  We all love the film, and wanted to make a tribute/parody game.  Sadly, it only got some of the way done.  I'd love to finish it someday, but alas, it does not seem so.

I'm releasing the soundtrack I made for it on Pixel Day, as I did all the music and some sound effects too.  Look forward to it!

Newgrounds: Zero Hour/Game Release

Okay, so as most of you know, 2 games are going on here.  I WAS working on Newgrounds: Zero Hour with a wonderful team of people, but sadly that has come to a hault, which is partially my fault for rushing such a big game.  I won't disclose all the details, but we lost our programmer, and some of the team.  The demo is out, and I can't say it's dead, though it will be difficult to start back up again.  I'd hate to see this game go unfinished.  Maybe eventually, we'll see.

I'm learning how to program in Construct 2 (what a pain in the ass!),  making a smaller game with my teammates.  I was planning on releasing it on Pixel Day, but sadly it will take a bit longer than that as I am still learning, and I'm not sure if this will be a win or fail.  With that said, you may see a game from us in the near future. 

Good luck everyone!  Looking forward to seeing your submissions!

2015, and the Future.

2015-12-31 18:46:20 by RealFaction

Happy New Year guys.   2015 has been a crazy year for me, so I'll tell you about it, and what I'm planning, because I got great stuff on the way for 2016.   Most of you probablyyyyyy wont' read this, so I'll start with 2016 plans, but if you do, props. 


This year will be my 10 year anniversary from when I started writing music, and when I made this account on NG, so it's a very special year for me.  I've been working on an album to celebrate it, making a few new songs as well as my "best" tracks.  It will be a mix of my personal favorites I've made as well as fan favorites.  What are your favorite tracks from me? :)

Kicking this off is Pixel Day on January 23rd!  I've been programming a game in Construct 2 and doing pixel art for it, while I have 3 other artists helping too.  I'm thankful @TomFulp is hosting it as a HOLIDAY on Newgrounds.  The fact this guy has loved my ideas to help the community and frontpages them, means so much to me.  And I STILL have yet to meet him in person, but someday, it's gonna happen.

For those of you who remember "Simple Sight (Necromancer Theme song)" from Castle Crashers, you'll see Piercing Lazer in the credits, my side project.  Though for many years I've been inactive with Piercing Lazer,   I've been releasing previews and taking my time with this record, bringing back the old sound with a remake, and new sounds as well, with 6 tracks.  "The Other Side" EP will be released early in the year, I'm shooting for March or April, I'm still in the writing process, have to finish the instrumentals I started writing, and lyrics, then lay down vocals.

Eventually in the future (probably not 2016 but we will see), I plan on reviving "The Dish Out", my old show that promoted underground content on NG, but due to the lack of views, there was next to no point to it, but it was fun.  I still believe it has potential, if I can get the right connections.

Most of you probably won't read this next part due to how much shit I've packed in here, but for those who are interested, here ya go.  This is how my year went from crappy, to awesome!


January: I was struggling getting by with a delivery job only making $500 a month, losing my old job in November of the previous year, where I made TWICE that.  I was working on finishing a new album too.  Throughout the year I was working on songs for clients with my music production business Flareheart Studio.

February: For sake of continuity, but nothing really happened.

March, I lost that job too.  They cut people's hours, to hire on more people, so we got screwed.  This was the same month I released my album The Box Vol. 2: Regeneration, after releasing the music video for the first single, "Into the Sun" in October 2014.  It didn't get on Itunes until the next month.  

April:  I got a roommate, but had to lay low about it, eventually kicked her out. 

May: I started the Newgrounds Inspired Music Contest I announced earlier in the year.  It was a change-up from my usual Art Inspired Music Contests I held previous years.  It was for NG's 20th Anniversary.  I was really happy with how it turned out, once again, so many talented people submitted some great stuff.   I released the 40+ track compilation album with all the winners' songs for free on Bandcamp.  I organized it like a game soundtrack.

June: I got another job at a retail store (sort of), and it was my first time doing retail.  I hated it. 

July: One month later they lied to me about why they cut my hours, I didn't trust them.  Considering they were the first employer I told that I have Autism, I felt offended that they probably cut my hours because of that, but didn't want to get in trouble.  That was the first time I felt discriminated at a job. 

I decided that enough was enough, that I wouldn't get anywhere with my life if I didn't go to college.  Unfortunately, this lead to a mistake.  I wasn't really getting that far with my music I thought, so I gave up on chasing it as a career or anything serious anymore.  I decided I wanted to be an English teacher, so I went to visit a University to see my options and I seemed really excited. 

August: Big month for me.  A lot happened.  I finally released my self-titled electronic album on Bandcamp

I talked to a friend about becoming an English teacher.  She went down that route, said it was a mistake.  In her words (not exact), "When people don't know what else to do with their lives, they choose to be a teacher".  Then it hit me.  That's why you see a lot of unhappy teachers, because they stopped believing in their dreams, but needed a common job to get by. 

Then, I went on a date with this girl who told me about this school where I could expand my knowledge on mixing music, and actually get a job opportunity GUARENTEED if I graduated.  A date with a pretty/sweet girl and also getting info on something that big was pretty cool.  So I looked at the website and went on a tour.  I loved it.  It is a good trade school, and is currently where I'm going.

I also ended up playing this cool game on Newgrounds and had ideas to turn the story from the NIM Contest into a video game.  I contacted the guy who made this cool game I played, and we started working on what was Newgrounds: Zero Hour. 

September: I started going to the school and it was fun.  Different.  One-on-one type instruction.  The main downside is having to get up in the mornings and driving an hour there and an hour back twice a week.  Wears down my money a little.  I ended up getting my old job back (the one quit in 2014).  Honestly, i love it there, and I make good money, for now.  Old manager is gone, new manager is awesome, and compassionate and understanding.  Best manager I've ever had.  Hell we're becoming close friends, we hang out sometimes now.

October: My team and I released the demo for Newgrounds: Zero Hour.  Not much else really happened this month.  I mean besides releasing music throughout the year.

November: Birthday month.  24, woo.  But seriously, this was also a life-changing month.  Someone helped me accept myself for who I am, and I began to embrace my emotional side I was so embarassed of.  But man, let me tell you, dont' reject your emotions, you're a human being just like anyone else, just breathe, and feel it.  Learning to love myself was hard, but I did it.  I feel completely different. 

Programmer left NG Zero Hour wasting months of hard work due to communication issues, and not just taking a break, but leaving us hanging.  :/ it really sucked.  But he expected a lot out of me with my schedule, and wanted to halt the project everyone was working hard on, when I couldn't make more free time. 

On the other hand, this was a big game I was pushing for Pixel Day, we didn't have enough time.  I ended up deciding to learn Construct 2 for myself to make a new smaller game with a few members of my team, and while frustrating, I'm getting the hang of it.  I can't say Zero Hour is dead, but it'll be a long time if it ever comes back as a project.  We had almost 4 stages done, almost half of the game. 

I also started making pixel art.  I really enjoy it. 

December: Got into a relationship, and I love her to pieces.  Work and school have taken up a lot of my free time, but this month I've had a break from school, freeing up some of that time.  I go back January 5th.  Throughout this year I've been working on Piercing Lazer material. I can rest my hands, there you go.  Later.