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Dab Gently Around Wound Dab Gently Around Wound

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I was wondering when you would upload another animation, been too long! Missed ya! :D Love your work! Lol cute xD

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LaSylvestre responds:

Too righteous. Thanks, didn't mean to keep you hanging haha

Gunmetal Black Ep 24 Gunmetal Black Ep 24

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Forgot you used my music in this xD haha thanks. Awesome, been looking foward to this. Music is a bit quiet though. Forgot to credit my music though meh oh well. Awesome though, sounds were a little off timing, but i imagine this was hard to save after a dying computer. Good job still.

Kel-chan responds:

Sry I'll update the credits


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great so far but some of the sound effects are too loud and make that clipping/click noise from being blasted too loud. Same goes with 1:25, the voice actor's voice clips. Omg is that Piper? o///o well oh my <3 who is that character anyway?

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Zombidle Zombidle

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I really hope you're reading these comments because they're important for BUG REPORTS. Love this game I've played it since release, HOWEVER, Sometimes off and on for some reason even though I AM a Supporter on NG, it sometimes doesnt pick that up and has been really glitchy as of late :/ do you guys test this enough? You really need to test your updates more often....

Anyway, good game, but please fix it.

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Authentic Octopus Game (Demo) Authentic Octopus Game (Demo)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Loved it. And as for everyone rating this game down (probably because it's a demo), look, theres a lot of free games on newgrounds, and artists need support, do you expect them to do everything free? Vote for them on Steam! There may not be a whole lot here but it's kinda fun for what it is right now, and with everything else coming, I'd play it. Good job.

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squidly responds:

Thank you, and you're right about the free stuff. Gotta make a living, right? But you also gotta give people bang for their buck.

Royal Heroes Royal Heroes

Rated 3 / 5 stars

You claim it's the ads slowing down the game, but you have to understand now....I have no ads because im a Supporter on NG, removing all ads. It's not the ads slowing the game down, it's the programming. You need to fix this. I have a fast gaming computer, high end, and inbetween clicks it lags. A smooth-running game shouldn't do that.

I found it hard to enjoy this game simply because of that, I shouldn't have to deal with a frustrating click problem. Sorry guys. 3 stars for effort and nice graphics.

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AIM - Ghetto Warfare AIM - Ghetto Warfare

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Similar vibe as the other track you submitted. Repetitive here too, but still nice progression. Though i did like the choir in the other track. This one doesn't really match the artwork because's too epic for the artwork xD definitely fits your crazy story...dang it's sad to see that kind of crazy action.

I can't say i've ever seen someone dead in person before besides funerals. I like the percussion here. Ilike how it builds up but i feel there could've been more earlier on, building up a little faster. I like what this turns into though. Great mixing here as usual, great action, though i like the other one a little better in ways, but some things about this i like better. This would be good for a game boss fight.

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Anarkat responds:

thank you for your review RF. yeah i'm struggling pretty hard to write non-repetitive stuff. it's just crazy. personally i enter AIM is not to win but to have the fun, and especially the encouragement for other less known musicians to participate. winning a contest is no longer my goal. i just want to have fun, and having an ordinary but clear milestone in life that i took part in one of the greatest NG contests in the history. and i want it to happen every year.

Thank you very much for hosting such amazing contest, and most importantly keeping it going for low life plebs like me to take part in. I owe you for this. :)

AIM - All Shall Burn AIM - All Shall Burn

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A track thats free to tweak? Interesting. I like the fluttering glitchy static noises. Its a bit repetitive but it builds subtly. I feel this could have a shorter edit. I like the percussion. The mixing and instruments are all here, just the background melody keeps going and going, but what's here so far is pretty great. Good job for what it is. I feel it could've been shorter to clean up the repetitiveness, maybe a part of it cut out.

This reminds me of Hanz Zimmer's film scores. I like the atmosphere you started to give it 3 minutes in with that...i guess a plane jet noise? I feel it stops a bit abruptly though instead of fading out. Ohh...lovely choir! The second plane jet noise faded better. I like the buildup, this is some great quality stuff. I'm stuck between a 4 and 4.5 for this piece, simply because it's repetitive, but also great and fits the image well. But it has really nice buildup...gah this is hard!

4.5 , almost perfect.

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Anarkat responds:

this is one of those writer's block struggling tracks. one of the reason why they're so half-arse and generic.

thanks you for your review RF. :)

AIM - Spectrum-X AIM - Spectrum-X

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Hey not bad. But I feel the main synth in the beginning has too much of a "ring" to it, i would pull down some low mid on that to take away the overcrowding of the ring noise to balance it out so it doesn't affect the mix as much. This is kinda catchy, nice melody. Not bad for 2 hours. The piano kinda takes away from it though because of the way it's mixed and has lack of reverb. It would be better.

I feel like maybe this is missing a layer or two of synths, but for whats here so far, I like it. Good variation. I guess in a way it fits the artwork. Keep improvin and keep up the good work. I like the synths in this.

Techmo-X responds:

Really? I thought the piano part fit well kind of like one of those idle songs. Hey Ill try to tweak things up thank you!

Recent Art Reviews


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice. I like the eerie glows.

Alienslushie responds:

Never too many glows!

under arrest? under arrest?

Rated 5 / 5 stars

O///O wow...and you actually drew nipples in the NSFW version...oh my god they're amazing, make more nipples more often :D this is great

bocodamondo responds:

haha ^^ i just recently started to do it, so i still need to get used to it


Rated 5 / 5 stars

haha that's awesome. I love your interpretation here.

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b0em responds:

Thanks! Glad you like them.