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Art-Inspired Music Contest STARTS NOW!

Posted by RealFaction - April 28th, 2018

NOTE: IGNORE the 18+ rule, it's now 13+ instead.  Reviewers selected by @ADR3-N, message her for the discord server link.

The Art-Inspired Music Contest 2018 has now officially started!
  If you're a musician (18 or older) and want to make music inspired by artwork on newgrounds, check out the contest!  It starts today, and the deadline for submissions is July 8th!  For more details, go to the official contest forum page below if you wish to enter!  Also, for music listeners, it'll be good to follow to hear the submissions along the way!

FORUM POST: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1431735

I did a couple new things this year, one being that @Nalem, the artist who did the amazing AIM artwork this year, has made the art available to buy online at her RedBubble store!  You can buy it with or without text below!

Buy Artwork with Text:  https://tinyurl.com/y8d4cmx8
Buy Artwork with NO Text: https://tinyurl.com/y8bm6f23

Also, other new thing, if reading isn't your thing, you can listen to the rules in the AIM podcast, but I do highly reccomend reading, and double-checking before you start and finish your submissions: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/803144

Here's the promo video, good luck everyone! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xqrb9mDKUQ



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Voted. My comment is in the related thread.


Yeah, I'd already voted before posting my comments. Definitely pros and cons either way, but eh...we'll see. Suffice to say, folks need to grow up and stop lying and cheating their way through life when it comes to contests and such, but yeah--like that'll ever happen. In a perfect world, amirite? :P

Hah, more boobies for a maiden-god of boobies.
YOu can increase amount of participants by T rating but If you want more nudes so go on M or A rate. As you wish, mate!
My vote for 18+

Welp...i just turned 18 2 weeks ago...i found my Loophole XD

Re: Discord, I'll try to get on tomorrow. Are you speaking of my discord, or another discord? If another, please link because hashtag confuse

Whichever works for you as long as you're on discord period to get on the server lol

@RealFaction Kay cool. I'll get on tomorrow and make a channel for the AIM Reviewers. :)

Ok cool. No need, already made a channel for that. When everyone gets in i'll start doing roles, still waiting on Chrono as well.

@RealFaction I must have missed it. PM it to me please?

I PM'ed you the server, a channel is different. The reviewers can exist in the same server right? Unless you feel it's better to make them a seperate server, up to you though.

@RealFaction I don't know. Do you think the scores of the judges will affect the reviewers? Should we password both servers or something?

They'll see the scores when you leave reviews anyway. Servers aren't password protected, but i do believe there is an approval process. You can however lock channels in the server based on what role you are to only allow access to certain channels.

Hey RF, I got about dozen more games, should I send you the list?

go for it

I got freaked out for a sec when I saw it say 18 and older, but I remembered the note :0

yeah its 13+ now lol

I know we can't post the music anywhere other than Newgrounds, but post it at other places after the contest ends? It's because I'm working on an album and I want to add the song to it.


Thanks @RealFaction!

So excited :)
Hopefully I can finish this special little track before the deadline. Also, I'm allowed to share it on other sites once the contest is over right? Or after the deadline..?

After the contest is over and the winners are announced. Good luck!

art inspired music

I wish I could join this year. Last time I made it to the album and it was exciting. Hope I can join some upcoming contests in time again. Can't wait to listen to all the sweet tunes! Hey @RealFaction is the album gonna be free like last time!

thanks! Of course, I wouldn't profit off of other people's work unless there's some sort of agreement, every AIM album is free.