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Co-owner of Coded Emotion (game developer), Co-Founder of the Art-Inspired Music Contest and Pixel Day. Just some guy who loves making music, writing, making games, and helping people, and is pretty much a mega nerd. Profile picture by Shadowcat5150.

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A bonfire too, that's gonna be sick. Is the big Tom coming too?

I wish! Dont know, I would doubt it given he's busy and far away don't know if he could afford to but figured i'd give an invite to my pal anyway.

Aw man, i wanted to watch 5 little hitlers.

That gratuitous slo-mo on JKTV EP 6 gave me a good laugh because I immediately knew I was watching old kid videos. I pity the fool who didn't grow up with a camera filming some weird shit with friends and family. I recently plugged in a CRT so I could watch old VHS tapes. I found a tape where my brother and his highschool friends were walking around town with a giant street cone, yelling at people and cars. They found one couple just eating dinner at a fancy restaurant. Imagine trying to enjoy a $100 plate with some glitzy girl while some 16 year old is yelling at you with a traffic cone :')

Oh my god, an arcade bar? I just rolled up $10 quarters the other day. Joy :D

Haha. My editing used to be atrocious at age 13, thats around the time i had JUST started filming/editing things. Like a year after. I used to make things like 30 minutes long though but boring stuff, more like home videos, so I re-edited it, edited out the boring stuff. Oh nice! Hahahaha thats awesome. Nice, bring it!

@IvanAlmighty @PhantomArcade the official meetup post in case you guys can make it. :)

do you live in KY?


I'll teleport there when the time comes

Just wondering, are there any other meetups throughout the year, or do you guys just plan 'em as you go along?

Other people have done these, it's really whenever people feel like they can manage them. This is the first time I personally have planned one. I'm not associated with the other meetups, just varies on who Tom promotes and who has them organized enough to standards I guess. They could happen any time.

Man I LOVE Kentucky, but that's a good 14 hour drive for me.
But I WANT to go!!!

Aww :c I'm sorry to hear that. Could always fly. I would love to see you! :D

Hey @Blarrgensnorf, I found out the bar actually allows minors in before 10 PM, so you're allowed to come :) hope to see you there!

@RealFaction awesome!! I’ll have to make sure that I’m 100% free (hopefully I will be)


Wish I lived closeby, bonfires are comfy.

aww. yes

Hey not to far away, I'll pack up my car and head down next week. -

yeah! :D awesome