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2010-12-22 16:37:01 by RealFaction

Well, this will officially be my Christmas post and will be up for a couple of weeks.

Album Updates

I am currently working on my upcoming album that will blow my current one on Itunes out of the water! I recently released "One Step Flash" the 2nd single on Itunes, and I currently have 7 songs done for the album, I'm shooting for possibly 11 or 12. I'm trying to get artists to feature on the album, I love collaborating, which brings me to the next item on the agenda. Go search for me on the Itunes store and buy my current album if you havent already, it's all instrumental though.

RealFaction + F.O.D. (Father-of-Death)

No we're not married, just collaborating...silly. We made a new song called "Speed Zone" so check it out. We're working on another song, maybe two but not for sure yet. We've been Skyping alot.

Animated Series

I wrote a short story, and this animator guy named Mike (no one you know) read it and said "let's turn this into a series". I was excited because as a writer I've always wanted to get my ideas to flash movies. I won't say the name yet, and I won't mention the animator's username (so he won't get spammed), but I WILL tell you this, we're in the storyboard process and it'll take a few months or so to finish the whole thing. I'm doing the music as well as script/story. Eventually we'll look for voice actors, and that will be on a post in the not too distant future. This series will run a good amount of episodes throughout the next couple of years we're hoping.

If you want me to write for a flash movie, let me know!

Tune of the Month

Also I'm doing a new thing called "Tune of the Month" every 2 posts.

Karnivool - Scarabs

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I'll keep ya posted...i mean uh...

Keepin' it Real (yeah there we go)


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2010-12-24 22:22:33

Merry Christmas!

RealFaction responds:

same to you =]