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Co-owner of Coded Emotion (game developer), Co-Founder of the Art-Inspired Music Contest and Pixel Day. Just some guy who loves making music, writing, making games, and helping people, and is pretty much a mega nerd. Profile picture by Shadowcat5150.

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RealFaction's News

Posted by RealFaction - 2 weeks ago

I'm looking for a female singer for my metal album. For now, just for one song, but a few more if they're up for it. Also, news about the AIM contest and NGADM! And updates about music and projects (like the game project). I've been up to a lot.

Need Female Singer for New Piercing Lazer EP

Know any female singers out there who want to sing over a Metal song? I'll need the vocals within the next 2 to 3 weeks, looking for a good rock voice like Halestorm or In This Moment (alto, I think?) so if you or someone you know would be good for this, tag them in the comments or message me!

AIM Contest + NGADM is Happening!

After running the Art-Inspired Music Contest for the past 5 years that I created with Phyrnna (and involved with spinoff contests), I am proud to pass the torch to @Random-storykeeper, who has proven herself to be a potentially great organizer for this contest. I hope you all treat her well with welcoming arms. She needs judges for the contest starting on April 12th.

More info here:


NGADM is also happening thanks to @Zelazon! I believe it's June 17th for auditions, here's the official post: https://zelazon.newgrounds.com/news/post/1048416

Anonymous Agony (Game Project)

Man....so much work has been put into this awesome game. I've probably tested the game for bugs like 50-60 times now. It's been brutal, we've run into a lot of new bugs. I took photos for the new opening of the game I edited (putting some of the old opening in as well). We're getting close, sending it to Steam as soon as we iron out the kinks!

We posted a podcast recently about the details of what we're doing with it and Pico Day and other info if you're curious. We're aiming for the release date in May hopefully before Pico Day! We're submitting something for Pico Day too, so look out for that!

What Music I'm Working On

Probably what people are wondering the most is what music I've been working on.

The Other Side Chronicles

As you've seen, I recently uploaded a version of The Other Side with vocals, from The Other Side EP originally. I'm making a record where I sing over all 5 songs, it'll be called The Other Side Chronicles. I hope to release that next month once I have artwork and all the songs recorded! The fans have asked for this for years, sorry I took so long.

Under Construction

The Kid Projekt album fewer fans have looked forward to. Debating whether or not I'll release this one for free, I did work hard on it. It's the hiphop/R&B album but it's experimental, more heart and soul than most of today's unfortunate styles. But that's mainstream producers and rap artists for ya these days. This has a few songs left to lay vocals down on, probably also will be done next month, or later this month.

Eyes of Purgatory (Vol. 1)

My biggest effort to date, the whole concept album split into 4 EPs, the first being Volume 1, dropping this Summer. "Death Over Life" is the first single I gave a preview for, but I've been tweaking the instrumental. It's done now, but been waiting a while on vocalists. That's why I'm looking for a new female singer for it. I don't want to be kept waiting for months, I want someone who really wants to/is able to do this.

Other Music

Basically I'm making a soundtrack for my friend's game long in the works. I'm also doing another World Chorus project with Ai-Say (my good friend, Aika). You might remember we did a World Chorus cover of "Dati" (the Christmas version). This time, we're doing a BIG "The Greatest Showman" medley....and it's proven to be more than I can chew on my own, so we brought in another producer. This will be done in August.

Most of my time has gone into trying to get the game on Steam and recording vocals for songs, so that's why most people haven't heard from me, but this is what's basically going on. This will probably be my last post before Pico Day and the single release, since this basically sums up everything I'm doing right now besides work.

Thanks for the support guys! Stay tuned! I'll try to get another song out asap.


Posted by RealFaction - 1 month ago

First off, before I get into this, thank you to @Jsoull for paying for my 2-night stay at the hotel when I get to Philadelphia for the official Newgrounds Pico Day party. Go check his stuff out! Also, thank you to everyone who's supported me this far, donations, support, kind words, and all.

I destressed for a couple days, hung out with friends, and you all helped me feel better, and get in a more stable place. As a thank you here's one of the tracks from The Other Side Chronicles for free. The record will have songs from The Other Side EP and The Other Side, Pt. 2, with vocals over all of the songs this time around. Coming this Spring.



PS: I told @Sevi their art was so good they could make a good shirt, and that I'd wear one on Pico Day at the party if they did. Welp, guess what's below! Go check out their amazing work, too. That's about it folks, on the last leg of beta testing the game before Steam release (or Patreon if you want it a month earlier when it's out soon).




Posted by RealFaction - March 13th, 2019

Short Version: I normally don't ask, but I'm in serious debt due to financially struggling (mostly due to the car scam last week), so I haven't been able to be here much, or even talk to most of my friends much. If you want to help me out, any donations/tips are appreciated: https://www.ko-fi.com/realfaction but, read onward for a surprise if you're a Piercing Lazer fan who wants a couple extra things from it. Below, is the full story of what's going on.

Full Story

I'm in a bit of an emergency situation at the moment. As it stands, I've been working a second job at Lyft to work off serious financial debt, and working on new Piercing Lazer songs. This past week, due to the unexpected $500+ car repair I got scammed with (thanks, Pepboys), among other things that have come up, it's gotten much worse. I've had to ask parents for help and they're struggling, too.

I normally don't ask, but I need help, working two jobs hasn't been enough. If you can help me, then as a thank you, in the next month, I'm going to release one of The Other Side EP songs with vocals added, early, since it will be a part of the vocal version record, I've been working on it. I'll also write you guys a huge thank you song.

I really need you guys right now, so will you help me stay afloat to keep making music and games? Anything helps, your best is enough, even if you're not able to give anything, the thought is appreciated. I love you guys. Thanks for your support all these years, and many more. The donation link is at the top.

That's why I haven't really been around much or uploaded much music lately, or much else. It was really hard to come out and admit this, but I've done all I can at this point. Thanks for being here, love y'all.



Posted by RealFaction - March 12th, 2019

I've mentioned this quite a bit the past couple of months, but the AIM Contest has no organizer this year, and I really would hate to see the contest not happen this year as well as NGADM, because it's up to me to find organizers for both. They may not happen this year, otherwise. Many people, myself included, are too busy to run them.

It's been a good run since 2013, but it may be farewell to AIM, unless someone else takes the mantle. I won't just give it to anyone though. They have to be good with contests, experienced, and overall a nice person. Having years of Newgrounds experience under your belt helps, knowing how things work around here.

This might be the last time I talk about this. If it is the end, sometime this year, I'll give a proper sendoff. Until then, let's see what happens. I posted in the forums: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1439981




Posted by RealFaction - March 6th, 2019

I always wondered why people liked my earlier episodes of Talking Real. I'm thankful though, some of the older ones have lots of views. Don't have much to post content-wise, so for now, enjoy my new Talking Real episode talking about the Pep Boys scam.

Audio Version

Video Version

The story goes, basically I've applied to Uber and Lyft (plus Doordash) to make money since I hardly make much at my first job, but I had a LOT of hoops to jump through. Lyft only lets you get your car inspected by people they assign, and Pepboys are the only shop in town you're allowed to do so.

I emailed them about my mechanic and they said no, even though he approved nothing was wrong with the car a few weeks ago, and suddenly Pep Boys pulled one on me, so I drew a pretty picture below. Enjoy the pic and podcast.


PS: Big news about the game I'm working on within the next week.


Posted by RealFaction - February 20th, 2019

In this post, I'm going to talk about the state of the Art-Inspired Music Contest this year, as well as needing an artist for the game me and my friend are making, Anonymous Agony, specifically someone good with background illustrations.


It's been a good 5 years of me leading the AIM contests in the past (and spinoffs), but now I'm passing the torch to keep the tradition going, as I'm moving my focus to my new game development career, and busy music projects, and two jobs. I am looking for a responsible, experienced musician/event organizer to take over. If you're interested, comment on this post, or message me, or tag someone in the comments!

I really want to keep this tradition going, even without me.

Anonymous Agony Game - Paid Artist Job

For our game, Anonymous Agony, we need an artist to make a few illustrations for one of the next installments of the series. This is a paying job. We're looking for a watercolor style, specifically, to contrast File #1's dark tone, because you play as a psychologist in File #2 in a psyche ward, different character. It's still a dark, emotionally heavy game. though.

To give you an idea of the style, here's some of the artwork (one from a cutscene) below. If you're interested, comment below! Files #0 and #1 will be released sometime this Spring! We're shooting for April.




PS: @TomFulp, I really miss the photo stretching tool, also I tried posting these large images but I kept getting errors, so there's some bugs with the photo uploads (they show, but when I try to publish the post, errors that say "object, object"). I wish I could make these images smaller lol.

Still working on music, guys! No worries! Just been organizing my life grinding on getting a second job, finishing some aspects of the game, and other secret surprises on the way soon.



Posted by RealFaction - February 17th, 2019

New Single

Just released my new hiphop single under Kid Projekt "Skill" featuring my friend Row Skino on Newgrounds and YouTube. Still don't have a set release date for the new album due to how busy I've been, been programming for the game with Jake (which I'll explain below) and waiting on Ai-say's vocals coming soon.

Check it out: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/848618

My Game Stream

Speaking of the game, Monday at 9 PM Eastern time, on my twitch channel http://www.twitch.tv/realfaction you're going to see us stream a walkthrough/bug test of our game, Anonymous Agony: File #1 (the first episode of the game series). We have to get all the bugs out before publishing it to Steam, so come drop by, say hi! :)


Next post will be about needing someone to take over for the Art-Inspired Music Contest as I will not be leading it this year due to focusing on fixing my life and pursuing my career. Stay tuned.



Posted by RealFaction - February 5th, 2019

My new career is making games, guys! I'm now Co-Owner, Co-Writer, Co-Director, Co-Producer, Editor, and one of the Community Managers (wow that's a lot to say!) of Coded Emotion (developer of Anonymous Agony) with my friend, the founder, Jake Caro!

If you want to support our cause to raise awareness on issues and help the world through games, any support is appreciated! Venturescape is going to be a game too! You'll get Discord server access, cool perks in-game, and out of game. This is my new career choice, I want to get my stories out there, but I'll need your help, guys! Love you all! More info below! (Also, we posted a podcast: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/847008 )

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhbEEmPfUCA

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/CodedEmotion



Posted by RealFaction - January 29th, 2019

I just uploaded the last of my unreleased song demos I've been putting up since...May of last year, I think?  I wanted to put out at least 90% of them, the ones worth uploading at least.  Now that we can put the past behind us, it's time to move ahead.  So, what's next?  Well, mostly, check out my newest Talking Real podcast in my submissions to see a more detailed look at some of the topics here, minus the first one.

Career Choice

Firstly, I'm going to drop a big announcement this week about my new career choice that I want to pursue, that I think lines up with my core desires of wanting to help people and entertain, and have fun with it, writing stories that impact people.  It's not just writing, or acting.  I'm going to drop a video/podcast this week, probably filming tomorrow.  It will incorporate other things related to that.

New Album

Secondly, the next couple weeks, I'm finishing my new hiphop/R&B album which tackles topics such as Depression, Anxiety, mostly stuff regarding the stuff i had to overcome with my past depression and the triggers of it.  I just released the new single if you want to support me and buy it, more info here: https://realfaction.newgrounds.com/news/post/1039239 after this album, secret albums I'm working on, more info below.

Pixel Day/Secret New Albums

I finished Pixel Day judging days ago, hoping Tom got the message.  I saw a lot of amazing entries, good job guys!  After the next album drops, while I'm working on my secret projects regarding my new career path, in collaboration with a good friend of mine, I'll be working on two secret albums (then work more on the new Piercing Lazer album after) I hope to release news about in the next month or two when one is far enough along.  They should be done in the Spring, if not before. 


AIM + NGADM Contests

The AIM and NGADM contests have been more of a challenge in recent years due to me being responsible of scheduling both, and mostly organizing AIM.  After 5 wonderful years, I have to step down from that responsibility to take care of my own life, but I would like to bestow the mantle of Lead Organizer to someone who can manage it this year.  It would be ideal to Schedule AIM from April to June, and NGADM going after that. 

You have to be an experienced contest organizer, care for the people, and be an experienced musician able to collect the proper judges.  Are you up for the challenge?  I can't give this to just anyone, but the right person who fits the bill.  Message me if interested.

Closing Summary

This is the year I wrap up the things I started, and move on to other things.  I'm not done with music, but slowing down to pursue what I truly want to do.  Music is fun and I'll still do it, but after the Eyes of Purgatory two-part album series, I don't know if I want to do another album for a while, or as quick at least, those never really sell much anyway.  Might just be singles. 

I really just need a career I want to have a lot of fun with and further my life to make money to support my life and do what I'm most passionate about, and music isn't paying the bills.  I still love making music, but there's something more I want that you'll find out this week, very soon.  This post might not last long till I post a new one, even.  I'll be surprised if anyone reads it all.

Stay tuned, my fellow outcasts. 



Posted by RealFaction - January 22nd, 2019

Upload your submissions (they can be previous creations, too) to Pixel Day in the Newgrounds portal on January 23rd, this Wednesday, Eastern America/USA timezone to be a part of the celebration!  Be sure to tag it with pixelday2019 in the project tags to be eligable to participate!  Tom Fulp and I will be judging as per usual and look forward to your submissions! :D

More info here: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1437848

Art by @moawling


Also, I just dropped a new single, "Trade Arcade", under my side project, Kid Projekt! If you like hiphop/R&B music that actually has heart and soul and not the mumble crap we have today, here's the new single from my new Kid Projekt album "Under Construction" coming next month!  

Buy the single below if you want to support me further, thanks!  It features my good talented pal @Cyberdevil on verse 2!  This album is about my past and how I overcame it, enjoy!


Clean Version:  https://youtu.be/LAjNKOssifY

Explicit Version: https://youtu.be/XjeV9U7DkiI

Got some very special things in store after this album, this year.  Big plans both music-wise, and stuff that's not music.  I can't wait to expand more in the soon future.  Good luck everyone!  Happy Pixel Day to be!