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Art-Inspired Music Contest Needs You!

Posted by RealFaction - March 12th, 2019

I've mentioned this quite a bit the past couple of months, but the AIM Contest has no organizer this year, and I really would hate to see the contest not happen this year as well as NGADM, because it's up to me to find organizers for both. They may not happen this year, otherwise. Many people, myself included, are too busy to run them.

It's been a good run since 2013, but it may be farewell to AIM, unless someone else takes the mantle. I won't just give it to anyone though. They have to be good with contests, experienced, and overall a nice person. Having years of Newgrounds experience under your belt helps, knowing how things work around here.

This might be the last time I talk about this. If it is the end, sometime this year, I'll give a proper sendoff. Until then, let's see what happens. I posted in the forums: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1439981




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Well... I would say that I am definitely interested, but considering that I've never run a competition of any type here on NG, me trying to run a large-scale competition like AIM would probably end up crashing and burning if I ran it (especially as what would probably be my "first competition"), so I figure the answer I would get is a heck to the no.
However, there is a few people that I can get in touch with. Many of them have participated several times in and/or judged other large audio competitions here, namely NGUAC and NGADM. I'll see if I can convince one of them to run it. If not, at least I tried.
EDIT: Oh I just read again, I have to find for both AIM and NGADM. Wow I'm not gonna take one of them up lol. Still, I have the few people I can contact, so I'll let them know for you.

Can you tell me their names? I might know some of them. Thanks.

@RealFaction There's a few that I had in mind particularly, johnfn and LunacyEcho. John has run many, many competitions with NG CHIPS and Lunacy has judged NGADM before, which is why I thought of them first. Otherwise, I also was thinking of 1f1n1ty or Random-Storykeeper. 1f has both judged competitions here on NG and started one back in November, while Random-Storykeeper has judged for NGUAC.

Ah...all are good choices, indeed. I know of most of them, except for Random. Let's see who would be up for it. @johnfn, @LunacyEcho, @1f1n1ty, would any of you like to be the organizers for AIM or NGADM? Let me know if so.

If we are to do both, AIM must happen next month (even if it's late next month) with organizing starting very soon if NGADM is to happen, also. You all would be good candidates, given what I've seen from all of you. I would entrust all of you with them. Thank you @SplatterDash, your judgement is quite good with people.

@SplatterDash @RealFaction No problem! Seeing as NGADM was a lot of fun and beneficial to all artists alike - and considering that I really want to join AIM this year because of these same reasons - I really want to see them keep going. I can ask Random through Discord if you want, but otherwise, hopefully there is an organizer found for these competitions. I'll keep in touch here and on the forum thread for updates :)

EDIT: Man, I kinda don't know how the BBS responses work since I haven't replied on one thus far... guess that's kind of another reason why I'm not a good fit for running these lol

I'm not sure about organizing, but I can finally participate if it does end up materializing.

Nice! :) That would be great! I still love the work you did for the 3rd year <3 thank you for that. Your art is amazing.

Heyo :) I do have like a little bit of experience down my belt

I would be happy to help out for AIM and/or NGADM, but I can't make the commitment of being the leader organizer person unfortunately

Johnfn will likely be busy with whatever chipscompo decides to do during these months but if he decides he wants to jump back onto NG for a bit that'd be sick

Do we know if TaintedLogic is open or

I'll keep that in mind, we still would need judges too for whoever leads these things. @TaintedLogic I don't think he wants to lead but we can always see. Or maybe knows someone. Your thoughts, TL?

@1f1n1ty Probably not, considering that the runtime of NGADM collides with that of NGUAC (which TL currently runs). Still, it wouldn't hurt to ask him.

Alright, I thought about another person, but I had a question to ask first. Is the person who ran NGADM last year, MetalRenard, able to run AIM and/or NGADM this year? Figured I'd ask before I bring my recommendation forth.

@MetalRenard, what say you about running AIM and/or NGADM? AIM is a 2 - 3 month commitment, depending how long you want to make it, but not as heavy as NGADM for sure. I know MR is busy with stuff right now, but most of AIM after the few organizing steps is just waiting for a few months until you judge at the end (marking favorites along the way).

@1f1n1ty @RealFaction The wrong person was accidentally tagged, lol. I can help out with that, though: @TaintedLogic

Hopefully he can at least see this :D

I fixed it, it was a glitch because of this thing in the system I think, I dunno. TL look at the tag before this one. Sorry.

Unfortunately, I can't run A.I.M. this year. Unlike last year, I'll be taking some classes at that time, and I really want to focus on finishing my degree. I'll get back to you about the NGADM, though. I'm hoping to have a job by then, but if I don't I'll have plenty of time. :)

Obviously, I'd love to see both keep running, though. Lmk if I can help with outreach. ^_^


Found one more person to bring to the table. This will probably be the last person I bring, unless everyone says no or doesn't respond after a few days. The person I'm bringing is someone who is starting to really grow in the NG Audio community, taking part in many competitions, leaving great reviews, and even hosted one of his own last month. The only flaw I can think of with this guy is that with that competition, he never really took time to advertise it (be it sending PMs or getting on the calendar), which of course means it's something he has to work on, but it also meant that there was a lesser turnout to his competition. He is having the thought, though, that big prizes means big competition, so he could be helpful on the leading/organizing side or (potentially) on the prize side. With all of that said, I want to nominate zelazon as a potential host for AIM/NGADM. It may not be the best choice, but it's definitely a good choice and, at the very least, is better than me lol.
I can go ahead and DM Random-storykeeper on Discord if you want and ask her about if she wants to run the competitions, since she was one of the original four I brought up. I have a last chance resort planned to mention and make people aware of the issue, and it is to let people know about it in a certain audio thread where thoughts are being tossed around about NGADM this year, but that's my last resort.
As I mentioned before, I really don't want this to go out, and that's why I'm bringing forward so many people. Heck, I would even say I would want to be a helper on one (or both) of the competitions below the organizer, but I don't know if I'd be qualified. Still, here's to hoping that things go well with these and that an organizer is found.

Talk to them both see what they say, thank you.

I'm not really into organizing stuff, sorry, but I'll be glad to, if I have time, give AIM a try since I missed last year's one. Thanks for keeping Newgrounds relevant with all these events :D


Heyo, I would be interested in helping with the competitions, though I would like to know the specific timing for each of them (particularly AIM). If they conflict with my class schedule, I may not be able to do much. I saw on the thread that you already had rules set and just need someone to implement them, which if that's the case, it sounds like something I could definitely do.

Thanks! Yeah rules are in place, it's not as complicated as NGADM, but basically what I've done for the contest every year. You would have to find other judges and speak to people about prizes (ninjamuffin99 and I0TA are good for that, and asking TomFulp), and an artist for the contest promo art/album cover.

It's really just a breeze to wait a few months let the contest run, answer any questions along the way left in the discussion thread as you would make one alongside the main submission thread. However, it's easier to favorite songs you really like along the way, and add them to a playlist but the rule about having AIM in the song title makes it easier to organize. This makes judging way easier, plus making a Discord server for the judges (and for the entrants I've considered doing too for discussion).

At the end you would have to save the top 20 songs (top 3 winners, runner ups, & fan favorite) as .wav files (you'll have to convert them from .mp3 when you download them from NG) and upload them to the official bandcamp page which I would give the password to uploading the free 2019 AIM album. The organizer would also be a judge to both contests at the end. Judging takes a while, but still easier with the rules i've set in place and the process I mentioned.

So, really you just have to find judges (at least 2 or 3 others depending on your preference, but also having a benchwarmer helps too in case someone bails or something comes up, it's happened before a couple of years, unfortunately) and make sure the prizes are ready. Sometimes making a thread about it helps to see who wants to donate prizes, usually people have been generous about that.

It's easier than it sounds. I've made the contest set up where it's much easier to run than other years and worked out the kinks with rules for the most part, it's just that organizing judges and prizes part (not all that hard) and end judging that's really the most work. I see you've judged for NGUAC. Would you be willing to take this on?

@SplatterDash @RealFaction
I definitely can't do NGADM this year, my future is too uncertain for it, sadly. At the time of the competition I will probably be looking for a new place to live in another country or battling to get my visa for Japan re-approved.
AIM is a small commitment though? Shoot me a PM with more details, maybe I can help.

Hang in there man. Yeah I'll shoot ya a PM. You could probably judge at the very least. Thanks!

@RealFaction Wow, it seems like you really have this all organized. It seems pretty straightforward to follow; I think the hard part would be trying to find judges, prizes and artists. I'm not super familiar with people around Newgrounds, but I'd be willing to do it otherwise.

Thanks! I know some people I can somewhat ask around. @Ninjamuffin99 and @I0TA are usually always saving up prizes for this every year, love them for that. I actually tagged you in the forum so my full answer to you and the guy I chose to run NGADM will need to communicate about scheduling and prizes and what not but read about it in my reply to the forum. If you have other questions afterwards, let me know, thanks!

im a kind of person who loves making random ambiance-like music (mostly using random instrument) and i kinda interested.. is it allowed?

Any style of music is allowed of course but we don't prefer soundscapes for the contest as much as I like those, this contest is more about musical structure rather than random ambiance like sounds. Ambient music that has a melodic structure though works. Your goal is to make a piece inspired by the artwork you choose on NG. More details will surface when the contest comes out with info and a date on the front page.

@RickyVanz @RealFaction allright.. that means i don't have a chance to join the contest (but i would love to see the musics submitted though) but i will look forward for the contest.

Sorry. But thank you.

@RickyVanz @RealFaction @RealFaction yeah.. no need to sorry. love to see big contest like this.