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Voice Commissions, Patreon, Situation Update

Posted by RealFaction - September 18th, 2019

I have an update to my current situation, but first, I revived my Patreon page for voice commissions to help out with the situation, so check that out: https://www.patreon.com/realfaction


I'll do a max of 2 minutes of recording at the top tier, 30 seconds at the lowest tier. Just shoot me your patreon username once you pledge, send me a script with some direction, and tell me what kind of voice you want me to do (doesn't have to be an impression, but it can be if you want). And now...

The Situation/Music + Life Updates

So, bad news. My music is further being delayed due to needing money to post it to Itunes, as well as to hire someone for one of the songs, and being stressed out in general. We had to pawn our projector last week, and respond to the con artist apartment owners (who won't stop overcharging us when we know the original price on the original lease) at the courthouse with a complaint. Luckily, the court worker told us we just needed to respond, so we did.

I've mostly been backlogging content and taking a bit of a break from my regular music to work on things I need to finish and get a grip on this situation, at least until the fee can be paid next week. We essentially have to pay the full fine that these scumbags are asking for via the courts, in order for us to press a lawsuit against them, and believe me, we are going to.

They owe us a LOT of money. Also, we couldn't afford the internet bill because we're saving to pay these people, so the net got shut off yesterday, but a friend was generous enough to out of the blue give me money I didn't even ask for....bless her heart. It really saved my ass.

Also, I got royalties for that one song everyone knows me for, people still buy Simple Sight on Itunes, and stream it on youtube, that money really saves my ass some months. So, we'll have enough to pay the courthouse, the net is back on, and we may even have enough to get the projector out, or my roommate's DJ equipment to do more shows to earn more money, that had to be pawned a month ago.

So, for now, I'm taking a small break from my music until we get caught up with the money, ish. I'll work here and there, just not very much. I'm also finishing work on a couple collab projects I've been a part of the past year, before I do anything else. I've been posting silly voice stuff on my youtube channel, I'll try to post more of them here too, when it's not filmed with my crappy cellphone audio since they're videos.

So, I'll be working on SOME music, sometimes. On my patreon, if you pledge, you'll see early WIPs of my work before they release, if you can't wait. I have a lot of unfinished music, and unreleased (part of the collab projects I'm finishing my parts on). After the next couple of albums I'm near done with, I'm thinking about doing some covers here and there.

There will be content on my youtube channel I can't release here, sadly, but making comedy videos to cheer myself up, and make people laugh, is what I've been doing to cope, lately. These scam artists have really been wearing on me. Once we pay the fee, I can only imagine what they'll try next. Luckily, my roommate is a manager now, and on manager pay, which helps a LOT. It's been hell the past month, I won't sugarcoat it. But, hanging in there, and finding peace where I can.

I'm still working on the movie script thing, by the way. It's coming along nicely, still in outline form, but almost have enough ideas to get a rough draft going with a fully-fledged script, well, not all the scenes needed, but a basic idea. Anywho, thank you for all the kind words and support, I love you guys.

P.S.: Holy crap, I'm 20 fans away from the 2,000 fans milestone...I've been waiting over a decade for this, 13 years really. Thank you so much! I'm going to celebrate it when I hit it.


Comments (3)

I hope everything will turn to your favor both in the court and in life in general. I'll sure try to help through bandcamp, but not this month, unfortunately.

Thanks. I'm sure it'll work out somehow. Thank you! It's totally fine, I'm glad you even are at all haha. I don't get sales much, just sometimes. Thanks for the support!

Seems like you're doing well, despite all the scumbags trying to trash you. Also, gg on the 2000 goal so far. As for me, I'm just gonna push the fan count just a wee bit closer to the goal. Consider yourself FOLLOWED!

Yeah almost hitting 2000 fans soon ahhh I'm psyched! After 13 years. Also thank you, yeah things are working out, I really have my friends and fans to thank for helping me like sometimes I'll get donations, and people still buy that Simple Sight song on Itunes, even though I wish my other music both album-wise and not, would be checked out, since I have better songs.

Thank you! :) Always been a fan of your work for many years. Keep it up!

I’m sorry your getting hated my dude your music and shit is great and congratulations on the 2,000 follower milestone dude you my friend r the best music producer ever you r top 2 in my list my first one is Phyrnna but anyway that’s beside the point keep up the rad music my dude it’s amazing



thank you! Also you may want to change your profile pic it kinda breaks NG rules lol.