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Pixel Day/Need Voice Actor/Stuff

2018-01-23 19:08:22 by RealFaction

Happy Pixel Day from the founder of it!   Tag your entries with pixelday2018 if you haven't!

:D I'd like to thank @TomFulp for holding Pixel Day every year, glad we got the Iconoclasts guy on board to make the skin and offer the game as a prize, I really want to play it myself (hoping I can afford it).  I've been busy today with getting my place repainted, but I'll be looking through Pixel Day submissions for judging later, and I'll be updating this post with pictures soon. 

Also, few important things. 

1. Need a male voice actor ASAP to replace one that dropped out to play someone with a German or Australian accent in their mid-20's, cocky guy who's a ladies man, if you think you can do it, send me a clip of your voice for it (or multiple ideas) with the phrase: "Not everyone can be a hero, right?  That's why I'm the right guy for the job.  They WISH they could be as cool as me!" in a message or email me at rfmusic180@gmail.com .

2. Going to record the podcast tonight or tomorrow hopefully. (Actually just recorded it, here: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/786943 )

3. At midnight tonight after the contest deadline I'll start viewing Pixel Day submissions, and throughout the week. 

4. Also, this week I'll be working on more Kid Project songs. 

Also, here's how my place looks repainted so far:



Quick Fun Fact:  Pixel Day was inspired by Newgrounds' roots being inspired by the Neo Geo, 2D-platform gaming in general before the days of 3D-gaming, but ultimately was inspired by Tom's words: "I wanted Newgrounds' theme to be like a game", and the video collab I did with many wonderful people for NG's 20th Anniversary. 

It also Inspired NG Zero Hour which I'd love to finish.  (my dream team would be @BoMToons and @Luis , if only T_T) 

Happy Pixel Day everyone!  Art by @puppiesandanime



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2018-01-23 22:49:26

Happy Pixel day Everyone... Its been 9 years... Man...

RealFaction responds:

thanks :)


2018-01-24 12:15:37

Pixel Day was awesome. Thanks for suggesting it to Tom (again)!

RealFaction responds:

Thanks! It makes me happy I can give to the community and you all have fun with it :) same reason for the upcoming AIM contest. Frikin love Tom for that, I'm thankful he promotes this stuff and makes it NG official. I really hope there's another Pico Day where I can meet up with him and the guys again, that was awesome a couple years ago. Now I gotta go through the Pixel Day submissions today after getting all that work done yesterday, and a little more work today haha.