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Newgrounds Meetup Video + Pics!

Posted by RealFaction - November 12th, 2018

Hey, real quick, don't forget Pixel Day is in late January if you want to make content for it now or soon! 

PS: My new FREE album is out today, go download it for free, it's unreleased demos and songs from the past for the most part: https://realfaction.bandcamp.com/album/observation-exploration

Go camping under the stars while you listen to it, got those vibes.

Post-NG Midwest Meetup/Birthday Party Pics + Video

The NG Meetup / my 27th birthday party was a blast, thank you guys!  We played arcade games, ate good food, played pool, ping-pong, it was a good 8 hours of fun, long partying haha!  Here's a video and pics below, thanks for @psychknight, @nayolfa, @Quarl, and my many other friends and co-workers for coming out!






Last guy is my old pal Row Skino, he's rapping on a song on my next album.

New Album!

Go pick up my new FREE album of demos from years ago that were unreleased!  It's my new experimental Real Faction album, Observation; Exploration, an originally scrapped album from 2011, with unreleased tracks and demos that never got done, plus bonus tracks. 

Download it for free, it's my gift to you: https://realfaction.bandcamp.com/album/observation-exploration

I'm happy to announce we have only a handful of demo songs to go, and a new song or two will be popping up soon.  This year I've been pumping out unreleased songs and demos from distant past. 


I'll be uploading the rest of those tracks (already uploaded some here) in the next week.  It was basically an unfinished album, but releasing it anyway, since I'm proud of what got done.

What's Next? Two MORE New Albums?!?

All the demo songs and unreleased songs in general have been fillers to entertain you guys while I've been working on the new material for Piercing Lazer and Kid Projekt, but also a small surprise for next year as well, so it won't just be two albums.  I hope to get the Piercing Lazer album done in Spring or Summer

The next album is the Kid Projekt album I'm getting closer to finishing, releasing January 16th, not too far from Pixel Day.  I'll be dropping a new track from that album next month.


PS: For anyone who's read this far, here's a special reward.  It's a teaser to something, but can you figure out what?


Live Scripted Comedy Podcast Series "The Midnight Munch"

I've also been working on my live scripted comedy podcast, so more voice-acting from me, and it'll be interactive with the fans (you guys) during the live shows, too.  I plan on also launching that sometime in January, I hope, or February. 

Thats all for now, see some of you tomorrow!


Comments (7)

Heeey it's today! Good fun with that meet; good stuff on route. Eyes, ice, diamonds, I see, icy, easy, smooth hmmmmm if that's a riddle I have no idea... something Venturescape...?

Thanks! I'll give you a hint: It's a piece of a bigger picture, and it's not Venturescape-related.

Thanks. :) Probably still missing the reference for whatever it is but whatever it is: looking forward to it too!

It's definitely cryptic, but some people might know what it is. There will be another picture eventually, maybe in a month or two, not sure yet. It's a bit early to show. Thanks man.

Looking forward to the next preview then. :D For sure.


Ahhh, how I wish I was in the US of A. Have fun, everyone!

Darn. Thanks!

Have fun with the meetup, everyone! If I wasn't on the other side of the country, or if I had some disposable funds, I'd go in a heartbeat.

Awww, thanks!

That qwuarol girl is a joke. I could show her a thing or two about beat boxing >:C

Also, picked up Observation; Exploration. I like what I'm hearing, Alien from Earth is something special :)

Lol. Thanks! Kinda hard to believe I made that in 2010, most of the tracks are 2009-2011 material. Thank you!

Hey that beatbox was pretty solid @Quarl ! :D Entertaining bits and pieces there! Looks like a fun time. Thanks for sharing this. And waaay belated Happy Birthday!!! Though think I maybe said something a bit less belated earlier on...

No user "naolfa" exists in the system though? Typo there?

Fixed it, sorry about that lol. Yeah was fun, thanks!