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I'm a Rapper Now (New Album)

Posted by RealFaction - February 14th, 2018

EDIT: New post, you can pre-order the album now: https://realfaction.newgrounds.com/news/post/1007323

Some of you know I've been a rapper since 14, but I've never gone this far with it to this extent, coming out with an official album.  It's out now, and FREE on BandCamp for the first two weeks (you can get it here: https://kidprojekt.bandcamp.com )!  It would mean a lot if you help spread it around, I need the support.  It's coming soon to Itunes, Spotify, and many other places.

Originally I wanted to make it all free, but the distributor wouldn't let me do it, blah.  I poured my heart and soul into this album, I made most of the beats, and I wrote and sang over the songs, but I just want to point out, the talented @burggg made the beat for "Don't End Up like Me)", and @Father-Of-Death (been a fan of him since like 2006) made the beat for "Apollo Static", both I asked permission to use for this record. 

Thank you all for the support, and if you're wondering, the first single for the record is "Shoes", the album's opener.  I really hope I can find someone to help me shoot a music video for it.  Enjoy!

YT: https://youtu.be/Ut5hG_g0mX4
NG: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/790369


Comments (6)

This is much better then rap today where they just repeat things in mumbled language.. Great job!

Thank you! I'd hope so haha I agree with that, it's sad what rap has become. But I will say Joyner Lucas, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and Logic are a few modern artists I like. Kesha's newest album was a big inspiration for the new album though on a couple of the songs.

A few of my other old inspirations are A Tribe Called Quest, Linkin Park, Blackstar (and Mos Def in general), Fresh Prince/Will Smith, Gorillaz, and Beastie Boys. I mean for the beats and the rapping styles, but the sounds and such inspired this record. I wanted to remind people Hip-Hop is about the message, about expressing yourself, not copying what other people do, which is what it's turned into. I want to have a positive impact, spread some love to the world. Thank you!

Wasn't expecting this kind of sound from you at all! :D Unknown talents. Nice. It's not like the podcast tone at all, oldskool style, modern beats and a message to boot... going to be listening to this for a few days at least. Really enjoying Apollo Static in particular so far. Father-Of-Death's got skill. About that final instrumental too: any chance you might allow a remix/verse on that? Or collab? Getting a bit inspired!

Congrats on the album (albeit lengthwise a bit like an EP)! And hope it's the beginning of great things to come!

Thank you! :D Yeah I've been a fan of FOD for a long time. Not sure about that one yet, that's a track that's going to be on the next album, but I'm considering releasing stems for people to make remixes of my songs for a remixed version of the album. Thank you!

Ah, alright, if you do release those I'm definitely interested though! :) Is the next album maybe already in the works? Curious when you mention your distributor above, does this mean there's a release schedule and everything already mapped out?

Awesome. Yes, actually. The first song I started working on "Under Construction" actually was one of the songs I didn't finish and ended up cutting from the album along with many others. Really I just wrote what I was inspired to write at the time and when I felt I had enough for an album consisting of songs that sort of connected, then yeah I was done. Basically, the songs that got cut will end up on the next album after they're done. I came up with lots of ideas.

I've had lyrics written for other songs for months, and instrumental demos in progress I've yet to come back to. I know what I'm doing already with the next album coming later this year, just don't have a title yet. Distrokid is what I used, good website. This album goes live on Itunes either February 24th (as well as Spotify and Google Play among others) or a little after, anywhere between 2-4 weeks if not.

I put it up for pre-order, so if anyone wants to pre-order on Itunes I'd let them know when. Currently on Google Play the album is available for pre-order. I don't know when the album will be finished, but I'm just glad I have a head start already on some of the songs. It'll be sort of like this album, but Skill is one of the songs (it'll have vocals). It'll also be more emotional, and more personal than this album.

This album is more of a "hey, positive messages + dance and have fun" album with one of the songs being personal, so it's a fun dancey album. I want to shoot music videos for it, so I'm hoping that's on the way, and eventually get a remix album with remixes of the tracks. Probably going to ask who wants to be on the album and release the stems. So that's what I have planned this year for Kid Projekt. So, yeah I have some of it somewhat mapped out and already in progress. :)

Oh cool, looking forward to hearing how that turns out when it turns up! And good to know about Distrokid. Not sure I knew about this one before, was looking around for good distribution channels earlier... and this one really seems fantastic. 100% of your royalties, 150 distribution channels... seems like the only limitations might be regarding how you price your albums? I guess you'll have to pay a fee each year to keep albums available on all of those platforms too...? Either way that's some serious outreach potential!

Well it's already more personal than most, in an upbeat kind of way. :) Expecting heavy stuff with the next one then. Bound to be interesting. Music's such a great way to vent, and the heavier the easier to relate to... but at the same time it feels like some things you say in a way become self-affirmations as you repeat them... well, just something I've been thinking about lately. Always good with Positive Thoughts! :D Going to be an interesting year; looking forward to hearing more!

Thanks! I'm still debating on the remix album because I don't know if I have all the steams from the vocals or not. Yeah Distrokid is better than CDBaby which i used to do. DK is less expensive in the long run. You can price your albums sort of, There is a range of the price but multiple options, it's pretty cool to have that control.

Yeah a yearly fee but it's really not expensive at all compared to how much it is to publish an album when other sites charge you per album, this charges you per account. Yep indeed. Thanks! :D

Hmm so the more albums you make the cheaper it gets... good to know! :) I know I read about CDBaby at least, oh, yeah, actually bought ONE album there back in the day, from this underrated guy with unfortunate lisp: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/BronzeLain

Crossing my fingers about that remix one. ;) All the best!

Yep! Nice. Thanks!

Haven't listened to every song yet but I gotta say count me impressed man!

Thanks! :D