Music Producer Looking For Work!

2012-05-25 17:23:30 by RealFaction

Dear Animators, bands, artists, and anyone else who needs music, I am a music producer who works with many genres. If you need me to make you an instrumental to sing over, a song for a movie or game, or whatever else then i'm your guy. I'm adding drums to my friend's band's next record and mixing it. I charge though, but not much! I can't get a job out there, so this is my job and my life.

You help me, I help you :). I work with orchestral, hip-hop, pop, metal, rock, electronic, and much more! Challenge me! Here is my newest song also of me singing on camera, would mean alot if you subscribed to my channel


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2012-05-25 19:25:05

What are your prices?

RealFaction responds:

sent you a message