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Hiphop Project (New Record Coming Soon!)

2017-11-21 02:17:28 by RealFaction

So, since last year, I've been working on some hiphop music I'm going to rap over under the name Kid Project.  This hiphop is coming from the soul, I'm making most of the beats.  K.I.D. stands for Killing Inner Demons and cause I'm playful and kept my child-like nature, and project because I'm constantly working on myself, I want to send positive messages and bring something different to the hiphop scene, just being myself.  I've been a rapper off and on since I was 14, in highschool, but under a different name (The Trixsta, blah lol).

So, while Venturescape is currently taking a break until episode 7 is ready for release, I'm working on this side project.  The EP record will have 6 songs (not including the intro track).  It's going to be FREE, to give you a taste of the music, and if you like it, the next record (I have lots of more songs in progress) releasing next year will be somewhere around $7.

You're going to feel a mix of modern, as well as oldschool hiphop vibes in the beats, plus I'm actually rapping about positive issues instead of this "I got money" crap we gotta face in the industry.   I made most of the beats, but I'm also rapping over a couple beats by the ever so experimental @Father-of-Death and @Arbelamram (sorry man I'm still working on it XD thank you for the beat).  I love their music.

I want to get this EP out by next month IF possible, but it's definitely coming soon.  I feel this is soulful, passionate music with positive vibes, positive messages, and I'm really happy with how it's turning out.So, that's what I'm working on to hold you over while I'm working on Piercing Lazer material.  I'll give you some previews soon.  In the meantime, here's the artwork I made for it in SAI:




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