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Today I learned that Onlyfans isn't only for explicit content. Thanks for getting that message out there!

You're welcome!

You lost me at no nudity.


Oh yeah, looking good. Move your hair just a little to the right to catch the light and frame the photo to balance out the azure sea. Perfect, perfect! Alright, now give your fans a big smile! Now that's looking HATCHI MACHI WOW WOW HOT! Alright, next shoot, I want you to hold this rifle like this, just balance it on your shoulders as you-


Darnit I wanted to try my gravure model photographer lines. Not according to keikaku XDDDD

Good luck with your new enterprise! It's definitely safer than Patreon, I hear.

Hahaha thanks!

You got me questioning for second then you tell me that Onlyfan now accepting non-nsfw stuff.

Anyway, hope this work well!


huh I had no clue OF was more than nudies. ya learn something new everyday


Isn't Patreon the OnlyFans for SFW content?

OnlyFans doesnt have tiers like rewards, but rewards can be given at your own free will to all subscribers or top fans or people who tip more. Patreon is a bit too complex for me right now i dont usve enough time or rewards to do tiers.

OnlyFans is much simpler of a subscription and i want it to feel like people are paying for a network of my own hence RFTV. Patreon has a lot of NSFW stuff too, models included but less interaction and not as much content per month usually. But Patreon is censoring artists now anyway somewhat.

@Gimmick @RealFaction Ah, I see. So it's like you're supporting the artist more on OF whereas you're supporting their works more on Patreon?

Well, you're supporting them either way, but it's a set price with no tiers, but you can tip extra. I'd say OnlyFans is more flexible for supporting your favorite content creators with the tip option on posts, though you don't get promised rewards at certain tiers, creators personally message you if you message them and if you tip extra, a lot of times they give you extra goodies especially if you're a top fan which can be tracked (i think it's based on how much you tip or how long you've been around, I dunno).

Also, OnlyFans isn't anal about censoring content or what you can/can't post like Patreon is, as much. Not that i really post anything bad anyhow, but overall for some youtube content creators, youtube is pretty strict these days on what you can/can't post, but onlyfans could allow for content that can't go on youtube for youtube creators. Patreon sometimes is like that too, but not as much.

Newgrounds breaking the mold yet again


Can you post one nude to stay on brand with onlyfans tho

If I reach 100 subs i'll take a video of me taking my shirt off, screaming outside on my balcony, "Newgrounds makes my nipples hard yo!" but that's as far as it gets. Lmao.

I wanna do something different, raise awareness about OnlyFans so more content creators realize it's not just for one thing, because it's genuinely profitable to anyone. RFTV will be my experimental network, more involved with my fans, and make things less cluttered, more manageable. Not much will change on my NG though, just one less podcast (Talking Real).

But the exclusives though!

@Luis Jk not 100, more like 10 subs, and I'll make a funny remix of me shouting it, like a song out of it.

@Luis xD