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New Single/Help Me?

Posted by RealFaction - May 28th, 2020

This post is about a new single I put out with an artist named Freeki, and it's one of the most important songs (lyrically) that I've put out there, or been a part of. Also, if you want to hire me as a voice actor, I need work. Also, I really need music scouts to help me find music on newgrounds and other platforms for the radio show. If you're interested in helping, let me know!

New Single (with an Important Message) & Freeki

I've been overcoming a lot in therapy, and this is one of the most important songs I'll put out there, because of the steps I'm taking! So here's a preview of a song I collaborated with an artist name Freeki on, "Believe What U Want"! Get the full song at the links below!

Full Song Download (lyrics on BandCamp page): https://freeki.bandcamp.com/track/believe-what-u-want-feat-kid-projekt


Follow Freeki on Twitter: https://twitter.com/FreekiOfficial

Normally I post full versions of songs on here, but Freeki and I really worked hard on this one, and he doesn't want to give out our work (which I respect since he spent a lot of time on it). I'll have to ask if he'll eventually make an account and post the full version to Newgrounds. I want this song to help people, empower anyone going through this stuff, so enjoy!

Need a Voice Actor?

If you know anyone who needs a voice actor (or if you do), or voiceover for anything in general like characters for animations, ads for radio/tv/videos in general, I'm looking for work and really need the money. I've done ads for radio (I also have my own radio show), and have a character demo reel here on Newgrounds (Commercial Demo coming soon):

Shoot me a message if you want to hire me! :)

Submit Music to My Radio Show!

I need help getting content for my radio show on PeaceFM, so help me out by submitting your music to me or finding music here on Newgrounds! If you want to tune in live, message me for the discord server. Soon the edited versions will be broadcasting live weekly on Friday nights (eastern time) but I don't know exactly when, so I'll keep you updated on that when I find out.

Love you guys, thanks for your support!


Comments (3)

We always love supporting you my friend we are here to help u all the way

Thank you!

Sounds like you're working more than ever now! No signs! of slowing down at all!

Gotta say thanks for the shout-out on the interview, and Congrats on the radio show gig. Sounds amazing. Showcasing NG artists there no less? Wonder if the music has to have licensing terms that allow commercial radioplay right away, or you reach out to everyone that's reccomended? Really cool.

I've slowed down more than people think, I really have a lot more free time and a lot less to do, it's kinda a bummer, I'm kinda lost on where to go. Ever since the guys told me to take a break from the newgrounds podcast to work on my mental health giving me that time, that's helped, but at the same time, I'm feeling kinda...bored? Just my radio show and music, not much else, no voice work right now aside from a small collab. I really need money too, I'm broke.

I keep trying to find jobs but no luck. :( I keep running out of money and having to ask my parents...kinda tired of that. But, I gotta keep trying. Thank you. Yep! I've not gotten many submissions lately so kinda worried, I keep asking if anyone wants to help submit music to the show as music scouts but no luck there either.

I'm streaming weekly on my Discord but it'll go out to the radio station in a bit. I wish more people would submit to the show. I try to reach out, I'm wondering if I can play famous artists too or if we need permission for that.

Ah don't remember hearing about that on the podcast. :/ Maybe you're just the type of person who needs to be doing something all the time to feel at ease? Usually seems to be the other way around, but some people really do seem prolific to the point you can't understand how they keep it up without hitting a wall. Thinking of a lot of underground rappers in particular, artists like Merkules or Tech N9ne, who are touring more than half the year, consistently putting out music all the time, jumping on guest verses here and there, year after year without burning out... it's an enviable pace. Crazy work ethic. I've always thought that for most it might be more a method of keeping them distracted enough to not deal with other underlying issues, but maybe not always so at all...

Damn man... hope it works out eventually... just as it seemed like everything was heading off to a real fresh start too... guess this covid situation isn't really making anything easier either.

Regarding artists, the one guy that comes to mind right away is: https://jabun.newgrounds.com

...I don't know if any of his music's licensed in a way that you could just play it right away, or if radio works so you don't have to reach out for permission at all as long as it's registered work, but I imagine he might be happy to get some extra radio time if you reach out - or let me know if I should on your behalf. If you're into Ska his repertoire is really solid. Wouldn't mind this one in particular getting on the radio sometime. ;) https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/678520

I did read the Freaki description btw. :P Could've been a preview with just his piece missing too! But I guess it's simple enough to venture over to the Bandcamp page and really hear the difference right away haha. On my way now...