New Album/Contest/RamboJoe

2012-08-25 17:08:55 by RealFaction

New Album

Ok so I've finally almost got my album done, and it's going to feature some new vocals from the popular and beautiful stylings of ElleBirdy23 :D (love her music!) and the album is called "Planet Pulse" which will make this my 3rd Itunes release. Here's the promo.

Album Contest

If you saw the whole video you'll see that there was mention of a contest. Well here's the details/rules:

Want to draw an album cover for the DELUXE EDITION of "Planet Pulse" when it comes out sometime in February (maybe)?

1. It can NOT be explicit like extreme bloody violence or nudity or profanity related.

2. If I like the artwork, I'll make it the deluxe edition album cover, and EVERY ART PIECE SUBMITTED WILL BE FEATURED IN A VIDEO! Also I'll make sure to mention your name to give you credit for the piece.

3. Deadline is October 20th, 2012 (duh).

4. You'll win a free copy of the deluxe edition.

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So yeah, I made custom music for RamboJoe's next awesome animation. I'm honored because I loved the rotoscope work he did with double dragon and doom :)

I also I'm going to be starting a kickstarter soon maybe (NOT a scam, a reailstic goal that WILL be used to buy equipment, not asking for a whole lot of money compared to most kickstarters).

P.S. Mindchamber is the cream to my corn.

P.S.S. It's a manly compliment.


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2012-08-25 18:04:21

Awesome beats bro...

RealFaction responds:

thanks :)


2012-08-25 22:47:41

... The challenge is accepted!!!


2012-08-27 20:06:58

I might join the contest


2012-10-03 04:22:17

how to give you the art anyway?

RealFaction responds:

Upload it here on newgrounds, or send it to my email or any site that can be linked to. I'm about to upload a new post explaining that.