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R.I.P. Chi Cheng (1970-2013)

2013-04-28 16:51:39 by RealFaction

I dedicate this post to one of the astounding musicians of Deftones, who was Chi Cheng. In 2008, he got in a car wreck and ended up in a long coma, then for years went through therapy to recover. Deftones put the "Eros" album on hold so they could finish it with him when he got better...but recently two days after he finally is able to go home, he caught Pneumonia and is now dead.

There have been many trying to use Chi's death to their advantage, and it's really sick. Unlike them, I actually give a shit and I took 2 weeks to write a song and took a long time on the mixing and recording to make sure it was right. This is all because they are one of my favorite bands and for years if you haven't noticed, have been one of the big groups to inspire my music, so this was something that hurt me. Read the lyrics, watch the video, this is my dedication to Chi, his family, the Deftones family, and all of his friends. You are dearly missed, brother.

Here's the music video of my song for Chi, "Afterburn. Also I uploaded it here on newgrounds.


Verse 1

On the road again, the lights flashing forward,
ejected from a life lived before.
Falling in a blackout,
still surfing through the thick crowd..
The roots of sleep made a door,
reflecting how people feel sore.
We're throwing a party, you're invited,
you're hidden, we're still excited to have you here.


I can feel your hands,
I can see you dance.


Burning eyes and closing lips,
silence fills the room.
we all know that death is not your tomb.
In a field of dreams,
wrapped around in glass,
memories at shutterspeed,
the life of the past,
still carries on, your strings to pull us through,
the sounds the newborns carry you.

Verse 2

Embodiments are fragile,
but legacys are strong,
we all make our choices,
labeled right or wrong.
To burn a nation in inspiration,
the afterburn is what makes us learn.
Broken souls learn the most,
now you're flying through airwaves and radios.

The living fall out of shape,
While the dead voices retaliate,
and keep burning through this world of lies,
glowing fragments like fireflies.

(prechorus then chorus)

Guild Dungeons 2 (and more)!

2013-04-21 19:47:11 by RealFaction

This is a bunch of updates, and BEFORE you message me asking me about working with you, read my LAST post.

Guild Dungeons 2

It's such an honor to have my song in this awesome game, by one of my favorite newgrounds artists Hyptosis! The song was inspired by the previous Guild Dungeons, and I decided to message him about it see what he thought. He liked it, then weeks later out of the blue he asks if he can use it for this game, I'm really happy. Go check it out!

Unfortunately has had a rocky start with bugs but it is a fun game!

Freelance Work

I'm in a financial situation due to my months of sickness, but I would love it if I could find more work where I could get paid, I'm cheap compared to most music producers, and I make high quality work, challenge me! :) Also, any donations from purchasing my bandcamp albumsare highly appreciated.

The Dish Out and etc.

These are updates regarding my show about featuring underground artists and their content, about the website
( and everything else about what im up to!

If you want your content featured, contact us on the website or our Youtube:

Show Promoting Underground Artists

2013-04-05 17:02:42 by RealFaction


Real quick, check out my Bandcamp (, you'll find my albums there. Any donations appreciated.

Underground Artists Show

For over a year, me and my friends have been doing a show that promotes and reviews underground musicians, artists, animators, etc. It's called The Dish Out. We haven't seen as much support for the show as we'd like but we want to help you guys get out there. We're looking for people to interview and content to review and feature.

For more info, check our website and join the forums if you'd like!
Also subscribe to our youtube if you wish:
Upcoming Projects

Guild Dungeons 2: To have a song in this game is really an honor. Hyptosis is one of my favorite artists here on ng, I love his work. Can't wait till the game comes out, I've beta tested it, and hold your pants guys, this sequel blows the first away. The song I made that's in the game was inspired by the first game :)

VOEC: I can't quite say what her next game will be but it looks interesting and I'm going to make a SOUNDTRACK for it. I may release the tracks on youtube and bandcamp too if she's ok with it, not definite yet. I look forward to when it's done though :)

Crows and Embryos: This is a pop album I'm making. No...not one of those shitty albums you hear from the radio, . I really put my heart into this to make it at least slightly different, mainly with the lyrics to have real meaning and not: "oh baby" or "in the club" every damn minute. No cliches there. I'm still working on it and recovering from 5 month Bronchitis so...on hold for now.


When You Contact Me:

UPDATE: Well looks like people just don't know how to read either -___- still contacting me and not reading this.

This might make me sound like a total pretentious asshole, but I won't work with just anyone. I'm also very frustrated and shocked at how uneducated people are (a lot of the ones who contact me), so I'm writing this because I'm frustrated. I want to work with someone who puts their heart into their work or at least know what they're doing, and I have a LOT of users contact me having no idea what they're talking about. Sometimes horrible grammar or sentence fragments. Here's some tips for you if you want to work with me:

1. Don't Be Over-Egotistical. Do NOT have a message with a wink smiley or major ego grin smiley unless you REALLY know what you're talking about. I have a lot of people just starting out and have no idea what they're doing who do this, they're way ahead of themselves and I automatically ignore this. Again, not trying to be an asshole, but seriously egotistical artists I do NOT respect. Not even the popular artists like that who have their head up their ass. I respect artists who are in the realm of REALITY. For example, I always know I can improve my work, I'm not the best but I am experienced, but I don't go strutting about it.

2. Grammar. Simply grammar, having the common sense to type right and not some random crap like a sentence fragment. It's VERY confusing and shows lack of your structure. I mainly mean putting words next to each other right and "not talking like caveman from early age". I'm not asking for master writers here, just talk like you're educated.

3. Have Experience. I cannot stress how many people contact me just starting out or have made very simplistic artwork. You need more experience. Take time to sharpen your skills, and don't just rush to it thinking you can work with anyone because "you can sort of draw". :/ People contact me with no proof of previous work, I need to see stuff you've done before, not an empty plate.

I'm not putting myself on a throne here so get your mind out of that gutter, I'm just saying to work with me I have to respect you and your work. You don't have to be the best, just know what you're doing. Really take your time to improve your skills.

Anyways if anyone's even read this far, have a good one and check out The Dish Out. Random shout out: HalcyonicFalconX, hope you feel better from your illness. Thank you for being one of my biggest supporters.

I have a show called The Dish Out on my other youtube channel. We review underground content like music, art, animation, etc. Most of it comes from here on Newgrounds. We've started a new segment where we interview people such as Jon Bailey. You may not know his name, but he's done voices for a lot of movie trailers, Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and even has his voice in toys! On his channel he does toy reviews.

He's a real genuine guy and it was a thrill to interview him. If you would like us to review your music, art, etc, message me!
Check us out at

Okay so remember when I made the Necromancer theme song for Castle Crashers under the name Piercing Lazer? Piercing Lazer is coming back as a recording band with the original two members: Me and Dustin, as well as Garrett our new member. We plan on releasing new music and covering old songs from the original album.

Cathode Raybots Review Video/Updates

2013-02-11 17:13:40 by RealFaction

Random, but I'm still bothered by the fact that I was the only person who had a song in Castle Crashers who didn't get fame from it, yet my song did...:/ hmm.

Cathode Raybots

For those who don't know, I have a review show called The Dish Out that reviews underground content like the stuff on Newgrounds, I want to help people having a hard time getting out there so I'm trying to get the ball rolling. Gamer's Corner is a new segment, we'll be reviewing more games in the future. Garrett and I reviewed Cathode Raybots, so check it out and subscribe to our youtube channel! :)

Hire me?

I'm still looking for work as a music producer, I'm cheap, so if you know anyone who needs music for anything, let me know, I could use the money right now. Message me for details.

Deluxe Edition Album Release

On February 15th, the deluxe edition of Planet Pulse will be on my Bandcamp. Check out my other stuff there.

P.S. Is anyone else sick of all the shitty Game Grumps animations taking up space on newgrounds and youtube? Say NO to squiggly lines and lazy animation! Someone suggested I make a song for game grumps, but then I told them I'm not a suck up for fame, I'm better than that. Well, at least finally SpeedoSausage made some justice and put them in their place, I salute you sir.

Muffins (and Updates).

2013-01-21 16:22:42 by RealFaction

Hire me!

I'm looking to get my music services out there, so spread the word. If you need music for anything that isn't explicit, like a video, animation, game, song for listening, song for your character, etc., I'm your guy. I'm CHEAP (price wise), and I like a good challenge, most of the time I don't disappoint. The price is ALWAYS negotiable and trust me, I'm NOT expensive like most music producers.

Send me a PM if you're interested, and tell me details about what style you would like and if possible include a song similar to give me some ideas. At the moment I'm having financial problems while looking for a job, so getting my business out would help me lots. I have 7 years of experience.


I posted nearly every album I released on Itunes on Bandcamp for streaming and download, ANY donations would help me a lot right now. Check it out, I released a new EP there: (Echoes In My Sleep):

Album Art Contest Results!
The results for my contest are in so check out the thread here --->


Here's your muffins for reading all this. Hope you like blueberries.

Muffins (and Updates).

Hate Youtube's Layout? (Updates)

2013-01-03 18:36:46 by RealFaction

Answer to Youtube

I recently got a Youtube partnership with Martell Brothers, who have come up with a genius idea as an answer to Youtube's horrible layout, check this out and see if you can donate anything, we need your help! Click here to find out more!

If you're skeptical about why it's 30k or still aren't convinced how we can help, watch this video.

Album Contests

Don't forget! Both my remix and art contest end soon! Go check them out!

Art Contest:

Remix Contest:


Ever since I was 15, I've been wanting to make a certain comic I had ideas for. I finally am but it's taking forever! I wish I could find someone to collab with on this project. Anyway, it's uploaded on here in my artwork and my DeviantArt page so check those out!

Also, subscribe to my Youtube channel perhaps? It would mean alot. That's all that's up with me right now, oh and I'm moving into a new place soon :)

Read this if you're awesome/Youtube Petition Protest

2012-12-11 12:07:18 by RealFaction


Reminder: Only about a month left for the contests to end! You could end up winning cash for drawing the art cover to the upcoming deluxe edition of my album "Planet Pulse", or remixing the songs! Check out the links below!

Art Contest:

Remix Contest:


It's about time someone took a stand for the crappy youtube layout design, so I started this petition. Sign it, it's important to the future of millions of users. e-youtube-design-back-to-user-expectations

Contests/Game/Youtube Show

2012-11-19 18:52:13 by RealFaction

Reminder: My last post talks about contests, check that out, and check out my art and remix contests! If you make music or art, you might wanna enter,you'll win money ;)

Art Contest:

Remix Contest:

I've been working with Saminat, DeathInk, and Schulles, it's going to be a game tribute to an old movie :)

Can't say much more than that, but here's a sample of some music that might be in the game, it'll give you an idea of the style at least.

Youtube Show

I had a show called The Dish Out, which featured some underground artists, a lot from here on Newgrounds. If you want your music, art, games, or animations reviewed, let me know! Season 2is currently in production and on it's way! You can check out Season 1 here: 41DEFCC

PS: Website is down, that's another story. I'll try to have a Season 2 promo on this post this week sometime hopefully.

Remix and Art Contests/Album Released

2012-11-04 17:16:01 by RealFaction

I am running two contests right now, a remix contest, and an art contest! You should enter! Both involve the deluxe edition of my album Planet Pulse now on Itunes, Spotify, and other places.

The winners of the contest get MONEY and get on the deluxe edition album due in February. Shout out to Ellebirdy23 for the AMAZING vocals she recorded on "Polaris", the singleof the album as well as Tom Donovan plus Alexis Trevisan for the great artwork!

Art Contest:

Remix Contest:

Here's the videos on Polaris and the album preview:

I'm also starting to make game videos like my BioShock Let's Play series. It's not fantastic but it's a first. Check out my youtube channel. P.S.: Asthma sucks.