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So basically i talk about my new hiphop project Kid Project, and other stuff in my newest podcast.  Check it out:

Help My Friend/What I'm Up To

2016-10-13 12:45:30 by RealFaction

Hey guys, so a good friend of mine needs help.  She's doing cheap emergency commissions right now because she needs a new phone since her old one broke, and she currently doesn't have a job.  Gotta feel safe when you go out, right?  She's really good, check her out?  The post is here if you want her to make you some neat artwork:

Go follow her too:

In Other News

As some of you know, from my last post, my grandmother recently died.  I'm holding up better than I was, but I do miss her.  I've been juggling a few commissions and my job, so I've been pretty busy as of late.  My goal is to post a new song within the next month, hopefully.  I recently found peace and happiness, so I'm making a video series on beating Depression. 

Finally, I have been working on this 2-part post series in honor of my 10th Anniversary, talking about Newgrounds users who have inspired my music over the years in ways big and small.  I'm working on part 2 soon, but part 1 can be found here:

That's all for now.  Long term, I plan on releasing  a new single too, and eventually recording vocals for the Piercing Lazer deluxe album version of  "The Other Side", adding 3 new songs too.  Been working on those instrumentals.  In the meantime, go check out my newest single music video ( and my new album (

Peace and love be with you, friends.  <3

I had to post this because I've posted it everywhere but here, but recently my grandmother finally got her peace and passed away in her sleep.  Below I get more into that, my last post is here if you want to check that out:

Dana Guy, my grandmother on dad's side, helped raise me in ways when I was younger.  She was funny, kind, caring, compassionate, gave me money, gave my parents money so we could live in the house I grew up in most of my life, held wonderful parties for the holidays to gather the family together, was a happy and generous soul, and spread love to the world, something I appreciate and believe in, as I love to do that too.

The past few days haven't been easy, but I'm better than I was.  I've been chosen as well as the other grandchildren to be one of the few to handle her coffin, to take it to the chapel.  She had Dementia, and it was painful to see her in her final days of suffering, just a couple of days before she died, but I am relieved she no longer has to suffer.  I was wishing she would pass away peacefully in her sleep, so she may be at peace, and it was so, somehow, miraculously. 

I posted a video to my youtube channel about all this, so it's below this.  I recently beat depression and have finally found peace and happiness in my life after a life-long battle, it's different, and wonderful.  With that said, I want to help the world find that same peace and joy through a series of videos I'm going to make in the near future about how to beat depression.  I think it will help a lot of people, and I think grandma would be proud of me.  Love you grandma, wherever you are. 

I've been working on commissions I unfortunately am not allowed to post for quite some time, until the projects are released that the music is in.  But some of the commissions will be released sooner than later, some of them will be allowed to be released.  It's been great to see my business grow every month.  I can call it my second job now, which is amazing.  I'm thankful for all the support.  I also lowered the goal on Patreon from $5 to $2 a month, hoping to get more patrons who want to see my content earlier.

Besides that, I've been working on my "10th Anniversary Newgrounds Facts" posts regarding facts about the Newgrounds users who have had a heavy influence on my music over the years, who inspired me in more ways than one.   Part 1 was my last post, part 2 is coming soon.  Check it out here:

The video is below.  Thanks for the support guys, including your wonderful messages of condolences.  Love you all.


10th Anniversary Music Facts (Part 1)

2016-10-07 23:42:50 by RealFaction

NOTE: This post is the longest post I've ever written.  With that said, taking hours of my time to do this, it's a work in progress, and will take a little while to finish.  I decided to divide it in parts, so here's the first part.  Bear with me, I just lost my grandmother a couple days ago, she passed on her sleep...I've been bummed.

I thought it would be fun, for my 10th anniversary on Newgrounds, to post some facts about some of my music, the stories of how some newgrounds users have greatly inspired my music and impacted my life in that way and others. I also figured this would be a great way to reflect on how much progress I've made, how much my music has changed and improved over the years.

I'll go by users.  This is gonna be a long post, so look for what you feel like reading. 

The users are (in order):

Fierra (a.k.a. DJBrixX)


To be in Part 2 when completed:


Krinkels + Cheshyre ("The Madness Chronicles" as I call this series of songs)

So, I've been a huge fan of the Madness series by my buddy @Krinkels for years, and in 2008, Newgrounds held an audio portion of the Madness Day contest, so I entered the music contest for the first time with Hank's Return ( and as horrible as I think the mixing still is, and how other songs entered sounded better than mine, I somehow miraculously got 1st place, first time for me getting 1st in any competition like...ever.  It was inspired by the series and the sweet music by @cheshyre

Quick skip to 2011, I entered another song called Tricky's Wrath ( , pretty much same story, didn't place though.  I had some Celldweller influence in there as well.  I wanted it to sound like a boss fight.  Same year I made Circus Killer Panic parts 1 and 2 ( , .

And related to that, quick skip to 2015, I made a remix of a song that was in a Madness fan animation called Elfire.  I made a remix of that song ( for Madness Day that year and it miraculously placed...2nd I think?  So yeah, that's about every song I've made that was inspired by Madness.


Hank's Return

Tricky's Wrath

Circus Killer Panic

Circus Killer Panic (Part 2)

Fun side fact: I also made original music for @sicsophor 's Madness fan animation ( which placed in 2014, I can't remember what place though.  Here's the songs for that, since these DO technically count as Madness tunes.

Enter the Madness

F(l)ake (was cut from the animation)

C.D. Elevator Loop (tribute to the Chicken Dance song, which was in the very first Madness animation, but alas, sadly got automatically replaced with new music :( )

To Be a Ninja


I made a song called "Flight of the Clouds" ( in 2009, and i remember taking some tips from @Phyrnna way back then, it was inspired by her, as well as another artist I cannot for the life of me remember.  Sux.  I actually used to make a decent amount of music like it back then, but a lot of it got erased and deleted due to the "hacker" incident, for those of you who remember.  The 2-year war from 2008 to 2010.

Since we're talking about Phyrrna, I'll mention that she got me into making piano music every now and then.  I loved the piano pieces she uploaded, as well as her music for the Epic Battle Fantasy games, and her music in general.  It was just so beautiful, and I love piano music, I used to play piano too, and I wish I still could, but alas no keyboard.  :c  Someday!

So with that said, here's some of the piano pieces she inspired me to make over the years (willing to bet some are missing because of the hacker) so back then I had a second account to upload my stuff when I got locked out of this one: 

Flight of the Clouds

Lonely Castle

Memory of Inertia

Translucent Echoes

A Precious Moment

Warm Smile

The Glass Bubble

Don't Forsake Them


(random note, @BackFromPurgatory inspired a lot of my later piano music as well as @Phyrnna, but there's a section for BFP considering the inspiration they had for other genres of my music too)

Father-Of-Death (F.O.D.)

@Father-Of-Death had a minor yet interesting influence on my music.  Back in like 2008 and years on I listened to his music a fair amount.  He did, and still does, make some interesting tunes.  I remember hearing him make like some speedcore tunes that I really liked.  Eventually, I asked him if we could work together on a song.  Ya know, collab.  He said sure.  I was thrilled.  Talking to him was cool.  Eventually we made this thing called "Speed Zone" (

The funny story behind this, he only made the first riff, and I just expanded so much on it, instead of properly juggling the song back and forth with small parts added between us like it should have been...haha.  I was..a dummie back then.  Love ya FOD <3 don't hate me.  But yeah, after that, it inspired me to make a song for my 2011 Exoticland album called "You Found Us Dead (So Kill Our Bones)" ( which I never uploaded to NG.  I was happy with the result.

Speed Zone


Wha?  But @Jaxxy doesn't make music?  BUT, she was an important part of the evolution of my music, believe it or not.  How you ask?  Well, back when I wasn't as known on NG, as a part of my first Game Jam experience, we made a game called Dravalanche (  She did the art and stuff, we all collabed on ideas and stuff.  I mostly just did the music.  She told me how she loved 8-bit music, and how it would fit the game well.  Was pretty cool.

She also introduced me to some well-known/talented NG users like @Nalem (who's still my buddy <3), which helped me get out there more and more.  Long story short, I became addicted to making 8-bit music and stuff like it.  It lead to the development of my 2011 Exoticland album, inspired by a lot of old games.  (

I can't say she inspired all of those songs, but she definitely sparked my interest in making music with 8-bit in it, which was awesome, so she was an inspiration in that way.  :)  I also made a song for the credits of one of her animations, Hamburger Moon 2 ( I was working on the music on one of her animation projects, but sadly got cancelled. 

She basically told me to make a funky type of song for the credits, as a parody of McDonald's like the animation is sort of about.  The result was...pretty hilarious to say the least.  Got some inspiration from George Clinton, Parliament, and the guy who sang the Shaft theme song.

In a nutshell, Jaxxy was one of my early supporters that helped me get to where I am today by helping me get around.  Thanks.  :)

Dravalanche (since i didn't upload the music from the game to NG originally)

Hamburger Moon 2 Credits Music

DJBrixX (@Fierra)

I don't care what anyone says, this woman is the QUEEN of trance of all time on NG.  The stuff she would make just...oh my god.  It was like...euphoric, melodic, beautiful.  She taught me some cool techniques and helped me improve my music, and was a good friend too.  She got me more into Armin Van Buuren which got me inspired to make some of the tracks on my Exoticland album in 2011, mostly "The Cold" (  I used a lot of those techniques she taught me in the songs on that album, and music I've made over the years.

Back then, she was one of the most profesionally experienced musicians on NG, and still is, even with the lack of uploading nowadays.  She's actually inspired me to work on a new song as well that I plan on singing over.  It's a rough draft, a super early preview.  ( it'll be more complex as I progress with it.

The Cold

Breathe (demo)


...where to even start with this one?  BFP inspired a LOT of my music.  And I mean, a lot of it.  I loved the melodic tunes that came out of BFP's mind, just felt different, hit emotions a lot of music I've heard just...doesn't.  It was in-depth, melodically just genius.  Their music inspired some of my piano tracks, as well as some of my rock tracks, and other music in general. 

I remember when BFP was a mod, and judged contests sometimes.  I remember entering a metal NG contest BFP was a judge in, the song I entered was Dash Across the Robots! ( at first...but then i switched it to...something not worth even posting here.  I was dummbbbb.    So I ended up messaging BFP and we talked for years, almost every day just about.  BFP helped me a lot also with my music, teaching me things.

...okay I'm sick of saying BFP, lets say Purgy, since that was the nickname after all.  The first song Purgy inspired?  Hmm...from what I recall it was this tune I made about em (  It was different than what I usually did, had a dark vibe to it.  One of the darkest songs I had made to date, and still is.  Back in 2013, when I first experimented with distorting synths with a guitar distortion plugin.

It's funny, every time I seemed to write a song inspired by Purgy, even without tags, just...ended up being some of my best/most viewed work on NG, sorta.  Purgy played piano wonderfully, sometimes would play for me on Skype and I would just enjoy listening to it.  It inspired me to make piano tunes like this (, and this (, and guitar playing which inspired me to make this (

Usually when I made songs about Purgy, it was inspired by their colorful and unique personality.  I've never met anyone like Purgy.  Eventually, yes...I did fall in love with them.  I ended up making a love song for them I was having a hard time making due to being afraid, nervous, and it was one of the most emotional times I had writing anything.  ( (

Also inspired stuff like this ( though that one was mostly inspired by Kansas.  Technically, Purgy has inspired music I can't even release yet.  It's an album I've been working on for over a year or more, I honestly lost count.  It's not going to be finished until next year, I put it on hold, but that will be one of my next endeavors. 

Purgy was also an important role in the evolution of my music, with the great production tips, and the influence from their emotional music, and challenging me to do better overall with my music, and as a person.

More stuff coming for Part 2.  There won't be as much to say on the others, but there will be stuff still, important influential stuff.  I'll try to post it in the coming week. 

My friend has a new business! She does some good readings on your life no matter what the question, and she's helped me out a lot <3 go like her page and ask for a reading? They're cheap! :)

Future Plans

Before I talk about the future, go check out my last newspost about my 10th anniversary and new album:

What's Next for RF?:  Real Faction is taking a hiatus for a while, besides doing commissions, maybe some covers, but not any real personal stuff for a while.  I'm currently working on the next Piercing Lazer album (well, have been), which will be a more "complete" version of The Other Side, making it a full album with vocals, to show what it is supposed to be in it's entirety.  I honestly don't know my direction after that, we'll see.  Later gators.

10 Years on Newgrounds + Music Video + New Album NOW OUT!

2016-09-21 11:07:54 by RealFaction

Below is my new music video for my new single, "Obliterate", from my new album you can get on Bandcamp.  Details below!

Today marks my 10th anniversary on Newgrounds on this account.  I've really been here since 2003.  I'll never forget when my cousin first introduced me to this place in 2003, and had no idea when I started making music in 2006, uploading it to here, that it would start something wonderful.  It started as a hobby.  @TomFulp launched my career into what it is, and I'm so thankful to him, and all my other supporters, some who I've been a fan of for years before that! 

I also edited the discography on my website so you can see what I've released in the past 10 years:

Thank you all so much.  I always called this place my "second home".  You all are the reason I kept going, as well as being passionate about music.  So, to celebrate my 10th anniversary, here's the new music video for my  new single, "Obliterate", which you can get on BandCamp with my new album, "Roots Canal".  It celebrates my old 2006 sounds, as well as other sounds throughout the years, and experimenting with new sounds as well.  Enjoy! :)

What's Next for RF?:  Real Faction is taking a hiatus for a while, besides doing commissions, maybe some covers, but not any real personal stuff for a while.  I'm currently working on the next Piercing Lazer album (well, have been), which will be a more "complete" version of The Other Side, making it a full album with vocals, to show what it is supposed to be in it's entirety.  I honestly don't know my direction after that, we'll see.  Later gators.

Pick up the album:
Watch the music video:
Behind the Scenes/10 Years Rant:



New Single/Music Video September 21st

2016-09-16 14:47:28 by RealFaction

Teaser Trailer:

Who's ready for the music video for my upcoming single, "Obliterate" from my new album?  It's coming next Wednesday.  You get to see it earlier if you pledge $5 to my Patreon:

To quote one of my misguided family members....I'M "not educated enough" on politics because I'm not voting? I "don't know enough"? I'm more than capable of seeing past the lies your "heroes" spit out every time they open their mouth, running for President, or the "throne" as they see it. I'm not a hypocrite, I don't vote for people I'm not for. This country is going to get "Obliterated", and my next single is a fight against the corruption. Who will join the fight on September 21st? Get ready, it's coming.

PS: Follow my instagram yo!  You'll get previews and advice and stuff:


Check out this behind the scenes video I made of the music video my brother and I have been working on for my next upcoming isngle, "Obliterate" from my next album releasing September 21st:

Looking for free music for your mystery/sci-fi/horror games?  I recently released a FREE soundtrack I made in 2013-2014 for a game that has been recently cancelled.  @VOEC made a couple of the tunes with me and told me what she wanted, it's ambient and experimental, sets a good atmosphere I think.  I think it would be good for games, just be sure to give us credit if you end up using any of the songs.  I'll be uploading them to NG in the near future when I get other things out of the way.


I've also been working 6 days a week at my current job, it's awesome.  Good money.  And, I've been working on JKTV XD Episode 1, so stay tuned for that, new show im working on. 

Game Music/Sound FX + Motion Comic Music

2016-08-29 22:44:16 by RealFaction

For the next month i have lots of new content on the way before my new album comes out.  Part of that is the soundtrack I made (from 2013-2014) for a now cancelled game called Fischer.  It looked like it had a lot of potential, shame really.  It was being developed by @VOEC who i'd love to work with again sometime, and worked on the soundtrack with me on a couple tracks, and gave me the ideas of what she wanted for it.  I also designed sound effects for it, you can use them and the music for anything you want as long as credit is given. 

So yeah, I get to upload this old stuff from the vault I couldn't release till now.  It was my first attempt at Ambient music.  I'll probably upload it to NG in a week or two, but It'll overshadow the songs i just released here in the past week, and I have another track on the way, so i'll give a little breathing room before then.  However, you can download it for FREE for the time being here:

Motion Comic Music

I also made the song for the latest video of Fisheye Placebo's motion comic adaptation being made by @WAConline 's team VisualRaid.  Go check it out, and I uploaded the song here too:

Fisheye Placebo:

That's all for now, Friday I'm going to release a new video giving a preview of my latest music video for my upcoming single, "Obliterate".  Stay tuned!


"I am the lone soul, learning to walk, to venture without limits, an empty shell, swallowed inside a thief, carried by the wind in the depths."


Motion Comic Music

2016-08-28 13:39:30 by RealFaction

Made the music for the latest episode of the Fisheye Placebo Motion Manga series, and I'm releasing the song i made for it soon.  You can hear it here in the episode, so check it out:

Thanks to @WAConline for asking me to do this.  If you want to check out the post i just posted 2 days ago regarding my latest news about my album and a free song, here it is: