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New Podcast Series/Website/Music Packs

Posted by RealFaction - January 7th, 2020

New Podcast Series/Breakthrough

You guys have inspired a podcast series that you can be on if you want to share any stories of your darkest moments and how you overcome them, as well as ask for advice on the live shows and end up in an episode if you wish, that would help a lot of people. It's an empowerment podcast that's going to be called "The Darkest Light".

If you want more info, check out the newest episode of my main podcast series Talking Real giving an update on my living situation, as well as the podcast, new music, and more. I also share my breakthrough, finding what I want to live for, how you all inspired me, and thanking you all for the support. Be sure to check the description for important links and topic timestamps: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/903570

New Website

I have a new website where I'm releasing music packs for cheap (9 currently available on the website store), for any indie game devs who want to use it in their games, videos, or whatever really, even if just to listen to. The Rock Pack is new music from me, from 2016-2017, I originally made as a soundtrack for a now defunct game. So, it's like a new Real Faction album, but the songs are short loops.

You can listen to previews to hear what's in the packs before you buy them.

Website (click on the Music Packs page up top, or top right menu button if you're on mobile): https://www.realfaction.net

New Song / Music Packs / Living Situation

I just uploaded a song called "Running Free" from the Rock Pack I've always been proud of, inspired by Rush and music in Megaman X, so check it out here on Newgrounds, and the rest of the music pack on my website. You can get all 14 songs for like $7. I wanted to help the indie scene, make affordable music packs. There's previews for each pack. Eventually my past albums will be up for sale on an albums page, not up yet. I'm also working on the new Piercing Lazer album, getting close to finished.

Also, thank you Newgrounds for frontpaging the Music Packs Preview of all of the packs, I'm actually surprised, I've never seen something like that frontpaged, didn't think that was a thing that would be done. It definitely helps, you all have supported me immensely. I wouldn't have gotten out of my abusive situation in Florida if it wasn't for you guys. Thank you. I could be homeless soon-ish, so trying to grind on this while I'm finding a job. Hoping this helps.

Thanks again, everyone. You're my family, and I love you all. <3 Here's to hoping things get better soon. Will keep you updated, I'll be recording & posting a new episode of my podcast show, "Talking Real", soon, after I run a few important errands later in the day, now that this is finally finished.



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That podcast was a pretty inspiring start! Hope it all just gets better and better.

Thank you :)