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AIM/Paid Game Art Job

Posted by RealFaction - February 20th, 2019

In this post, I'm going to talk about the state of the Art-Inspired Music Contest this year, as well as needing an artist for the game me and my friend are making, Anonymous Agony, specifically someone good with background illustrations.


It's been a good 5 years of me leading the AIM contests in the past (and spinoffs), but now I'm passing the torch to keep the tradition going, as I'm moving my focus to my new game development career, and busy music projects, and two jobs. I am looking for a responsible, experienced musician/event organizer to take over. If you're interested, comment on this post, or message me, or tag someone in the comments!

I really want to keep this tradition going, even without me.

Anonymous Agony Game - Paid Artist Job

For our game, Anonymous Agony, we need an artist to make a few illustrations for one of the next installments of the series. This is a paying job. We're looking for a watercolor style, specifically, to contrast File #1's dark tone, because you play as a psychologist in File #2 in a psyche ward, different character. It's still a dark, emotionally heavy game. though.

To give you an idea of the style, here's some of the artwork (one from a cutscene) below. If you're interested, comment below! Files #0 and #1 will be released sometime this Spring! We're shooting for April.




PS: @TomFulp, I really miss the photo stretching tool, also I tried posting these large images but I kept getting errors, so there's some bugs with the photo uploads (they show, but when I try to publish the post, errors that say "object, object"). I wish I could make these images smaller lol.

Still working on music, guys! No worries! Just been organizing my life grinding on getting a second job, finishing some aspects of the game, and other secret surprises on the way soon.



Comments (4)

How many images total are there, and what’s the pay?

I can't publicly disclose those details, but I'll be glad to tell you in a PM if the time is right depending on what he says. You make some really beautiful work though. For now, Jake is seeing who really fits the style, and then we'll move on to the next phase from there, so I'll keep you posted depending on what he says. Thanks! Love your work!

Good stuff in the works.


Will my style work for this?

Imo I think it might, I've been a fan of your work for some years now. It's about what Jake thinks though, he hasn't gone through all the amounts of artists we've seen interest from on twitter and here, but hopefully he will soon! Thank you :) I'll keep everyone posted when we pick an artist.

Hey, I kinda main dark arts, https://mignonart.com/ I'll send a PM

Woah I've been a fan of you for years! Didn't expect you to reach out! :D Thanks!