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AIM Contest Winners + NG Meetup Midwest?

Posted by RealFaction - July 18th, 2018

The Art-Inspired Music Contest results are finally here hot off the press: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1433783

Here's the AIM album: https://artinspiredmusic.bandcamp.com/album/art-inspired-music-2018-vol-5

I had a great time this year, but also was kinda overwhelmed since my life is picking up in many ways.  I'd like to thank @MetalRenard for breaking the tie, judging the top 3 was hard this year.  Also thanks to @ADR3-N @ChronoNomad and TaintedLogic for all their hard work being amazing judges giving great reviews.

Today we remember @Phyrnna for being half of this beautiful whole of a contest, she was the one who said I should make this idea into a contest 5 years ago, and helped judge it from time to time.  Thank you for inspiring me in many ways.  With that said, my time with AIM has come to an end. 

5 beautiful years is a good number, but I will pass the torch to someone to keep the flame going, I want this tradition to keep on.  I don't know who yet, but will let you know next year.

Also, been uploading more songs from the 2008 Piercing Lazer album "Parallel Universe", which "Simple Sight" (the Necromancer Theme from Castle Crashers) is on.  So check out my latest songs, and latest autobiography podcast episode of Reinvention, where I talk about the origin of Pixel Day, going to school for mixing, NG Zero Hour, the new Pico's School soundtrack, and more.

I've been sleeping terrible lately, kinda scaring me.  I'm exausted.  I'm just overwhelmed and getting this off my plate will probably help.  I won't be able to do anything until I get sleep, good time to take a break.  Going on a roadtrip to Indiana next week with my best friend, will probably help to get away from it all for a couple days. 

Soon I'll be working more on my new albums, and Venturescape.  Can't wait till Reinvention is done, only 2 episodes left, then that's off the plate too haha.  Besides working 2 jobs (yuck) that's about it.  Later y'all, more music from the 2008 album, and demos of old songs, to come.  I swear after this year I'm swearing off albums forever.

NG Midwest Meetup?

Sort of an idea proposal, nothing set in stone yet, but what if I hosted a meetup for you guys here in my city of Louisville, KY?  It's a great place with lots to do, even has an arcade bar, which we will definitely be hitting up.  If I did a meetup, I would want it to be in the Fall, either October or November. 

Would anyone be down with that, and what dates of those months would you be free if so?  I will need at least 5 definite names to make it happen.  I reccomend bringing your allergy meds too, we're the #2 allergy spot this year (though most of the year it isn't so bad, but also depends what you're allergic to). 

Let me know, thanks!


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I'm starting to think I should do the same, but maybe it's not the best idea I have.

road trip? or something else?

I was thinking along the lines of ceasing all talk of music and albums.

What? You can't be serious....what the hell...why? :( That makes no sense and will do you no good...please don't do that. You're a great person and make great music. -hugs- you are loved by many. Please keep making music <3

I'll try. The motivation is lost and I would be clutching at straws begging for it to come back again.

hang in there I think you just need some time to think -hugs- love ya man

@Troisnyx Nonononono please. I look forward to your pieces. Would be sad to see the day you ever quit. You're brilliantly talented, expressive, raw, and emotional in your work. And I know how much you love drumming... And I really want to work on that "thing" you teased a couple months back.

Yo, man, thank you so much for organizing the competition this year. You did an awesome job, to the point I almost wish we had a template saved, haha. And to think, you did it all while working on your own projects AND working two jobs! I barely manage my own plate. You've done awesome.

I'm honored to be able to be a part of this year's AIM. It's been a great ride, with great music, and friends. Thank you!

I'll try to draft a post for when this drops off the front page -- if it's on there bc I just checked my feed -- lemme know when the album is ready and I'll signal boost that too. If you have a playlist of the winners lmk. I'm also cramming NGUAC judging in rn so it could be a while before I manage much else. Deadline again is Saturday if I'm not mistaken lol.

Big up to @MetalRenard for getting us straight at the final stretch. @ChronoNomad, @TaintedLogic, it's been a pleasure working with you!

hey you're welcome, thanks! It took years to really get a format going with AIM that was easier for everyone, it used to be harder. The album is already posted as of hours ago but i'll link you again. https://artinspiredmusic.bandcamp.com/album/art-inspired-music-2018-vol-5

@ADR3-N I'll need to remember which one it is. Let's talk over Discord or something.

I'll certainly echo @ADR3-N's sentiments here. Awesome work, RF! Hope to hear more from you soon, even if you're stepping down as emcee of AIM. :)


@Troisnyx Sure thing. Hope you don't mind me being a little slow -- with NGUAC judging I'm going to be snail mailing a bit due to poor time management tbh, but if you're in no rush and I'm in no rush though, we good.

Omg I’m surprised and honored that I’m a runner up!! Like, I’ve been making music for roughly 2 years now and I’m happy that this is where I’m going with it :)
Also, if that meetup is confirmed, it’d be great since I’m right above Kentucky in Ohio

Ha nice. I've been to some cities in Ohio, have family there. Only 2 years? Dang, that's way better than the quality of my music when I made music for 2 years, good job. I loved your track. Grats. The meetup isn't confirmed yet but you wanting to take part in it helps it to be confirmed. If 4 more people are definitely coming here from NG, I'll make it happen.

@ADR3-N I'm in no rush. I'd probably need to take some time to audio drama and do solo work.

@Troisnyx Gotcha. See you on Discord as soon as I get the chance. :)

Isn't Chron organizing a Toronto meet up? Or is it only NGAP people?

I have no idea to be honest.

Louisville, KY is 4 hours from Dunlap TN. Easy drive.

hell yeah! I'd love to see you again! :)

Was real fun and learned a lot from it. Never would of thought that replicating someone's art with sound would be so fun. Met a cool dude too, shout-out to @TaintedLogic for being so chill. Also @ADR3-N for the great feedback. Only been in the music game for a year and if it wasn't for people like you guys taking the time to give feedback to an aspiring artist, I wouldn't be as far along the road as I am right now.

Now a meetup would be neat, Kentucky is about 7 hours from Mountain Momma so it'll be a drive for me. I'd be down so long as you don't mind me bringing a buddy.

AND THANK YOU @RealFaction for hosting such a unique contest! Also if you can change my name from DoctaBGL to Sro on the bandcamp album, that'd be sweet.

I love your beats man, good job. Maybe someday I could rap over one? :P Only thing is I feel you could experiment with better percussion samples (hat, kick, snare), but you've got quality stuff. For only being in for a year, you're really good and are a natural. Better than stuff I was making 1 year later.

Sure bring a friend or two! Thanks! Well, on the album I go by newgrounds names, kinda a rule, sorry. Best I can do is put that in parenthesis but I can do that. Cool beans.

@DoctaBGL @RealFaction Hey, happy to help. You had some pretty dope beats, yo. :)

Also, could potentially do the meetup -- if so I would be coming with @LittleMisfortune and will need a definite date so she could take off work -- so if it does go down, lemme know a month in advance or something

really? :) i'd love to see you! Alright so we're getting some folks, just to make sure @ADR3-N, @Quarl, @DoctaBGL, @Blarrgensnorf, would it matter if it's in October or November or good either way? If it's in November, y'all could come for my birthday, and I actually was planning on having my next b-day at the arcade bar anyhow.

Also, would you all have money for hotels and food? Good to save up in advance besides the gas money.

@RealFaction Lemme ask @LittleMisfortune to get on and answer these questions. I'm super strapped but ey. Arcade bar sounds freaking cool. I also know a couple other friends who may be interested (@Kara-Jayne)

cool sure :)

@ADR3-N @RealFaction I don't mind going, I just need a definite date that way I have time to take off of work and save the money up


Thank ya @RealFaction @ADR3-N, I'm actually working on layering percussion more right now to get more interesting sounds. If you really want to rap just give me some bars or I can send you something when it's finished, but I prefer making something to the vocals. Really helps set the mood. No biggie for the name change.

I think November should work for me, but are we gonna meet your family too if it's on your bday lol? Definitely will have cash saved up. Also if you guys wanna keep in touch easier: Bagels#3899 is my Discord.

nice :) you might meet them lol. Not sure really you might not, they work a lot. I hardly ever see them.

@ADR3-N @RealFaction @RealFaction @littlemisfortune @ADR3-N @Quarl @DoctaBGL Is there an age limit for this? (because I'd imagine there is and I need to make sure before anything is really set in stone)

nah. Come on out.


I mean, some past newgrounds meets involved heavy amounts of alcohol but others have been wholesome. Depends on the crowd and what we end up doing. First Toronto meet involved a theme park. There have usually been day events for all ages and a bar crawl at night for the adults. There's no reason why we should age cap this.

If it's just an audio meet we should also bring instruments and busk :)

I'm more wholesome, im not a drinker, i mean others can if they want lol but i'm not wild. Hey that would be cool!

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