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2017-09-22 15:32:39 by RealFaction

As some of you know, I'm a huge fan of Madness Combat, and @Krinkels, for like the past around 12, 13 years maybe?  Over the years I've made songs inspired by Madness and for Madness Day contests, as well as Madness Day animations!

So, here ya go, my list of Madness-related songs.  I won 2008's Madness Day Audio Contest with Hank's Return.  Yey.  Happy Madness Day!

Hank's Return:

Circus Killer Panic Pt. 1:

Circus Killer Panic Pt. 2:

Tricky's Wrath:

Enter the Madness:


C.D. Elevator Loop:

To Be a Ninja:

PS:  Venturescape Episode 3 premieres tomorrow due to technical glitch, though really due to Madness Day it shouldn't be around today anyway.  :P

Venturescape Writer's Room / The Future

2017-09-15 19:27:49 by RealFaction

The latest episode of "Writer's Room" for Venturescape talks about episode 2 of the series as well as the inspiration and actors @saminat @markafoi @atheatricalsongbird and Marissa Lenti!  Check it out!

Full Episode:
Episode 2:

This episode is dedicated to @ADR3-N and her friend who recently committed suicide.  Have her in your thoughts and prayers.  She did a wonderful job making "The Death", an awesome song she composed for Venturescape episode 2.  It's going to be a recurring danger theme playing throughout the series.  I'm currently working on the remix.  The episode itself deals with the topic of dealing with the death of a loved one, horribly ironic, but I do hope this helps people.

Check out "The Death":
My Alternate Mix:

The Future

I'm going an interesting new direction with my music with Kid Project (my new side project), you all will see soon.  I'm freeing up more time to work on my mental health, and work on more Piercing Lazer music too, and more time to work on Venturescape.  That's why I am no longer doing commissions for anything other than animations or games, to cut the time down some, but I'm finishing my final regular commissions up soon, so there's a few on the way.

The first will come next week.  The second, the week after that if I get it done soon enough.  The third, is a big world chorus christmas song project that won't be out until December, and will cover a Filipino Christmas song, sung by many people all over the world.  I'm honored to be the instrumentalist in this collab.  I want to branch out, try new things.  I'm trying to stabalize my mental health to improve my life and get a job to keep, hopefully. 

Well, enjoy Writer's Room, and Episode 3 of Venturescape coming next week!  There's a few details about that in the Writer's Room episode too.  ;)

NG: Zero Hour SECRET LEVEL?!?/State of the Game

2017-09-11 08:43:24 by RealFaction

Hey!  Co-Director/Creator of Newgrounds: Zero Hour here!  I'm here to tell you the full game is NOT dead, just been on a long hiatus

Secret Level 2 In Demo?!?

I'm also here to tell you how to access the SECRET second level that continues the story, but for the full game, will have to be tweaked due to the boss fight for reasons I explain in the video.  Also, unreleased Piercing Lazer music I made in 2015 for the boss fight, and I made the flaming sword attack art.  It's a rhythm-based boss fight, sort of.


State of the Full Game

I plan on finishing the game, but to be honest, it's not the same without @TwinBlazar, I wish he could work on it again, he made it great, as well as the rest of the team.  :( I feel bad about the fallout between us.  I was stupid and it's my fault everything went down how it did.  He's amazing at what he does and his newest game demo is very promising. 

I wanted to show the hard work these awesome artists did for the game.  We have assets for 4 stages, really just need a Construct 3 programmer and more artists, but wish I could get Twin back.  It doesn't really feel right without him....

Check out the video and I challenge you to beat level 2 on normal (by default it already is), it's really hard. With that said, here's how you access the secret level in the demo.

How to Access Secret Level:

When the Newgrounds tank logo comes up, click anywhere in the screen, then when it fades out, as soon as you see text pop up, immediately hit F5 before it totally fades in.  There's a couple glitches, fireballs are backwards and a bit too big, but that's about it besides a few missing assets. 

Secret Level Developer Walkthrough:

Thanks to the wonderful team that has helped with this game so far and I hope to finish sometime next year or so when everything is back in full speed.  @MisMash @TwinBlazar @Gatekid3 @demonqueen402 @ScepterDPinoy @OTone @Xavy-027 and @steaf23 (StevenNG).

Also awesome music by @Repitiore @LucidShadowDreamer and @Agitat0r

Venturescape Episode 2 is Up!

2017-09-08 20:21:15 by RealFaction

If you want to donate to the series, anything helps me:

Episode 2 of my new series Venturescape is now up on YouTube with the artwork visuals and on Newgrounds! featuring Marissa Lenti, @Saminat, @Markafoi and @ATheatricalSongbird!


Thanks to the artists @Lampabot, @Holikrep, Mycah Garcia, and Tezuka Shuu for the beautiful artwork!  Also thanks to ADR3-N for making an original track for this episode!  Check out my alternate mix of her song:

Thanks to everyone for your support!  This upcoming Friday is the next Writer's Room!  I also have music on the way.  @TrinaTan @LadyArsenic @SailorSilverStar @MysticSkillz @MakeStuff @ATheatricalSongbird @TommyNom @Markafoi @Ceevro @lampabot @holikrep @metropiano @azhthar @phonometrologist @johnfn @Saminat @TomFulp @Troisnyx @ADR3-N @MintyFreshThoughts @CloakedSoup @ForgottenDawn @Troisnyx @Phyrnna



Hey, so lots happened in the past week!  This first episode of Writer's Room: Venturescape, introduces the series and what it's about, and I talk about the inspiration behind locations and characters, plus I mention cast and crew.  :) 

Check it out:
Here's a preview of it:
Check out Episode 1:

Phyrnna Cover

One of my best friends, @Phyrnna, made a cover of my song Clearing the Sky, my first hit back in 2008.  She did a great job!  Give it a listen:

BFF Nerdy Weekend

Over the weekend, I got to see my best friend, Morgan, and it was awesome.  We went to comic shops, the mall, watched anime, and she got drunk thinking she had 6 fingers, and due to bending over to pick something up in a store, my pants ripped a big hole and she let me use one of her jackets to tie around my waist to cover it up, that was my ONLY way out.  Whew x_x.  So, if you wanna know what it's like to hang out with me for a day, check this video out:

P.S.: I also ended up getting some new posters for my room.



Episode 2 of Venturescape drops this Friday at 8!  Also check out my site ,  changed the name as Flareheart Studio is no more.  Also not doing commissions anymore unless it's for a game or animation, sorry.  I'll mention that a few more times in the future most likely.  I'm trying to find my happiness, lately been kinda lonely, so it's nice to have seen a friend.  She helped me a lot telling me things that helped me this weekend and now I know what to do to get out more.  :)

Venturescape/Phyrnna Cover

2017-09-02 00:00:55 by RealFaction

Hey!  Did you enjoy Episode 1 of my new series, Venturescape, last week?  Well, every other week, there's going to be a behind the scenes look at each episode!  This first episode of Writer's Room: Venturescape, introduces the series and what it's about, and I talk about the inspiration behind locations and characters, plus I mention cast and crew.  :) 

Check it out:

Here's a preview of it:

Check out Episode 1:


Phyrnna made a cover of my song Clearing the Sky, my first hit back in 2008.  She did a great job!  Give it a listen:

Episode 2 of Venturescape drops next week!  I have my best friend over for the weekend so I'm taking a break from music and working on the second episode for a few days.  Happy listening!

Episode 1 of my new series Venturescape is here!  Go check it out:


Thanks to the people at @LazorFocus for helping me, they're a new indie publishing/creative group who will be looking for more voice actors here on newgrounds in the future, go give them a follow? :) and check out their site for exclusive content in the future, such as Writer's Room, a series where the writers of certain shows talk about the inspiration for the shows and more!  I'll be doing that for Venturescape every other week! 

Check it:

Big thanks to everyone helping with the series! I've been passionate about this project for years!  It's a dream to bring my story and characters to life! :) @TrinaTan @LadyArsenic @SailorSilverStar @MysticSkillz @MakeStuff @Ai-Say @ATheatricalSongbird @TommyNom @Markafoi @Ceevro @lampabot @holikrep @metropiano @azhthar @phonometrologist @johnfn @Saminat @TomFulp @Troisnyx @ADR3-N


1743246_150370589793_Episode1Thumb.jpg + Venturescape

2017-08-24 19:10:55 by RealFaction
Updated is now (though may have issues for a few days).  It makes more sense.  Same site, different name.  If you want to read my latest news, I posted on it:

In other news, Venturescape Episode 1 premieres on here and my YouTube channel with the artwork in the video TOMORROW at 8 PM Eastern time! :D I'm excited!  Finally after 7 years of hard work writing this story over and over again until I was happy with it, then adapting it into this series since December, it's finally coming to life. 

I'm really happy, I'm passionate about writing, I wanna be a screenwriter for film and tv someday. Thanks to @holikrep and @lampabot for making the amazing artwork of my characters bringing them to life in their own special way, as well as the Lazor Focus team,, and my amazing voice actors and musicians.  Next week you're gonna see Writer's Room on the website, talking about behind the scenes stuff with Episode 1, only on Lazor Focus team's site:

Spread the word, spread this trailer around!





@TrinaTan @LadyArsenic @SailorSilverStar @MysticSkillz @MakeStuff @Ai-Say @ATheatricalSongbird @TommyNom @Markafoi @Ceevro @lampabot @holikrep @metropiano @azhthar @phonometrologist @johnfn @Saminat @TomFulp @Troisnyx @ADR3-N

Need Music For Series

2017-08-17 21:17:57 by RealFaction

Episode 1 of Venturescape comes out next Friday!  AHH!  I'm excited.  With 2 episodes a month, there's still time to compose music for future episodes, as I need music here and there.  Most of the time I ask for songs that are already made that would fit, but I've had a couple lovely folks composing music for me for a couple episodes as well. 

If you want to provide a track you've made, or want to compose a custom piece for the series, here's a guide below as to what kind of music I'm looking for, for each episode.  I'd need the music a week in advance.  You might get a better idea once Episode 1 comes out next week.



Episode 3 (keep in mind, this comes out in 5 weeks):

About a girl named Krystal who's a young librarian, scared of love and yet indulges in Romance novels. Wants to find that true love, but keeps getting betrayed. She loves to play the piano, so a lot of piano music would be needed for this episode, and some cinematic music like ambient mysterious vibes, emotional stuff. Two chase scenes where she's in danger running away (tiny bit of a spoiler but not much).

Episode 4:

Same girl, but this time, soft orchestral music with strings and piano and all, something emotional and sad, yet hopeful. Then, there's expedition music needed, maybe creepy ambient music, something unsettling. The world is in turmoil.

Episode 5:

A girl named Noel who is in highschool and loves to write stories. She's very shy, and soft-spoken. One piece needed is for a heart-wrenching scene, something bad happens to break her heart. Something very sad and emotional, preferably with piano and other elements. I'm open to suggestions, maybe jazz for the more casual scenes where she's talking to a friend.

There would be a lot of upbeat music when she's talking to people, so I'm open for suggestions on that. There are fantasy elements in this episode, so something whimsical, something Impressionist Classical would fit nicely, something you would hear in a 90's children's film where it sparks the imagination and fills your heart with wonder like the character. Something mystical and magical.

Episode 6:

About a girl named Rose, little girl. She talks about her big brother Jacob who works for a drug research lab (making medicine). She's also very shy, and it's hard for her to make friends, she's been abandoned a lot. She misses her parents. This episode would be more focused on her sadness, she's very unhappy, so that would be the tone of the music.

It would be sad throughout, except for a couple scenes which would have emotional music, not too sad, but a little sad transforming into something hopeful and positive. One scene has that creepy ambient vibe where she's completely alone unexpectedly.

Episode 7:

This one is about her big brother, Jacob. He's a scientist, very analytical about everything, he over-analyzes everything, takes things too seriously. He needs a chill pill. He's very intelligent and a gentleman, he cares very much for his little sister, Rose, and wants to protect her. Although he is uptight, not always. I'm even open for experimental technology sounding music in this.

One scene will be tense and dangerous where he has to sneak around or he could die (semi-spoilery? no he doesn't die) so, tense cinematic music. Much expedition in this episode, probably a lot of cinematic music, more calm ambient cinematic stuff.

I think of @ForgottenDawn for this sort of stuff, his music would be what I have in mind.


Episode 8:

Back to one of the main characters (not telling which one, it's a surprise). At first there would be guitar music playing, something light and casual, like a journey. Someone strolling into town. Then, bar music, something along the lines of Blues or Southern Rock comes to mind. Then, cinematic music or rock music, something that's basically battle music like in anime.

Lots of expedition here too, so there will be a couple tense scenes so tense soft cinematic music? Maybe a couple horror tracks in that sense? Then, something soft like at the end of Jurassic Park, something that cues "this is the end of Season 1 of the series", but softer, something uplifting and positive.


I have an Episode 9 planned but that would mostly be Jazz, and so on. Episode 9 would be an extra episode that's more like a filler episode. If you want to compose for any of these scenes in any of these episodes, or have tracks that would fit the mood, let me know! I'm already doing most of the work for the series so besides making the theme song, I don't have the time to make more music for it.

Let me know!  :)

What is Venturescape?

2017-08-12 15:42:22 by RealFaction

For those not entirely sure what Venturescape is still, and the trailer didn't tell you enough, I filmed and uploaded a video to my channel yesterday explaining it further.   Also, the character teasers will tell you more, so I'll also link you to those below.  Besides that, working on commissions, so have a couple of songs on the way.  That's about it really.  Venturescape Episode 1 goes live in 2 weeks! AHH!

Venturescape Character Teasers:

NG Trailer:

YouTube Trailer (Artwork Version):

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