Contests/Game/Youtube Show

2012-11-19 18:52:13 by RealFaction

Reminder: My last post talks about contests, check that out, and check out my art and remix contests! If you make music or art, you might wanna enter,you'll win money ;)

Art Contest:

Remix Contest:

I've been working with Saminat, DeathInk, and Schulles, it's going to be a game tribute to an old movie :)

Can't say much more than that, but here's a sample of some music that might be in the game, it'll give you an idea of the style at least.

Youtube Show

I had a show called The Dish Out, which featured some underground artists, a lot from here on Newgrounds. If you want your music, art, games, or animations reviewed, let me know! Season 2is currently in production and on it's way! You can check out Season 1 here: 41DEFCC

PS: Website is down, that's another story. I'll try to have a Season 2 promo on this post this week sometime hopefully.


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