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A.I.M. Audio Contest!

2013-05-13 13:19:55 by RealFaction

I've taken a while to get this idea together, but I've FINALLY orchestrated my Art-Inspired Music Audio Contest(A.I.M. for short)! Basically music inspired by art.

You could win $100, a $50 Steam Card, your winning song on the FREE A.I.M. Compilation Album, and this contest runs 6 weeks. Everything you need to know is in the submission thread, but ONLY submit your song submission there, talk in the discussion thread.

Submission Thread/Main Contest Thread:

Discussion Thread:

Also I'm looking for work as a freelancer, I charge cheap say about $15 cheapest but it's all negotiable, I could use the money (my friend is providing the contest prizes out of volunteering, as I'm poor). Message me if you want to me to make you something. I'm really thankful to Soma689 for being a judge and for the prizes, he's my buddy, glad he supports me with this idea. Also thanks to HalcyonicFalconX for supporting me and being a judge as well!

Also shoutout to Luwano for the awesome artwork! Good luck guys!

On a side note, for months i've been SICK of Game Grumps animations, some of them are well animated sure, but it's just a "ass-kiss" sceam to get an automatic front page for making some random flash of two guys playing a video game...pretty stupid.

A.I.M. Audio Contest!


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2013-05-14 00:21:04

I'm hoping this audio contest takes off! I feel like it has some serious potential. One of the artists I talked to already has a huge interest in the finished track. You should keep exploring the collaborative ideas Jay. I'm getting hopeful that I hear back from Tyra and Rucklo. I've finally broke out of my writers block today and I blame you and this art collab thing.

RealFaction responds:

That's awesome man :) haha! Yes, a few months from now or so, this contest is happening again only with a bigger twist ;). I love that Tom Fulp is supporting the idea and it means a lot to me. I love that beautiful man T_T. Yeah I definately want to do more of these in the future :) thanks!


2013-05-14 00:44:56

Toms so fucking beauteous. I met him at a nyc meet once. I'm pretty sure I gross him out but that's ok. One day... I'll wear his skin like a suit.

Errrr... you should post a commision type thread in the art portal next time so that artists can advertise and we can all network just that much better!

RealFaction responds:

I've talked to him here and there but I wish I could meet him in person, he's a swell guy. I'm sure one day I will. Commission type thread? Not sure what you mean by that but as far as networking yeah but, I plan on making threads in each section for the next contest, because in a few months or so, the next one is going to involve the artists more ;)


2013-05-15 10:21:04

Can we do a Hip-Hop song out of it? I'll definitely enter, it sounds fun and unique!

RealFaction responds:

read the rules, it can be ANY genre, so yes. Thanks, you should enter!


2013-06-06 09:10:13

I'm sorry I couldn't enter, as I'd entered a battle-rap thing that I wish I hadn't. This idea is very creative, and unique though. Keep building on it and I swear I'll be back next year!

RealFaction responds:

Thanks, and this isn't going to be yearly, we're going to try to do one later this year :) hope to see you then