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Need Artist and Programmer/Studio Updates

2014-08-11 13:12:36 by RealFaction

Scroll down to see the artist/programmer game stuff at the bottom, this stuff is just my new studio/music updates.


Studio/New Album

Believe it or not, the studio is ALMOST DONE!  It's about a week or two away from being finished.  One week, if I'm lucky.  Foam goes in Tuesday this week, carpet shortly after, and then need to buy the studio monitors (speakers) and get a lamp and desk and so such in there and set up the laptop, then I'm good. 

I'm going to be teasing videos of it REAL soon.  In the meantime, I have almost 9 songs done for the album.  Most of them are instrumentals right now but some need to be mixed in the studio and have vocals recorded for them.  In the meantime, I have some surprise guests appearing on the album.  Hint: Most of them are well known NG musicians who happen to be phenomenal guitar players. 

I'm honored to have them on this album writing some material with them.  I remember the days where I was just a fan rather than a friend and just saw their music but to talk to them and have them say my music is's just an honor!  Much love to you bros!  You know who you are :)


Music (outside the upcoming album)

First off, lately I've been releasing "transmissions" if you haven't seen them yet.  I'm being completely quiet as to what they are, but if you've been paying attention, you'll know what they are. 

Check those out:

More to come, but I'll be releasing stuff inbetween those.  For example, the video of the song Jdawg00100 made that I sang over and wrote lyrics for...


Also can be found on newgrounds:


For almost two years (or maybe it's been one, I lost count), Saminat and I have been writing and working on a game that got discontinued many months ago due to one of our artists dipping on us.  The programmer left shortly after.  We need a programmer that can work with Flixel engine really well (unless our previous programmer chooses to return which could also happen) and an 8-bit pixel artist that has worked with flash before and has experience.  You would be working on a game that has a lot of it's work done, but mainly needs a few more backgrounds, and some sprites drawn as well as a couple other things. 

This game has the potential to get big, Tom Fulp has shown much interest in this game.  There's a lot to be offered here.  You'll get the chance to be making a tribute game to a famous 80's horror/sci-fi movie, but at the same time, it has some funny moments.  It's partially inspired by The Room Tribute, so think kind've like that. 

If interested, send me a message.  That's all for now, may post again in a week or less.

Transmission #3

2014-08-07 22:39:00 by RealFaction




Transmission #2

2014-08-02 20:51:49 by RealFaction


Transmission #1

2014-07-30 17:09:20 by RealFaction



Need Voice Acting Roles/Studio/Music News

2014-07-07 15:48:30 by RealFaction

Hello fans and friends!  I'm going to talk about my studio news, my voice acting news, my music news, and more!

Voice Acting News

I've been really getting into voice acting lately and would love to get some roles, I've really wanted to get into some anime fan-dubs, games, and whatever else really.  I posted a voice demo, so if you like what you hear, contact me!


Music News

Music-wise, I'm currently working on a remix of a friend's song (posted "Flawed by Nature WIP"), and stuff for a couple of games.

I also did vocals for this song by Jdawg, and I wrote lyrics for it inspired by Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.  
Check it out:

I've felt a more electronic vibe lately, so I've mainly been working on my Lectrix side project album.  I've also been making music for an animation studio but they've taken a break on music as they made a pitch for a conference where all the tv networks go, and some are already interested in the show!   Could be my big break. 

Studio News

It actually cost less than I thought!  We decided to move it to mom's basement BUT I STILL need good equipment, will probably rack up $2500 at max but maybe not.  Maybe a little less, so any donations are appreciated!  When it's done, I'm going to take pictures and a video of the studio room.  Donate to my patreon page if you want to help, there are rewards!  Keep in mind, these rewards won't come out until the album is done. 

Donate here:

Other News

Just working a lot and doing a Let's Play series of Lichdom Battlemage.  The developers have been thanking me because I've been helpful pointing out bugs in my videos so I've been talking with them over Steam.  I'm loving this game so far.  Check out the playlist, I'll be uploading more tonight and the following days!

Lichdom Playlist:

That's all, folks!  In my next post, you might get to see the studio!  It's going to be done soonish. 

What's up with me? Voice Acting?

2014-06-23 03:25:10 by RealFaction

So I got $400 headphones to do work in the meantime...yeah yeah i know shuddup >_> aannd, I want to get back into voice acting, plus more, see below!

1.  I said SCREW IT and during the day seems my neighbors don't mind now since I've cut back on vocal work and as long as it's not late at night and not so often in the day I should be fine.  So I'll be doing instrumentals and mixing stuff better with my headphones and slowly progressing on the album.

2. I'm still getting the studio and turning it into a business, any donations are appreciated.  (

UPDATE: We got the price, need to get loan, might be ok.  Could be built in a couple weeks or less or around that time.  I'm going to turn it into my business as a second job, people can record vocals and acoustic guitar as well as piano.  Don't have a name for the studio yet, still gotta think.

3. I want to get back into voice acting, as I've been doing both music work and now voice acting for an animation studio that has been working on a show to pitch to tv networks (they got connections, no joke).  Here's my latest voice demo:

PS: I'll even do anime abridged dub stuff or stuff like that. 

4.  I've been doing a Let's Play series of Lichdom: Battlemage on my youtube channel, I'm very impressed with this game, unlike most modern day generic titles. 

Check it:

Thanks for yout support and those who have donated so far though it's far off from what I need.  So what's up with YOU guys?

REALLY Need Help

2014-06-17 14:35:11 by RealFaction

PLEASE share this with anyone you can!  I can't make music again until I get this studio and I'm not asking for a whole lot, it would mean a lot if anyone could donate.  I do work for an animation studio and it's become harder because of neighbors here and I really want to keep this job :(.  Please guys, I need you.

You can Donate here:
And here:

I've only recieved a few donations with Patreon but regardless no matter how you donate, you'll get your rewards when it's time.  In the links are a PREVIEW to the upcoming album.  I've worked hard for practically free for years guys and well now I HAVE to have money because of my living space limiting me :(

Big thanks to Toxi and AkiCarlito for making an amazing album cover!
Check them out at:


I really need help guys! I can't make music anymore because of neighbors, so I need help paying some construction workers to make a small studio in mom's garage, check out the link below. You'll hear a preview of some unfinished songs I'm working on for the album in this video below !

You can Donate here:

Big thanks to Toxi and AkiCarlito for making an amazing album cover!
Check them out at:

Watch the video below to get the details and hear a preview of album songs!


Gone for a while.

2014-05-27 06:48:19 by RealFaction

Hey guys, know I haven't posted in a while, just haven't had anything to post.  Lately I've been going through a rough time right now...won't go into pointless details, but I won't be around for a while, maybe till next month or July, when my new album comes out.  Till then, I'll be working on the album and well...dealing with life.

I got a new Blue Yeti Pro microphone that's studio quality and I'm recording with it for this new album and currently have an NG artist working on the album cover painting over a photograph a good friend of mine took herself and edited.  I'm just working on laying down vocals and finishing instrumentals.

Anyway, felt pretty bad lately, so won't be around much till a bit before the album's release when I get  the single out.  Laters....v___v

Manga/AIM Contest Results!

2014-04-24 16:56:39 by RealFaction

The A.I.M. (Art-Inspired Music) resuts are here as well as the album! Check it out!

Download the album FREE:


Also, Back-From-Purgatory and I have our own manga, so far there's two issues, if you want to see more, go to her website forums in the anime section, or this link:

Note: I didn't draw this stuff, it's stuff from Manga Maker Comipro, the program I used to make this, which is really fun.  In the future I want to ask some NG artists to draw some backgrounds and some clothes.  I DID customize some things though and worked with the program.  Warning, mild explicit