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Tough Decisions, New Direction

Posted by RealFaction - February 13th, 2020

I've thought long and hard about this, and I've come to a hard decision, but needed. I've recently realized why I feel and think the ways I do, why I'm not happy with myself or my life outside of the internet, and well, in general. I've taken a step back to ask why I do the things I do.

New Podcast, New Choices

I've realized, I need to focus on things that I do just because I have fun with them, regardless of how others feel, and things I don't feel insecure about. With that said, I released the newest episode of my Talking Real podcast to tell you more about it. Listen below.

Short Version/Piercing Lazer Album & Podcasts Update

If you want the short version, I'm working to finish the new Piercing Lazer album, but I've struggled with the vocals for the final song before I release it. I'm gonna need someone else on it, it's not good with my vocal range. After that, I'm taking a hiatus from my MAIN music, and will be working on a video game soundtrack(s?).

As for my podcasts, I might keep doing those, I still have a new episode of The Darkest Light coming this week (as it has been weekly), and maybe next week, but not sure after that. It may be ended as a special limited time type of series. I was thinking about doing live shows, but I could only do that if after I go to therapy, and re-evaluate my choices, seeing where I stand, if I'm still okay with that, then maybe.

So, What Now? Games?

Basically, I'm focusing on what inspired my music. Video games. I love games. They inspired a lot of my music, so that's why a lot of my work (especially earlier work) sounded like it came out of video game soundtracks. I'm taking a break, going to seek therapy, but currently, I'm working with someone on bringing back Newgrounds: Zero Hour, fully-fleshed.

I also want to work on the Venturescape game more, and I'm making a soundtrack for an indie game for someone else, but it's too early to talk about that, yet.

Newgrounds: Zero Hour is BACK!

The game has a demo from 2015 so click here if you want to play it. I've always planned to return to it. This is a good time. I'm talking to a programmer to run some tests to see if this is going to work, then when we have enough with the engine, get some more artists. This project though, is a mural, a collage of pixel artists, so I want to incorporate as many as possible to represent Newgrounds for the beautiful community it is.

What's great, is that it's inspired by the Newgrounds Inspired Music Contest back in 2015 we did for NG's 20th Anniversary, stemmed from the Art-Inspired Music Contest every year that I created with Phyrnna. The contest also inspired my other contest/holiday, Pixel Day! It recently just ended, grats to the winners!

More info about the game will be released in the future with the full story, when there's more progress.

Pico Day

I was invited to Pico Day, and I plan on going, somehow. I'm moving next week to my new home, a more permanent location this time, I hope. And, I'm job hunting still...yay. Hoping I have a new job soon. I have no idea on what's going on, but I'll need to find someone to room with at a hotel for Pico Day. I'm hoping I can save up enough money! Fingers crossed!

Thank you for all your support, I've been very consistant with my music over the years, and this isn't the end of it, but it will be much less and few and far between, after this new Piercing Lazer album. I love you guys. I'll keep you posted about the album coming out soon, when I can get someone's vocals on the last song, and what I'm doing with it.


Comments (2)

Its good to take breaks. Work on whatever makes you feel satisfied with yourself.

More importantly, don't forget to have fun at Newgrounds HQ!


Best of luck, keep going for what you love!

Thanks! I'm looking forward to releasing this album soon then working on games again.