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So my debut album is on Itunes now. Yep.

2018-02-24 05:54:17 by RealFaction

I just posted another song from my new Kid Projekt album, "Positive Thoughts", go check it out:

The song:
Lyric Video:

Also my album is now on Itunes, Google Play, Amazon, BandCamp, and other places!  It would mean a lot if you even bought one song if not the whole album.  I put a lot of hard work into it the past year.  Kinda hopin' this gets some momentum, you know?  I want to spread love and positivity into the world.  :)

Buy the album if you want to pay me to do flips and tricks and to keep a roof over my head and what not:

Google Play:

Next week, I'm going to let a big surprise out of the bag once I finish it, I've been working on a secret project, not music-related, but much more.  :X Let's just say, expect more voice-acting, writing, and drawing.  Yep, you heard me.  See you then! 

My New Album + Single is on Online Stores!

2018-02-15 20:41:35 by RealFaction

I know I just posted yesterday, but I wanna be straight-up honest with you guys.  The album IS available for preorder at online stores, but it's also available for free on my BandCamp page until February 24th when the album comes out everywhere else, I wanted to give you guys options for supporting me for so long. 

So why sell the album on places like Itunes and Google Play?/Why give it away for free?

Because it's an alternative for anyone who wants to support me and good platforms to get these messages out to the world to spread some love and positivity.  I don't expect you to buy it, but it's appreciated if you do.  After all the years of support you guys at NG have given me, you deserve this freebie.

So with that said, you can either buy the album, wait until February 24th to buy the single, "Shoes" for a buck, or get it all for free right now at BandCamp.  It's currently on Itunes and Google Play, but it's coming to Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandora, Amazon, the works!  Thanks guys!

P.S. And you'll be able to Shazam it or ask Siri about the song and it'll be identified.  Cool right?

Free Album (until Feb. 24th)

Pre-order the First Single, "Shoes"


Pre-order the Album

Google Play:

Shoes Lyrics Video


I'm a Rapper Now (New Album)

2018-02-14 05:28:12 by RealFaction

EDIT: New post, you can pre-order the album now:

Some of you know I've been a rapper since 14, but I've never gone this far with it to this extent, coming out with an official album.  It's out now, and FREE on BandCamp for the first two weeks (you can get it here: )!  It would mean a lot if you help spread it around, I need the support.  It's coming soon to Itunes, Spotify, and many other places.

Originally I wanted to make it all free, but the distributor wouldn't let me do it, blah.  I poured my heart and soul into this album, I made most of the beats, and I wrote and sang over the songs, but I just want to point out, the talented @burggg made the beat for "Don't End Up like Me)", and @Father-Of-Death (been a fan of him since like 2006) made the beat for "Apollo Static", both I asked permission to use for this record. 

Thank you all for the support, and if you're wondering, the first single for the record is "Shoes", the album's opener.  I really hope I can find someone to help me shoot a music video for it.  Enjoy!



New FREE Albums (The Underground Collective / Kid Projekt)

2018-02-05 18:25:11 by RealFaction

Happy newspost #250!

@ForgottenDawn and I once again organized another album collab for our Newgrounds group "The Underground Collective"; an open collab project for any aspiring musicians representing the colorful variety of talent on Newgrounds! 

We just released our next free album: Volume 2: Sounds of the Future!  It's a concept album.  Go download it and check out all the awesome artists!  My Kid Projekt album has been moved to February 13th (next Tuesday), so you can get a bonus instrumental 1 week ahead of time on this free record!

Go listen and download, it's FREEEEEE:

And I uploaded the track here:

Image credit goes to Kaede. Thank you @Ceevro

Artists on the album: @I0TA @RealFaction @1f1n1ty @AceMantra @normalgeist @LucidShadowDreamer @TSRBand @Kalviter @Gragon73 @LexaHergon

The Underground Collective - Vol. II: Sounds of the Future - Available now on BandCamp for free!


Kid Projekt - Kid Projekt - Available February 13th for free at digital music stores online!


Pixel Day Livestream Highlights (In 60 FPS!)

2018-01-30 05:38:54 by RealFaction

I managed to squeeze my 5 1/2 hours of livestreaming Pixel Day submissions on my Twitch channel as I judged them (yes, ALL of them) into a 24-minute highlight video, in 60 FPS!  Enjoy:

PS: Check out the Pixel Day winners:

Thank you again @TomFulp !  Coming up next: the Art-Inspired Music Contest!  More details soon!

Pixel Day Review Livestream!

2018-01-28 16:37:28 by RealFaction

Hey!  I'm finally getting to reviewing Pixel Day submissions because it's been a busy week!  I know this is last moment, but TONIGHT at 9:30 PM Eastern, I'm going to be reviewing ALL Pixel Day submissions submitted on the day LIVE!  Then I can pick my favorites to send to @TomFulp!  I couldn't plan this until I knew my work schedule today, sorry!  Join me if you want at my Twitch channel when I start! 

You'll probably see me go over your submission! 


See you there!


@troisnyx @ADR3-N @Luis @BomToons @DeathInk @Saminat

Pixel Day/Need Voice Actor/Stuff

2018-01-23 19:08:22 by RealFaction

Happy Pixel Day from the founder of it!   Tag your entries with pixelday2018 if you haven't!

:D I'd like to thank @TomFulp for holding Pixel Day every year, glad we got the Iconoclasts guy on board to make the skin and offer the game as a prize, I really want to play it myself (hoping I can afford it).  I've been busy today with getting my place repainted, but I'll be looking through Pixel Day submissions for judging later, and I'll be updating this post with pictures soon. 

Also, few important things. 

1. Need a male voice actor ASAP to replace one that dropped out to play someone with a German or Australian accent in their mid-20's, cocky guy who's a ladies man, if you think you can do it, send me a clip of your voice for it (or multiple ideas) with the phrase: "Not everyone can be a hero, right?  That's why I'm the right guy for the job.  They WISH they could be as cool as me!" in a message or email me at .

2. Going to record the podcast tonight or tomorrow hopefully. (Actually just recorded it, here: )

3. At midnight tonight after the contest deadline I'll start viewing Pixel Day submissions, and throughout the week. 

4. Also, this week I'll be working on more Kid Project songs. 

Also, here's how my place looks repainted so far:



Quick Fun Fact:  Pixel Day was inspired by Newgrounds' roots being inspired by the Neo Geo, 2D-platform gaming in general before the days of 3D-gaming, but ultimately was inspired by Tom's words: "I wanted Newgrounds' theme to be like a game", and the video collab I did with many wonderful people for NG's 20th Anniversary. 

It also Inspired NG Zero Hour which I'd love to finish.  (my dream team would be @BoMToons and @Luis , if only T_T) 

Happy Pixel Day everyone!  Art by @puppiesandanime


Small Update On Why I Suck

2018-01-18 23:37:20 by RealFaction

Hey, sorry for the wait guys, I know I said the next Talking Real podcast would be last week, and the Kid Projekt (had to change it to a K, because in online stores there's some kids album thing like kids bop called Kid Project, so blah) record would be done tomorrow, but due to feeling kinda sick and barely sleeping, I've been behind on a few things, like a secret project, I've been getting back into drawing, and voice acting, you'll see.

In the meantime, I'm getting my place repainted, so I'll eventually post pics within the next week.  I'll try to finish the podcast and record next week.  So, who's excited for Pixel Day this upcoming Tuesday, January 23rd?  Anyone working on anything for it?  Tom and I can't wait to see your submissions! :) Comment below!  I'll try and have stuff done after the weekend!  Love you guys!



Music Packs for Commercial Use

2018-01-10 01:31:10 by RealFaction

Just released 2 new music packs for commercial/non-commercial use of songs you have/haven't heard; The Factory C-Pack, and E-Pack.  Cinematic, and Electronic.  This is for use for videos or games and other media.  This is to celebrate all my years of doing commissions and make them available for sale, as well as organize my genres a little bit for anyone who wants to use my stuff.  There's even new songs you haven't heard yet!  :)

It's free to listen to, but to buy, it's more pricy due to licensing (cheap for that technically).  No worries, I'm still going to upload free music here and there!   I'm looking for a second job, which kind of sucks, money issues.  I would love to see my stuff used more in games, animations, videos, the works, so any support and feedback is appreciated. 

C-Pack has 17 tracks, E-Pack has 23.  The Hip-hop and Rock/Metal packs are in progress, but I want to finish some songs before I release those. 

More info on my website:

Art by @Animattronic
@TomFulp @ADR3-N @I0TA @ForgottenDawn @TroisNyx @Phyrrna @SevenSeize


Homeless Friend Prevention? Help?

2018-01-07 04:39:53 by RealFaction
Updated close friend needs some help moving and would end up homeless by tomorrow if she doesn't get the funds she needs today, and it's cold outside.  Her landlord will kick her out.  She's disabled and has a service animal, please help her from being kicked out in the cold...she's a close friend of mine. 

Anything helps....even $1, anything:

Please.  Spread this around.