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Fan Merch/New Music/Game Updates

Posted by RealFaction - April 26th, 2019

Major news about the game, NEW ALBUM FAN MERCH like t-shirts and posters, my new music, and I did a cover song. This post will be updated on April 30th (happy birthday, Tom Fulp) when my new single, "Risen from the Deep" releases on here, Itunes, and other stores, but more info on that below.

Anonymous Agony Game Release

We are VERY close to releasing the game. We finally finished debugging, now we're in the middle of sending it to the Steam store...but we're caught in a bit of a snag. Jake has to renew the corporation thing and we gotta get our EIN number for tax purposes.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJYS39witMo

After that is an even longer process involving Steam tutorial videos and stuff with coding to get the game up...yeesh. Hopefully, in the next week or so, it'll be done. We're aiming for a late May release, hopefully, or early June.


Nine Inch Nails Cover


Before I get into my new original music news, check out the new cover song I did with @ShadowCat5150. I uploaded it to YouTube, Newgrounds, and BandCamp. It's a cover of "Every Day is Exactly the Same" by Nine Inch Nails, who have influenced some of my past work. I rarely do covers, so it was a nice break.

Shoutout to her for doing an amazing job on singing on the track with me, being a good friend, and doing amazing artwork for me. We've been working together a lot lately, which brings me to the next point....

The Other Side Chronicles Fan Merch + Album Cover + Updates

Taken a break for other things, but I'm going to get back to recording the other songs for the album. The album should be finished by mid June. Look below for fan merch! I was going to wait to reveal this on April 30th, but here's the album cover done by @ShadowCat5150, who makes amazing art.

Did I mention you can order fan merch like tank tops, posters, and more? You should buy them at her RedBubble store! I will when I get the money. You can click the tites above the images to get that specific merch! It's free to put up, why we could afford to do it. Thanks, Cat! I really love the design.



Tank Top


Chiffon Top


Graphic T-shirt


Premium T-shirt


Other Music/Eyes of Purgatory

Small update on the new Eyes of Purgatory Vol. 1 EP single, "Death Over Life". I'm getting a new powerful female singer (or two) to record on the song very soon. I'm aiming for a mid to late May release for the song. Some powerful voices going into this, can't wait for you all to see who they are! There will be another big surprise for anyone a fan of a certain popular game, involving the single. Stay tuned in May!

Also, @ShadowCat5150 and I worked on another piece of artwork for an upcoming record but thats too early to talk about yet. Later this year, though! As far as the other music endeavors I have lined up, no updates on those yet, sadly. That's all for now, even though all that is a lot.



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Seems I'll need to update my steam wishlist soon )

Thanks! Hopefully the store will be up in mid to late May for pre-order! It'll be just $5! We're aiming for a late May/early June release, so long as no more snags come along in the submission process like the EIN number issue right now.