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Castle Crashers Necromancer Theme REMIX ALBUM?!? (plus other news)

2012-06-23 07:26:05 by RealFaction

Necromancer Theme/Simple Sight Remix E.P.

Yes, I (RealFaction) am the original author of that song, so I decided to make remixes overtime, as well as a few other artists such as Animattronic, FamilyJules7x, and EagleGuard. It would mean a lot if you bought it on FixtStore, it's cheap and you get 7 songs including the original and the remixes. The Behemoth is NOT involved with the project. Here's where to buy it: ion---Simple-Sight-%28MP3-Album%29

Also side note, The Dish Out Season 2 will be a LIVE SHOW ON USTREAM so if you're an artist, musician, game developer or so on who wants to be featured on the show, message me! It'll be a great interactive experience :).

Here's the promo video:

Castle Crashers Necromancer Theme REMIX ALBUM?!? (plus other news)


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2012-06-23 07:56:17

You're taking the Necromancer Theme a little too far. Move on.

RealFaction responds:

It's all people know me for, I tried moving on I make alot of new music but no one seems to catch onto my other stuff :I it sucks. I was hoping to use this to kill him off as it says in the video, so maybe people would see me as a serious musician and not known for just that song. I want to put it to bed after 4 years x.x


2012-06-23 08:06:38

i dig it

RealFaction responds:

Thanks for using a shovel


2012-06-23 11:42:33

Still fucking love this song. You rock.

RealFaction responds:



2012-06-23 16:25:26

Looked at alot of your work... can't say that i'll be planning to pay for anything anytime soon, but I can guarantee i'll be watching, great work guy. great work.

RealFaction responds: