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Commissions Open Again (Music and Voice Acting)

Posted by RealFaction - November 27th, 2018

Commissions are open again for Music and Voice Acting if you want to hire me to make you a song or provide a voice! I'm raising the prices a little, I need the money until I get a second job. We can do a payment plan of a third or half the payment upfront, then weekly or bi-weekly payments. 

I'm also going to be very cheap for voice acting since I'm not on the map much, but I have years of experience.  I posted the music demo reel down below (and here on newgrounds).

More info in the videos below. Link me youtube videos of what you want it to sound like, instruments you want, what the song is for, etc.  Email me at rfmusic180@gmail.com when you get all the info, or if you have questions ask me.

PS: Don't forget about Pixel Day in January!  Make your submissions!  Tom Fulp and I are judging as always!  Click here for more info!



This is just until I get a second job, it's been hard man.  I just got over a week of being sick, working on the new Kid Projekt album, and more on the Piercing Lazer album.  I just finished a commission that hopefully you guys will see in the soon future on the Fawful's Minion youtube channel, and mine. 

Not much else to update, stay tuned for a few more song demos from the past, then stuff cut from the new Piercing Lazer album.  Just trying to find my direction and how to make money right now.  Stay tuned!


Comments (11)

Dude, seriously, you're very ugly.

will keep that in mind thanks for the update Real :)

thanks :)

Do more music with phyrnna

@miazki Ur mom ugly

Alright, so we have some kid who is trying to offend me. Lmao, you make me laugh. @MettatonTheSexyBoss

Impressive you have the energy to keep pumping out so much stuff; taking on new work on top of that! Prices... are those mentioned anywhere here?

Thanks! Probably ending commissions soon though. No, not anymore, I just play that by ear now depending on the request.

Too many coming in? Ah, good to know.

No. I have one i'm working on, but it's just that I'm getting busier with projects and am focusing more on what to do with my life. 2019 might be slowing down with music and might be my last year, so I can move on to things I want to do even more than music.

I need a good future and want to follow my passions outside of music, but I have too much on my plate, and I think it's a good stopping point because after the next few albums coming next year, I'll have said just about everything I wanted to with my music, done everything I wanted to do.

That isn't to say though, I'll never do music again, just will be taking a break and slowing down, not sure what's after that. I'll just be focusing on different things I love.

Woah, last year! These upcoming projects are bound to be pretty special then... I thought you might rather be getting started for real there. Focusing MORE on that. Hope you find the best path though, whatever that is.

Ah, alright. you definitely have had a crazy amount of stuff going on at the same time lately. I should probably do some down-sizing too before the New Year starts... but we might be switching focuses here. :) Good luck with the new route!

Yep. I'm giving them my all. 13 years making music has been a while for me. I may not completely stop, but at the very least, definitely slowing down and focusing on things that will launch my future of what I'm most passionate about. I do way too much lol. Thanks!

I'll keep everyone posted on the new album, tonight I worked on that client commission and on the Kid Projekt album. Finished an instrumental, and now going to work with your lyrics for that one song. Tomorrow I'm doing even more work on the album. I have at least 5 secret projects that are too early to talk about, but they will all be releasing next year. A few of them hopefully by February.

For sure. :) Work with the lyrics hmm...? Wonder what you might be doing with those! But cool, good to know, and sounds like a lot to look forward to next year!

Thanks, yeah definitely have a lot on my plate, it's why I had to drop some things, Im passing the torch for the AIM contest, going to be looking for a new organizer.

Aight, hope someone with the same passion for it steps up!


@miazki Awwwwwwww tanks dude