Entry #250

New FREE Albums (The Underground Collective / Kid Projekt)

2018-02-05 18:25:11 by RealFaction

Happy newspost #250!

@ForgottenDawn and I once again organized another album collab for our Newgrounds group "The Underground Collective"; an open collab project for any aspiring musicians representing the colorful variety of talent on Newgrounds! 

We just released our next free album: Volume 2: Sounds of the Future!  It's a concept album.  Go download it and check out all the awesome artists!  My Kid Projekt album has been moved to February 13th (next Tuesday), so you can get a bonus instrumental 1 week ahead of time on this free record!

Go listen and download, it's FREEEEEE: https://the-underground-collective.bandcamp.com/album/volume-ii-sounds-of-the-future

And I uploaded the track here: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/788988

Image credit goes to Kaede. Thank you @Ceevro

Artists on the album: @I0TA @RealFaction @1f1n1ty @AceMantra @normalgeist @LucidShadowDreamer @TSRBand @Kalviter @Gragon73 @LexaHergon

The Underground Collective - Vol. II: Sounds of the Future - Available now on BandCamp for free!


Kid Projekt - Kid Projekt - Available February 13th for free at digital music stores online!



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