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Need a Voice Actor?/Radio Show Help

Posted by RealFaction - 2 weeks ago

If you need a voice actor, want to help with my radio show (and want to know when the next show is), what I'm working on, or see how I'm doing in general, that's what today's post is about!

Voice Actor for Hire!

If you know anyone who needs a voice actor (or if you do), or voiceover for anything in general like characters for animations, ads for radio/tv/videos in general, direct them here https://www.fiverr.com/share/AGQ5R5 I'm looking for work and really need the money. I've done ads for radio (I also have my own radio show), and have a character demo reel here on Newgrounds (Commercial Demo coming soon):

Alternatively, you can just message me here to hire me and I can give you my PayPal and we can discuss the details and what not.

Radio Show/Need Help!


The next broadcast of my radio show "Off the Wall" is Sunday, May 24th, at 4 PM Eastern Time USA. If you want to know how to tune in, comment below and I'll message you a link to the Discord server (because whenever I publicly advertise it, I get trolls who harass me and the other users with racist comments and I'm not tolerating it especially with my mental health right now).

If you want to help out with the show, I need mostly music scouts to send me music they think is good for the show, and run it by me, then have you ask them if it can be played on the show. It'll be easier for me to stock up on music for future broadcasts this way.

Tell them it'll not only broadcasting in two cities in Canada (Dawson Creek & Chetwind, both in British Columbia) to thousands of people, but also one of the radio stations on RadioPlayer Canada, an app where they can listen to our station, PeaceFM, without needing to be in Canada! Also, there's the website stream player: https://www.peaceFM.ca

Mostly the requirements are: No remixes, no covers, no mention of violence, no swearing (or make an edited censored version, it's radio), and it has to at least be 2:30 to 3 minutes long, I won't play super short songs. Thanks!

How I'm Doing, What I'm Up To & New Album Out Now

I haven't been the best mentally, but getting there. I'm taking a break from @TheNewgroundsPodcast, they've been concerned about me and want me to take a few months off to get in a better headspace because they see I'm not alright, and I appreciate that. I don't know when I'll be back, but I really love working on the show, we'll have to see what's going on in a few months. I still want to make Jack Serious bits here and there.

I just released a new Piercing Lazer album, The Other Side Chronicles, and you can get the special edition for $5, which includes a bonus track so check it out (coming to Itunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, other stores. on May 30th): https://piercinglazer.bandcamp.com/album/the-other-side-chronicles-special-edition

I also have been working for months on The Greatest Showman World Chorus Medley Collab, unofficial, but I'm working with my friend Aika/Ai-Say again and I'm making snippets of a lot of the songs from the movie, and it's fun. I only have one more song to make, then the singers can sing over all the songs. Woo! Stay tuned for that.

I'm also working slowly on my second Kid Projekt album, I've been writing lyrics about my recent experiences and throughout my life, some relatable songs to some probably. I'm recording vocals for a new song soon, which I'll post when it's done. I've been in therapy and I'm using this project to help me vent, alongside making positive affirmations for myself, and putting them on pictures, sharing them on my twitter.

I'll probably do a new episode of Talking Real soon as well. This is a weird time for me, and my future is really kinda...blank right now. I'm a bit lost and other than the radio show and voice acting, plus having fun with music, I don't know where my life is going. I tried applying for a work-from-home job, but looks like I didn't get it. So...shoot. Oh well, life goes on, just need money.

Love you guys. I'll keep you posted.


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