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Post-Florida / New Podcast Series

Posted by RealFaction - January 17th, 2020

New Podcast Series

If you're ever in a dark place emotionally, or any type of challenging situation in your life, this podcast series is dedicated to you. Today, the first episode of my new empowerment podcast series "The Darkest Light" is out now, and it's on here, YouTube, and SoundCloud, so click that yellow text & go check it out! I bring on different guests to share stories of hardships and how they overcame them, giving advice on the subject.

If you want to be on show, and think you have a story that would help the world and how you overcame it, feel free to send me a message! I want to help the world with this series. I'll be announcing livestream shows in the soon future.

Differences From My Usual Show Format

You'll notice a few differences between this and my Talking Real podcast (which also just came out with an episode if you want updates).

  • For one, there will be a new episode every Friday!

  • For second, every episode will have guests, as they are the main focus per episode, instead of me. Though, I will chime in my thoughts on things they talk about throughout the episodes here and there, but to a minimum. I do like interjecting with my thoughts if I have something good.

  • Thirdly, you might notice some censored words, or lack thereof. I wanted this series to also reach kids, and try to make it more appealing to all audiences, because I want this series to reach/help anyone I can. On Talking Real, I just let it fly and don't mind that.

Post-Florida/You Inspired This Series

This new series is inspired mostly by my fans and friends who have supported me and when you all got me out of Florida by donating to me, it made me realize important things about myself as a person, how my heart has carried my life and impacted people's lives. it's incredibly fulfilling and heartwarming. I'm happy I can help so many people, and you all changed my life, and keep me going. I can only return the favor.

New Website/Music Packs

Selling my music packs (including 14 new songs you've never heard in the Rock Pack) for cheap prices if you want to use them in your games or any purpose really, just be sure to credit me and link to this page: https://www.realfaction.net/music-packs

If you want a taste of what's in the rock pack, check out one of the songs for free (or check the previews in the music player on the website above): https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/902970

Living SItuation Update/Post-Florida Pt. 2 (Yiiiikes)

Lastly, the house I'm staying in just sold...so I now have about a month to figure out where I'm going to live, and still don't have a job yet. It's emotionally crushing me sometimes, but I'm also stronger and relaxed in some ways because I've come this far, and miracles have happened to me, so I can't give up and I have to keep going somehow.

With that said, what do you think would be a good job for me? I really don't want to work as a corporate monkey again if I don't have to, I can't stand the managers they hire, and I'm gaining self-respect. Corporate America is a BIG problem I'm against, especially the horrible treatment of the workers I've had to experience most out of the 14 jobs I've had up to now. I don't know. Ideas?

Thanks for the support, guys. Still chopping away at the new Piercing Lazer album hoping to get that done soon, and been spending a lot of time trying to find a job and figure out what to do with my future other than this podcast, and I'm at a real loss in the job world. I don't want to make the same desperate mistakes I've made that got me working for the wrong people and toxic work environments that just severely deteriorate my mental health again. I can't do that.

Trying to hang in there. I wish the best for all of you, going to try my best to get out of this messy situation. Your support always helps, thank you.


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Hm, I think you should pick up a trade while working at a smaller place without top-heavy management. Welding, HVAC or mechanics would be good because there's always a demand for that line of work and you can freelance with those. This way, you can avoid those incompetent louts, nepotists and regulation hires while doing something you can do by yourself.

What do you think?

I don't trust myself with a lot of those things, admittedly, I would suck. Welding definitely not. Mechanics are a weakness of mine. Even though you're right. I just don't click with those things. I don't click with a lot of things really...it kinda bums me out. But I do want to do something like that though, you're right. Surely there has to be something in high demand I can do.

I thought about plumbing but i heard thats hard to get into. I've looked into all the trades and that's not something that's for me. Honestly, I love helping people personally, sometimes I wish I had been able to not suck at college I wouldve become a high school counselor, but I can't afford all that and I don't have the time anymore. My dream is to become a screenwriter/filmmaker but that's not really within reach either.

I"m mostly trying to figure out where I can best apply my current skills at a local business. I wish I could do voiceovers for commercials both radio and tv, and act in them potentially or provide music. Man...I don't know I'm lost. Thank you though.

True independence is something really hard to accomplish, I concur. Yeah, you should prioritize on things you WANT to do. Still, if you ever have the opportunity to pick up a trade on the side on a trial basis, give it a whirl.

Never give up!

I'll have to figure out something but based on what I've seen I would be terrible at a lot of those things...sadly. But i definitely can't go back to working for horrible corporate companies with horrible managers again. I thought about working for a library but not seeing anything yet, I mean it's quiet. Thanks man.

How you make time for all these projects... respect. Bout to tune into the new series in a moment...

Regarding jobs: seems like the ideal would be actually making due with the production business, but I guess you aren't really at that point yet. Session musician? Maybe some commercial VA gigs outside NG? Radio host/presence/whatever you call the other roles on shows? I have no idea what else you're into but maybe there's some unconventional occupations out there that you'd have the merits for that would let you be your own management in a way... forest ranger? Hotel worker? Not sure what's available... hope you find something though.

I used to do a lot more, I had to really cut down. It's why I don't run the AIM contest anymore, figured 5 years was a good run then pass it along to someone else who has the time. I also used to do more with game work and other projects like Venturescape, and more I can't remember. I had to narrow my focus more, though admittedly I still do a decent amount lol but more so on a slower pace, taking time for each thing.

With that said, there's at least 6 things I've been juggling back and forth haha. Well, 7 if you include both my podcasts, a few music projects (albums but a couple are getting close to done, ive taken my time on those for many months), and me trying to find a job. Mostly it's narrowed down to music for the moment, and the podcasts.

With that said, I do in the soon future want to find a programmer for Zero Hour, I still want to finish that game, and have almost half the assets needed for it.

Reading the comments below, maybe some actual volunteer work, paid? :P Something like Green Peace, or whatever equivalents there are there these days? Would probably be tough work too, but might provide a roof and food and purpose... maybe there's some good middle ground with some other more profitable yet also benevolent organizations out there. Trying to make the world a better place in unconventional ways. The Ocean Cleanup comes to mind.

Def not green peace, isn't that where i have to go out of the country? I don't know much about it honestly. I do need money though sadly. I do want to help the world but I want to do it in a way I know how. Volunteering for food and a home isn't a bad idea though, but I really do need the money. Thanks though.

That's still a lot man. XD Yeah Green Peace would probably require some traveling, I'm sure there are more local alternatives, just not very knowledgeable about that world these days. Maybe that could be a last resort at least, if you really find yourself with no place to go. Alright, just throwing out some ideas, hope you get that real cheddar too. :) Maybe property management could be a thing, taking care of empty houses, stuff like that. Catering. Uber? Bartending?

Hmm maybe the new Collabinator's got the right kind of traction to dig up some good programmers now? If you're not there already.

I used to juggle like 10 things...ho boy. I've been trying to do better, much better than i used to be anyway haha. Thank you. :) I used to do uber and lyft but a reason i quit my piza delivery job and lyft was because of expensive car repairs. I wouldnt be good at a lot of jobs most people are, i have a lot of downsides. I'm more of a creative and mental type.

Oh, yeah true. I'm not quite ready yet, waiting to get in a stable living situation and finished with the next album or two before I get back to working on that one.

Ah alright, car repairs definitely aren't fun. Creativity, mental fortitude and an ability to multitask heavily though... sounds like the merits for pretty much all digital occupations out there! :)

Cool. Hope it all falls into place till then!

Yeah i can't afford those often. I suck at multitasking for the some part but depends on what. Digital...hmmm. I'll have to think about it. Thank you.