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New Single, Commissions, Pixel Day, Games?

Posted by RealFaction - December 15th, 2018

I need more commissions, because I'm broke, so if you want to commission me, or know someone who does, check this post out: https://realfaction.newgrounds.com/news/post/1026401

Don't forget to enter your submissions by January 23rd for our 4th annual Pixel Day!


Also, if you like experimental Hip-Hop, check out my new Kid Projekt single "Under Construction", the title track of the new album coming January 16th.  It's a positive message.  It's on Newgrounds, but if you want to support me, you can buy it on my store too.

BandCamp Store

Also, I have a couple questions. 

Newgrounds Zero Hour Needs a Game Programmer

1. Would any programmers like to help me finish the rest of Newgrounds: Zero Hour?  It was a game to celebrate the birth of Pixel Day, and the demo has over 80,000 views now, with an amazing rating, holy moly!  I've been wanting to finish it for years, we have about half the assets needed, I just need a good programmer who can do what the demo pulls off.  Message me?

Check it out: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/664782

I'm Making a...Card Game?

2. I'm also developing a party card game, how would I go about the process to finalize it enough, then how would I present it to a card company in an email in a way where they can't steal my idea, but they are interested enough to email me back?  I've done test runs, and many people have said it's lots of fun, though I gotta tweak it a litttle.  Ideas?

I'm Making a...Video Game Too?

I just bought RPGMaker MV, and going to learn it, in attempt to make a video game demo for a kickstarter, so this is all stuff I've secretly been up to.

That's all for now, I'm really just an idea guy who's trying to come up with ideas I love until something sticks.  After the Kid Projekt album, there's a few surprises in store music-wise, then more work on the long-awaited Piercing Lazer album.


Comments (5)

#2- I think you get them to sign an NDA. But you should probably talk to a patent lawyer about it.

Thanks, I wondered about that, just doesn't seem like any company would want to discuss ideas if you said "Hey i have an idea but you have to sign an NDA to see it" unless they do...I'm not sure how to get them interested but maybe it's as simple as that. Idk to be honest. But thanks.

Kickstarter for the card game first maybe? If that fails you'll then have proof of concept already online if the company attempts to steal the idea when you contact them. Technically you get copyright on anything as soon as you publish it, which in its simplest form means: putting it online, though for ideas that could inspire other products without being directly copied it seems a bit trickier...

I talked to a game shop owner about that, Kickstarter for a card game is way too much work for one person especially development and shipment, there's a lot to it that I couldn't handle. It's better to go with a company, unless you have a team of people to work with, which I don't. Thanks though. But yeah, true. Not sure what to do yet.

Ah that's good to know. Though: not so good you don't know. XD Getting a patent came to mind too but those aren't free... if you do figure this out I'm interested to hear more about it. Always sitting on a surplus of ideas, but as you say it's difficult to really do anything with them without a team, or reliable contacts.

Yeah. And I'm broke. I'm taking my time with this. Yep.

Ah that definitely doesn't help. XD Bummer. Btw, noticed you just deleted the Venturescape post...? Bad press? VA OK now?

It served it's purpose, left a bad taste in my mouth leaving it up, I'd rather just forget about it. That's why I deleted it. Actress is fine now, everything's fine.

For sure. Good to hear!