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Answers to Your Questions!

2014-04-08 01:15:25 by RealFaction

You asked me questions, and now I answered!  I didn't answer them all because either they were too odd, same question was asked, or i didn't have an answer. Sorry about the muted audio in one section, my video has given me serious problems with this for some reason i dont know, i had to literally reupload this a few times and re edit it just to get most of the audio.  Enjoy guys!



Guitar Rig 5 Problem

2014-04-02 17:31:50 by RealFaction

Very annoying clipping problems with Guitar Rig 5 in FL Studio 10, it's not the volume levels, this just started happening out of nowhere, didn't change a thing. It's like a glitch and I don't know how to fix it. Here's a video and you'll get to see the song I'm working on to hear the clipping issue.  Does anyone know how to fix this?

UPDATE: It's the fact I have so many of Kontakt 5 and Guitar Rig 5 running, something to do with my computer slowing down, it isn't acting as fast for some reason.  I got some advice on the forum thread I posted that may help, gonna probably have to start over on some songs and keep this in mind from now on.


Ask Me Anything!

2014-03-26 15:16:11 by RealFaction

Ask Me Anything!

I really have nothing else to post about or upload at the moment, life is same old, same old, just working a lot and working on music for an animation company and a game soundtrack for an NG game, so I figured, "it's about time I did this".  Basically, in the comments, ask me anything, and I will post a video answering the questions.  Tell me if you wish to remain anonymous or not. 

I also have the Art-Inspired Music contest going on, deadline is April 14th!  Go check the Newgrounds front page and see the scheduled events at the left to go to the thread in the Audio Forum.  Or just check the Audio Forum, it's one of the hot topics at the moment. 

Ask away!


A.I.M. Contest / FINAL Mystery Box Unboxing (video)

2014-03-05 13:35:48 by RealFaction

Art-Inspired Music (A.I.M.) Contest 2014

Well folks, it's finally happenin!  Just waiting for Tom Fulp to front page the thread, but the 2nd AIM contest is here!  I want to try to make it annual.  If you're a musician, go check it out in the  audio forum, there's cash prizes and it's a fun experience.  Just PLEASE read the rules, because someone posted in the submission thread when they shouldn't have and submitted way too early.  It goes from March 9th to April 14th. 

Submission Thread:

Discussion Thread:


Unboxing the LAST Mystery Box

I'm sad the Newgrounds Store is closing March 6th (it was the 5th when I filmed the video before they extended it a day), but it's going out with a bang!  As a tribute to the store, I filmed my first reactions unboxing the thing.  I got a LOT of stuff for $25.  After filming, from talking around, I realized I had the last Mystery Box in NG Store history!  I wanted to share th experience with you guys :) this is historical.  Sorry for the slight audio cut outs, had technical difficulties. Here's the video: 


EDIT: Unfortunately I've been informed I no longer had the last Mystery Box because they decided to put up two this is the last of 3.

Art-Inspired Music Contest 2014 (A.I.M.)

2014-02-25 16:16:18 by RealFaction

A.I.M. Contest 2014

Anyone else as excited as I am? :D In a little less than two weeks from the date of this post, it will start.  Currently I'm seeing who can judge the contest, and setting up the NEW RULESLast year taught me a lot so it will be improved and this year I can provide the PRIZE MONEY!  How's that for buzzwords for ya?  I'll post this in a few days again when I can post to the front page, and soon I'll be making a forum topic on this.

But really it's not about the money of course, i just never like leaving people's hard work empty-handed, but rewarded.  It's about making music inspired by artwork the wonderful artists on newgrounds make, so it's taking the creative minds and mashing them together!  It's about the passion behind the work.  Last year's contest turned out AMAZING and I loved a lot of the submissions with the A.I.M. Volume 1 album.

Here is last year's album (A.I.M. Volume 1) from the winners and runner-ups:


You can download it there but here you can see and share the songs on Youtube with the playlist: See you there!


The Mystery Box (Farewell NG Store) and Side Project

2014-02-20 18:47:17 by RealFaction

The Mystery Box/Farewell NG Store

So recently, I noticed the NG store will be closing March 5th which saddens me, so I decided as a lovely goodbye to the NG store, I purchased a Mystery Box.  I thought it would be a fun idea to open it in a video I would post to my Youtube Channel and display it here with pictures as well as a tribute to the NG store and newgrounds all these years.  I'll be interested to see what Tom and his buddies put in the box, I would love something from them to hang on to for years.  I'm really going to miss the NG store. I hope my purchase helped them a little.  I know Newgrounds has been starting to struggle for a while.

I've bought in the past: NG Stickers, a Meatboy Shirt, an NG Logo Shirt, A Newave Poster (might get another one since I lost the first one), and a Supporter Badge.  I could be missing one but I think that's it.   It should be coming in the next week or less, somehow I had $25 in store credit I don't even remember how I got.  Did someone slip me some without saying?  If so, thank you!

Side Project

Yes, I'm going to be going under another artist name as well in the near future.  I'm at the prototype stages, but Real Faction is very experimental and all over the place (and an interesting name I came up with at age 14), so I decided from now on, to seperate the electronic stuff to focus solely on that in the side project.  For the fans who have requested the album that will be a "sequel to my Exoticland album" from 2011, it will be released under this name. 

UPDATE (2/24/14): I have a name, and a teaser trailer.



Love you guys,

- RF

Important Letter to Newgrounds Community (Everyone)

2014-02-14 02:30:23 by RealFaction

EDIT: There IS hope for humanity:

I usually don't make a post like this, but I had to speak up on this serious issue.  This may sound wrong to some, but be advised, stealing or straight up copying of ANY form is wrong.  I stand up for giving credit where it's due and respecting other artists, not ripping from them.  I tried to make this as short as possible, but if you care about the future of Newgrounds, and a serious growing trend that is hurting developers and the game market, then read on.  

I do not mean to offend anyone, but to encourage them to do better.  Some people will see this as "backseat modding", but this is simply a voice of opinion from an NG veteran you don't have to agree with.  I have seen this site grow for years, and now, the potential dangers from my perspective.

Point #1: Flappy Bird Clones

For every Flappy Bird related game submission, I'm going to vote them down to fight this act of stealing with these unoriginal clone games submitted here  Why?  Because, stealing artwork of a game that already did so, drawing it yourself in games to mimic STILL counts, and stealing the idea but making it into something similar, too similar (yes, this includes user-submitted sprite games of already copyrighted characters like Mario).

These "clone variants" are very well HURTING the Newgrounds community.  You can do better than this guys!  I don't want Newgrounds to turn into something it's not; a dumping grounds for this kind of stuff.  You shouldn't be making games if you don't want to spend the time and effort to, but if you want to, this is not the way to go about it I assure you, you CAN do better!  Challenge yourselves!  Be creative!  Newgrounds is: EVERYTHING by EVERYONE!  Come on!

I've seen people submit this kind of stuff when they have only made like one other game.  I don't support anything like Flappy Bird because it steals someone's hard work and that's all it stands for, stole ideas from 2 games.  Super Mario Bros., and ROFLcopter, an app in 2007 made by this guy that was very similar.  The game dev spoke out against Flappy Bird.

Point #2: Candy Crush Saga is a Clone of Candy Swipe

That's right, you heard it here.  It's relevent to make the point that this has been a growing trend in the mobile app store; copying games or artwork from them.  Recently a friend posted about it and I found out.  I did research too.  Believe it, for those who play Candy Crush Saga, the developers at King literally copied the game idea from a game called Candy Swipe.   

You can read more about it at the official site here:

I am not playing it anymore.  It is addicting, but I highly encourage you NOT to play it simply because of the horrible story the original developer of Candy Swipe told us being true, and there is proof that it is, do research.  Make it a habit.

I usually don't make a post like this but awareness is important, I believe in giving credit where it's due and when someone steals your hard work its something I fight against and it's ILLEGAL and could give Newgrounds a bad name and possibly in trouble again, I'm already seeing this starting to turn into a trend but please don't let it.  Yet somehow the people at King get away with it, and that's unfair.  I sympathise for the guy for fighting them and losing. 

To all of you, I beg of you, PLEASE don't let newgrounds turn into a dumping grounds for games like this, it will scare people away from Newgrounds and make it less than the shining star it really is and should be on the internet.  I say this because I love newgrounds and I've been around since 2003 (on a different account until 2006 when i started making music), and I know the great website this is and can be, but if this keeps on, it will be hurt by this.  Some people think it won't happen, and it might die down, but if we allow it, who will put their foot down? 

Stop the cloning, start creating.  Give yourself a chance.  


Real Faction

As you are aware, since Castle Crashers released in 2008 (I made the necromancer theme song that's in the game), I've wanted to make music for another indie game title, and I also need the money.   More than anything I've wanted to make music for games!  So I'm contacting indie game developers on Steam in hopes that I can make something for their next game whatever and whoever it may be as long as they' know what they're doing and can pay me. 

If you're a game developer like that, or even for a game for newgrounds, or anywhere else like a sponsored game, feel free to contact me at and we can negotiate a price.  I made a couple new albums that demonstrate some of what I'm capable of, which is many styles.

Check them out and tell me if you like what you hear in a message and are interested in hiring me.  If you know anyone personally, telling them about me would help as well.

The Factory Vol. 1:

The Factory Vol. 2:

On another note...I've been on YouTube a few years now, and have 3,000+ subscribers, but less than 400 views on most of my videos...and people say I make quality music.  I saw someone with 15 videos and already they have lots of views...what am I doing wrong?  :/

New Album // Message to Steam Game Developers

2014-01-14 16:58:48 by RealFaction

New Albums  

The Factory Volumes 1 and 2 are now out on my BandCamp for ONLY $5 each, 9 tracks each album, and keep in mind I spent hours and hours so you're getting this cheap for lots of hard work!  The purpose of these albums was to showcase game-inspired music to show what kind of work I could do for games.

Volume 1 contains songs that CAN be used for games if you wish to, while Volume 2 contains music that has been made specifically for clients/games and can NOT be used for anything else besides listening purposes.

Volume 1:  

Volume 2:

Look at the amazing cover art Animattronic did for it!  Also my new logo.  Check him out at his site:



Calling All Steam Game Developers!

Following from the last topic, I am offering my music production services to any Steam game developers who would like me to make music for their games.  I really need the money and since Castle Crashers (the Necromancer theme song), I haven't really had a song in a big indie title.  I would love another deal like that!  Check out my albums I just mentioned above and if you like what you hear, contact me here or my email at


2014 Plans

I REALLY need more comissions so if you want me to make music for you let me know!  Really need the money right now.  I'm planning to do the next Art-Inspired Music (A.I.M.) contest as soon as I get the money for it, may be in early Summer if not late Spring.  Aside from that, I want to start playing live shows this year.  I'm also releasing two other albums this year.  I'm also tapping into dubstep and in the near future when I'm done, you'll see it here. I also purchased Komplete 9 which well...took most of my money, as I'm investing for the fans and comissions so i really need the support.  It holds 33 vsts for FL Studio so more things to play with.  More experimenting.Doing a Castle Crashers Let's Play with The Dish Out soon.


Happy New Year folks, I'm outie!  Much love to Tom Fulp for changing my life and his support.  If it wasn't for him, a lot of what I do now would really not even be possible.  Thanks bro!


Well it's that time of year, it'll be next year tomorrow, so this post will technically be "last year" by that time.  I'm being stupid...well then!  I'm going to tell you my New Year's Resolutions.


1. Release the 3 music albums I have planned for the future.

2. Publish my book that I've been writing for almost 4 years, many didn't know this.  I want to pursue a writing career.

3. Improve my Asthma somehow.

4. Not financially struggle anymore (I plan on getting a new job soon, pay sucks at current one, not enough hours).


A.I.M. Contest 2014


The next A.I.M. contest (Art-Inspired Music) will be....I will try to aim for March if possible.  I've already figured out how things will work and will post a roster in advance so you will know what artists will be easier to contact for the competition.  I know a lot of you are looking forward to it and so am I! 




For one of my albums, I'm going to have to do a Kickstarter considering I feel completely stupid...well during the transfer of my files to my new computer (which I love btw), somehow, for whatever reason, my Guitar Rig and Kontakt plug-ins wouldnt work on the new computer.  I have to buy new ones which cost hundreds of dollars.  Basically, it will be a while until i can make metal/rock/anything with guitars.   It's a bummer....Im saying kickstarter because I want to get The Box Volume 2 (album) to you guys faster, it won't even be $1000 or anything large.  I'll start the campaign sometime in February probably.  If it doesn't work I'll just save up, but that just means it'll take longer to release.


YouTube Daily Album Track Upload Thingy

In the meantime, I'm uploading songs DAILY to my YouTube Channel; tracks from my album, The Box Vol. 1: Dark City, for the next two weeks until all the tracks are on there.  Check out the playlist to stay updated:

Or, get it for $5 on BandCamp:



Happy 2014.