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Co-owner of Coded Emotion (game developer), Co-Founder of the Art-Inspired Music Contest and Pixel Day. Just some guy who loves making music, writing, making games, and helping people, and is pretty much a mega nerd. Profile picture by Shadowcat5150.

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I'm looking for a female singer for my metal album. For now, just for one song, but a few more if they're up for it. Also, news about the AIM contest and NGADM! And updates about music and projects (like the game project). I've been up to a lot.

Need Female Singer for New Piercing Lazer EP

Know any female singers out there who want to sing over a Metal song? I'll need the vocals within the next 2 to 3 weeks, looking for a good rock voice like Halestorm or In This Moment (alto, I think?) so if you or someone you know would be good for this, tag them in the comments or message me!

AIM Contest + NGADM is Happening!

After running the Art-Inspired Music Contest for the past 5 years that I created with Phyrnna (and involved with spinoff contests), I am proud to pass the torch to @Random-storykeeper, who has proven herself to be a potentially great organizer for this contest. I hope you all treat her well with welcoming arms. She needs judges for the contest starting on April 12th.

More info here:


NGADM is also happening thanks to @Zelazon! I believe it's June 17th for auditions, here's the official post: https://zelazon.newgrounds.com/news/post/1048416

Anonymous Agony (Game Project)

Man....so much work has been put into this awesome game. I've probably tested the game for bugs like 50-60 times now. It's been brutal, we've run into a lot of new bugs. I took photos for the new opening of the game I edited (putting some of the old opening in as well). We're getting close, sending it to Steam as soon as we iron out the kinks!

We posted a podcast recently about the details of what we're doing with it and Pico Day and other info if you're curious. We're aiming for the release date in May hopefully before Pico Day! We're submitting something for Pico Day too, so look out for that!

What Music I'm Working On

Probably what people are wondering the most is what music I've been working on.

The Other Side Chronicles

As you've seen, I recently uploaded a version of The Other Side with vocals, from The Other Side EP originally. I'm making a record where I sing over all 5 songs, it'll be called The Other Side Chronicles. I hope to release that next month once I have artwork and all the songs recorded! The fans have asked for this for years, sorry I took so long.

Under Construction

The Kid Projekt album fewer fans have looked forward to. Debating whether or not I'll release this one for free, I did work hard on it. It's the hiphop/R&B album but it's experimental, more heart and soul than most of today's unfortunate styles. But that's mainstream producers and rap artists for ya these days. This has a few songs left to lay vocals down on, probably also will be done next month, or later this month.

Eyes of Purgatory (Vol. 1)

My biggest effort to date, the whole concept album split into 4 EPs, the first being Volume 1, dropping this Summer. "Death Over Life" is the first single I gave a preview for, but I've been tweaking the instrumental. It's done now, but been waiting a while on vocalists. That's why I'm looking for a new female singer for it. I don't want to be kept waiting for months, I want someone who really wants to/is able to do this.

Other Music

Basically I'm making a soundtrack for my friend's game long in the works. I'm also doing another World Chorus project with Ai-Say (my good friend, Aika). You might remember we did a World Chorus cover of "Dati" (the Christmas version). This time, we're doing a BIG "The Greatest Showman" medley....and it's proven to be more than I can chew on my own, so we brought in another producer. This will be done in August.

Most of my time has gone into trying to get the game on Steam and recording vocals for songs, so that's why most people haven't heard from me, but this is what's basically going on. This will probably be my last post before Pico Day and the single release, since this basically sums up everything I'm doing right now besides work.

Thanks for the support guys! Stay tuned! I'll try to get another song out asap.


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