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Single Released/Contest Extension/Game

2012-10-19 14:15:35 by RealFaction

Single Released
I'm happy to announce "Polaris" is out on Itunes (out worldwide for only $1), Spotify, Amazon, Rhapsody, IHeartRadio, and VerveLife as of October 16th! Go buy it for $1 if you wish, I could use the support.

It was wonderful to work with Alisa aka Ellebirdy23, she did an amazing job singing on the song! My friend Alexis Trevisan made the picture for the single, I added the titles. Tom Donovan aka GimpBear made the album cover. My album "Planet Pulse" will be available October 25th.

Contest Deadline Extension

Here's the post:

Also, here's the other contest:

Well....people kept sending me templates and not submissions so we have a problem. I wanted people to be more creative...well, if you have to have a theme, then let's make it about the mystery of space OR about Planet Pulse itself, the music-thriving alien community. It can be photography, drawing, please just be creative! If you have any questions let me know, SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY TO:

Contest deadline extended to January 15th. Hows that? Here's the video again explaining the rules.

P.S.: Does anyone else HATE the new youtube layout made to look more like Google Plus? :/


Secretly, I'm working on a game with a few friends, but not sure if I should say whom yet, but it will be a MOVIE TRIBUTE game. That's all I can say, things will update though.


2012-10-03 16:00:46 by RealFaction

It's about time I made a new post, it's been a while. If you dont care about contests or cool music and are looking for the voice actors thing scroll down.

Album Art Contest

Contact Info

If you saw my last post this is a LITTLE bit of a repeat only with CONTACT INFORMATION this time, I apologise last time I accidentally left that out. So here's how you contact me to submit your artwork. Submit it here on NG, or any linkable site, or send it to my email or my youtube account.


Watch the video, people keep sending me the wrong thing.


I hate that Google messed up the subscribers feed, I have 806 but i don't come anywhere close to those views...thank you Google. So you'll have to follow me on my Facebook. As for YouTube, I did something new with my YouTube page, I have categorized my music by playlists saying what genre they are, as well as categorizing my other videos. Say if you wanted to listen to all my uploaded rock music, you click on the rock playlist.

I'm currently uploading every track from my past two Itunes albums "Beatilicious" and "Exoticland" (search for them on Itunes) to my channel also. And finally, I'm going to start making video game walkthroughs.

New single
Check out my friend's music, she sings over the upcomingt single, "Polaris" (released October 16th) from my upcoming album Planet Pulse! Her username is Ellebirdy23 (she makes amazing music). She's a great friend of mine and I have no doubt together we'll make great music, check out this song and spread it around!

Voice Actors Needed for Animation!
I'm writing an animation with my good friend Tom, aka GimpBear are working on an animation about Obama and Romney. HOWEVER, there's aSCI FI twist, so it's not you usual BS half assed political cartoon. It's original. We need voices for Obama and Romney and an announcer, so if you're up for it, message me.

That's all for now, subscribe to my Youtube and like my Facebook?

New Album/Contest/RamboJoe

2012-08-25 17:08:55 by RealFaction

New Album

Ok so I've finally almost got my album done, and it's going to feature some new vocals from the popular and beautiful stylings of ElleBirdy23 :D (love her music!) and the album is called "Planet Pulse" which will make this my 3rd Itunes release. Here's the promo.

Album Contest

If you saw the whole video you'll see that there was mention of a contest. Well here's the details/rules:

Want to draw an album cover for the DELUXE EDITION of "Planet Pulse" when it comes out sometime in February (maybe)?

1. It can NOT be explicit like extreme bloody violence or nudity or profanity related.

2. If I like the artwork, I'll make it the deluxe edition album cover, and EVERY ART PIECE SUBMITTED WILL BE FEATURED IN A VIDEO! Also I'll make sure to mention your name to give you credit for the piece.

3. Deadline is October 20th, 2012 (duh).

4. You'll win a free copy of the deluxe edition.

Subscribe to my youtubechannel?


So yeah, I made custom music for RamboJoe's next awesome animation. I'm honored because I loved the rotoscope work he did with double dragon and doom :)

I also I'm going to be starting a kickstarter soon maybe (NOT a scam, a reailstic goal that WILL be used to buy equipment, not asking for a whole lot of money compared to most kickstarters).

P.S. Mindchamber is the cream to my corn.

P.S.S. It's a manly compliment.

Selling Computer Parts/Youtube

2012-07-27 15:47:01 by RealFaction

So basically, I tried to build a computer...and failed. It set me and my dad 2 months back on buying a prebuilt computer which we will do when the money comes by. The company we ordered from refunded most of our items but these items had a no return policy... howstupid. On Ebay, we're selling 2 Computer Cases, and a 850w power supply. If anyone (especially gamers) wanna grab them, go to the links below to bid on them (or buy it now).

As for my Youtube, well if I hit 700 subscribers I'm making a metal cover with my friend of the Reading Rainbow theme. Thought it might be funny. I need subscribers! <-- go there for the new updates video, here are the computer parts:

Computer Case 1

850W Power Supply

Robot Day and Etc.

2012-07-12 13:49:19 by RealFaction

This is about Robot Day, and updates about my Remix Album and DubHop song, so keep reading on, it's interesting.

Robot Day

Originally, I was making a game with my team for Game Jam 7 called Robert's Robot Repair, but we didn't make the deadline so we worked on it until Robot Day and released it. Now I had a lot of fun with my great team, but I was dissapointed that we didn't get to fixing those bugs or expanding more on it. I'm hoping we get to make a new and even better game. Shout out to my Team Ellipsis: WallRoss, Erasmus, Renaenae, and Shadowgamer2. Check out the game!

Necromancer Theme/Simple Sight Remix Album

Yes, THE Necromancer theme from Castle Crashers (I originally made the song) has a remix album. The Behemoth isn't involved, I just had a remix contest and other artists made remixes and it's WORTH buying. I have a hard time getting around with no job and we worked hard on it so it would mean A LOT if you bought this CHEAP album. I don't see why it has over 1,000 views, and hardly any sells :/ its very affordable. Check it out:


Yeah, Dubstep+HipHop=DubHop. Some people might hate them, or think the idea is stupid, but I was inspired by Foreign Beggars and SenatorJohnDean to do it. I really experimented with this and I'm currently working on lyrics, check it out!

Subscribe to my Youtube, it would mean a lot.

Robot Day and Etc.

Castle Crashers Necromancer Theme REMIX ALBUM?!? (plus other news)

2012-06-23 07:26:05 by RealFaction

Necromancer Theme/Simple Sight Remix E.P.

Yes, I (RealFaction) am the original author of that song, so I decided to make remixes overtime, as well as a few other artists such as Animattronic, FamilyJules7x, and EagleGuard. It would mean a lot if you bought it on FixtStore, it's cheap and you get 7 songs including the original and the remixes. The Behemoth is NOT involved with the project. Here's where to buy it: ion---Simple-Sight-%28MP3-Album%29

Also side note, The Dish Out Season 2 will be a LIVE SHOW ON USTREAM so if you're an artist, musician, game developer or so on who wants to be featured on the show, message me! It'll be a great interactive experience :).

Here's the promo video:

Castle Crashers Necromancer Theme REMIX ALBUM?!? (plus other news)

To Indie Game Developers/Youtube Channels/Xbox Live

2012-06-08 18:57:29 by RealFaction

So recently I made a video to Indie Game Developers but also for Youtube Channels to get out there more. I'll make music for your games and/or youtube channel. I have a wide variety of styles so challenge me! Now depending on what it is i MIGHT charge you but not much, I have no job and need some cash. I promise it will be worth it as I make high quality music, for example, check my latest songPinnacle of Flame: AND my new high quality piece "Homeland"

Also go check out DuDul's entry for the NATA competition! I made a song for it.

Before I go, my Xbox Live Gamertag is RealFactionX. I have Halo Anniversary, Trials Evolution, and Soul Calibur 5. Here's the video for the developers, and updates for my fans. Peace!

P.S. SUBSCRIBE to my channel, it would mean alot.

Music Producer Looking For Work!

2012-05-25 17:23:30 by RealFaction

Dear Animators, bands, artists, and anyone else who needs music, I am a music producer who works with many genres. If you need me to make you an instrumental to sing over, a song for a movie or game, or whatever else then i'm your guy. I'm adding drums to my friend's band's next record and mixing it. I charge though, but not much! I can't get a job out there, so this is my job and my life.

You help me, I help you :). I work with orchestral, hip-hop, pop, metal, rock, electronic, and much more! Challenge me! Here is my newest song also of me singing on camera, would mean alot if you subscribed to my channel

Remix Contest/EP, Boobs, and a Goose.

2012-05-09 16:47:21 by RealFaction

Check my last post if you're a good programmer looking to work with people on a flash game.

Remix Contest/EP
I only typed boobs to get your attention, get over it you horny youngsters, this is interesting though I promise. So I recently finished the remix contest for Simple Sight, my song which was the Necromancer theme in Castle Crashers. I'm releasing a Simple Sight Remix EP sometime this year which I will keep you posted on, so far contains 7 tracks including the original song. Congratulations to EagleGuard for winning, and LichLord and Raydude being the runner ups, as well as everyone for participating.

Also in random news I filmed a music video for my friends band, so check out these interesting videos at the bottom about the remix contest results and music video.

Beats/Freelancer Work

I've decided recently to take a new direction and make beats for rappers for a small sum of money, and I'm also looking for any work to make music for flash movies or games, let me know.

I'm also working on my metal/rock album, about halfway there. Check out my music, you will not be dissapointed.

P.S. I used to love a once strangled silly goose. No literally check this out.

Remix Contest/EP, Boobs, and a Goose.

Xbox Live Arcade Game? (NEED PROGRAMMER)/Remix Contest

2012-04-20 18:18:57 by RealFaction


Me and my good animator pal, Tom Donovan (aka FlaminNinja) are working on a game called Ninja Madness with our friend, John. We have a concept art trailer below but WILL BE REDRAWN. We wish to release a early version on Newgrounds first, then we are HOPING to eventually release it as a mobile game in the app store, and consoles in the future (ex. Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network, etc.).

First things first, we NEED a PROGRAMMER ASAP!

So if you know anything about programming/coding for flash games then please contact me on here or my email In the future we would eventually like to find someone who knows programming for Xbox Live Arcade. The trailer features my song "Dash Across the Robots!" as I will be composing the music for this game.

Necromancer Theme (From Castle Crashers) Remix Contest

Only 5 days left until the remix contest is over and we need more competitors! To see more details on how you can enter the contest, watch the video below and look at the Newgrounds Thread: