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NG Meetup, Venturescape, wanna see awkward kid videos?

Posted by RealFaction - 8 days ago

I've been getting a lot done, and happy about it.  I'm going to talk about the Newgrounds Midwest Meetup I'm planning, about the finished Reinvention autobiography podcast series (with bonus videos of when I was 13 in 2005), and an update on the progress of Venturescape episode 7, and the Kickstarter Campaign.

NG Midwest Meetup

The meetup will be November 13th, Tuesday, at 6 PM Eastern Time (EST), in Louisville, KY, the day before my birthday.   If you want to go, let me know.  We'll be going to an arcade bar, and a bonfire party at my mom's afterwards.  It'll be fun!  @ADR3-N @Quarl @DoctaBGL @littlemissfortune @Blarrgensnorf @TomFulp

Comment below if you want to go!


Quick update on Venturescape.  Episode 7 is now currently being edited with all the lines, it's been a hurdle since November since I had to recast Noel twice.  Things should be pretty steady from here on out!  It should be done in around a month, maybe less.  It depends, me and a friend are working on a Kickstarter campaign to pay all the people working on this wonderful project with me.  Stay tuned!

Watch Episodes 1-6 in the meantime: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLM_ItXF6mgdqiGdjmP1ZpepTf3BjRgwIN


Reinvention: The Audiobiography (autobiography) of Real Faction COMPLETED!

In April, I started an autobiography podcast series on the past 12 years of my music career, and some personal stories about my life and how Newgrounds has changed it for the best.  Weekly (most of the time) I released episodes talking about different years.  Well, I just put out the last episode, and you can download the completed series for FREE!

Newgrounds: https://www.newgrounds.com/playlists/view/f741fd1df5772e6b5a5e5285ca2d01a5
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLM_ItXF6mgdq5gZiSvHhk9hnrZeo8vC9Q
BandCamp: https://realfaction.bandcamp.com/album/reinvention-the-audiobiography-of-real-faction

PS: Before you listen to the first episode, just for context, watch episodes 6 and 9 (or at least 9) to get an idea of around the same time I talk about in the podcast, and you get to see my best friend Jayson who I mention in the first episode, and see how awkward at was at 13 years old.  Yeah, here's awkward videos of me at 13 years old, when I had a part-reality, part-scripted show from 2005-2012 called JKTV.

I actually brought JKTV back this year though, and went on a trip to Indiana where I got drunk.  Videos below, ciao!




Comments (5)

A bonfire too, that's gonna be sick. Is the big Tom coming too?

I wish! Dont know, I would doubt it given he's busy and far away don't know if he could afford to but figured i'd give an invite to my pal anyway.

Aw man, i wanted to watch 5 little hitlers.

That gratuitous slo-mo on JKTV EP 6 gave me a good laugh because I immediately knew I was watching old kid videos. I pity the fool who didn't grow up with a camera filming some weird shit with friends and family. I recently plugged in a CRT so I could watch old VHS tapes. I found a tape where my brother and his highschool friends were walking around town with a giant street cone, yelling at people and cars. They found one couple just eating dinner at a fancy restaurant. Imagine trying to enjoy a $100 plate with some glitzy girl while some 16 year old is yelling at you with a traffic cone :')

Oh my god, an arcade bar? I just rolled up $10 quarters the other day. Joy :D

Haha. My editing used to be atrocious at age 13, thats around the time i had JUST started filming/editing things. Like a year after. I used to make things like 30 minutes long though but boring stuff, more like home videos, so I re-edited it, edited out the boring stuff. Oh nice! Hahahaha thats awesome. Nice, bring it!

@IvanAlmighty @PhantomArcade the official meetup post in case you guys can make it. :)

do you live in KY?