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Co-Founder of the Art-Inspired Music Contest and Pixel Day. Just some guy who loves making music, drawing, writing, voice acting, helping people, and is pretty much a mega nerd. Profile picture by Shadowcat5150.

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The Art-Inspired Music Contest results are finally here hot off the press: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1433783

Here's the AIM album: https://artinspiredmusic.bandcamp.com/album/art-inspired-music-2018-vol-5

I had a great time this year, but also was kinda overwhelmed since my life is picking up in many ways.  I'd like to thank @MetalRenard for breaking the tie, judging the top 3 was hard this year.  Also thanks to @ADR3-N @ChronoNomad and TaintedLogic for all their hard work being amazing judges giving great reviews.

Today we remember @Phyrnna for being half of this beautiful whole of a contest, she was the one who said I should make this idea into a contest 5 years ago, and helped judge it from time to time.  Thank you for inspiring me in many ways.  With that said, my time with AIM has come to an end. 

5 beautiful years is a good number, but I will pass the torch to someone to keep the flame going, I want this tradition to keep on.  I don't know who yet, but will let you know next year.

Also, been uploading more songs from the 2008 Piercing Lazer album "Parallel Universe", which "Simple Sight" (the Necromancer Theme from Castle Crashers) is on.  So check out my latest songs, and latest autobiography podcast episode of Reinvention, where I talk about the origin of Pixel Day, going to school for mixing, NG Zero Hour, the new Pico's School soundtrack, and more.

I've been sleeping terrible lately, kinda scaring me.  I'm exausted.  I'm just overwhelmed and getting this off my plate will probably help.  I won't be able to do anything until I get sleep, good time to take a break.  Going on a roadtrip to Indiana next week with my best friend, will probably help to get away from it all for a couple days. 

Soon I'll be working more on my new albums, and Venturescape.  Can't wait till Reinvention is done, only 2 episodes left, then that's off the plate too haha.  Besides working 2 jobs (yuck) that's about it.  Later y'all, more music from the 2008 album, and demos of old songs, to come.  I swear after this year I'm swearing off albums forever.

NG Midwest Meetup?

Sort of an idea proposal, nothing set in stone yet, but what if I hosted a meetup for you guys here in my city of Louisville, KY?  It's a great place with lots to do, even has an arcade bar, which we will definitely be hitting up.  If I did a meetup, I would want it to be in the Fall, either October or November. 

Would anyone be down with that, and what dates of those months would you be free if so?  I will need at least 5 definite names to make it happen.  I reccomend bringing your allergy meds too, we're the #2 allergy spot this year (though most of the year it isn't so bad, but also depends what you're allergic to). 

Let me know, thanks!


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