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The Truth About Anonymous Agony and Jacob Caro

Posted by RealFaction - July 10th, 2019

UPDATE: I cleared up a couple things in a followup video I just uploaded to my channel as well as talk about the unreleased soundtracks of the games I was working on along with the other musicians, and how you can get your hands on them for free since you all got scammed. Here's the video: https://youtu.be/zR4vHpxAdyw

The truth about Anonymous Agony (the game I was working on), Coded Emotion and Jacob Caro, the game business partner I used to work with, needs to come out. I almost took my life a month ago, and I've been quiet about this for too long, this is related. Trigger warning.

If you've ever worked for him, or been friends with him, avoid him at all costs. He's driven me to suicidal thoughts a month ago, used me and my parents for money, and not paid me for my work. Links to evidence and twitter post to retweet below. Please signal boost this, I don't want anyone else to suffer the way I did, or anyone else to work with him. He will ruin your life as a game dev.

Twitter Post (Please Retweet): https://twitter.com/MelynnRose

Evidence: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18-EI7KzApo5GBPfNgfIxdKK42RVn0k4iwlbrTRtSlFM/edit?usp=sharing

YouTube Version: https://youtu.be/vewl85il2SY



Comments (11)

@TomFulp @Zakuga

Holy crap that's just awful, and awful is an understatement. Good job for getting out there, I know it's hard to get out of that hole once that person throws you in there. But you did it. You got out, and you're free. Best of luck to you, I'm sorry you and all those people went through all of that.

Thank you.

It's such a damn shame that a decent game had to be pulled because of some shitty business partner. Pricks like him shouldn't be in any creative field, let alone as heads of major corporations.

Yeah...thank you.

Glad that you made it out of the situation... And may this guy get what he deserves, one way or another

Thank you.

Are you doing better now? Come talk to me anytime if you ever want to shoot the breeze/vent/rant.

Thank you. I appreciate that. It'll be a while until I recover from this but after a few days clearing my mind will help.

Man , that's messed. That he scanned you for thousands of dollars.
I hope he gets arrested for fraud.

Not thousands, but I mean given he owes me around $1200 or somewhere around that already, thats not including paying me for the work I've already done given i was co-owner, made him music, and done many other duties, I guess he does owe me thousands, for the work I did. I hope so too, one of the fans of the game who spent $500 on the kickstarter is in the process of talking to their lawyer to sue him already. I hope he goes to jail.

Man my collaborators were always so much fun to work with. I can't imagine getting this involved in their personal lives and actively ruining them.

Yeah...he did. I wonder if I should just not be friends with my team mates anymore but whenever that happens, they tend to be less reliable and things don't go as well. I'm not sure.

Kudos for bringing this to light. I was always fascinated by Anonymous Agony and it's really unfortunate that this has happened. Hopefully everyone who's been wronged by Jacob will receive some form of recompense. Maybe his backers can pursue legal action for him not following up on the backer rewards.

It is a good well-made game, admittedly. Just a shame he's using his talents for bad to con people. He has the potential as a person, but he chose to be this way. I tried to reach out to him about changing several times in the past, but he thinks he's done no wrong. Unfortunately, nobody is getting their money back, except maybe the fan that's going to sue him with a couple others. So yeah, someone's pursuing legal action. They paid $500 for the Kickstarter, still no rewards except for the Steam key, many rewards were promised.

I'm sorry you had to go through that, dude... Are you okay financially now?

Thank you. No I'm not. I don't even have $5. Lyft and Uber have been slow, competition is tough out here. I'm still trying to find a job, still getting to know the area.

Fuck him. Glad you are ok.

thank you.

Takes guts to put it all out there like that, people like this need to be alienated.

thank you. He just needs to be exposed and jailed tbh. A fan is already in the works to sue him, he had it coming.