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Co-Founder of the Art-Inspired Music Contest and Pixel Day. Just some guy who loves making music, drawing, writing, voice acting, helping people, and is pretty much a mega nerd. Profile picture by Shadowcat5150.

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Too bad I don't live in the US, I bet this meetup will be awesome.

Aww thanks :) I'll try to get some video footage for those who miss out.

@RealFaction Thanks! Maybe I'll go to one of these in the future.

For those of you who want an update on the NG Midwest Meetup and showed interest in potentially showing up. No bonfire, but party at the bar is still on, yes minors are allowed before 10 PM as long as you don't drink lol. Details in the post above! See you a week from Tuesday! @Kieran @Blarrgensnorf @Psychknight @Quarl @DoctaBGL @ADR3-N @SevenSeize @LittleMisfortune

@RealFaction I wish I could! Why no bonfire though? I confess to only liking bonfires because I can roast marshmallows.

Aww. Because I talked with mom about it, her old grill we used to do fires on in the backyard rusted too much, it was old. She has a small fire pit, but it's on a very small back porch, that would not fit enough people. :( I asked if there was another way, she said no. I'm bummed about it.


If'n he's still interested in the meet up.

I'll be staying at a hotel somewhere nearby and leaving early in the morning. If anyone wants to pitch in for a room, respond here or contact me. I'll be paying for a room regardless. It can be split at the hotel or you can hand me cash. We'll make the reservations at the meet up. There are a few places nearish.

Nice! I reccomend the Red Roof Inn off of Hurstborne Lane, not far from there, or somewhere cheap like that.

I reaaally need to get a grip on that recording. Sorry bout that eternal wait. Regarding the rest though all sounds awesome. :) Hope that meet exceeds expectations! Footage would def be fun to see.

It's cool, thanks! Yeah no worries I'll be recording it.

Sadly, I won’t be able to attend :/
But I hope everyone else had lots of fun! ❤️

Sorry to hear that, but thanks! I'll be filming some of it for those who couldn't make it.

ouh, just saw this- if @sessilenomad is indeed still interested, it looks like he's somewhere around illinois, in other words where I'll be driving from. I sent him a message too. Not sure what my plans are for crashing overnight yet, and like you said, could be arranged at the meet up

Making plans are defo a good idea. Awesome

@RealFaction meant to communicate this sooner, just a confirmation that I will be present, barring any unforeseen circumstances. Looking forward to it