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Posted by RealFaction - 7 days ago

I prefer not to post this sort of stuff on newgrounds about my personal life most of the time, because I don't want to be negative, or a drag, but I guess I'm reaching out for help, because I sincerely need it right now.  As of late I've mostly been okay, but due to some stuff that's been going on today, stuff that triggered certain emotions....i'm not okay today.  You probably won't read most of this which I don't expect many to, it is a lot to read after all.

Anyway, here's a basic vent about my current personal life.

Today i had a fight with my dad because he's very stubborn, angry, and I stopped accepting his apologies because it's a routine.  Do something to emotionally hurt me and be stubborn doing things his way selfishly, apologize, do it again.  He'll never change, and he'll do it again, and again.  That's how it's been for years, since I was a kid, what he always does. 

I've been dealing with mold in my a/c ventilation system, im very allergic, so that's been going on the past week.  And yes, those two things connect, because I always have to rely on my parents for money, and things.  I only make like $400 a month with my current job.

Overall, I'm just lost with my identity, what to do with my life job-wise.  I wanted the Kickstarter to work out but it's still sitting at $31....and I guess that's all my Venturescape series will ever be worth, but that's probably just my anxiety talking, that's how I feel I guess...I've failed a lot, and I know failure is what it takes to get better, and you have to keep trying, but right now I feel terrified, and uncertain of what to do.

Living with Autism is the most annoying, the biggest struggle of my life.

It makes me slower at many things than most people, and my capacity for patience is physically shrunk in half because of the way I was born, that's what it does to my brain, it didn't develop/grow on one side as much as other people's brains (yes, literally).  I'm also quite emotionally sensitive due to it, and being in certain environments is hard, I'm still yet to totally find a way to deal with my frustrations, and bad managers.

I'm reluctant to apply to many jobs due to my fear of repeating past failures at past jobs of certain kinds.  I'm trying my best to get past it, but I genuinely don't have a plan for my life outside of what I do with my Venturescape series, and music here which I don't really lean on.  It's why I've tried hard to promote the Kickstarter and what not, that's my dream, I'm actually good at that.  I feel lost. I'll even admit I've been crying my eyes out, I don't care anymore, fuck it, you know now.

I know I have to get past this somehow, but this will slow my progress further with videos maybe....or maybe in a day or two I'll figure something out, maybe not, I really don't know guys...I'm sorry.  I've kept living with let downs and failures, and it's getting to me. I'm still better than I used to be emotionally, but today's been a really rough one. I still have those every once in a while, we all do. I just feel I've let myself down, and let you all down. I'm sorry.

Anyway, Venturescape will still keep going, i'm still waiting on my actress to re-record her lines in the next week, hopefully. In terms of music, soon I'll upload a demo from the past, another unreleased song I'm happy with for the most part besides the mixing issues, that I think you all will enjoy.

And thank you to those who have given me wonderful supportive comments in the past on here and on my videos, it means a lot. Keep on keeping on, everyone. I just wish I knew what to do financially right now, what job to get, what I can do. I feel pretty beat up and broken right now guys. Anyway, stay tuned.

PS: I can't wait to see you all at the NG Meetup party next month, I hope people show up.  Woo.


Posted by RealFaction - 1 month ago

For many weeks, I've been working on Venturescape content, which includes the long-awaited Episode 7, and the Kickstarter campaign to pay my staff, as well as stretch goals for a video game demo version of the series, and animated pitch to send to studios and networks. 

I need your support now, more than ever.  This is my biggest dream, my most passionate project, 8 years in the making, I believe this could help the world in a big way, mentally.  If you could take a look at this, share the link on your accounts, even a Newgrounds post, or donate to the Kickstarter campaign, I would greatly appreciate it.  I believe this could help a lot of people struggling with emotional issues like Depression, such as I have, and recently beat it.

So if you would, please check this out: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jkguy/venturescape-a-sci-fi-drama-series-to-help-emotion

Also, from now on, the video versions will be on my Zolutions TV network channel, so it doesn't get lost on my main channel, for Venturescape fans who only want episodes:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiJdRb5aVQ6CNfp7thRkntw


This is really important to me, because I know the impact it could make on many lives, and I want to make a career out of this, helping people through my stories.  I'm very passionate about writing, determined to make this successful.  This is from my heart, to yours. 

Also, launching with the campaign, surprise, episode 7 is finally here with our new voice actress playing Noel; Beth Martin:

Audio version: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/825416
Video artwork version: https://youtu.be/YI3x2s1tQYQ

I'll keep you all posted!  There will be a future interview to be posted in the middle of the campaign with one of my actors, stay tuned!  PS: I'm hyped for the Newgrounds Meetup in November!

@Lawnreality @Forgottendawn @sailorsilverstar @saminat @kel-chan @tommynom @holikrep @mysticskillz @atheatricalsongbird


Posted by RealFaction - September 3rd, 2018

I just released a video about an album cover contest for the new Piercing Lazer concept album (and dropped a new song) I've been working on the past 4 years, "Eyes of Purgatory". I'm hoping part 1 will be done late this year, or early next year.  The album will be divided in two parts, and is a tribute to my musical inspiration and wonderful friend, @Back-From-Purgatory.

If you're a photographer or artist, and love metal, check the contest out:

Fun fact: I started making this song 3 years ago for a boss fight in the secret second level of Newgrounds: Zero Hour (I STILL hope I get to finish that game but I need a programmer), and then it turned into something I wanted to expand on the new Piercing Lazer concept album I've been working on the past 4 years, "Eyes of Purgatory".

PS: Dustin from the first album is coming back to Piercing Lazer on this album.


Posted by RealFaction - August 24th, 2018

Happy 10 years Castle Crashers (on August 27th)!

For the 10th anniversary of Castle Crashers, don't know if The Behemoth or Newgrounds is doing anything, but thought I would.  I answer questions about the Necromancer Theme (my song in the game), giving the full story, how the game changed my life and music career, and there's 2 new songs from the new upcoming Piercing Lazer album I snuck in there somewhere.  Thank you @DanPaladin & @TomFulp <3 love you guys.

Here: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/821082

I also made a video version: https://youtu.be/GCVzUoeBi0Q and below is a text version if you want to read a hell of a lot of text (plus a bonus question not in the video).

PS: If you're a fan or a friend, here's my official Discord Server: https://discord.gg/Yancg4f


How did you get the offer to have a song in Castle Crashers?

When I was 16 in 2008, I was making music for 2 years, on a website called Newgrounds.com I was visiting since 2003.  It was one of the only websites for underground musicians back then before soundcloud or youtube existed, and legally free music period.  It was a great community of artists.  I used to think I was a nobody, dealt with depression, but, when I got featured in the top 5 weekly audio on Newgrounds.com, it saved my life, it changed me.

I believe it was Tom himself who emailed me in around April or May of 2008, shortly after my first big hit Clearing the Sky, got in the top 5 audio, and it was an email from The Behemoth.  He asked if they could use my song, Simple Sight, which I had already made at that point, for their game Castle Crashers, within a short few months before the game was finished to launch on Xbox Live Arcade for the 360.  I couldn't believe it.  I was 16 years old, getting a video game deal.  

Naturally, I was excited, I believe I was crying in tears, yelling in my house in joy, jumping around, I mean how could you not?  

Was the song composed for the game?

Actually, no.  Apparently, there was a Newgrounds music contest, where you made a song for the game, and if your entry got picked, it would be in the game.  I didn't even know about the at all, didn't enter, so I was shocked.  Tom must have looked through my music and said "Hey, I like this guy's music" and saw that piece and emailed me about it.  I would love to hear his side of the story regarding that, I still don't really know, but I imagine that's what happened.  So that was probably one of, if not the only song that wasn't composed for the game, but was picked.    Which is really cool, I feel honored.  

Most of the artists were already well-known and I was already a fan of, so to be on a game soundtrack with some of the artists I was a big fan of already like @ParagonX9 @cornandbeans @Waterflame it was awesome.  Before that I wasn't really known and that helped establish my career, my first big outing.  

I was doing Piercing Lazer for a year with my friend Dustin, but the second album that song came off of was just me at that point, I had already made it in January, working on a version with vocals for the album.  

The Behemoth sent me a contract through email to print out, me and my parents had to sign it, and I was debating on signing it as my main artist name, Real Faction, but I wanted to get Piercing Lazer, my newest electronic rock side project at the time, out there.

What inspired the style of the song?

As far as the sound goes, that's a Piercing Lazer staple, experimental electronic industrial metal sounds spread across songs from the first two albums.  That song was a mixture of inspiration from Celldweller and Slipknot.  That agressive heavy fast energetic metal, mixed with electronic slime and grime over the top to smooth out the sound, it all was meant to sound synthetic but also different.  I was a big fan of synths and any band that used them like Rush, and still am, so I guess that was a progressive rock piece of inspiration.  

Do the lyrics have anything to do with the game?  What are the lyrics?

Some people have been asking me, when I recently just posted the remastered version with the vocals of me singing, where the lyrics were, what they were because you can't understand some of them, and if it related to the game in any sort of way, but sadly the truth is, it doesn't.  I've changed computers so much over the years I wasn't expecting it to be a smash hit, so I didn't really save the lyrics, sorry. I can't understand some of them earlier, I had a crappy mic, and I can't really remember some of them.  

But from what I DO remember back then, it's basically about how some people are narrow-minded, closed-minded, don't see the truth, how we're basically tearing each other apart, dealing with depression, lies, so how they see things is simple, simple sight.  

In my earlier years, I already saw the lies and fake facade that is the pop music industry with a lot of artists and didn't feel that organic, soulful, honest stuff where the artists put their own heart into the lyrics and everything, just felt wrong and off.  So, that's where that song came from.  Sorry guys, it doesn't relate to the game. 

I wish there was a Castle Crashers sequel as many people do, don't know if it'll happen, but if it does, I'd love to compose the next necromancer theme song, I'd be down for that.  

Is Piercing Lazer still making music?

(this question is really stupid on Newgrounds since you all know I'm active, but some people outside of here think I'm dead or cease to exist or aren't making music still)

Absolutely yeah!  I actually just released the remastered version of both versions of the song with and without vocals on the 10th anniversary remastered re-release of Parallel Universe, that Piercing Lazer album the song is on, and it's for sale on my Bandcamp.  

I'm still going with Piercing Lazer, released a couple new albums and remastered anniversary re-releases in recent years, and for 4 years, been working on a 2-part metal concept album, which will be my hardest yet.  I'm doing things I've never done before with metal, and also bringing some of the old sounds back the fans knows me for.  I want to use my music to help people, spread positive messages, because I'm far from done, I want to keep going.  I'm also working on my hiphop side project, this will be the second album for that, coming soon.  

A Word of Thanks

To this day, Tom Fulp is the reason I kept going with my music, and that helped my life a lot.  He's been a great friend to me, we talk every now and then, amazing guy.   He's inspired me in a lot of ways, and we've collaborated on a handful of projects together, like contests such as Pixel Day that I pitched to him, and the Art-Inspired Music Contest I pitched to him, going on for many years.

It went beyond the song, the video game, he believed in me and my ideas which were inspired by him, and it's because of him those ideas gained so much support and became loved annual events by himself, and the Newgrounds community, just large numbers of people loving the contests.  I never imagined I would come this far in my life or on Newgrounds, meeting the man himself and him becoming such a great friend of mine.  Knowing he's a fan of my music and my work in general, having supported me as much as he has, he's like family to me.

He even commissioned me to make Pico's School Soundtrack!  That's two games he's worked on I've made songs for.  It's awesome.

So, thank you to everyone who has supported me, my fans, friends, family, thank you so much, it would mean a lot if you keep supporting me and my new music, I promise it will not disappoint if you want to subscribe to me and ring the bell. 

Happy 10 years Castle Crashers! <3




Posted by RealFaction - August 7th, 2018

NG Midwest Meetup


The meetup will be November 13th, Tuesday, at 6 PM Eastern Time (EST), in Louisville, KY, at Recbar (an arcade bar)!  It's the day before my birthday.   If you want to go, let me know.  We'll be going to an arcade bar, and a bonfire party at my mom's afterwards.  It'll be fun! 

Comment below if you want to go!


I have launched the Kickstarter campaign for Venturescape, and just released episode 7.  It would mean a lot if you spread the kickstarter page around, or can donate, anything helps! This project is to help people with depression, suicidal thoughts, and other emotional issues, you would be helping us make a difference!  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jkguy/venturescape-a-sci-fi-drama-series-to-help-emotion

Watch the episodes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YI3x2s1tQYQ


Reinvention: The Audiobiography (autobiography) of Real Faction COMPLETED!

In April, I started an autobiography podcast series on the past 12 years of my music career, and some personal stories about my life and how Newgrounds has changed it for the best.  Weekly (most of the time) I released episodes talking about different years.  Well, I just put out the last episode, and you can download the completed series for FREE!

Newgrounds: https://www.newgrounds.com/playlists/view/f741fd1df5772e6b5a5e5285ca2d01a5
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLM_ItXF6mgdq5gZiSvHhk9hnrZeo8vC9Q
BandCamp: https://realfaction.bandcamp.com/album/reinvention-the-audiobiography-of-real-faction





Posted by RealFaction - July 18th, 2018

The Art-Inspired Music Contest results are finally here hot off the press: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1433783

Here's the AIM album: https://artinspiredmusic.bandcamp.com/album/art-inspired-music-2018-vol-5

I had a great time this year, but also was kinda overwhelmed since my life is picking up in many ways.  I'd like to thank @MetalRenard for breaking the tie, judging the top 3 was hard this year.  Also thanks to @ADR3-N @ChronoNomad and TaintedLogic for all their hard work being amazing judges giving great reviews.

Today we remember @Phyrnna for being half of this beautiful whole of a contest, she was the one who said I should make this idea into a contest 5 years ago, and helped judge it from time to time.  Thank you for inspiring me in many ways.  With that said, my time with AIM has come to an end. 

5 beautiful years is a good number, but I will pass the torch to someone to keep the flame going, I want this tradition to keep on.  I don't know who yet, but will let you know next year.

Also, been uploading more songs from the 2008 Piercing Lazer album "Parallel Universe", which "Simple Sight" (the Necromancer Theme from Castle Crashers) is on.  So check out my latest songs, and latest autobiography podcast episode of Reinvention, where I talk about the origin of Pixel Day, going to school for mixing, NG Zero Hour, the new Pico's School soundtrack, and more.

I've been sleeping terrible lately, kinda scaring me.  I'm exausted.  I'm just overwhelmed and getting this off my plate will probably help.  I won't be able to do anything until I get sleep, good time to take a break.  Going on a roadtrip to Indiana next week with my best friend, will probably help to get away from it all for a couple days. 

Soon I'll be working more on my new albums, and Venturescape.  Can't wait till Reinvention is done, only 2 episodes left, then that's off the plate too haha.  Besides working 2 jobs (yuck) that's about it.  Later y'all, more music from the 2008 album, and demos of old songs, to come.  I swear after this year I'm swearing off albums forever.

NG Midwest Meetup?

Sort of an idea proposal, nothing set in stone yet, but what if I hosted a meetup for you guys here in my city of Louisville, KY?  It's a great place with lots to do, even has an arcade bar, which we will definitely be hitting up.  If I did a meetup, I would want it to be in the Fall, either October or November. 

Would anyone be down with that, and what dates of those months would you be free if so?  I will need at least 5 definite names to make it happen.  I reccomend bringing your allergy meds too, we're the #2 allergy spot this year (though most of the year it isn't so bad, but also depends what you're allergic to). 

Let me know, thanks!


Posted by RealFaction - July 3rd, 2018

Been a while, eh?  Well, here's your newest newsletter about everything I've been up to and currently working on music-wise, and other stuff.  Before I get into it, The Art-Inspired Music Contest is almost over (Sunday is the deadline OMG), so don't miss out: https://realfaction.newgrounds.com/news/post/1011869

You can still buy physical prints of the official A.I.M. artwork @Nalem made for us this year!

Buy Artwork with Text: https://tinyurl.com/y8d4cmx8
Buy Artwork with NO Text: https://tinyurl.com/y8bm6f23

Simple Sight Remastered (and the Album it's on, too)

I always planned on making the remastered version of Simple Sight (as well as the rare version with the 2008 vocals) and the album from 2008 it's on, so you're getting something a bit more rare and not as seen for the 10th Anniversary, "Parallel Universe".  It's on my BandCamp, and both versions of Simple Sight are sold seperately!  Your support means a lot, so check it out if you want.  PS: This will be the last time I mention Simple Sight, ever.  This is the nail in that coffin.

Also you can sample the album here if you want an 8-minute preview skimming through the tracks, I'll eventually upload a version to NG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8IJZ69zzNo

Get the album: https://piercinglazer.bandcamp.com/album/parallel-universe-10th-anniversary-remastered-edition
Get Simple Sight (Remastered Instrumental): https://piercinglazer.bandcamp.com/track/simple-sight-instrumental-remastered
Get Simple Sight (Remastered Vocals): https://piercinglazer.bandcamp.com/track/simple-sight-vocals-remastered

Enjoy a picture of 16-year-old goth me with the original album artwork (besides the "remastered" part, duh).


New Albums on the Way: Kid Projekt, Piercing Lazer (Progress Update)

For the past 4 years, I've been working on a Piercing Lazer album as a tribute to @Back-From-Purgatory, an amazing musician, rolemodel, and friend, who has inspired my music.  It's a concept album that will be divided into 2 parts.  No title yet, but hoping for a December release.  I'll be looking for a female singer for some of the songs, if she can sing like Amy Lee, or just is a strong singer in general so it doesn't have to be that.

Besides that, currently I'm in the process of finishing instrumentals, talking to Carmen Harris again about taking photos for both album covers.  She did the photo for my album The Box Vol. 2: Regeneration, and the Clocks EP with Zoozbuh, so I love her amazing work and working with her.

I recently released a preview of one of the new songs from Part 1, called Set You Free, check it out: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/813403

Also have a visualizer version on youtube, cause it looks cool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPOp-q5L_Es

I'm also working on the second Kid Projekt album.  I want to say that'll be done this year, may come before that other album, we'll see how my workflow goes.  It's going to be more personal, and @ForgottenDawn is making a beat for the first single, he makes beautiful music.  We're working together with ideas on it, though mostly his.  I can't wait to hear how it turns out in the near future, not sure when yet. 

This album will be more personal, I'm still working on the instrumentals, and lyrics.  I want this to be more hard-hitting, more impactful to anyone who hears it.  I might be featuring a rapper friend or two on the album.  I'm also seeing if my "step-sister", Kaci can sing on a song, and maybe my friend Jackie if she has time.  I want this album to uplift people, spread positive messages.  It also will feature a song about my grandma, Dana, who passed away a couple years ago.  I still miss her.

Venturescape Update


As some of you know, the last episode came out in November of last year, and for months, I have been trying to get lines for Episode 7, and have been waiting too patiently.  I've had to recast twice, but I think this time we've got it.  Please welcome Beth Martin as the new Noel Rae, I think you all will love her performance, I certainly do.  7's lines are being recorded as we speak.

7 has been a real hurdle, but once we get past this, most of Season 1's lines are recorded, so I'll be able to breeze through a decent chunk of the next episodes.  I'm also looking for a Kickstarter Manager who has experience with a successful campaign in the past, so I can pay everyone for their wonderful work.  Here's to hoping.  Will keep you posted about that.

Reinvention: My Music Career Autobiography Podcast & Text Series


If you're curious about the history of my music career, and some of my personal stories from my past about what influenced and inspired my music, Reinvention is the podcast series for you.  I'm nearing the end of this series as it has about 4 or so episodes left, around that.  Maybe 3.  We'll see. 

If you want to keep up, here's the playlist: https://www.newgrounds.com/playlists/view/f741fd1df5772e6b5a5e5285ca2d01a5

Episode 9 (just posted): https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/813583?updated=1530623137

Part 2 of the text version of my Reinvention series has been majorly updated in a certain part where I forgot to add a few details, in the 2015-2016 section about Pixel Day, NG: Zero Hour, school, and other things.  So check that out, I added some stories.  I'll be recording about that the next episode of the podcast episode of Reinvention sometime next week. 

For now, here's the text version updated: https://realfaction.newgrounds.com/news/post/1010653

That's all for now, and on a side note, I'm shocked at how my views of past Talking Real episodes are still climbing, like woah.  The season 3 episodes haven't gotten as much traction, so I'm wondering why, but I might start doing more topics with the series once things cool down a bit.  Next post will probably be about the AIM contest results.


Posted by RealFaction - May 21st, 2018

Hey!  So, I've been posting a handful the past few days regarding the AIM contest and other podcasts, so don't miss out!  I'll explain below!

Before I get into that though, there's 2 artists you all should follow because they're really talented!  Firstly, there's @ShadowCat5150 who made my newest persona artwork, she's a good friend of mine and I think one of her pieces should be frontpaged ( this one: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/shadowcat5150/meow ).


Secondly,  Hyperlamb/LNTRNGRL (https://lntrngrl.newgrounds.com/ ) is a talented musician you should follow!  @lntrngrl also, your music wouldn't go in Synthwave btw, the new stuff I heard on your NG page would go in Chipstep or Nerdcore, some of your stuff is house too.  Look around the portal in those genres and you'll see what I mean. 




Firstly, besides my personal podcasts (one episode of Reinvention that talks about the origin of the contest below), I have made a couple podcasts on the AIM contest, and some people haven't been reading the rules again...like people posting discussion in the submissions thread.  Please don't do that. 

I explain the rules in one podcast, while my latest FAQ podcast clears up some grey areas, some confuding things about the rules I shed light on. PS: Ignore the 18+ rule in the podcast, it's 13+.

AIM Rules Podcast:
AIM FAQ Podcast:

PS: Go buy the artwork by @nalem

Buy Artwork with Text: https://tinyurl.com/y8d4cmx8
Buy Artwork with NO Text: https://tinyurl.com/y8bm6f23


It's been a while since I've done an episode of this series, but basically brings you up to speed as to all the projects and stuff I've been working on and involved with, such as landing the lead role of Darnell, in the upcoming Newgrounds Audio Portal's 15th Anniversary Collab, and making some music for it.  I mention a few other things like going to Nashville, TN next month, where I was born.  It's going to be an eventful year.

TR Season 3 Episode 4 (the new episode):



This is my autobiography series following my music career the past 12 years, sharing stories about past albums, the process behind my music, and life stories as well.  It actually follows a couple long posts I made that took hours to write, it's a lot to read though, this would be easier to take in, plus it has extra details I didn't put in the posts.  So, if you're curious about my past regarding my music and life, this podcast series is for you.

Episode 5: 2012 Part 1: Art-Inspired Music Contest and Persona Birth:


So this isn't a podcast, but a playlist of stuff I worked on that never saw the light of day until now.  With that said, I had like almost 60 demos I found, but I'm not releasing all of them, as some I weren't happy with, and a lot of them are one-minute chunks of things I didn't finish.  I will, however, be releasing at least 30-40 more demos over the course of the year.  Some of them I wish I could have finished and I am happy with.


That's about it for now, Talking Real is really all the updates of what I'm up to besides that.  Love you guys!  Good luck in AIM!


Posted by RealFaction - April 28th, 2018

NOTE: IGNORE the 18+ rule, it's now 13+ instead.  Reviewers selected by @ADR3-N, message her for the discord server link.

The Art-Inspired Music Contest 2018 has now officially started!
  If you're a musician (18 or older) and want to make music inspired by artwork on newgrounds, check out the contest!  It starts today, and the deadline for submissions is July 8th!  For more details, go to the official contest forum page below if you wish to enter!  Also, for music listeners, it'll be good to follow to hear the submissions along the way!

FORUM POST: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1431735

I did a couple new things this year, one being that @Nalem, the artist who did the amazing AIM artwork this year, has made the art available to buy online at her RedBubble store!  You can buy it with or without text below!

Buy Artwork with Text:  https://tinyurl.com/y8d4cmx8
Buy Artwork with NO Text: https://tinyurl.com/y8bm6f23

Also, other new thing, if reading isn't your thing, you can listen to the rules in the AIM podcast, but I do highly reccomend reading, and double-checking before you start and finish your submissions: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/803144

Here's the promo video, good luck everyone! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xqrb9mDKUQ



Posted by RealFaction - April 25th, 2018

AIM 2018

The 5th annual Art-Inspired Music Contest is almost here!  It starts this Sunday, April 29th, and ends July 8th!  The promo art/album cover was done this year by my friend @nalem, and she did an amazing job!  I made a cheesy promo video this year for kicks and to promote it on youtube, and you can also buy the artwork as a shirt, a poster, and many other formats from Nalem's shop on RedBubble!

As always, thanks to @TomFulp for frontpaging the event every year!

Buy Artwork with Text: https://tinyurl.com/y8d4cmx8
Buy Artwork with NO Text: https://tinyurl.com/y8bm6f23


Promo video: https://youtu.be/3xqrb9mDKUQ

My Last Year of Making Music

As some of you know, this is my last year of making music, so I decided to do a few things. 

1. Be a part of the Newgrounds Audio Portal 15th Anniversary Collab (making music and voice acting).
2. Release 2 or 3 more albums under Kid Projekt and Piercing Lazer. (I'm working on new material and finishing unfinished/unreleased songs)
3. Reflect on the past 12 years of my career by talking about my making an autobiography podcast series called "Reinvention: The Audiobiography of Real Faction" (which currently has 2 episodes so far) going year by year, I'm trying to make it a weekly thing.  I already wrote the whole series out as a text post, so look through my posts if you want to read something dreadfully long, or wait for the upcoming episodes.

Episode 1: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/801209
Episode 2: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/802592

I want to go out with a bang.  Now, I'll STILL be around on Newgrounds and still help run contests like Pixel Day, A.I.M., and organize NGADM, and do everything else I'm doing like Venturescape (still waiting to continue that this year), plus I'd love to eventually get back to finishing the game Newgrounds: Zero Hour with the right team, but mostly I'll be working on writing and comedy stuff for my other account @ZolutionsTV

Good luck with the contest everyone!  More details to come on April 29th, I changed a few things this year!