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2011-10-22 02:06:22 by RealFaction

At the moment life has been harsh. I have lost opportunities, and I have been awaiting them. I'm going to take my music in a new direction. Here's my list of things-to-do.

1. I'm making a fan film of a famous franchise, but it will only be revealed within the film what it is exactly. It will be released in a couple weeks or so.

2. Not sure when the album is coming out, awaiting the artwork from the artist.

3. Trying to find work. I love making music for animations and games.

4. Playing around on Minecraft.

5. A close friend of mine is drawing a comic strip of a character I made.

6. Going back into my Trixsta rap career. Working on that album.

7. Working on a dubstep EP with my friend Josh (Dead Intermediate). /452615

In the meantime check out my last post as well, surely you can spare a dollar to buy my new single on Itunes? ngle/id469998723

Single/Freelancing/Fan Q&A

2011-10-15 21:34:49 by RealFaction

Single out on Itunes AND Bandcamp!

Yeah you heard me. Go buy it at Itunes and Bandcamp! Please check my last post for stuff about "Clearing the Sky", "Simple Sight", and stuff. Also heres my youtube channel. Also here's my Facebook. Awesome artwork by SmileCythe aka Sonsukka. Sadly no music video, didn't go as planned :( but oh well. As far as the album goes, I'm unsure when it'll be released. I'm also trying to possibly make shirts on cafepress, we'll see how that goes.


Also, I have been a freelance musician for many months now....soon i wont be able to be free. So I'm saying ahead of time, I will stay free for TWO more months, you can contact me within the 2 months and if the project takes a little more time after that i'll still be free for it, but you have to contact me on that project WITHIN the timeframe! I'm going broke and cant find a job and i dont have much support with my stuff on itunes since not many are buying my songs. Tell anyone you know developing something and I'll be happy to do so for free in this timeframe! :) I WILL say I won't charge much when I begin to. If i start getting more buys though on itunes i'll be able to stay free, I need the support in my current situation.

Fan Q&A

Yeah, here's this thing I did.

Updates/Clearing the Sky/Animators/8 years

2011-09-15 16:07:30 by RealFaction

Hey guys just got back from an awesome trip in Kansas City Missouri, also got to see the St. Louis Arch. Enough about this crap, you want updates right? :P


Well some progress has been made since last time and more to come I am happy to say regarding my upcoming album. This month we're re-shooting the music video, and guess what, a couple girls said I could shoot it at their birthday party on the same day! The single art is done now thanks to Sonsukka and it looks great go check out his artwork it rocks (viewer discretion advised)! Now I just need to shoot the video for R3, and I'm hoping for a release at LATEST mid October. It could be earlier though who knows. The album itself may be out in November which is my birthday month, but not sure yet.

Clearing the Sky

Man...I don't mean to drop a bomb but, I really hate that I've lost my connection to my old fans, and I wish people would stop ONLY listening to Clearing the Sky, Hank's Return, and Simple Sight. Not trying to sound like a jerk but imo that crap is old and overrated, my heart and soul was not put into those songs. Now I'll say Simple Sight is ok, but my main point is I really want my new stuff to get out there too, it's quality i mean cmon!


This guy is my FRIEND and I agree with what he's saying


Ok so I've been composing lately for Jaxxy and WX, btw, he just released a new flash and im surprised it hasn't been frontpaged yet!! I did the voices, arranged sound effects, and did the music for it and it's been awesome working with him, in the next month we hope to get out something new, he's been working on it.

Also, if any animators need some music hit me up! Or even if you need some voices for characters and such, also I'm a writer so if you don't know what to write about maybe we can collab on something :)

8 Years

I've been on Newgrounds for 5 years as of the 22nd, but technically i've been on this site for 8 years I don't know the real date. I had other accounts. Sending a shout out, I'd like to thank my cousin Johnny for showing me this awesome site, if it wasn't for that, I wouldn't have found it as early and maybe not be where I am today. He's also an influence for my music and what I write, I guess you could say I look up to him or somethin. Now he might think I was a bit young back then.....meh he might be right, but hey everything happens for a reason!

Well thats all for now, stay tuned, my next update might be big. WHile you're at it check out my new album preview and my new song on my youtube channel, I have enough videos on here. Otxk


Clearing the Sky/where are my fans/hacker message

2011-08-27 04:13:23 by RealFaction

UPDATE 9/2: New song! M!ndL0ck

This says it all


This guy is my FRIEND and I agree with what he's saying

Updates/STD/I'm a writer/workin with WX

2011-08-09 15:20:51 by RealFaction


So updates, unfortunately the album has been delayed some, I'm trying to work on the music video for "R3" this month. Sonsukka is doing a great job with the album artwork :). I can't give out a release date yet but it'll be later this year. The next thing that will be released is the "R3" single with the video so stay tuned!

I'm in this new animation made by WX (long time no see, the guy who did DE_Dust 2 and stuff!) I made the music, arranged the sounds, and did the voice for the nerd, Newbie :P.

No....I don't have AIDS guys, but the instrumental version of True Face is in a new game my friend FrozenFire made called Symphonic Tower Defense ..... STD, har har.

I'm a Writer

I love writing stories just as much as writing music, so if you want me to write an idea for a flash movie (and if you're a good animator) hit me up! I really have been wanting someone to take on my zombie story idea, as well as my Pacman prequel comic series. It's dark and twisted :).



EDIT 7/20: Check out this flash my friend Jaxxy made! My song is in the end credits, I made it special for this occasion.

Hey it's been a while. Currently I am wrapping up the album and I'm sorry to say that I may not have featured vocals on the album as planned but isn't for sure yet, but looking that way. I'm really trying to shoot a music video ASAP with a friend for the next single, stay tuned for that in the next couple of weeks or so. All I know is we're looking at a July release very possibly if not early August. I just have a few more songs to record vocals for, and in the meantime I'm waiting on the album cover to be finished. The artist I asked to do it is very creative (will be revealed in next post when album is released) and he's doing a great job, I've seen how it's going so far. I'm also going to order physical copies and talk to a local music store about selling them since they sell local artist CD's. I'll announce more on these things on my next post! Not too much longer people!

Heres a preview of my album :)

Some of you have asked me questions, and I want to make a video for the next post to answer some of those questions, if you have more then just ask by posting questions below in the comments!

Flash animation/Website/Album Updates

2011-05-07 03:33:14 by RealFaction

Ok so being 3:30ish am this is a weird time to post but ok. If you havent already, check out my website I've had for a month, check out the news section.

Also, I decided that Tommy the Psycho Viking will be animated by various animators. The only thing is Tommy can't change. Tommy is a psychotic 12 year old boy who wears a viking hat and is kinda dumb, yet funny and lovable. Kind of like Gir off of Invader Zim. He's got a somewhat detailed face with a rectangular body with stick arms and legs. Anything else can be changed since he will be in random adventures. All I ask is that you talk with me about it so we can collaborate, and you have to be a decent/good animator.

Also, I finished the last instrumental track for my album, so now I have to write lyrics for a few instrumentals and record vocals. Not to mention I've been waiting for 2 months for this girl named Emily to sing on one of my tracks...xD. I know the name of my album now, just have to make art for it. Last time I had this guy named RedWingX do the album cover of my current album Beatilicious, and I love what he did. Though I want someone new for this one.

Two questions:

1. Are there any good artists that would like to design my album cover?

2. Is there anyone who makes weird art that would like to be featured in my next website post?

My website hasn't gotten many hits but I'm trying to get the word out. It's basically weird/interesting content of random stuff not just about me or anything, I wanted to start a community for creative people. If you havent already, check out my remix of "Eleanor Rigby", and a preview of the final instrumental track for my album I just finished.

Until next time,



2011-04-15 01:20:44 by RealFaction

I'm a freelance musician looking for work so if you need me to make music for a flash movie or game let me know! I've had not one, not two, but THREE ideas for three series! I'm also a writer, and though that may not reflect much on here, I can share a short example of my ideas.

Idea #1: MossTown

It's an idea for a horror zombie survival series. A man is working in a multiplex theater late at night, he's one of the only people working. He gets bored so he goes to watch a movie, then the lights get cut out. He goes to the projector room to find the guy running the projector dead. It's not much detail here as far as im giving but it leads to an adventure outside of the multiplex. MossTown is soon to be the starting point of an apocolyptic outbreak.

Idea #2: Pac-man: The Lost Chapters

This series is based off a comic series I did a few years ago. I always thought "How did they all get inside that maze?" AND "Are the ghosts really the bad guys? Or are they innocently running from a monster?" I wanted to give it a dark new perspective. There is history and in depth details behind everything in the game believe it or not. It's bloody, it's violent, and it makes you feel sorry you ever thought Pac-Man was a good guy. This is a reimagination :)

Idea #3: Tommy the Psycho-Viking

In this adventure/comedy series, Tommy is a psychotic 12 year old who wears a viking hat to school every day because he believes vikings still exist. It's unknown why vikings interest him but that gets revealed later in the series. He uses an exploding biscuit to escape an insane asylum he gets put in and escapes into the woods where he meets a psychotic boyscout and they make a raft together to sail down the river in their silly adventures. Eventually they meet funny weird characters and there are villains in this too.

Message me if you are a GOOD flash artist who would like to try animating for any of these series. You have to have proof of your past work, I want this to look really good. For the pacman series as well as the Tommy series, I have pictures of concept art and the issues I made in the past of Pacman TLC. We'll worry about voice actors later. As far as music, I may do it myself, but unsure yet.

Be sure to check out my website too!


Website, T.o.t.M., Freelancing, V.o.t.M.

2011-03-25 21:13:59 by RealFaction

Not much here to be honest, look at my previous posts for updates. I'll basically make music for anyones flash games or such, just hit me up. Look to Heat of Battle, my newest song. I think this is a genre I've rarely touched and have a knack for it now :). Theres a surprise coming out not too long from now, it's a secret project so I can't say anything on it, but it's big, and you'll know when it comes out :D

UPDATE: I have a new website

Sign up as a member :D

There is no way i can sit still when I hear this.

Tune of the Month

Doctor P - Big Boss

Video of the Month

1950's drum and bass dubstep assault

Making music for people as a living?

2011-03-11 12:56:15 by RealFaction

Not really any updates, but i've been looking into because since I er...lost my job...I can't find a new one for a long time due to the economy crap. So I want to make many unique songs that can only be used once, meaning, i'll still upload on here of some of the songs but they'll be previews to see if thats what you would want for a flash game or movie. The prices will probably be cheap for each song. Apparently a lot of people see me as a I'm going to try this. Also, ask me to make something! I literally have many hours on end since I graduated from school recently and have no job...yikes. Support me guys, i'll be making an account on audiojingle and you can buy some songs for cheap. Don't worry, i'll throw some freebies on here every now and then.

In the meantime, whats a good idea to get out there besides myspace and youtube? n