Castle Crashers Necromancer Theme REMIX ALBUM?!? (plus other news)

2012-06-23 07:26:05 by RealFaction

Necromancer Theme/Simple Sight Remix E.P.

Yes, I (RealFaction) am the original author of that song, so I decided to make remixes overtime, as well as a few other artists such as Animattronic, FamilyJules7x, and EagleGuard. It would mean a lot if you bought it on FixtStore, it's cheap and you get 7 songs including the original and the remixes. The Behemoth is NOT involved with the project. Here's where to buy it: ion---Simple-Sight-%28MP3-Album%29

Also side note, The Dish Out Season 2 will be a LIVE SHOW ON USTREAM so if you're an artist, musician, game developer or so on who wants to be featured on the show, message me! It'll be a great interactive experience :).

Here's the promo video:

Castle Crashers Necromancer Theme REMIX ALBUM?!? (plus other news)


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2012-06-23 07:56:17

You're taking the Necromancer Theme a little too far. Move on.

RealFaction responds:

It's all people know me for, I tried moving on I make alot of new music but no one seems to catch onto my other stuff :I it sucks. I was hoping to use this to kill him off as it says in the video, so maybe people would see me as a serious musician and not known for just that song. I want to put it to bed after 4 years x.x


2012-06-23 08:06:38

i dig it

RealFaction responds:

Thanks for using a shovel


2012-06-23 11:42:33

Still fucking love this song. You rock.

RealFaction responds:



2012-06-23 16:25:26

Looked at alot of your work... can't say that i'll be planning to pay for anything anytime soon, but I can guarantee i'll be watching, great work guy. great work.

RealFaction responds:



2016-11-28 18:16:20

The link is 404'd. Bought the pack a long while ago and was gonna re-download but apparently I can't do that now.

Wondering if you have a mirror you could possibly send me? I like the songs and don't really want to feel ripped off for not being able to get them again.

(Updated ) RealFaction responds:

dang you scrolled through my newsposts eh? this is old lol. Unfortunately Fixt and celldweller decided to take many down from the store without our consent without notifying us which is just dandy....sorry about that. It's not online anymore, and i dont have them because i wasnt expecting them to do that. Kinda a shit move really. Sorry :( blame Fixt for that.

This happened to a lot of independant artists on their store they kinda fucked over to narrow the store with the site changes. :/


2016-11-28 19:53:47

It was a quick google search.

You guys should just use soundcloud instead of those unheard of sites next time. That's fairly annoying but I guess it's out of anyone's control now.

RealFaction responds:

We wanted to sell the album. so many artists were involved i doubt i could publish the whole thing and i am not allowed to publish it all myself it was a collaborative effort. Sorry :(

Yeah it annoyed me too Fixt did it without warning didn't tell anyone. I was mad.