Hate Youtube's Layout? (Updates)

2013-01-03 18:36:46 by RealFaction

Answer to Youtube

I recently got a Youtube partnership with Martell Brothers, who have come up with a genius idea as an answer to Youtube's horrible layout, check this out and see if you can donate anything, we need your help! Click here to find out more!

If you're skeptical about why it's 30k or still aren't convinced how we can help, watch this video.

Album Contests

Don't forget! Both my remix and art contest end soon! Go check them out!

Art Contest: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1321670

Remix Contest: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1322684


Ever since I was 15, I've been wanting to make a certain comic I had ideas for. I finally am but it's taking forever! I wish I could find someone to collab with on this project. Anyway, it's uploaded on here in my artwork and my DeviantArt page so check those out!

Also, subscribe to my Youtube channel perhaps? It would mean alot. That's all that's up with me right now, oh and I'm moving into a new place soon :)


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2013-01-03 19:47:19

they lost me at closed beta, paying $500 for the source code, and not being open source.


2013-01-03 21:57:35

If you're looking for someone to collab with, I'd love to offer my services free of charge. I love working in group projects... it's the only motivation I have to actually draw these days. Perhaps you remember me from the contest entry I submitted? :B

My internet is currently shutting down though, our phone line is getting pulled on the 18th. I've actually been looking for jobs so I can afford to pay for a new line, but I haven't really been employed anywhere, so work experience is absolute zero (meaning no places will hire me with lack of references).
If I do manage to regain my Internet access, I would love to work with you.

RealFaction responds:

wow! I was not expecting that :D you're a great artist, and i would be honored :) if you look in my art at the comic pages, you'll get an idea of where it's going, I'll shoot you page 6 when i upload it, im halfway done, you finally get to see the monster at it's full form.

Question, can you do anime or anything close to it? It's kinda themed as such but also more of folklore ish art style (kinda like legend of zelda, but you can sorta see it in the art). I'll shoot you a pm this could go on a long paragraph xD


2013-01-04 07:50:22

personally i don't hate it its just with the "recomended beacuse you watch" i can't see what i subscribed to


2013-01-04 09:19:37

He's on fuckin crack. 30 grand for a fuckin app, most kids do for free on their free time.

If he had so much faith in that app, he's just make it and sell it for 99c, instead of trying to get 30grand upfront because he knows it'll fail.

RealFaction responds:

They're hiring professional programmers who have high money demands, and it's important for the sake of youtube and subscriber views for those who have not even got 1/10th of those views like myself. This will change all that, ANY donation is helpful.


2013-01-17 22:34:23

I'm willing to work with you on the art collaboration for this comic. It'd give me even more practice fot the one I'm working on, and maybe a contact to call on for help (maybe, right?). I've got a wide range of styles, and from what you've told Otone it fits fine with me. Considering that the style I use for practicing shading and colouring techniques is anime, I've had plenty of practice with it. Check out my page if you're interested in these experimental forays.