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Co-owner of Coded Emotion (game developer), Co-Founder of the Art-Inspired Music Contest and Pixel Day. Just some guy who loves making music, writing, making games, and helping people, and is pretty much a mega nerd. Profile picture by Shadowcat5150.

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Good luck man.


You've really got a lot of projects going on. :) Seems like a big goal, and pledges not yet moving upwards as fast as time ticks... but hope you reach it! Such a positive project too.

yep! Been having down time though trying to collect my thoughts as of late, doing a lot better, the mold seemed to be messing with me emotionally, had to run quite a few errands so taking care of things this week, have to do a few more tomorrow too...yikes. Thanks man.

Good to hear. :) About the job situation: maybe some freelance work at a distance? That way you could avoid direct confrontation, maybe build up confidence on the side, and a portfolio with time that'd be useful for whatever else you want to do. There's a looot of jobs on freelance portals like odesk.com or freelancer.com, and though thee's a lot of competition there's also a lot of opportunity for those who really know what they're doing. Employers vary from those who want something as cheap as possible (most freelancers cater to this category) and don't care about quality, and those who value experience, which you definitely have, and should be able to showcase easily with earlier musical work and such. Freelance projects involving sound design, I'm thinking? Anyway just an idea! If you're looking to take small steps; don't feel like it's a waste of time doing anything but chasing those dreams. I'm probably a pretty bad prioratizer there, but dreams are what keep the fire burning!

Not sure. I did freelance for some years it got overwhelming, but maybe if I don't take on so many clients, not sure what I'm feeling right now really. Really? Interesting. Thanks for the tips. I don't design sounds though, just music. I'll check those out though.

And the journey's the most important part! So they say.


Yeah even if you bid on a project and are accepted you can say no if you need to, most freelancers do bid on more projects than they can really handle assuming they don't get most jobs they bid on. Agree though it can get hectic if you don't really have a structure to how you spend that time. Feels like communication often takes the biggest toll with some people, just have to learn to communicate sparsely when you need to, yet still be accommodating. Anyway seems like you know the biz already. :) Those portals might be more hectic than standalone freelance work too, and not as lucrative until you have a reputation, but there's a looooof of jobs in circulation... sure thing. Well music's a big area too. Mastering. Post-processing. Maybe stuff like that?

True, i'll think about it, thanks.