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Hiphop Project (New Record Coming Soon!)

2017-11-21 02:17:28 by RealFaction

So, since last year, I've been working on some hiphop music I'm going to rap over under the name Kid Project.  This hiphop is coming from the soul, I'm making most of the beats.  K.I.D. stands for Killing Inner Demons and cause I'm playful and kept my child-like nature, and project because I'm constantly working on myself, I want to send positive messages and bring something different to the hiphop scene, just being myself.  I've been a rapper off and on since I was 14, in highschool, but under a different name (The Trixsta, blah lol).

So, while Venturescape is currently taking a break until episode 7 is ready for release, I'm working on this side project.  The EP record will have 6 songs (not including the intro track).  It's going to be FREE, to give you a taste of the music, and if you like it, the next record (I have lots of more songs in progress) releasing next year will be somewhere around $7.

You're going to feel a mix of modern, as well as oldschool hiphop vibes in the beats, plus I'm actually rapping about positive issues instead of this "I got money" crap we gotta face in the industry.   I made most of the beats, but I'm also rapping over a couple beats by the ever so experimental @Father-of-Death and @Arbelamram (sorry man I'm still working on it XD thank you for the beat).  I love their music.

I want to get this EP out by next month IF possible, but it's definitely coming soon.  I feel this is soulful, passionate music with positive vibes, positive messages, and I'm really happy with how it's turning out.So, that's what I'm working on to hold you over while I'm working on Piercing Lazer material.  I'll give you some previews soon.  In the meantime, here's the artwork I made for it in SAI:



It's Mah Birthdayyyy

2017-11-14 05:54:02 by RealFaction

Yep, I'm 26 now.  I made a birthday podcast.  Check it out.  I talk about the cool shirt @MintyFreshThoughts made and sent me.  I'm wearing it.  It's rad.  I also talk about music thats coming, getting more into voice acting, and a little about my new job and current life.   Talking Real is back, for now.


MintyFreshThoughts Shirt Design:

Buy the shirt:



Venturescape Episode 6!

2017-11-10 09:22:09 by RealFaction

Episode 6 of Venturescape is out!  Sorry for the wait, episode 7 should be out next week!  It's my birthday week, so I want to do a birthday podcast next week too giving you all updates my life.  Enjoy!  Thanks to those who are sending auditions regarding my last post! 

Video Version:
Audio Version:


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Casting Call (Venturescape) + Visual Novel Project

2017-11-03 05:39:47 by RealFaction

Hi there!  Thank you to all the lovely people who auditioned for the four roles in the casting call!  Quick news, Episode 6 will be postponed until next week, but I am now looking for actors to fill two more roles to fill for season 1 of Venturescape!  I am looking for a male, and a female.  Also, before I give the details, I would like to announce that I want to make Venturescape into a Visual novel project (eventually, for now it's the audio drama series)! 

A friend of mine not too long ago said she could help me get a team for it, so we will see how that goes, when the time is right for development.  I would like to start an indiegogo for the project.  It's a bit early to know for sure if it's happening, but I would like to have voice acting for that too if a certain goal is reached. 

All auditions can be emailed to . These auditions are for the audio drama series only, the visual novel project is just an idea for now, some people got the wrong idea so I wanted to clear that up, it's not for the visual novel project, right now it's just an idea.

Friday, November 24th (with the possibility of an extension if needed)

Now, here's the roles:

Male Role - Greg:  A male biker in his 40's who hangs out at a local bar, real laid back, easy to talk to, and serves as a father figure to one of the characters later in the season when he meets them.  He likes to use slang, and can be tough when need be. 

He's a side character, so he has quite a few lines.  I realize this role is a bit tougher to step into since he's hard to grasp unless you listen to him talk, so I'll provide some lines here to work with. You can add extra lines if you wish to, and multiple takes of the same lines, if you wish.

Greg: "You know're right.  I can't just let my baby sit there without me.  I gotta take it out and ride.  I'm sober enough, I should be okay." (he's talking about his motorcycle here)

Female Role - ???:  Okay, so I can't say who this one is because this is a BIG spoiler character, but I'll do my best to describe her without giving away too much.  This is a woman who sounds anywhere from the age of 25 to one in their 30's, I'm open for different pitches. 

She is very eloquent and sounds very educated like she's been around a long time, like an English major graduate or a historian, but very motherly in nature, and in sound, with a soft and sweet tone.  She is very caring, full of love and wishes the best for others. She only has a few lines, but it reveals something big in the series, so I can't share that specifically, but I will give you an example line of something she would say.

Female:  "Do not fear, this storm will pass in time.  Right now, things may seem difficult in the present, but the future has room to change, and is full of possibilities."

Good luck, everyone!  Thank you kindly!

Happy Halloween, folks!  You get a Halloween track, it's a shorter version of a Piercing Lazer track, but...very different than the usual!  It's going back to my Industrial Metal roots with the electronic elements, did some experimenting.  The inspiration is a mix of elements from the very first album from 2007, and the 2008 album You can expect more of that on the new album coming sometime next year. 

Check it out:


Venturescape Ep. 5 (shorter episodes)

2017-10-27 17:06:31 by RealFaction

Episode 5 of Venturescape is up! Episodes will be shorter, and posted every week now! :) Thanks to Aika Intong for editing the video version, I couldn't because i had to sleep and going to work right after this post!  I'll probably update this post later.  For now, enjoy, and check out my new Piercing Lazer song "Element" as well I uploaded to here.

Audio Download:


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NEED Voice Actors (Venturescape Roles)

2017-10-13 21:37:52 by RealFaction

Hey got another casting call!  I have some roles for Venturescape open to be filled by any aspiring voice actors out there who think they got what it takes!  Email all auditions to (or alternatively, your demo reel).  I'll list the parts I need below, but first, I want to mention some stuff! 

Writer's Room

Every 2 weeks is an episode of Venturescape, and a week after each episode, I've been doing a podcast going behind the scenes of the series called "Writer's Room", and episode 4 of that just got posted using my new XLR mic!  Only listen after the episode or you'll be going into spoiler city:

Venturescape OST

I'm thankful for people like @ADR3-N and @Ceevro for making awesome original songs for this series, I'd love to have more original music for the soundtrack when it releases after Season 1 is done (there's 10 episodes this season).  I just posted "The Death (Venturescape Mix)" by ADR3-N on my youtube channel, and I did the final mixing/mastering for it.  Check it out:


Casting Call

For Venturescape Episodes 8, 9, and 10, I need the following roles filled:

- A waitress who is nice, gives that hospitality at a restaurant, but also flirtatious charm (it's a bar/restaurant)

-  I'm casting for an intimidating villain, but i don't know what his voice will be like, im open for interpretation. He's egotistical, he wants revenge (if I said why, it would spoil the story), something intimidating, he's in his 20's, he's a broken angry man.  I don't know if i'll have a creepy voice filter to mask his voice or not, but has to sound good without one.

- The villain has a partner in crime, she's basically along for the ride for what she gets out of it, but she's mostly about what she wants.  She's tired of his big speeches and theatrics, she's basically impatient and also hates the world as he does but she's...grumpy and tired of everyone, impatient, unless she's trying to get information through charming it out of someone withher flirting skills.  Think Catwoman, but pulled back a little, more realistic, like the girl next door, or something.

-  A military general, older sounding voice, the one that you hear say "Alright you maggots! We're going to war!", tough sounding.

If you are interested in trying out for these roles, send me auditions in a message or email to!  Thanks!

Venturescape Episode 4 is up, but also I want to talk about big changes to my life.  I'm not going to be doing commissions anymore after these last 3 I'm working on at the moment, and I'm changing directions with my music.  I talk about it more in the video below.  Ai-Say & Puri made the awesome artwork of chibi me, thanks guys!

Check out this remix I did of Troisnyx's "Re:Reveris" (the vocal version):

And here's episode 4 featuring Jenny Glynn, @atheatricalsongbird (she's in quite a few episodes this season), @sailorsilverstar, @tommynom, and me voicing some....things :X (you'll see, it would be a spoiler if I said). Special thanks to @LazorFocus , go check out their website too:


Venturescape Episode 4 IS LIVE/Remix

2017-10-06 16:40:24 by RealFaction

Tomorrow I'm going to make a bigger post (with a video) about a big announcement regarding the future of my commissions and music/life direction in general (don't worry music's still coming and I'm not quittin'), but or now, EPISODE 4 OF VENTURESCAPE IS LIVE!  :D  and I made a remix of a song.

Check out this remix I did of Troisnyx's "Re:Reveris" (the vocal version):

And here's episode 4 featuring Jenny Glynn, @atheatricalsongbird (she's in quite a few episodes this season), @sailorsilverstar, @tommynom, and me voicing some....things :X (you'll see, it would be a spoiler if I said). Special thanks to @LazorFocus , go check out their website too:


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Brizzy Voices in Venturescape Ep. 3 + Music News

2017-09-23 16:44:47 by RealFaction

Surprise!  THE Anna "Brizzy Voices" Brisbin is in Venturescape Episode 3, now on Newgrounds and YouTube!  She plays the role of Mary!

Also have the lovely @SailorSilverStar as the main character of this episode, Krystal Valentine, as well as Jenny Glynn as Young Krystal and Abigail, she's underground and I'm trying to get her out there (and to make an NG account).  There's also the lovely @ATheatricalSongbird (who's been in a lot of episodes and more to come!) as Krystal's mom and an early 1900's lady who's sour about modern clothes!

Also features the awesome P.M. Seymour as Jeremiah!  Yes, this is a new character arc, like Billy's.  However, episode 4 will start to unravel the point of all this and what's going on in the real world, what the Iris outbreak is, and how it's affecting the world.  Enjoy!

Thanks to @Lampabot and @holikrep as always for the lovely artwork <3 and Mycah Garcia as well!


Music News

Currently I'm working on SIX songs.  Yeah....whew, work! 

- Firstly is a secret cover that's a big collab project that won't come out until around Christmas

- Then I have a secret client project that probably won't see the light of day anytime soon (but who knows)

- Another song for a client that is one of 3 songs I made for them that will be coming out soon around the same time

- A remix of "The Death" by @ADR3-N for Venturescape

- A remix of a song by @Troisnyx

- Finally, I'm releasing a song as soon as the client/animator finishes an animation loop for the video version.  I'm going to make a longer version to release as my first single for Kid Project, my hiphop side project.

And that's what I'm CURRENTLY working on, that doesn't include the incredible amount of songs I'm working on for Piercing Lazer, but as soon as I'm done with these, I will start on that again.  What will you see next you ask?  No idea.  But, rest assured, one of these you will see next week, hopefully.  Lots of music on the way! :D Look forward to Writer's Room for episode 3 in the next week!  Thanks for your support!

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